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Foison Metal strives to help companies create the visual systems they need to keep their employees safe and their spaces compliant, all while keeping high manufacturing standards in mind. 

Safety Condition Signs tend to lessen the danger rate within employees, creating a safe and secured workplace for them. 5-star customer ratings for your company’s products and services are now one tap away with Foison Metal. 

Our customer reviews testify you are in the right place! You can contact our professional team and in-house designers for your specifications and have your items delivered in a few clicks!

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You will receive free samples and layouts alongside detailed assistance as perks in purchasing our Safety Condition Signs.

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Foison Metal has its plant to make sure that all your needs and high deadlines can be effectively met.

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We provide free samples and the cheapest wholesale price rate when you order Safety Condition Signs in bulk.

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Our Safety Condition Signs can be shipped internationally and anywhere around the globe.

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Foison Metal's customer service is always on the line and is also willing to assist clients like you with your queries and needs.

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We immediately cater to your needs to save time and also deliver Safety Condition Signs efficiently without taking too much time.

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Once the deal is finalized and the designs are confirmed, the production will immediately start the same day to cater to you for the fastest and most efficient production time.

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 Foison Metal Creates Effective and Custom Safety Condition Signs Tailored to Your Precise Needs and Specifications

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Alert employees, visitors, and customers that wearing a face mask are required for their protection.

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There’s no need to spend money on careless company liabilities by putting up precautionary safety condition signs. Our easy-to-reach professional team will help and allow you to change colors, update the font, and drag and drop elements in and out of your design all within a short time.

Whether you’re a public or private unit, or just wanting to put up precautions, Foison Metal has thousands of flexible, designer-made safety condition signs, perfect for your company and employees.

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Our products are conceptualized and also designed specifically for your needs and their expected purpose.

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Our premium services cater to the needs of several businesses that increase their growth.

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Our products are conceptualized and also designed specifically for your needs and their expected purpose.

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Foison Metal is the Number One Trusted Brand of Safety Condition Signs

Our dedicated customer service staff will be happy to discuss your questions until they understand exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and will work with you to find the right solution. Then they’ll help you choose your Safety Condition Signs to make that happen. We make sure your specifications and needs are highly met within deadlines.

The Safety Conditions Signs FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Safety Condition Signs
Figure 1 Safety Condition Signs

1.1 What are safety condition signs?

Safety Condition signs are signs that provide information that clearly shows the position of emergency equipment, such as fire escapes, should they be required hastily. Therefore, the signs have to be designed in such a way that nothing obstructs the user’s vision. 

Additionally, they are written in bold, bright, and easy-to-read fonts. Most are the times when you will find these signs incorporating green and white imagery. 

The signs have a simple design that allows them to be installed on nearly everything; from furniture units to walls. You might have walked into a premise and seen a “Drinking Water” sign that symbolized the water at that point is safe for human consumption. 

Other common safety condition signs include the Emergency Hand Wash signs, Emergency top signs, Emergency Exit Signs, and Emergency Telephone Signs. With them, a business will have fully met the regulations and safety requirements.

1.2 Where can you find safety condition signs?

Safety condition signs can be found in different places generally, the signs are installed in areas where a risk or hazard can occur at any time. A safety manager will first have to assess the workplace or premise to identify the points where these safety condition signs will be needed. 

safety condition sign location
figure 2 safety condition sign location

Below are some of the hazards considered when setting up the risks:

  • Sources of motion: These include zones where the movement of tools and machinery exists. Safety condition signs in such a place will help personnel to avoid collisions and accidents. 
  • Places with high temperatures. These areas can cause burns and injuries, and thus need a safety condition sign installed. 
  • Points where one can be exposed to chemicals. 
  • Zones with a high probability of falling objects. 
  • Buildings that have emergency exit routes

If there is a risk involved or an item that needs to be used in case of an emergency, a safety condition sign comes in handy. 

1.3 Why are safety condition signs important?

Safety condition signs are important elements when it comes to safety and health. In a workplace, for example, the safety intervention success will depend on how good the safety condition signs are. 

One of the primary importance of safety condition signs is the fact they give instant visual communication. They have clear pictorial representations of the hazards and items that can be used whenever an emergency occurs. 

Example of safety condition sign
Figure 3 Example of safety condition sign

The pictorial information is then supplemented with simple and clear text instructions, contributing to the overall eye-catching visual design. This means that after looking at it, a person will decode the message in a split second and act accordingly.

