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Foison Metal Produces Quality Lapel Pins with Unique Designs Worldwide

Foison Metal is known for mass-producing quality lapel pins supplied to every corner of the world. Being in the industry for several years, we gained the loyalty and trust of our clients. 

With thorough research and innate talents, we continually strive for producing unique enamel pins set. All enamel pins we produce are being thoroughly checked by our workers.We also produce custom enamel pins designs you can purchase inexpensively. 

Our employees will strictly follow all the instructions regarding your desired design. We want our clients to achieve success with the help of our quality enamel pins.

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Free Samples

Foison Metal sends free samples of quality lapel pins and soft enamel pins.


Our cheap enamel pins are the best choice for business owners with a tight budget. Foison Metal constantly aims for quality lapel pins.


At Foison Metal, we only use durable materials in making quality lapel pins. All items included in our enamel pins set are scratch-resistant.

Fancy Looking

Our quality lapel pins have a fancy and classy look. Foison Metal delivers well-polished enamel pins set to enhance your customer range.

Smooth and Shiny Finish

Foison Metal is the leading producer of quality lapel pins. Our soft enamel pins have a smooth finish, which makes them look more elegant.


Foison Metal helps small businesses to thrive in this industry. Thus, we produce cheap enamel pins and quality lapel pins.


Foison Metal became the high-end supplier of quality lapel pins worldwide. We make cheap enamel pins in any size, design, and shape.


Buy our enamel pins bulk for various uses. When you place bulk orders of quality lapel pins, Foison Metal will offer you great discounts!

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Buy soft enamel pins for a more professional brand appeal.

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Buy enamel pins bulk on our website to receive high-quality products with the most cost-effective price.

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Foison Metal produces cheap enamel pins with smooth textures.

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Pins included in our enamel pins set feature intricate designs.


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The use of quality lapel pins is now on-trend and we are here to help you out. Our company mass-produces enamel pins ideal for the different business niches. We process your orders smoothly and deliver them right on time. You can also send us designs and styles of your choice for a custom enamel pin set. 

Foison Metal is the perfect answer for providing you with a wide variety of items designed to meet your business needs. 

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Professional Work

Foison Metal is the expert for manufacturing and hand-designing enamel pins.

Customized Designs

Shop our quality lapel pins for a more customized business logo.

Reasonable Pricing

Our items are business-friendly. We keep our prices at a minimum to allow all companies to try our products.

Mass Production

Our items are open for bulk orders as we do mass production.

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Foison Metal is the Best Company Offering Quality Lapel Pins

Our quality lapel pins are made from a wide range of materials, including steel and aluminum. Thorough checking of each item is required before transporting it to the market. Foison Metal has mastered the right strategy in generating soft enamel pins for all businesses. 

The Quality Lapel Pins Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is a Quality Lapel Pin?

Figure 1. Quality Lapel Pins

A quality lapel pin refers to a piece of metal that is put on the coat, dress, shirt, or dress. They come in different designs, styles, and shapes. 

Other people practice it as a style technique or loyalty to a certain party or company. They have backstamps in form of logos, mantras, signatures, and name initials.

 They can be given as gifts to loved ones, appreciation at work, loyalty to a country in form of flags, and as a marketing tool.

 They are used in fundraising and building knowledge of diseases like tumors and AIDS. Some clubs use it for membership identifications.

 The designs can be customized to give the client a sense of ownership. The quality lapel pins are packaged greatly and are easy to take care of since they are a type of jewelry. 

Above all, they are made from durable metals with finishing options and textures to choose from.

1.2 Does the Quality Lapel Pins Have any Importance?

The quality lapel pins have different techniques. It provides a corporate identity to employees of a company as they are either logos or the name of the company. 

A person can easily tell where you work or which party a person is affiliated with with the use of lapel pins. They are issued to close relatives and friends during special occasions and as a remembrance. 

Some employees are given as a token of appreciation for a job well done. Additionally, people have developed an interest in the collection of different types of quality lapel pins as a hobby.

