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Here at Foison Metal, We Guarantee to Provide the Highest Quality Metal Products in the Market

Foison Metal is a metal manufacturing company that is well known for providing the highest quality metal products that are effective and durable to last for decades. Our mission is to deliver excellent customer service in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Our safety hazards symbols can be customized from color, shapes, sizes, and material to be used. We offer premium durable material to manufacture safety hazards symbols including, stainless steel and aluminum.

Our dedication to serve world-class products is excellent to guarantee customer satisfaction worldwide. By this, we as a team are committed to working together for the continued development of premium quality products for customer’s safety needs.

About Our Service


We offer high-quality safety hazards symbols that are tailored from the latest technology to provide the perfect cut in shaping and designing the product


Our team of professional individuals are skilled and knowledgeable to help customers achieve their desired result


Designs made by our professional graphic designers are original, effective, and easy to be known by the end user

World Class

Safety hazards symbols are better of quality in compared to our competitors and passed the national quality standard


Guaranteed all transactions including customer data and payment processing are secured to avoid fraud or theft

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All items are shipped in 7-10 business days after the ordering process is done to ensure that client’s deadlines are met

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We accept shipments from several parts of the world which is why we offer 24/7 support to ensure that everyone is assisted on time

Customer Advantage

Free quotations and free samples for customers to test the product before buying them

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Only At Foison Metal Where High-Quality Materials are Tailored for a Perfect Safety Hazards Symbols

Electrical Hazard Traffic Symbol

Hazard traffic signs that are powered by electricity is an innovative way to alert the travelers

Custom Reflective Hazard Symbol

A safety symbol needs to be reflective especially at night to avoid hazards and accidents

Customized Aluminum Safety Symbols

Using aluminum to your safety symbols allows them to be lightweight yet durable

High Voltage Hazard Symbol

High voltage equipment needs to be labeled using a durable sign for lasting implementation


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Here at Foison Metal we respect you by being transparent to guarantee quick and safe transactions. We work hand and hand with you to provide your needs and demands for your safety hazards symbols from your desired material, colors, designs, shapes, and sizes.

To achieve client happiness, we provide excellent customer service backed by skills and knowledge. With enthusiasm and teamwork, we enhance our productivity and push back our limits to serve customers better.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Safety hazards symbols are produced only with high-quality materials that are made to last for decades


We hire only professional graphic designers to provide unique designs that are visually effective


Our safety hazards symbols are globally competitive in terms of durability and original style


We give a good value for our customers money which is why we provide durable products at an affordable price

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Foison Metal is Committed to Improving Product Quality and Customer Service

Our vision here at Foison Metal is to provide safety to every workplace by manufacturing effective safety hazards symbols to avoid future risks and hazards. We commit ourselves to embrace innovation in technology and service to meet client’s expectations.

The Safety Hazards Symbols FAQS Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Figure 1. Safety Hazard Symbols

1.1 What Are Safety Hazards Symbols?

Safety hazards symbols are methods of passing across information or instructions about the availability of harmful substances that may be harmful to human beings. Safety hazards symbols majorly tend to warn employees and the general public concerning the hazards which may be present in their surroundings.

At Foison Metal, there is a wide variety of safety hazards symbols, and you can check our website for the various assortments.

1.2 What Are the Available Types of Safety Hazards Symbols?

Some of the available safety hazard symbols include:

  • Prohibition safety hazard symbols

These safety hazards symbols point out that certain activities are not allowed at a particular place. For instance, most institutions, as well as the workplace, prohibits smoking hence the need for prohibition safety hazards symbols pointing that out.

  • Warning safety hazards symbols

Warning safety hazards symbols create awareness about the possibility of danger, in a workplace that deals with chemicals and gases these symbols show that an explosion can occur.

  • Mandatory safety hazards symbols

Mandatory safety hazards symbols command certain behaviors and actions in a workplace such as the mode of dressing while in certain locations in a workplace. For example, a mandatory safety hazard symbol in a construction site commands that protective hats and eyeglasses must be always worn.

  • Emergency safety hazards symbols 

These emergency safety hazards symbols indicate what should be done in the face of danger and they lead people to a danger-free zone, exit routes are examples of emergency signs.

  • Fire equipment safety hazards symbols

Fire equipment safety hazards symbols give directions in case there is a fire, examples of these signs are fire extinguishers and fire alarms.