Moreover, safety condition signs are a legal requirement, which means that by installing them, you will be adhering and complying with basic regulations. According to the regulations, these signs have to be legible, strategically placed (for easy visualization), and well maintained. 

Safety condition signs are also important in highlighting procedures and safeguards that have to be followed whenever people are in a certain place. For example, you can find a safety condition sign in a chemically toxic zone that asks you to wear protective equipment such as masks. 

Lastly, safety condition signs protect the employees and the general public. Signs such as Emergency Exit and Emergency Phone have proven to be helpful during accidents such as fire. 

1.4 How big should Safety Condition Signs be?

To serve the full purpose, safety condition signs should be large enough such that a person can see and read even from an optimal viewing distance. The information on these signs is meant to alert people; It would only be fair if they can read from a distance. 

If you want to determine the size of a safety condition sign, you will have to consider the distance from the sign to the position where one will need to know about the item or hazard. Let’s say you want to install an Emergency Exit sign at the far end of a hallway. 

The sign should be large enough that people at any position in the hallway can read and decode the message being presented.

1.5 What materials are used to make the Safety Condition Signs?

Materials used to make safety condition sites vary according to the location of the sign. The most commonly used materials include

  • Corrugated plastic
  • Aluminum 
  • Acrylic
  • Fabric
  • Vinyl
  • Wood

The type of material used will depend on whether you intend to use the sign outdoors or indoors. 

1.6 How durable are the Safety Condition Signs?

The durability of a safety condition sign depends on the material used to make it as well as the environmental conditions that it faces day in and day out. Therefore, if you just intend to use the safety condition sign for the long term, it would be best if you used more durable materials such as aluminum. 

In addition to safety condition signs, what other signs do you have?

Generally, there are four types of safety signs, each serving a different purpose. They include:

  1. Prohibition Signs

These are signs that give the “Do Not” command. They indicate acts and behaviors that are likely to cause accidents. An example of such a sign is the “Do Not Smoke” sign.

  1. Warning signs

These are signs that warn people of looming danger, hazards, and conditions that you need to know when in a specific zone, for example, the “High Voltage” signs. Most of these signs are characterized by a yellow shade and imagery that indicates the danger. 

  1. Mandatory Signage
mandatory signage
Figure 4 mandatory signage

These are signs used to indicate the actions that should be carried out whenever you are in a specific zone to follow the statutory requirements. This includes signs such as “Fire Door Keep Shut” and “Don’t Go Beyond This Point”.

1.7 What Other Forms of Visual Communication Are Used Alongside Safety Condition Signs?

To make them even more effective, additional visual communication items can be used to reinforce the message. This will ensure that the point is made and people have a clear understanding of what is expected of them. Every facility manager can use additional items such as:

  • Floor tapes. Tapes of different colors can convey information effectively and supplement the safety condition signs
  • Vinyl labels. These labels are durable and often used in the same format as the signs. They have an added advantage, in that they are smaller and self-adhesive in the back. 

Floor marking shapes. The most common shapes used include footprints, arrows, and corners. The material used has to be durable to ensure that they last for a longer time. 

1.8 How can you Install safety zone signs?

Before you install safety condition signs, you have to first analyze and understand the surface on which you are about to mount the signs. Typically, the surface has to be smooth, clean, and plain for good adhesion. 

Once you have cleared the surface, you will weigh your options and settle for the specific type of sign you want to deploy on the surface. The one you choose has to be eye-catching, colorful, and easily readable.

The installation process is straightforward. Once you remove the backing, place the sign on the surface, ensuring that no air bubbles are trapped by applying ample pressure. This will improve adherence and establish the perfect grip. 

1.9 Do safety condition signs need cleaning?

Every sign should be well maintained, and cleaning is one of the few maintenance tips. Dirt and other unwanted debris might cover the signs, compromising on the information that it conveys. 

Therefore, you can clean them regularly to maintain an optimal functional level. One thing to note is that even though cleaning is important, the materials used to clean the safety condition signs should not be harsh on the material used. 

Avoid using any strong substances and chemicals since they might make the signs fade. 

1.10 What is Meant by OSHA Compliance?

OSHA is the acronym for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This is a body that ensures that employees and the public at large exist in a safe and healthy environment through standards and training. 

