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Foison Metal is the Leading Supplier of Safety Hazard Signs

At Foison Metal, we continue embracing innovation in technology as we believe that this will help us provide you with the most advanced metal products such as safety hazard signs.

We are committed to providing our pure dedication to each project that we do to meet your requirements. Our metal safety signs are manufactured using raw materials that are 100% durable and sturdy.

We are a team of creative minds and incredible manpower that can produce anything that you can imagine! The result of our commitment to our job is showing in our final products and service.

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Foison Metal’s Safety Hazard Signs Boast About Having the Highest Standards, Designed for Your Company’s Needs

Warning: Hot Surface

Warn people about possible burns and injuries caused by hot surfaces

Watch Your Step

Keep workers aware of the dangers of being careless by reminding them to be extra careful

Slippery When Wet

Avoid both minor and major injuries when putting up precautionary signs for wet surfaces

Wet Paint

Don’t ruin your favorite fashion pieces with accidents caused by wet paint.


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If you want to lessen your company liabilities, It’s time to put up precautionary safety hazard signs now!

Foison Metal’s team is consists of creative minds and a skillful workforce that works together to produce high-quality hazard signs. To ensure effectiveness, we will guide you on choosing the right material and design for your safety signs and make sure to deliver within a short time.

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Foison Metal is the Leading and Trusted Brand of Safety Hazard Signs

Foison Metal has built its reputation that considers the best long-term interests of our customers and partners. Our philosophy is to provide exceptional value through premium quality standards.

Also, we aim to maintain a strong commitment to service and to support a constant striving to be the low-cost producer in the design and fabrication of Safety Hazard Signs.

The Safety Hazard Signs FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Are Safety Hazard Signs?

Safety hazard signs
Figure 1 Safety hazard signs

Safety hazard signs are a type of safety sign which shows the availability of substances, equipment, or material that may harm human beings. Safety hazard signs give warning to employees and the public about the presence of hazards in their locality.

For example, there are hazard signs which warn of an electric shock, of general hazards or slipping. 

1.2 Why Are Safety Hazard Signs Essential?

Safety hazard signs are important because of the following reasons:

  • Safety: safety hazard signs are critical as they remind employees to be careful in the presence of hazards and to remain aware of them. Safety hazard signs can be installed in any place in the workplace thus they keep reminding workers of potential hazards at the workplace.
  • Education: safety hazard signs are used efficiently for training new employees especially in manufacturing sites and engineering workplaces. This is because they offer interaction with the employees thus making them grasp the message easily.
  • Prevention: safety hazard signs will help your organization to prevent accidental and emergencies as they are installed strategically in areas that pose potential hazards. Thus, it is important to have safety hazard signs in the workplace as they serve as a preventive mechanism against risks that may arise.
  • Security: safety hazard signs help in offering protection to workers while at the workplace and serve as security mechanisms.

1.3 How Effective Are Safety Hazard Signs?

Safety hazard signs are very effective in the workplace as they always help in ensuring that your employees observe the necessary precautions.

If your workplace has safety hazard signs well located in the essential places you will be safe. This is because it saves you trouble from the regulatory bodies as you will have complied with the regulatory standards.

Safety hazard signs are also effective in your workplace as they save you from liabilities in case of accidents due to ignorance of the signs.

Safety hazard signs also make sure that dangers that are present in the workplace can be understood by even a workforce that is multilingual.

1.4 What Are the Available Types of Safety Hazard Signs?

Types of safety hazard signs which we can offer at Foison Metal include:

  • Biohazard
Figure 2 Biohazard
Figure 2 Biohazard

It is used to indicate a space that handles materials that are biological like bacteria, infectious agents, and samples of blood. The main aim of biological safety hazard signs is to serve as a reminder of potential risks and the essential precaution measures which they should observe.

  • Corrosive material hazard
Figure 3 Corrosive material hazard

It gives working to employees of the presence of substances that may harm their skin or eyes if they come into contact. Corrosives tend to eat away or burn the skin and thus it is important to always put on Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Laser beam hazard
Figure 4 Laser beam hazard

It is used to make workers aware of the presence of laser beams as it is risky if it meets skin eyes or flammable materials.  These safety hazard signs are mounted as a reminder to workers to put on personal protective equipment when getting into areas with laser beam hazards.

