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We are a trusted manufacturer of wholesale round dog tags that is available for customization. Here at Foison, we allow you to send us your original designs and artwork to be printed on your dog tag orders. Our services include:

Combination Of Dog Tag Quality & Style

Round dog tags are manufactured by our expert engineers through our high-quality shaping and coloring method. In order to meet your expectations, we print or engrave your design and logo exactly as how you designed them. Our goal is to achieve your desired style with the use of our efficient production process.

Featured Products

Foison Metal Offers Custom Round Dog Tags With Permanent Print Of Your Authentic Artwork

Round Gold Dog Tag

Details are accentuated with classic gold plating that gives a timeless look.

Round ID Tag

Perfectly fits 6 lines of text that are beautifully engraved into the material surface.

Round Stainless Steel ID Tag

Durable ID tag with added weight that gives it a premium look and touch.

Dog Tag Round

Personalized with important information such as name, address, and contact information.

Basic Production Processes

Below is the list of production processes that are used to create your customized dog tags.

Design Submission

Design Improvement

We can assist you with the enhancement if you send us your orders and your design. We make certain that you'll be pleased and strive to meet all your design requirements effectively.
Production of Samples

Production Of Samples

Following your approval of the improved design, we produce sample products so that you can see the finished product before purchasing round dog tags. Customized samples will have a separate quote.
Mass Production

Large-Scale Production

Once the samples have been accepted, we'll manufacture them in the quantity you need. Production speed depends on quantity, product design, and packaging. Production usually takes between 15-20 days.
Quality Checking

Monitoring Quality

Each dog tag is meticulously inspected by a member of our quality assurance team before being packaged and shipped to make sure it is perfect and free of any flaws.
Packaging Of Metal Tags

Order Packing

You can choose the type of packaging. Round dog tags can be packaged in a variety of ways, but if you'd prefer something more distinctive, you can send us your own.

Shipping An Order

It is efficiently managed by our trusted partnerships with several international couriers. We offer flexible delivery options for your dog tags, including transportation by land, air, or sea.

Custom Colors Options





Gold Bone Dog Tag






Custom Color

Custom Color

Surface Finish Options







Outstanding Custom Service

We guarantee to give you high-quality round dog tags with your custom designs. Your dog tags will last a long time with the use of the best materials that are corrosion-resistant with high tolerance to harsh environments. 


You can choose from a variety of colors and textures when creating your dog tag round. Shapes and sizes can also be customized based on your dog tag style. If you are still unsure of the dog tag design that you want to achieve, we provide free custom design assistance for free. stom design assistance if you are still uncertain of what look you are trying to go for. All we need is your idea and our design team will put together the design and draft. We'll then send you some realistic mockups or actual samples of the design that we've made. Using your feedback, we'll make revisions and adjust the design to your exact liking. Mass production will only be made once the design is approved.

Surface Content On Different Production Process

Screen Printing
Laser Engraving



Screen Printing
Laser Engraving


Hight Light Product Details

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

Gives metal surfaces permanent text and graphics. Logos, serial numbers, and batch numbers are some common items that are engraved with a laser.


A surface process that gives round dog tags resistance to corrosion and scratches and makes them appear shiny. By electroplating round dog tags, it increases its longevity which can hold the product value over time.



Ordinary metal is given a decorative and corrosion-resistant finish through a surface process. Anodizing increases the oxide layer, making the metals stronger. Additionally, this enables the application of various metallic colors to the metal surface of round dog tags.

Screen Printing

During the process, ink is forced through a screen. A customized stencil keeps the ink contained in the desired locations. The material’s surface is imprinted with the ink.



A process that gives round dog tags a smooth, mirror-like finish. This procedure involves rubbing an abrasive polish that is smooth, which also gets rid of unwanted scratches.

Custom round dog tags are excellently designed and manufactured by Foison Metal

Round dog tags will be imprinted with your custom design, authentic style, plating and texture. By this, your dog tags will be more genuine. Each dog tag includes a layer of protection to stop corrosion and tarnishing. We also ensure that the designs are printed on the metal surface to be permanent and long-lasting.


Below is a list of the certifications we have accrued over the years of mass-producing dog tags, which attest to our expertise:








IATF 16949

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FAQs & Ultimate Guide

1. How long will the colors on my round dog tags last?

Colors typically retain their vibrancy for 3 to 5 years, but with the right cleaning and maintenance, they could last even longer.

2. Is engraving already included on the round gold dog tags, or is it an extra charge?

Based on the text that will be printed on the dog tags, the price will be determined.

3. Are ring attachments available for gold circle dog tags?

Yes, you can select from a variety of attachments, including attachment clips and split rings. Those require additional costs based on the specifications of the attachments.

4. Do I get an order confirmation for my bulk round ID dog tags?

Yes, we will send you an email thanking you for your order, confirming it, and containing details about the tag. This removes any potential errors.

5. Can the back of my dog tag round have text engravings?

In order to preserve the quality of the design on the front of the dog tag, we can engrave texts or numbers on the back of your round dog tags.

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