According to OSHA, there are four key elements that a safety condition sign should have. This includes:

  • The safety alert symbols. 
  • A signal word that quickly communicated the gist of a sign. This includes. DANGER, CAUTION, SAFETY, NOTICE, etc. 
  • An easy-to-understand symbol. It has to be accurate and standardized. 
  • Word messages. They reinforce the message being conveyed by the symbols

All our safety condition signs comply with OSHA safety requirements and regulations.

1.11 Are Safety Condition Signs Just Limited to the Wall?

No, they are not. The wall is just one of the numerous places where these signs can be posted. 

As we mentioned earlier, every safety condition sign should be posted in well-maintained a strategic position that allows a person to see it whenever they need to. Therefore, if the floor is deemed the easiest place to post it, it can be posted. 

However, when posting signs on such surfaces (such as walls), you should ensure that the additional maintenance requirements are met. For example, if you want to post a safety condition sign on the floor, it would be best if you laminated it first so that it can stand the daily commotion whenever people walk over it. 

different safety conditions signs
figure 5 different safety conditions signs

1.12 What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Safety Condition Symbol?

Everything requires planning and research. There are some factors that you should consider when choosing a safety condition sign, one of them being the material you need. 

You do not expect a thin plastic sign to serve the purpose in a windy outdoor space for a long time, do you? Similarly, you do not have to use thick aluminum signs just to show the direction towards the washrooms. 

Remember, different materials are equipped to serve different environments. Selecting the wrong materials will have you replacing the safety condition sign now and then.

In addition to complying with the OSHA regulations, you also have to consider the approximate size needed to incorporate both the symbol and the text. This will ensure that you have enough room to mount your safety condition sign and communicate effectively. 

1.13 What are the Best Practices When It Comes to Safety Condition Signs?

notice safety condition sign
Figure 6 notice safety condition sign

Well-maintained signs last longer. Therefore, you have to employ some practices so that your signs. 

In addition to cleaning, below are additional practices that will increase the longevity of the signs. 

  • Buy top-quality signs that can serve you for longer. We deliver top drawer signs at affordable costs
  • Keep the signs away from an area that can damage them such as areas where water passes through

1.14 What Additional Practices Can Help Improve the Efficiency of the Signs?

To ensure that people make better and safer decisions, buy the signs that have as much information as possible. For example, for emergency doors, you can include the “Push” or “Pull” text to reduce the time they take to vacate the premises.

Another helpful thing you can do is if the zone where you want to put up the safety condition sign is accessed by people who speak other languages (and aren’t conversant with English). You can get signs with signs and symbols in their language to make it easy for them too. 

A clean safety condition sign
Figure 7 A clean safety condition sign

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 What Are Some Examples of Safety Condition Signs?

Safety condition signs have a distinct green color with white safety symbols and text, a thing that differentiates them from other types of signs. They only show the safety action and locations of safe routes and items. 

Below are some safety condition signs.

  • Fire Exit Keep Clear signs: This can also include an arrow that shows the direction you should head towards in case of a fire.
  • Turn to Open signs: They have an arrow that indicates the direction that you should turn towards
  • Emergency Telephone with a phone symbol on it.
  • Linebacker sign. 
  • Life raft signs
  • Evacuation Assembly Point signs
  • Push to Open Door sign
  • Hand Sanitizer Signs. They are common these days as a result of COVID-19.
  • Hand Washing Facility Sign

2.2 Can I Get Customized Signs from You?

Customized safety condition signs
figure 8 Customized safety condition signs

Yes, we do. At Foison Metal, we value the fact that every community is diverse and distinct in its way. 

This means that even though there are hundreds of signs that can convey a message across different institutions and organizations, there are still some situations that need different approaches. 

For crucial safety conditions signs, the exact message must be conveyed. That’s why we offer the options for customized signs that will communicate the exact information that you want to. This way, the people using the signs will grasp the message better and more accurately. 

You can choose a template from our extensive library of signs and have the message you want to be written on it at an affordable price. 

2.3 Besides Clarity, what are the Benefits of Having Customized Safety Condition Signs?

Customized Safety Sign
Figure 9 Customized Safety Sign

Let’s pick it in well where we left it at. In addition to conveying the message better, customized signs can do your business a whole lot of good. 