  • Low Temperature
Low Temperature
Figure 5 Low Temperature

It is a symbol used to caution workers to have personal protective equipment when collecting chemicals and materials that need storage at very low temperatures.

  • High Voltage
Figure 6 High voltage
Figure 6 High voltage

It is used to give warning to workers when they are working with equipment that uses high voltage that may cause harm to them or even kill them. It mainly cautions workers to put on PPEs and avoid areas that are marked with this safety hazard sign.

  • General warning
Figure 7 General warning

It is used to give workers a general warning when they are doing a job in the presence of potential hazards.

  • Explosive Material
Figure 8 Explosive material

It is used in sites that deal with explosives to alert workers of the presence of explosive material. Its main purpose is to make workers aware that they are required to put on the necessary attire and be careful.

  • Tripping hazard
Tripping hazard
Figure 9 Tripping hazard

These safety hazard signs are used mainly in construction sites to warn workers of potential hazards that may lead to tripping or falling.

  • Toxic material
Toxic material
Figure 10 Toxic material

This safety hazard symbol cautions individuals of the presence of harmful materials which may be dangerous to their health. Employees are required to put on protective gear when approaching or working in such areas.

1.5 Are Safety Hazard Signs Necessary to All Working Areas?

Yes, safety hazard signs are essential in most of the working places. This is because they help you make your workers aware of potential hazards and precautionary measures which they should have when working in given areas.

Some of the working areas where safety hazard signs are used include:

  • Construction sites
  • Engineering firms
  • Laboratories
  • Electrical firms
  • Chemical plantations
  • Areas with electrical cables
  • Areas with material that are flammable.
  • Heavy machinery areas
  • Areas with substances that are toxic or corrosive.

1.6 What Are the Requirements of Safety Hazard Signs at The Workplace?

The requirements of safety hazard signs as recommended by safety regulatory bodies include:

  • The visibility of the safety hazard signs should not be interfered with by any source of emission.
  • Safety hazard signs should be a bit far apart to ensure that workers can distinguish each sign individually.
  • You should not use two safety hazard signs portraying a similar meaning at the same time.
  • Safety hazard signs that are similar must not be used in places that possess lots of ambient noise.
  • A safety hazard sign which is illuminated must not be positioned at the same spot as a source that is illuminated.
  • Always ensure that your safety hazard signs are cleaned, checked, and maintained regularly to improve their efficiency.
  • Ensure that you situate supplementary safety hazard signs where there are workers with problems in hearing or visual impairment.

1.7 How Do I Select the Appropriate Safety Hazard Signs?

To establish safety hazard signs which are required in your workplace, you need to do a background check of your company. This check needs to be done on all the activities which take place at the workplace to ascertain potential sources of hazards.

As soon as you have that essential information, you will be aware of the locations for which installation of safety hazard signs. These safety hazard signs will serve as a reminder to workers on what measures they need to observe at which location.

It is important to also note that at times you will be required to change these safety hazard signs when your workers become very familiar with them. To avoid this, it is advised to keep changing the positioning of the safety hazard symbols to prevent workers from getting too used to them.

1.8 How Do Safety Hazard Signs Compare to Danger Signs?

Danger signs
Figure 11 Danger signs

It is very important to beware of the difference between safety hazard signs and danger signs to be aware of what each sign is cautioning you about.

Safety hazard signs tend to compare to danger signs in the following ways:

Safety hazard signs give warning not individuals that the element in consideration may affect their long-term health. The harm it is warning about may take even years to manifest symptoms.

Danger signs on the other hand are used to indicate something which may cause injury or harm immediately when one is directly exposed to it.

Some of the common detrimental outcomes which may arise due to being exposed to safety hazard signs include:

  • Burning
  • Cancer
  • The skin may become sensitive.
  • May harm an unborn baby.
  • poisoning

with danger signs, exposure to them required an individual to receive immediate medical attention.

In comparison to the sallow-burning nature of hazardous materials, dangerous materials can be either corrosive, explosive, or flammable.

1.9 How Should Safety Hazard Signs Be Maintained?

You need to maintain safety hazard signs properly so to ensure they last their lifetime and always pass across the intended information. Safety hazard signs need to be maintained by constantly cleaning them well to eliminate dirt and debris.