1.3 Where Are Lapel Pins Used?

Quality lapel pins are a small piece of jewelry that is worn on coats, shirts, and dresses. They bring out a classic look with a corporate touch

. Businesses use pins as advertising tools to advertise their logo, especially in conferences and meetings. Some are politically affiliated with parties to show loyalty and their stand.

 The flags show the nationality of a person and they are a great source of income too.

1.4 Any Process for Making Quality Lapel Pins?

The quality lapel pins undergo various steps during their production. To begin with, a client makes a design of what they want by drawing or digitally. 

The design will be molded on a piece that will be stamped on the main metal. Polishing is done to eliminate the extra layers of metal. 

Then electroplating is done whereby an extra layer is added to the pin to create a raised surface. Additionally, color and decorations are added by the use of machines or manually.

 The final stage is baking them using high temperatures and coated with epoxy to prevent dents and cracking.

1.5 Which Type of Plating Is Used On Quality Lapel Pins?

When it comes to plating options we have a variety to choose from. The client can choose one when placing an order for quality lapel pins on our website.

 They include gold, silver, nickel, and copper. We also have antiques for gold, copper, silver, and black nickel. They can be shiny or dull depending on the client’s choice.

 Find the sample pictures on our website.

1.6 When Is Screen Printing Done On Quality Lapel Pins?

Figure 2. Screen Printing on Quality Lapel Pins

Screen printing is done on quality lapel pins that have a picture and require coverage of the metal using the epoxy coating. 

The drawing is silk-checked straight against the material with details for an enhanced look.

1.7 Any Fonts That You Recommend for Quality Lapel Pins?

We use basic fonts for clarity and elegance. For intricate fonts, screen printing is used to ensure they are clear and comprehensible.

 They include the Arial, Times New Roman, and English fonts.

1.8 How Unique Is the Material Used in Making Quality Lapel Pins?

We use metals for making quality lapel pins. We ensure that we come up with unique and lasting products to satisfy our clients’ needs. 

The characteristics of the materials are affordable and readily available. They have better value because they do not fade or wear off. 

The client can customize their design and get the best results for quality lapel pins. The metals are light in weight so that they do not appear as a burden to the client.

1.9 How Durable Is the Material Used in The Manufacture of Quality Lapel Pins?

We make our quality lapel pins from the most durable metals. We guarantee to supply quality pins that do not fade, wear off, and are resistant.

 We have samples that we give clients on request just to ensure that we have the best products in the market.

1.10 Are There Any Quality Lapel Pins Styles?

Figure 3. Types of Quality Lapel Pins

We have six major types of quality lapel pin styles. They include:

  • Soft enamel pins: they are available in various types of customization. They are durable and less costly.
  • Hard enamel pins: also known as pole ins. It uses a hard enamel finish.
  • 3D mold pins: also known as a die-cast pin and is usually given as a gift because of their attractive nature.
  • Offset epoxy pins: here a quality lapel pin is printed normally then an epoxy coat is added on top. It is durable compared to the rest.
  • Printed pins: it is mostly done by printing pictures and logos as they are. It is mostly used for sports and giveaways since it undergoes full customization.
  • Die struck: they are created using electroplating by adding a layer of metal to make a raised surface that resembles a coin. 

The finishing options are applied to emphasize its look and texture.

1.11 What Is the Work of a Backstamp On a Quality Lapel Pin?

Backstamps are used on quality lapel pins to give a means of communication between the clients and the manufacturer. Contacts can be molded on the hind.

 It inserts an expert look to the pin making it a big brand to buy from. Some companies also inscribe their logo as a sense of ownership and prevent copyrights and duplication.

1.12 Do The Quality Lapel Pins Need Any Cleaning?

Just like any other jewelry, the quality lapel pins need cleaning to maintain their look and quality. Begin by separating the parts that are the pin and the pin back. 

The hard lapel pins can be wiped using the polishing cloth and without any detergents. The soft pins should not be wiped using a polishing agent as they can discolor.

 Keep them in dry areas to avoid rust.