For example, you can choose to have your company’s logo and colors on the signs for better branding. Your business will be unique, become more noticeable, and add to your brand promotion campaigns. 

Additionally, customized logos are a source of inspiration, especially for members of your workforce. Yes, a normal sign might not be the perfect inspiration you need, but once it is customized, you will own it more.

Lastly, you can include constructive humor in your customized signs to promote good vibes and a productive environment. For example, you can have a sign that says “RACE to the Fire Extinguisher” with an explanation of the acronyms “Rescue, Alert, Confine, Extinguish”. 

This is easy to remember and unique as well. 

2.4 What Text Sizes are Ideal for Safety Condition Signs?

Safety condition sign text size sample
figure 10 Safety condition sign text size sample

We design safety condition signs that are straightforward, useful, and easy to understand. A good sign should have texts that appear big, legible, and easy to read. 

Even though there is no standard size of the text to be used in the signs, they should at least define the warning and the consequences to be faced if people don’t heed this warning. 

2.5 What is the Basic Design that a Safety Condition Sign Should Follow?

Firstly, a sign should be direct; those that have ambiguity will not be understood fast. The most important information should appear on top. 

This is because most are the times when people skim through things from top to bottom. After the signal word (Danger, Caution, etc.) is written, the action to be taken comes next, and finally the explanation. 

The choice of the image used should create an immediate sense of danger such that even a person who doesn’t understand the writings can conceptualize the image and decide what is being conveyed, further driving your message home. 

2.6 What Material Would You Recommend for Safety Condition Signs in a Playground?

The type of material to be used always depends on the intent of the sign and the weather conditions that it will come across. This means that for a playground, you will have to look for a safe condition sign that has a tough material to withstand the weather conditions all year round. 

The best material to use for a playground is an aluminum safety condition sign. For one, aluminum is tough enough to bear with the different weather conditions such as rain, wind, the sun, and cold. 

Considering the material to use is very important. Materials such as plastic can get the job done during the cold seasons, but what about the scorching sun of the summer?

2.7 Will my Safety Zone Signs Fade Over Time?

One thing about us is that we deliver top-quality safety condition signs. The materials used, the colors, and even the symbols are made to last for long, enabling you to make the most out of them. So, when it comes to whether the sign will fade or not, it goes down to the quality of the safety condition sign. 

You can also prevent the fading of your safety zone signs. This is by taking care and maintenance regularly. After wiping off of dust it is enough effort to have your signs lasting for longer. 

2.8 Can I Share my Safety Condition Signs with You?

Absolutely yes. We believe in serving the customer right, and that includes listening to their ideas and incorporating their designs into the final results that they have been yearning for. 

Therefore, you can communicate with us, share your designs, and have them made just for you. This is thanks to our customization and personalization options. 

The good thing about having your designs incorporated into your safety condition signs is that for one, you will own the signs. Moreover, the designs you come up with might be inspired by the place you are about to install them since they can easily get the job done. 

This allows you to create safety condition signs that anyone accessing the zone you want to install them on can resonate with, decode the message, and take the desired action within the shortest time possible.

Safety condition signs designs
figure 11 Safety condition signs designs

2.9 Do You First Come Up with Sample Models Before Creating Safety Condition Signs?

Everything requires planning. Without a plan, the productivity rate would hit an all-time low. Therefore, we have to come up with a prototype of the safety conditions signs that we want to produce. 

This will give room for any needed adjustments, ensuring that the final piece has what it takes to be an effective sign. 

Another important thing about making a model is the fact that we can ensure all the regulations regarding the signs are followed and the requirements achieved. Therefore, we will be sure that all standards have been met before starting mass production. 

2.10 Does the Background Color of Safety Condition Signs Matter?

Yes, they do. There is a set of guidelines known as the standard operating procedures that have established and identified the different uses of colors and signs for safety signs in general. This is to make it easy to recognize the information and hazards in a specific area. 

Therefore, every color that you see on a safety sign represents a specific meaning and application. Below are some colors used on safety signs and their meanings. 