Occasionally, you will be required to clean them thoroughly to eliminate stubborn stains to make sure they do not get damaged.

It is important to make sure that you maintain safety hazard signs very well as this will ensure that they maintain their intrinsic features.

Maintenance of safety hazard signs should also entail carrying out regular checks and inspections to ensure that they are working perfectly. You will have to test them regularly to ascertain that they are still in perfect condition to fulfill their function.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Can I Come Up with My Design for Safety Hazard Signs?

Yes, you can make a design of safety hazard signs which contain the specifications you need. You may then contact us so that we may make you the safety hazard signs that you desire.

2.2 Are Safety Hazard Signs Durable?

Yes, our safety hazard signs are very durable as they are manufactured from metallic materials such as nickel, aluminum, copper, and brass. These materials tend to last for very long periods as they are strong, water-resistant, and able to withstand weather elements like rain, humidity, and UV rays.

2.3 What Are Factors to Consider When Mounting Safety Hazard Signs?

Some of the factors to consider when mounting safety hazard signs include:

  • Visibility: it is important to ensure that safety hazard signs are mounted in locations where they can be seen clearly by every individual. This will ensure that every person in the workplace takes the necessary precautions to avoid accidents or injuries.
  • Size: safety hazard signs need to be of sufficient size that can be seen and interpreted by workers from a given viewing distance.
  • Placement: safety hazard signs need to be mounted in positions that will ensure their duality to last their lifetime. For safety hazard signs that need to be installed outdoors, it is important to make sure that they are made of materials that are water-resistant and can withstand extreme changes in weather.

Foison metal offers safety hazard signs which are made from metals like nickel, copper, brass, aluminum, and steel. These safety hazard signs are well suited for mounting both indoors and outdoors.

2.4 Do You Offer Help During the Design Process?

Yes, our design team is always willing to assist you in making the suitable design you would like for safety hazard signs. After we have assisted in designing your safety hazard signs, we will send you the design for approval and only commence production once you are satisfied.

You may reach out to our customer service agents with the specifications that you need for your safety hazard signs to receive assistance. 

2.5 Do You Have a Variety of Dimensions of Safety Hazard Signs?

Yes, we do have safety hazards signs in several dimensions that you may choose from. If you would like clarification of the available dimensions of safety hazard signs, you may contact our customer support or check our website.

2.6 Do You Have an Electronic Design of Safety Hazard Sign?

Yes, we do have an electronic design of safety hazard signs, and this helps in the faster recreation of safety hazard signs.

2.7 Can I Reach Your Designers to Produce a Fused Design?

You may reach out to our customer support to receive the necessary clarification.

2.8 Do You Have Different Installation Features on Safety Hazard Signs?

safety hazard sign with self adhesive tape
Figure 12 safety hazard sign with self adhesive tape

Yes, we do offer several features which you can use to install your safety hazard signs. Some of the installation feature offered at Foison metal include:

  • Self-adhesive tapes
  • Screws
  • Nuts
  • Washers
  • Wall mounts

2.9 Does Safety Hazard Sign Have a Step-By-Step Manual?

Yes, our safety hazard safety signs are accompanied by a manual to offer the necessary training to workers about the safety signs. If your safety hazard signs were not accompanied by a manual, kindly call our customer service desk for assistance.

2.10What Are the Meanings of Shapes on Safety Hazard Signs?

Triangular safety hazard signs
Figure 13 Triangular safety hazard signs

There are regulatory bodies for safety hazard signs and other signs which give the specification of the standards that shapes should adhere to. Shapes may be located at either the pictogram of the safety hazard signs or in the entire larger sign.

Shapes are what determine the general shape of the safety hazard signs. These shapes of safety hazard signs tend to have the following meanings:

  • Crossed out: it is used to indicate things that are mandatory and must not be done by workers.
  • Oblong: this shape is used to mean safety signs that pass out information to individuals.
  • Circle: it indicates things that are mandatory and must be done by workers in the workplace.
  • Triangular: it is used to mean warning to individuals.