1.13 What Attachment Options Are Available for Quality Lapel Pins?

There are various pin-back options for quality lapel pins.

  • Butterfly clasp: they are cheap and readily available. It has two wings to squeeze to put on or off. They rarely fall hence dependable. 

They are not recommended for children as they will be uncomfortable.

  • Rubber caps: they are found in a variety of colors to match your dressing. They easily slip off due to the low grip that occurs over time.
  • Magnets: they are the best since they cause no incision to the fabric. They stick without falling off and at times they can be used on the fridge as decorations.

 They cannot be used on hard clothes.

  • Safety pins: they never get lost but they can easily bend or prick the client. They can create a swell look that is less robust.

 They cannot also penetrate leather materials with ease.

  • Locking pin back: it is the safest way and very complicated. The client slips it onto the fabric.

 To take it off, you have to draw all sides in opposite direction to open the inside fastening technique.

Stickpins: it is a small metal stick that joins the tie and shirt. It is similar to the safety pins.

1.14 Which Engraving Styles Are Applied On Quality Lapel Pins?

Figure 4. Engraving Styles on Quality Lapel Pins

Engraving is done to quality lapel pins to bring out a quality product with an aesthetic view. The process is simple and less costly subject to the style used. They include:

  • Etching: it is used on thinner metals while maintaining its original quality. An epoxy coat is used to protect the whole design. It has smooth lines with complex features.

 The process is simple and cost-effective and does not use heat. 

  • Laser engraving: it’s a process whereby the mold is created using high heat to stamp on the is usually done by a laser machine. It gives a shrill contrast and clearness.
  • Manual engraving: this is done by making deep cuts onto the metal and the finishing is not so smooth.
  • Rotary engraving: this is where the cutting tool is rotated to produce an exact deepness in the metal. It is used on hard-quality lapel pins for clubs, community services, and districts.
  • Mechanical engraving: the milling cutter moves on top of the metal to produce perky letters.

1.15 What Are the Possible Finishing Methods That Are Applied On Quality Lapel Pins?

When working with professionals like us, we give our clients options to choose from. We combine different methods to come up with unique and stunning quality lapel pins. 

We have the sand frost texture that brings a blurred look. Before adding another layer of metal to the product, sandblasting is done where the sand particles are broken down using high pressure.

Buffing is done so that the raised parts are shiny and the remaining part is dull. We also have an engraved texture background.

 A chosen texture is added to the mold before stamping is done and is free of charge. It takes less time and is easy for bulk orders.

1.16 Which Material Is Used to Make the Pin Backs for Quality Lapel Pins?

The materials used in making the pin backs of the quality lapel pins are mostly rubber, magnet, metals, or plastic. Magnets are used because they do not make an incision to the fabric.

 Others prefer the rubber because it is available in different colors that match the clothes.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 5. Design and Customization of Quality Lapel Pins

2.1 Which Sizes Do Quality Lapel Pins Come with?

The quality lapel pins are obtainable in different sizes. They range from 1- 1.25 inches. It depends on the design and style. 

Small quality lapel pins do not carry detailed information hence the client is allowed to choose the size they like.

2.2 Which Material Is Used to Make Quality Lapel Pins?

  We use different metals to make quality lapel pins. Stainless steel, brass, copper, iron, and zinc alloy are used for various types of lapel pins.

 Iron is used on 2D designs while zinc alloy is used on 3D designs. The pricing factor is also determined by the metal that we use and the type of finishing to be applied.

2.3 What Are the Available Base Colors for Quality Lapel Pins?

A client has the option of choosing the base color of the quality lapel pins. We can combine more than one color to bring out an outstanding design though costly.

 It ranges from gold, silver, nickel, antique bronze, brass, and satin nickel. There are sample designs found on our website.

2.4 How Many Pin Backs Do Quality Lapel Pins Use?

Quality lapel pins can use one or two pin-backs. We encourage our clients to use two pins as it enhances the stability and holds it tightly.

 Unlike one pin which can easily open and lead to loss of the quality lapel pins.