  • Red decodes Danger or Stop. That is why the color is common on emergency stop signs and safety cans. 
  • Orange (Fluorescent Orange) is used to represent biosafety. Containers that have blood samples, infectious waste, and virulent materials have these colors on the labels. 
  • Yellow is a cautious color. In case you are in a zone where you can trip, fall, or encounter a strike hazard, expect to see safety signs with this color. 
  • Orange is a color used for warming. The color is applied on areas such as parts of machinery that can cause injuries and cuts and the inside parts of pulley transmission guards.
  • Green is a safe color. Most safety condition signs have this color. This includes the location of a first aid box, safety requirements, safety showers, respirators, emergency exits, and many others
  •  Blue is used for signs that simply offer information to the public. This includes bulletin boards, equipment under repair, and many others. 
  • The Magenta color is used to represent caution against radiation. Areas with the risk of exposure to X-rays, gamma rays, beta rays, and proton radiation will always have these colors. 

2.11 When I order A Safety Condition Sign, Will I Receive a Sign Similar to the One Displayed in the Pictures?

Every picture you see is a true representation of all the safety condition signs that you can get from us. Contrary to other companies, we do not use clickbait to lure customers to buy our products for us to deliver something the pocket-friendly different. 

We believe in the power of the customer, and all our efforts are aimed at improving your customer experience so that you can later come back to us and purchase more

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 Will I Have to Visit the Factory in Person to Place an Order?

Ordering process
Figure 12 Ordering process

No, you don’t. Thanks to the Internet, you can now browse through our extensive library of safety signs

Once you get the one that pleases you or meets your requirements, you can then place an order. You will be required to submit some information and details, and from here the delivery will be arranged

3.2 Can I Get Any Free Samples?

At Foison Metal, we have a policy that allows us to provide our customers with samples and designs of safety condition signs. This is to allow you to review our products and see whether they match your requirements. 

All our signs are made with the utmost professionalism, and that can be seen when you receive our free samples.

3.3 What is the Average Cost of Safety Condition Signs?

All our safety condition signs are offered at pocket-friendly prices. However, the specific cost of the sign you buy will heavily depend on several factors. This includes

  • The size of the safety condition sign
  • The material used to make the safety condition signs
  • The extent of writing and coloring of the sign
  • The distance to be covered during delivery

Generally, an average safety condition sign will cost you something between $1 and $10. 

3.4 What is the Procedure for Placing an Order for Safety Condition Signs?

The process is simple. After you have browsed through the safety condition signs and found the one that you want, you can thereafter click on the place order icon, and proceed to submit your details and payment. 

Once you are done, it will now be up to us for the delivery. You will just have to wait for it. 

3.5 What If I Am Not Satisfied with Your Designs?

We are a modern company that embraces our customers’ satisfaction needs and requirements. Therefore, we have come up with a return policy where customers can return the safety condition signs that they think won’t get the job done. 

At the end of the day, these signs aim to communicate. However, the condition that the sign is in matters too. 

3.6 Will, friendly different view the Different Designs You Offer?

No, you don’t have to. You can view all our displays and design for free, you won’t have to pay anything. You will only pay for what you place an order for.

3.7 Are You Just Limited to One Payment Method?

payment methods
Figure 13 payment methods

We are a company that welcomes and embraces diversity. Therefore, we are open to different payment methods whenever you place an order with us. This includes:

  • WeChat Pay
  • Alipay
  • Cash
  • Visa and Mastercard payments.
  • T/T
  • PayPal

These payment options are easy to use and convenient for users, and that is why we opt to use them. You are just required to scan a barcode, and you will be good to go. 

3.8 Is There a Limit to The Number of Safety Condition Signs Offered?

We encourage you to place orders that meet our minimum order quality (MOQ) to save on manufacturing costs. The higher the order quantity, the lower the prices. 

You just have to specify, transact, and once the payment is verified and approved, wait for your order to arrive. 

3.9 Do You Require Specific Information When I Am Placing an Order?

The more accurate the information submitted, the better. You will have to submit information so that the order can go through smoothly and you can receive your packages as you would have wished. 

This includes the banking details, personal information, and residence details. 

3.10 What is the Lead Time of the Safety Condition Signs?

Well, this depends on the factors that are in play during the time of order placement. You can even get your signs delivered the same day that you place your order depending on your location. 

The delivery time will be somewhere between 7 and 10 days.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Will You Be Able to Handle My Shipment Requirements?

Shipping and delivery
figure 14 Shipping and delivery

We have been in the game for quite a long time now. For us to last for a long time in the trade, means that we do things as they should. 

Therefore, deliveries can easily be handled by our team of professionals, and they will reach you in time. 