1.3 Why Are Hazard Symbols Useful in Any Language?

Figure 2. Language for Safety Hazard Symbols

Safety hazard symbols are useful in any language for various reasons because:

  • Unlike the different languages, safety hazards symbols are easy to decipher and interpret.
  • Safety hazards symbols work in any language because they use pictograms rather than words.
  • Safety hazards symbols are universal compared to safety hazards that depend heavily on the wording.
  • Safety hazards symbols promote cohesiveness across all languages.
  • Safety hazards symbols work by corresponding to each symbol to act and respond accordingly.
  • Safety hazards symbols are more understood compared to other types of safety signs.

1.4 What Are the Common Hazards Found in A Workplace?

There are many hazards found in a workplace. The hazards vary from one workplace to another depending on the job being done. 

Safety hazards symbols should correspond to the type of hazard being communicated. For instance, you cannot put a fire safety symbol in an area that should have a manhole safety symbol. 

Some of the common hazards found in a workplace include:

  • Poisonous or toxic materials
  • High radiation zone
  • Contact may cause melting.
  • The liquid may cause items to dissolve.
  • The substance is hazardous to human health.
  • Corrosive substance.
  • Biohazard materials
  • Explosive materials
  • Fire hazards
  • Flammable
  • Environmental hazard
  • Unsafe drinking water
  • Work in progress
  • Sharp corner

1.5 Why Do We Need Safety Hazards Symbols?

Safety hazards symbols are very vital in our everyday life. We need them to guide us in our work to avoid the dangers that we may encounter as we go about our duties. Some of the other reasons that we need safety hazards symbols to include but are not limited to:

  • Safety symbols can be understood easily. This is because they are universally recognized and can be understood by different people from different backgrounds. 
  • No matter where you’re working, you’ll be able to understand the potential hazards you face simply by looking at the posted symbols.
  • Safety hazards symbols guide on the exact danger to avoid.
  • They also show the exact type of danger that we should avoid. 
  • Each category has its specific color and sign shape that remains consistent around the world as per safety regulations.

1.6 Which Safety Hazards Symbols Are Appropriate for Your Workplace?

Figure 3. Examples of Safety Hazard Symbols

Some of the safety hazard symbols appropriate for the workplace include:

  • Reproductive toxicity
  • Respiratory sensitizer
  • Target organ toxicity
  • Self-heating
  • Emits flammable gas
  • Self-reactive
  • Irritant (skin and eye)
  • Skin sensitizer
  • Acute toxicity (harmful)
  • Gases under pressure
  • Skin corrosion/burns
  • Eye damage
  • Corrosive to metals
  • Explosives
  • Self-reactive
  • Organic peroxides
  • Skull and Crossbones

1.7 What Are The Safety Requirements For Safety Hazards Symbols As Specified By The Safety Regulatory Bodies?

Some of the safety requirements for safety hazards symbols as specified by the various safety regulatory bodies include:

  • Safety hazards symbols follow OSHA standards when it comes to color representation. For example, red color symbols symbolize danger whereas green represents hazards related to health.
  • Safety hazards symbols must have pictograms. For example, a warning pictogram is of a black exclamation mark with a red diamond frame with a white background.
  • Safety hazards symbols should have a signal word that is concise, and which is ready to read.
  • The safety instruction signs demand that white should be a standard color for the background and safety hazards symbols obey that.
  • Safety hazards symbols are designed not to constitute a hazard. They are designed without sharp edges or splinters and therefore they are safe to be used in the workplace.
  • Safety hazards symbols are opaque and glossy and thus boosting visibility.
  • Safety hazards symbols should contain hazard statements. For example, harmful if inhaled.
  • Safety hazards symbols also need to have precautionary statements such as, do not touch your face after handling.
  • There should be accident prevention safety hazards symbols that meet OSHA regulations that should be used to identify potential hazards.

1.8 How Should Safety Hazards Symbols Be Maintained?

Figure 4. Maintaining Safety Hazard Symbols

You need to maintain safety hazards symbols properly to ensure they last their lifetime and always pass across the intended information. Safety hazards symbols need to be maintained by constantly cleaning them well to eliminate dirt and debris.

Occasionally, you will be required to clean them thoroughly to eliminate stubborn stains to make sure they do not get damaged. It is important to make sure that you maintain safety hazards symbols very well as this will ensure that they maintain their intrinsic features.

Maintenance of safety hazards symbols should also entail carrying out regular checks and inspections to ensure that they are working perfectly. You will have to test them regularly to ascertain that they are still in perfect condition to fulfill their function.

1.9 Is It Important to Have Safety Hazards Symbols In All Working Areas?

Yes, safety hazards symbols are essential in most of the working places. This is because they help you make your workers aware of potential hazards and precautionary measures which they should have when working in given areas.

Some of the working areas where safety hazards symbols are used include:

  • Construction sites
  • Engineering firms
  • Laboratories
  • Electrical firms
  • Chemical plantations
  • Areas with electrical cables
  • Areas with material that are flammable.
  • Heavy machinery areas
  • Areas with substances that are toxic or corrosive.