2.5 Can I Get Double-Sided Quality Lapel Pins?

Figure 6. Double-sided Quality Lapel Pins

Yes. We have double-sided quality lapel pins for our clients. It is regularly expended at weddings and as gifts. They are pricey compared to the normal ones.

 Check our variety of designs found on our website.

2.6 Do You Allow Custom Designs for Quality Lapel Pins?

Most of our orders for quality lapel pins are customized. We allow customization to give the client a sense of ownership.

 The clients have a conception of how the lapel pins should appear which simplifies the work. You are required to upload the design when placing an order then we will allow a preview before printing is done.

2.7 What Is the Advantage of Customizing Your Quality Lapel Pins?

Customizing your quality lapel pins allows the client to have a sense of ownership. The client uses her personalized texts and can control what he wants.

 Customization is also free of charge depending on the type of finishing texture and background that will be applied.

2.8 Are My Designs Confidential?

Yes. We work under the principle of confidentiality. We do not share any designs of our clients without their consent.

 If we need to copy or upload it to our library, we will seek written permission that will adhere to the outcome.

2.9 Which Packing Options Are Available for Quality Lapel Pins?

Figure 7. Packing options for Quality Lapel Pins

There are different ways of packaging quality lapel pins. A client is supposed to specify their option during order placement.

 They are charged depending on which type is chosen. They include:

  • Flatpack: it is commonly used and comes in 2 by 3 sizes. The quality lapel pins will be made according to the client’s wish.
  • Polybags: each lapel pin is packed individually in these bags to protect them from dents and damage.
  • Velvet boxes: they are attractive small boxes that are classy like the ring carriers.
  • Round corners: The quality lapel pins are attached to the round backer cards which creates an aesthetic cover.
  • Acrylic presentation case: they are packs with a clear top. They are available in different dimensions.
  • Bag: they are packed with hard cards and adhesive gab to keep them in place and prevent motions and rubbing against each other.
  • Display pack: they are mostly used in business premises since they have hanging holes for hanging them for display. 

2.10 Which Accessories Are Accompanied with The Quality Lapel Pins?

We have several accessories that come with quality lapel pins. They include the danglers which carry extra information like a mantra and are usually attached to the larger pin.

 We also have spinners are a creative way of drawing attention by their rotating nature. The glitters create a special effect when viewed at a bright place.

 Additionally, there are glow-in-the-dark lapel pins that absorb light during the day and release it at night. 

The LED blinkers are complicated because they use batteries to help them blink on or off.

2.11 Is There Any Specific Texture for Quality Lapel Pins?

We don’t have a specific texture for quality lapel pins because we have a variety to choose from. They include:

  • Sandblasting: It is costly and brings out the best outlook for quality lapel pins. It is labor demanding and the machine uses air pressure to break the sand crumbs into the outward of the pin.
  • Engraving textures: they are available in 12 different forms and are used to show differences between metals. It is cheaper and brings out a dull to a shingle look. 
  • Antique electroplating: it is achieved by soaking the pins in chemicals and an electric current is passed on the base of the pin. It brings out an old look and is free of charge.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 8. Order and Payment

3.1 What Is the Procedure of Placing an Order for Quality Lapel Pins?

Our website is easy to navigate through. When placing an order, the client is required to visit our order page. Choose any design, color, and style for quality lapel pins.

 In cases of customization, upload your design with the specification in any format. You can also sketch the design and share it with us.

 We will let you preview the outcome before the printing process begins.

3.2 What Is the Total Price of Quality Lapel Pins?

The cost of quality lapel [pins is determined by several factors. It includes the distance to be covered during delivery, the type of plating and finishing applied, and the size.

 Also, the number of pins and the type of plating will make a huge difference. Compare the prices on our website.

3.3 Do You Accept Bulk Orders for Quality Lapel Pins?

There is no cap on how many quality lapel pins we can offer. Bulk orders are accepted and are fairly cheap because we offer discounts and free delivery to our local clients.

 Let us make your order for quality lapel pins today.