4.2 Do You Have Any Location Restrictions When Shipping Packages?

All our delivery services are tailored to cover as much of our huge customer base as possible. To be on the safe side, it is important to first consult our customer care desk before placing an order. This will put you in a position to know whether you can order from where you are at the moment.

4.3 How Well Are the Safety Condition Signs Packaged?

The packaging of our signs is professionally done to the best. Therefore, it does not matter the number of signs that you order or the distance that the shipment has to be delivered, it will reach you in one piece.

4.4 Do You Recommend Freight Forwarders for Your Shipments?

Freight forwarders can recommend the best routes to use and the best mode of transport for your shipment to reach its location.

4.5 What Is the Average Delivery Time of Your Shipment?

Delivery time
figure 15 Delivery time

Again, it largely depends on several factors. This includes the distance to be delivered, the number of signs to be delivered, and the conditions in play during the delivery.  

4.6 What Do I Need to Receive My Order?

You are just required to show documents that prove you are the one who placed the order. This includes identity cards, receipts, and even confirmation details and emails.

4.7 What Else Am I Required to Do After Placing My Order?

Once you have placed your order, you can review it to confirm that it has gone through, and from there all you will need to do is wait for your delivery to arrive.

4.8 What Happens When I Experience Issues with The Payment?

Luckily for our customers, we have a fully functional customer service system that is ready to listen to your issues and solve them in the shortest time possible, so that you can continue with your transactions without distractions.

4.9 Can I Inspect My Shipment on Arrival?

Yes, you can. We encourage our customers to check their deliveries and confirm that it is what they had ordered in the first place.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 How Soon Should I Return the Safety Condition Signs If It Is Not What I Ordered?

As we have seen, our customers are encouraged to check their deliveries as soon as it arrives to ascertain that they have received the correct shipment. If it is not, you do not have to wait before reporting back to us.

5.2 Who Should I Contact If I Want a Replacement or Return?

Our customer service is always ready to serve you. Working 24/7, You can contact us and the return process will be initiated.

Return Policy
figure 16 Return Policy

5.3 Will I Be Informed After Replacing a Defective Safety Condition Sign?

Yeah, you will. There will be a constant communication channel established so that you can be in the know as the return or replacement process progresses.

5.4 Will I Have to Pay Extra Money for Replacement?

If the problem was caused by a party from outside, such as packaging the wrong signs, you won’t have to pay anything to get the actual delivery. However, it is important to contact our customer care service if such things happen.

5.5 How Long Will It Take for The Replacement to Be Delivered to Me?

Product Replacement
Figure 17 Product Replacement

It will depend on the severity of the mistake, the distance, and several other conditions. However, be sure that we will try our best to deliver them as soon as possible. 

5.6 Is Your Company Insured?

Yes, we have bought the necessary insurance packages that cover our assets and products, even when they get damaged on transit.

5.7 If I Don’t Like the Design That a Product Comes With, Can I Return for Redesigning?

Yes, you can. We are open to accept any complaints and make the necessary changes that will leave you satisfied and grateful.

5.8 What Happens If I Don’t Receive My Return?

Even though such cases are rare, we would advise you to contact our customer care and raise your concerns. We will try as much as possible to solve the issue and have your safety condition signs delivered.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellation and returns
Figure 18 Cancellation and returns

6.1 Should I Accept Refunds of My Cash After Research?

Yes, there is a cashback policy on safety condition signs that had been delivered but didn’t meet your expectations. After verification, the process will be finalized and you can get your money back.

6.2 Who Takes the Responsibility When Safety Condition Signs Get Damaged on Transit?

If the safety condition signs get damaged before they get delivered to you, we will take responsibility and deliver new signs to you. You should contact us once you receive the package and realize that they were damaged.

6.3 Can I Get a Refund If the Safety Condition Signs Get Damaged After They Have Already Been Delivered?

Unfortunately, not. If the safety condition signs get damaged after you have already received them, we do not take the responsibility for them.

6.4 Will I Be Notified After Order Cancellation?

After you place an order then you cancel it, you will be notified after the cancellation is successfully approved. This can take a while, but we will try to communicate as soon as it is successful.

6.5 Will I Be Allowed to Place Another Safety Condition Sign Order After Cancellation?

Refund Applications
Figure 19 Refund Applications

Yes, you are. You can place a new order shortly after you have cancelled a previous order.

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