2.11 What Are the Meanings of Colors Used on Safety Signs?

Colors used on safety signs portray different meanings which include:

  • Red: it is used to indicate fire, emergency, prohibition, or danger
  • Green: it is used to show escape routes, location of exits, safe zones in case of an emergency, and equipment.
  • Yellow: it is used to mean caution, warning, and to caution workers to take precautions.
  • Blue: color blue is used to show things that workers should do, PPE and mandatory signs.

2.12 What Are the Custom Options Available for Safety Hazard Signs?

Some of the custom options that Foison Metal can include in your safety hazard signs include:

  • Shapes: we can offer several shapes of safety hazard signs ranging from square, rectangle, triangle, round, and many other shape options.
  • Colors: we have very many standard colors of safety hazard signs which you can choose from like gold, yellow, silver, red, green, white, black, rose, and gold.
  • Surface effects: we can offer you very many surfaces finishing options for your safety hazard signs such as mirroring, sandblasting, brushing, and matte.
  • Foison metal can offer your different logo designs which you can select the most appropriate for your workplace.
  • You also have the custom option of selecting suitable lettering and print coloring for your safety hazard signs.
  • We also have the custom option of engraving images and texts to your safety hazard signs using etching or laser engraving techniques.

2.13 How Can I Design My Own Safety Hazard Signs?

You can design your safety hazard designs by incorporating the features which you need them to have like the company logo and colors. Designing your safety hazard signs will make them perfectly suit the specifications which you require for your workplace. 

If you require a professional design team for safety hazard signs to assist you in making your design, please contact us.

2.14 Do safety hazard signs have standard sizes, or you can make them in my desired shape and size?

We do have standard sizes for safety hazard signs which you can choose from. However, we can also custom-make safety hazard signs to suit the specifications which you desire.

All you need to do is to contact our customer service agents and give information about the feature you require in your custom safety hazard signs.

2.15 Are You Design Samples for Safety Hazard Signs Free or I Need to Pay First?

No, you do not need to pay for designs of safety hazard signs as they are free. At Foison Metal, we strive to provide high-quality services as our clients are our priority.

If you need a sample of safety hazard signs, contact us and we will send it to you by express.

3.0 Order and Payments

Order and payment
Figure 14 Order and payment

3.1 What Is the Process of Placing an Order for safety hazard signs?

When placing an order at Foison Metal, our procedure entails the following steps:

  • Reach out to us: you can contact us by filling your details in the contact form on our website. Also, you can call us or send us an email with the safety hazard signs that you need.
  • Ensure that you ascertain your artwork for safety hazard signs if you have it. In case you do not have an artwork, just contact our customer support for assistance.
  • The customer support will direct you to our well-qualified designers who will offer you free designs samples until you are satisfied. In case you have artwork design for safety hazard signs, it is important to contact us and confirm with us.
  • Confirm the information you have given us of the safety hazard signs to make sure that is correct. Some of the details which you should confirm include:
    • the size of the safety hazard signs.
    •  material to use.
    • the details of the safety hazard sign.
    • packaging to use when packing the safety hazard signs.
    • The effect that you desire on the safety hazard signs.
  • Once all the details are clear, we will contact you and send you a quotation that is relatively affordable for the safety hazard signs. This quotation will depend on the contractual agreement in place and if you have any queries, you can contact us.
  • We will then send you sample pictures of the safety hazard signs and send them to you using express. In case of safety hazard signs that are custom made, we will send you molds of the design once you have affirmed the order.
  • Our design team will also make samples of pre-production for your custom safety hazard signs.
  • Once you have approved the samples, you should contact us or email us, and we will begin production of your safety hazard signs. We will make your safety hazard signs to suit your specifications and fulfill your order within 12-15 working days.

3.2 How Prior Do I Have to Place an Order For Safety Hazard Signs?

You should place an order for safety hazard signs early enough to give us ample time to make them of high quality and suit your specifications. It is important also to have in mind the time you require the safety hazard signs to be delivered.

This is because our delivery timeline for safety hazard signs is within 12-15 working days. When ordering safety hazard signs, also consider the customization features you would like to be included.

Custom orders tend to take a long time to manufacture as compared to standard orders of safety hazard signs. To determine the amount of time required to process your safety hazard signs order, you should seek clarification from our customer support.

3.3 What Is the Payment Mode for My Safety Hazard Signs Order?

At Foison Metal, the payment methods which we use are either credit card, T/T, or PayPal.