3.4 Is The Payment for Quality Lapel Pins Done Before or After Delivery?

Generally, we prefer when payments are done just after placing an order for quality lapel pins. It creates surety and helps in funding the manufacturing process.

 However, for companies that we have contact with, they make payments even after delivery. 

Additionally, some loyal clients are selected automatically by our system who can make payments during delivery.

3.5 Which Are the Acceptable Payment Methods?

Figure 9. Quality Lapel Pins Payment Methods

The payment methods that we use for quality lapel pins are PayPal, credit card, and T/T.

3.6 Can my Credit Card Details Be Traced On Your Website?

All our payments cannot be traced by any third person. We have a self-destruction method that leaves no traces after payments are done.

 We also direct an authentication cipher to your number to ensure that you authorize the transaction. This way, fraudsters cannot access the payment details.

3.7 Do I Need to Have an Account with You Before Placing an Order for Quality Lapel Pins On Your Website?

It is not a prerequisite for a client to have registered with us before order placement for quality lapel pins. Anyone can place an order as long as they have the details.

 Feel free to check our website today.

3.8 Where Do I Get the Samples for Quality Lapel Pins?

There are samples of quality lapel pins on our website. Check through our wide variety of designs and styles. We also have samples that we send to clients upon request at no cost.

 Our walk clients get a chance to have an experience of their life as they have a lot to choose from.  

3.9 Can I Preview My Quality Lapel Pins Before Making a Payment?

Normally, we let our clients preview the final design for the quality lapel pins before the printing is done. This move ensures that there are no mistakes and allows us to make any adjustments if any. 

It also gives consent that the client is satisfied with the product and has given approval for final processing.

3.10 Which Is the Minimum Number of Quality Lapel Pins to Order?

Figure 10. Minimum Order Quantities for Quality Lapel Pins

The minimum number of pins that we manufacture is 50 pieces. It is cost-efficient and we produce within the stated turnaround time.

 However, a client can negotiate with our production team as they change on a need-to-need basis.

3.11 Are There Any Offers and Discounts for Quality Lapel Pins?

Yes. We run promotions during the festive and holiday seasons. We also give discounts to bulk buyers who get free deliveries within the locality. 

There is a reward program where we award points to our loyal clients that can be redeemed and used to purchase new products. Keep checking our website for super exciting offers.

3.12 Can I Make Partial Payments for Quality Lapel Pins?

Unfortunately, we do not allow partial payments for quality lapel pins. Our clients are advised to keep saving with their local banks and make a purchase once they have enough funds.

3.13 What Is the Turnaround Time for Quality Lapel Pins?

Mostly we take 24 hours to come up with a complete design for quality lapel pins. This changes for our same-day deliveries as they require less production time. 

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 11. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How Long Until I Receive My Order for Quality Lapel Pins?

After production for quality lapel pins is done, we take three days to deliver. It is greatly determined by the distance to be covered and if it is an international order which takes longer. 

There is a track on our website to show when deliveries are likely to occur.

4.2 Which Shipping Companies Do You Use?

As a company, we use different shipping companies depending on the availability. We choose a company that is cheaper and efficient. They include:

  • DHL.
  • FedEx.
  • UPS.

4.3 What Are the Requirements for A Delivery of Quality Lapel Pins to Take Place?

As a client, ensure that you have selected a design for quality lapel pins and make a payment. Give us the correct shipping address and allow us three days to deliver to your doorstep.

4.4 What Are the Conditions for Same Day Delivery of Quality Lapel Pins?

For a delivery to be done the same day as the order day, the client should place the order before 10 am. Note that it applies to our local clients who are in this state. 

We also charge no cost for local bulk deliveries. 

4.5 Do I Need to Pick the Quality Lapel Pins in Person?

Figure 12. Picking of Quality Lapel Pins

We encourage our clients to pick their quality lapel pins in person. This is because they are aware of what they ordered and can be able to make a claim if any.

 If someone else is picking them on your behalf, make sure they have all the necessary documents for a delivery to be done.

