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Foison Metal is a trusted Chinese manufacturer producing customized rose gold dog tags and other metal products in bulk. We have worked with hundreds of international clients which gives us positive feedback on our:

Top-Tier Mass Manufacturing Solutions

Rose gold dog tags are made with a combination of metalworking and plating process. The base material used can be aluminum or stainless steel which are both durable and resistant to tarnishing. The material surface is then polished to remove rough edges and then goes through the electroplating process to form the rose gold color.

Featured Products

Foison Metal Customize & Fabricate Rose Gold Dog Tags In Different Shapes, Sizes, & Textures

Rose Gold Dog Tag Necklace

Typically consists of a rectangular or oval-shaped pendant made from rose gold suspended from a chain.

Dog Tag Rose Gold

Crafted with precision and elegance, this dog tag embodies timeless beauty and sophistication.

Rose Gold Dog ID Tag

Made from high-quality stainless steel with a secure attachment ring that is easily attached to the collar or harness.

Rose Gold Dog Tag Chain

Stylish and sophisticated accessory is crafted with meticulous attention to detail that combines timeless appeal with the allure of rose gold.

Rose Gold Dog Name Tag

Features sturdy and secure attachment with a lightweight design that ensures comfort and style.

Rose Gold Military Dog Tags

Excellent blend of elegance and strength with a rugged military-style identification.

Basic Production Processes

Below is the list of production processes that are used to create your customized tags.

Submission of Design

Artwork Submission

When you submit your order, please also include your customized design under an original and editable file together with the number of items needed for us to generate a quote.
Artwork Revision

Artwork Revision

Upon your request, we can enhance your designs for free. Our designers offer suggestions on platings, colors, sizes, textures, and other details that can further improve your design.
Sample Production

Sample Production

When the revised design is approved, we make customized samples with your logo/design imprinted. So you can test the overall quality and if the color meet your expectations.
Mass Production

Mass Production

Upon approval, production begins and typically takes 15-20 business days. Lead time may vary based on design and order volume.
Quality Control

Quality Checking

Each dog tag undergoes rigorous quality checks to meet your expectations for design, color, shape, and texture.
Delivery & Shipping

Product Shipment

After passing through the quality checking department, we immediately send your items to shipment.

Surface Finish Options







Elevated Custom Designs

When it comes to customizing rose gold dog tags, we offer several options that include text engravings, customized designs, color options, custom attachments, shape variations, and unique choices for textures. These custom options effectively enhance the aesthetic of your rose gold engraved dog tags.


Our team helps you decide on the things that are needed to be customized to further elevate the appearance of your metal dog tags and also increase it’s durability to ensure long-lasting functionality.

Surface Content On Different Production Process

Laser Engraving


Laser Engraving




Hight Light Product Details



Brushing surface method forms a satin finish to rose gold dog tags. This surface technique is also used to hide minor errors and gives extra durability for long-term use.

Laser Engraving

This surface method allows fast and easy printing for intricate designs such as logos, serial numbers, and batch numbers. The engraved design offers resistance to fading and scratches.

Laser Engraving


Polishing method improves the aesthetic of rose gold dog tags whereas the corrosion resistance is also increased giving a reflective mirror-like finish.


Electroplating gives metal coating such as gold, chrome, silver, rose gold, and more. This surface process acts as a protective barrier against corrosion by preventing exposure to moisture and chemicals.



Anodizing technique offers a combination of aesthetics with enhanced corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and resistance to tear and wear. The anodized finish offers a uniform and attractive look on metal dog tags.

Foison Metal Mass Produces Durable Rose Gold Dog Tags With Premium Finish

At Foison Metal, we strive to make our rose gold dog tags from only the highest quality materials. These tags are corrosion and tarnish-resistant ensuring they will stay looking great for years. We also add extra plating and surface textures for an added layer of beauty. With every dog tag rose gold we make, we guarantee premium quality before it reaches our customers.


Below are some of our certificates that prove our capability in mass-producing high-quality custom dog tags and other metal products:








IATF 16949

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FAQs & Ultimate Guide

1. Are rose gold dog tags durable and long-lasting?

Yes, our rose gold dog tags are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They are made with stainless steel and aluminum which are plated to increase resistance to corrosion and extreme weather conditions.

2. Do you ship outside Asia?

Yes, we do overseas shipments even outside Asia. We use DHL and FedEx as our partner couriers in shipping out your orders. You can also choose to have a different courier as long as they accept packages from Hong Kong or China.

3. How many customized samples can we request?

We are able to provide 2-3 customized samples which will be quoted separately from your original order.

4. Can I use a design that you already made before?

We are strict to having an original design due to copyright issues. However, if you need help with your design we are happy to help. We offer free design assistance to customers to ensure original design.

5. How big are the dog tags?

Large tags usually are 3.18 cm in diameter and small tags are 2.2 cm. However, you can customize the size in whichever way you prefer.

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