3.4 Can I Make Payment on Delivery of safety hazard signs?

We tend to prefer a deposit of a given amount as agreed in the contract before commencing producing your safety hazard signs order. Therefore, we do not accept payment on the delivery of safety hazard signs.

3.5 What Is the Minimum Quantity Of Order For Safety Hazard Signs I Can Make In A Day?

You can order a minimum of 100 units of safety hazard signs. You can always contact customer support for assistance if you need an adjustment on the quantities of safety hazard signs.

3.6 Can Someone Make an Order of Safety Hazard Signs On My Behalf?

No, you need to place an order for safety hazard signs by yourself to ensure transparency, credibility, and accountability.  If you are not so sure of the process and need help, it is important to reach out to our customer support team.

3.7 Can I Make a Late Order for Safety Hazard Signs?

If you would like to place a late order for safety hazard signs, you can contact us through our customer support agents to get directions. You may also send us an email inquiring if you can make the late order for safety hazard signs.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery
Figure 15 Shipping and delivery

4.1 How Long Does It Take to Receive Safety Hazard Signs After Order Placement?

Once you have placed an order for safety hazard signs, it will take about 5 to 8 working days before they are ready for delivery. The safety hazard signs will then be shipped to you within 7 – 10 working days.

If you would like your safety hazard signs to be delivered earlier than our scheduled timelines, we can adjust. It is important to contact our customer service team for help in reconsidering the timelines.

When ordering your safety signs, you will also need to email us stating the time you would require the safety hazard signs delivered.

4.2 Do You Charge Extra for Delivery of Safety Hazard Signs?

We do require you to pay in advance when we are sending the safety hazard signs to you via couriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx, or TNT. If you are using other delivery methods, your timeline for making payments for your safety hazard signs will depend on the agreement in place.

You can call us if you require help in finding a courier for shipping your safety hazard signs from our factory to your location.

4.3 What Happens in The Event of Damaged Deliveries Of Safety Hazard Signs?

Damaged deliveries of safety hazard signs during transportation will be refunded in full so long as the causes of the damage are directly from us.  You will need to cater for the transportation charges of the safety hazard signs if they are damaged during transit.

However, if the damaged deliveries of the safety hazard signs were due to the negligence of the carrier, they should be liable. In this case, it will be hard to give a refund but you may reach out to our customer support team to help in following up with the carrier.

4.4 Do You Do Doorstep Delivery of Safety Hazard Signs?

No, Foison Metal does not offer doorstep delivery but we can help in finding courier services that can deliver to your location. If you would like us to find for you couriers to ship your safety hazard signs, call us today.

4.5 In Case of Misplaced Deliveries of Safety Hazard Signs, What Actions Do You Take?

We will review the tracking number and information to ascertain the location of your safety hazard signs. We will then establish whether you will have to wait a little longer, it has been sent back, stalled or it has been lost.

You will have to wait a little longer before your safety hazard signs order arrives if it has stalled. If you do not receive your order for safety hazard signs, you will have to contact us or email us for assistance.

We will ensure that we sort out any issues barring you from receiving your package and deliver it to you in the appropriate conditions.

4.6 Do I Bear Shipping Cost of Safety Hazard Signs?

You will cater for the costs of shipping safety hazard signs if they were not discussed in our agreement. If you would like us to organize a shipping method for you kindly reach out through a call or email.

4.7 Do You Take Responsibilities for Lost Safety Hazard Signs During Shipping?

First, we will have to ascertain the cause of the loss of the safety hazard signs and the insurance policy in place. If the safety hazard signs were lost by the carrier or they were lost without an insurance policy in place, it might be difficult to take full responsibility for the loss.

4.8 Are You in Full Responsibilities for Safety Hazard Signs Still In Shipping Process?

When we deliver your safety hazard signs to the carrier, part of the liability of your package tends to shift from us to the carrier.  However, we may help you in tracking the location of your package using the order tracking number that is on the safety hazard signs.