4.6 Am I Allowed to Send Someone to Receive the Quality Lapel Pins?

Yes. There are certain times that a client is not in a position to pick the quality lapel pins in person.

 Ensure that they have a copy of your identification card, the transaction code, and a copy of the payment receipt.

4.7 Who Is Responsible for Delivery Fees of Quality Lapel Pins?

The client is expected to make payments just after placing an order for quality lapel pins on our website. This should be done before the manufacturing process starts as it creates surety. 

We also have free delivery plans for our local clients who make bulk orders.

4.8 What Happens If I Receive Damaged Quality Lapel Pins?

In situations where a client receives a damaged quality lapel pin, apply for a replacement on our website within three days.

 Do not sign the delivery form because it will be proof of no-delivery done. We will assess the cause of the damage to know its cause.

 If the damage was due to poor manufacturing, then we will take responsibility. If it occurred due to mishandling during transportation, we will charge the shipping company. 

We will ensure that we make a replacement within the given time frame.  

4.9 Do You Have Specific Days and Time for Delivery of Quality Lapel Pins?

We do not have any specific days and times for deliveries. We have professionals who work throughout to make sure deliveries are done within the stipulated time.

 You can check which stage of production the quality lapel pin is on our website using the order tracking number.

4.10 Am I Allowed to Open the Product During Delivery?

Figure 13. Opening Quality Lapel Pins

We encourage our clients to open the packages before signing the delivery note. Check for any damages and if it is the right quality lapel pins.

 In case of any doubts, let us know via call or email.

4.11 Are There Any Tracking Services for Quality Lapel Pins?

A client can locate which stage the package is in by using our tracker. Use your order number to help you know when the quality lapel pins will arrive.

4.12 Are There Any Shipping Restrictions for Quality Lapel Pins?

We do not have any restrictions regarding the shipping of the quality lapel pins. We deliver to any part of the world using cheap and reliable shipping companies. 

International deliveries take more time and are a bit expensive due to the long-distance and clearance fees at the customs.

4.13 Who Pays for Customs Clearance Fees for Quality Lapel Pins?

All the costs will be paid by the client from production to delivery of quality lapel pins. Usually, the custom clearance fees are charged together with the delivery fee.

 It varies from time to time depending on the currency exchange rate. If we experience any difficulties during clearance, we will get in touch with the client.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 14. Return and Replacement

5.1 How Do I Place a Replacement Claim for Quality Lapel Pins?

The procedure for placing a replacement claim for quality lapel pins is simple. The client is needed to log in to our website and look for a replacement tab on our homepage.

 Open the order form and look for the replacement. Provide the relevant and submit them for approval.

5.2 Who Qualifies for A Replacement of Quality Lapel Pins?

A client can qualify for a replacement if the quality lapel pins that we delivered were not what they wanted. Additionally, those that receive damaged products can apply for replacement too. 

Make sure to fill the replacement claim form that is available on our website within three days after delivery.

5.3 How Many Times Do I Qualify to Get Replacement for Quality Lapel Pins?

A client is entitled to get replacements for quality lapel pins for as long as they qualify. We have to ensure clients are satisfied and all their challenges are dealt with on time.

5.4 In Case of Any Challenges Where Do I Refer to?

 We have our team of professionals who work 7 days a week and 24hors a day to ensure that all your challenges are solved. 

We are on Twitter, email, and phone calls. We also allow walk-in clients.

5.5 In Case of Damages, Do You Replace Whole or Part of the Quality Lapel Pins?

Quality lapel pins are small with no major parts. When a client receives a damaged product we replace the whole of quality lapel pins to avoid further dysfunctionality.

5.6 What is the Time Taken for A Replacement of Quality Lapel Pins to Be Done?

Figure 15. Return Period

We take 7 days to carry out a replacement for quality lapel pins. Ensure that you provide all the needed documents for ease of the process. 

Also, we have a tracking system on our website to help the client know which stage of the replacement the product is.

5.7 What Do You Require to Carry Out a Replacement of Quality Lapel Pins?

Before a replacement is done, we will have to look at some documents for verification and to determine eligibility.