1.10 How Do I Select the Appropriate Safety Hazards Symbols?

To establish safety hazards symbols that are required in your workplace, you need to do a background check of your company. This check needs to be done on all the activities which take place at the workplace to ascertain potential sources of hazards.

As soon as you have that essential information, you will be aware of the locations in which the installation of safety hazards symbols. These safety hazards symbols will serve as a reminder to workers on what measures they need to observe at which location.

It is important to also note that at times you will be required to change these safety hazards symbols when your workers become very familiar with them. To avoid this, it is advised to keep changing the positioning of the safety hazards symbols to prevent workers from getting too used to them.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 5. Design and Customization of Safety Hazard Symbols

2.1. Do You Offer Customization on Safety Hazards Symbols?

Yes, we do. We allow you to provide us with the details that best fit the kind of safety hazards symbols you require for you from the style. The graphics, the wording that will be imprinted on the safety hazards symbols, the size measurements, and the color as well. 

Contact us today and our team of professional creative designers can help you with generating customization ideas. They will do this either by modifying the safety hazards symbols in place or developing new ones.  

2.2 Are Specific Colors Used to Make Safety Hazards Symbols?

Different colors are used to portray various hazards in safety hazards symbols. Some of the colors used in the making of safety hazards symbols include:

  • Red: It’s used on warning and fire equipment signs they show dangers likely to take place as well as fire protection equipment.
  • Green: they give information about the location of danger-free areas such as assembly points as well as pointing out safety equipment such as first aid kits.
  • Blue: it shows that there is no immediate danger
  • Orange: it implies that the hazards involved are moderate 
  • Yellow: it shows material handling equipment also used in places that caution is needed
  • Black: it’s used for guidance purposes.

2.3 Are There Any Double-Sided Safety Hazards symbols?

Figure 6. Double sided Safety Hazard Symbols

Yes, there are safety hazards symbols that have writings on both sides. Most people see this as the most economic option; you will be getting two safety hazards symbols in one. 

The good thing about these double-sided safety hazards symbols is the fact that you do not have to worry about where to install them. Just suspend them in a string or wire and hang them.

Hanged double-sided safety hazards are effective such that they can be easily viewed. You can also reach out to us to customize them as you want for a better job. 

2.4 Does the Background Color of Your Safety Hazards Symbols Matter?

Yes, the colors matter a lot. Every color used has a specific purpose and function. For example, red is used to prohibit dangerous behaviors. It is intrinsically used with around shapes and black pictograms. 

Yellow and Amber are used as warning colors. They call upon workers and visitors to be careful and take precautions. The color is used together with triangular shapes and black text and pictograms. 

Green is a cooler and less alerting color. It is mostly used to show the position of different items such as fire escapes and first aid kits.

As we all know, colors can affect how seriously we take things. They create an impression. For this reason, we take our color choices into many considerations to provide effective safety hazards symbols. 

2.5 What Is Used to Mount Safety Hazards Symbols?

The material used to install safety hazards symbols will depend on its type and the intended use. For example, we have seen double-sided safety hazards symbols that can be hung. 

You can also use screws and materials of the same kind to mount these safety hazards on the wall or various surfaces.  Whatever material you use to install these safety hazards symbols, ensure that you do not tamper with the information being conveyed. 

You can contact our customer support team if you require assistance in obtaining the best mounting accessories for your safety hazards symbols.

2.6 Is It Possible for Me to Share My Safety Hazards, Symbols, Templates, and Designs with You?

Figure 7. Safety Hazard Symbols Templates

Yes, you can share templates for your safety hazards symbols with us. We like to get our clients involved in the symbol-making processes, ensuring that they are satisfied and content with the products and outcomes at the end of the process.

 Therefore, you can share your designs with us, and we will try as much as possible to create safety hazards symbols that match your liking and preferences. 

2.7 What Are the Osha Design Guides for Safety Hazards Symbols?

All our safety hazards symbols designs follow the OSHA regulations. These regulations include but are not limited to:

  • Safety hazards symbols are of many designs. According to the OSHA universal standards, they need to be as simple as possible and everything else that is not necessary is omitted. 
  • There are many designs and shapes of construction safety signage. However, the simplicity of the designs is encouraged, and unnecessary details should be omitted. 
  • OSHA recommends the use of pictograms and symbols in safety hazards symbols for the proper identification of hazards within a particular area.
  • A supplementary sign, an arrow, and a graphical symbol sign may be merged to form a directional safety label.
  • A combination of yellow and striped, black can be used to indicate hazard zones in safety hazard symbols.
  • We also have safety hazards symbols with colored borders that enhance adequate contrast for clear visibility.
  • Safety hazards symbols can be represented in different shapes such as triangles, ovals, rectangles, and circles in conveying specific information.