4.9 Is Your Shipment of Safety Hazard Signs Limited to Specific Countries?

No, we are limited to specific countries as we tend to ship to so many countries in the world. If you need clarification on whether we ship to your locality, contact us today.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

Replacement and returns
Figure 16 Replacement and returns

5.1 How Long Do You Take to Replace Damaged Safety Hazard Signs?

We take about 21 working days before making a replacement of safety hazard signs which were damaged. If you do not receive your refund within the stipulated time, you can seek clarification on what may be causing the delay from our customer service desk.

5.2 What Process Do I Follow for Safety Hazard Signs Replacement?

The replacement process of safety hazard signs entails a series of steps which include:

  • Reach out to us for the replacement process of safety hazard signs to begin.
  • Foison metal will send to you the safety hazard signs for replacement.
  • Once sent, you need to contact us for guidance on the address to send the safety hazard signs we have replaced. You will be required to send them back in about 21 days, failure to which we will assume that you need both safety hazard signs.
  • If you do not send the safety hazard signs within the stipulated time, we will in turn need you to pay for them. We may also charge you for shipping costs of the safety hazard signs where applicable.
  • After receiving the safety hazard signs, we will inspect them and ensure that they are what was covered in the replacement. We will also need to ensure that you have included the parts and accessories which were accompanied by the safety hazard signs.
  • Once we have determined that the safety hazard signs sent back are in good condition, we will notify you through an email.
  • In case you did not submit all the safety hazard signs, parts, or accessories, you will have to incur a given amount. This amount will be based on the specifications on our website and in the contractual agreement.
  • If we do not replace safety signs that are in the condition you returned them, we will also reach out.

5.3 Do You Have a Return Policy for Safety Hazard Signs?

Yes, our return policy specifies that you should return safety hazard signs which are unused and sealed. If you doubt the nature of your safety hazard signs that you want to return, please as the customer support team or email us.

5.4 How Can I Send Back Damaged Safety Hazard Signs?

You can send back safety hazard signs which are damaged via the address which is indicated on the package. You may also contact our helpline to be assisted on how you should send the safety hazard signs package to us.

5.6 How Do U Handle Return on Mismatched Consignment Of Safety Hazard Signs?

It is unlikely for us to dispatch safety hazard signs consignments that are mismatched we use the tracking number. In the case this happens, kindly contact our customer support team and we will send you the right consignment at no extra charges.

5.7 Do You Take Back Un-Sealed Boxes of Safety Hazard Signs on Return Notice?

No, unfortunately, we only accept boxes of safety hazard signs which are sealed according to our return policy.

5.8 Do Safety Hazard Signs Have Warranty?

Yes, we have a warranty for safety hazard signs, and the duration of the warranty varies depending on the agreement which is in place. If you would like to inquire about our warranty period and process, kindly ask us.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellation and refunds
Figure 17 Cancellation and refunds

6.1 Can I Cancel an Order for Safety Hazard Signs?

Yes, you can cancel your order for safety hazard signs, and you may call our helpline for guidance on the process. Alternatively, you can also inform us through your email that you would like to cancel your order for safety hazard signs.

6.2 Can I Get Refund on Cancelled Safety Hazard Signs?

Yes, we do offer refunds for orders of safety hazard signs so long as they are returned when sealed, in the right state, and unused. 

6.3 How Do I Cancel an Order for Safety Hazard Signs?

You can contact us if you need help on how to return your safety hazard signs order. You may also reach out to us via your email and our customer service desk will take you through the process of making your safety hazard signs returns.

6.4 What Is the Time Length of Making Another Order After the Previous Cancellation?

Making another order for safety hazard signs does not have a time as you can order immediately after cancellation. If you need assistance in placing an order or cancellation, please contact our customer support team.

6.5 Is It Possible to Recall a Safety Hazard Transaction That I Have Made Payment For?

It is possible to recall transactions that you have already paid for some times, but this is not always guaranteed. For payments of safety hazard signs which you used the wrong details, you can reach out to us for assistance on getting your money back.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to recall transactions that you made to the wrong recipient whose account has a low balance. In this case, we will have to contact the recipient and ask for their permission to debit their account.

6.6 How Will I Be Paid Back My Money for The Safety Hazard Signs Which I Sent Back?

You will obtain the money which you had paid for the returned safety hazard signs through the means of payment that you had used. It is important to liaise with our customer support agents in case you have not received your money back after an elapse of 21 working days.

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