 Ensure that you include the delivery note, the payment receipt, order tracking number, and the correct shipping address.

5.8 Do You Accept Returns?

At the moment we accept returns from clients who received the wrong packages and are not willing to apply for a replacement.

 In such an instance, the client is allowed to request a refund of the quality lapel pins. However, we do not accept returns for customized products.

5.9 Who Will Be Charged for The Replacement of Quality Lapel Pins?

When we receive a replacement claim, we will find the trigger before making a decision. The client will be liable when he wants to change the design. 

If the reason for replacement is due to wrong-delivered quality lapel pins then we will take full responsibility.

 If the reason is due to a damaged product due to mishandling during shipment, then we will bill the shipping company.

5.10 Who Qualifies for A Replacement of Quality Lapel Pins?

A replacement for quality lapel pins is mostly done to clients who received the wrong package. Also, the damaged products are replaced if the claim is done within 3 days after delivery.

5.11 What Is Your Return Policy?

Our return policy for quality lapel pins states that our clients need to feel the return form within 24 hours after delivery. We will assess the nature of the product to determine its condition. 

However, we do not accept customized quality lapel pins. We refund 50% of the total cost which will be deposited to your account in 21 days.

 The remaining balance caters to the materials and labor.

5.12 Do Quality Lapel Pins Have Warranty?

At the moment we don’t offer any warranty for quality lapel pins. This is because we use very durable materials that last long and can be used for many years without damage.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 16. Cancellation and Refund Policy

6.1 How Do I Place a Cancelation Request for Quality Lapel Pins?

Our website is user-friendly. It can be used by anyone because it’s straightforward. Open the order request form that is found on our homepage and proceed to the cancelation tab. 

Read all the conditions to your understanding and ask for elaboration if possible. Press the tab for submission and approval. You will receive a notification on your email within 24hours.

6.2 What Is Your Refund Policy for Quality Lapel Pins?

As a company, we have come up with ideas to fulfill the desires of our clients. We do not refund anything if the client cancels an order that is in a good state.

 This does not apply to wrong packages delivered. When a cancellation is made before dispatch, we refund 80% of the total cost. 

We do not refund quality lapel pins that have been interfered with by the client. Find more information on our website.

6.3 Who Qualifies for A Refund for Quality Lapel Pins?

A refund is issued to clients who have filled the refund form on time and have all the needed documents. They should also place a cancellation order before dispatch of the quality lapel pins. 

Additionally, those who received the wrong packages and are not willing to apply for a replacement.

6.4 Will I Receive a Notification When I Cancel an Order for Quality Lapel Pins?

Yes. You will receive a notification on your email within 24hours whether the cancelation was successful or not. In case of delays, call us anytime for assistance. 

6.5 What are the Necessities to Process a Refund Claim for Quality Lapel Pins?

Figure 17. Return of Quality Lapel Pins

For a refund to be successful we will need the following documents:

  • The transaction code.
  • A proof payment.
  • A copy of your identification card.
  • Bank details where the money will be deposited.

6.6 Is Your Company Insured?

It is a requirement to have an insurance policy. We have ensured all our business against theft, replacement, refunds, and returns.

 It prevents us from making huge losses and keeps the business running. 

6.7 Am I Allowed to Cancel Quality Lapel Pins On Transit?

No. Quality lapel pins that are on transit cannot be canceled. They have already left the factory and all the expenditures paid. 

The client can apply for a replacement or refund on delivery depending on the reason for cancelation.

6.8 What Is the Time Taken to Refund the Quality Lapel Pins?

Normally, we take 30 days to refund the money for quality lapel pins. Confirm that all the necessary documents are attached to fasten the refund process. 

6.9 Is There Any Cap On the Number of Times I Can Cancel an Order for Quality Lapel Pins?

At the moment we do not have any limitation on the number of times a client can cancel an order for quality lapel pins.

 Some things are beyond control. It includes emergencies and changes of mind. Place the orders as many times as you can.

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