At Foison Metals we encourage you to share with us your designs via our email or you can contact us for information.

2.8 Do Safety Hazards Symbols Have a Standard Size?

Since different workplaces are different all over the world. The size of the safety hazards symbols should be able to meet the needs of your organization.

However, the size of the safety hazards symbols should be easily noticeable without any difficulties. The size of the sign should be within the measurement requirements by OSHA

2.9 Do You Provide Safety Hazards Symbols with Pictograms and Text?

Figure 8. Pictograms for Safety Hazard Symbols

Yes. All our safety hazards symbols are following all the regulations as stated by regulatory bodies. This includes clear fonts, top-quality material, and easily understandable pictograms. 

 As our testimonials prove, all our safety hazards symbols serve the purpose just as intended.

2.10 Are There Any Samples That I Can Go Through Before Buying the Safety Hazards Symbols?

We have tons of prototypes and templates that we avail to users to navigate through and choose what they think will work best for them. This is to allow our customers to solely decide from the numerous types of safety hazards symbols. 

We believe in customer satisfaction. For this reason, you can receive a few samples of our products so that you can sample them and make an informed decision on the ones to buy. Since we believe that our products are of the right quality, we will always be looking forward to you placing an order after testing the samples. 

2.11 How Do I Go About Sharing My Safety Hazards Symbols Designs with You?

You can use our contacts or contact us via our website and we can have a conversation on the different designs you may need for safety hazards symbols. We encourage such conversations with our clients because this ensures you are fully satisfied with our products.

2.12 Can I Get Any Additional Features Added to My Safety Hazards Symbols Designs?

Yes, it is possible to add any additional features which you may require on your safety hazards symbols. We want you to have the best possible symbols that you believe will grab the users’ attention and inform them accordingly.

Upon request, we can redesign your designs for safety hazards symbols and add features that will reinforce the message being conveyed. 

2.13 How Long Does the Message on The Safety Hazards Symbols Last?

The mode of printing methods that we use while creating safety hazards symbols ensures that the writing done will exist for a very long time and it won’t fade as well.  You will have the responsibility of adopting maintenance routines such as cleaning the safety hazards symbols.

This is because it will play a big role in preserving the writings on the safety hazards symbols.

2.14 How Big Should the Fonts Used in The Safety Hazards Symbols Be?

Figure 9. Fonts Used in Safety Hazard Symbols

We recommend that the fonts used on safety hazards symbols be large enough to enable workers even from a far distance to have a clear view.  Also, the message being passed across should be brief and precise because many safety hazards symbols do not carry so many words.

2.15 How Do You Determine the Design to Be Used for Safety Hazards Symbols?

Design can be determined by factors such as the hazards in question and wording graphic colors to be involved. This is mostly done by the use of pictorial images to warn of the imminent risks in the area.

2.16 Are the Safety Hazards Symbols the Same as I See Them in Your Photos?

Yes, the safety hazards symbols displayed are the same you are going to get when you make the order. We make sure you get the exact product you see when placing an order.

2.17 Which Is the Best Suitable and Presentable Way of Presenting Safety Hazards Symbols?

Since the target audience is mostly workers, we prefer to use graphical representations and symbols so that they can easily relate to them and identify them. Also, pictures are more appealing to individuals and they easily capture their attention.

2.18 Will My Safety Hazards Symbols Fade Over Time?

No safety hazards symbols will not fade over time as Foison Metal manufactures them using high quality and durable materials. This ensures that your safety hazards symbols can withstand any adverse conditions coming on its side when being used. 

However, we do also recommend proper maintenance to our safety hazards symbols so that they can last longer.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 10. Payment of Safety Hazard Symbols

3.1 How Much Are Safety Hazards Symbols?

All our safety hazards symbols vary in prices depending on the work that is put on it while customizing. The materials used also matter as safety hazards symbols which are made from stainless steel, aluminum, and brass are very durable.

You can visit our website for more information and the prices for all the safety hazards symbols available.

3.2 What Is the Maximum Number of Customized Designs Can I Order for Safety Hazards Symbols?

There is no limit to the number of customized designs that you can order since we are in business because of our customers. You can order small quantities as well as large quantities for safety hazards symbols. 

However, the number of designs that you require should be indicated to ensure that during production the required number is produced and for the company to reduce on wastage of materials.

3.3 What Happens to Safety Hazards Symbols Which Are Damaged During Transit?

If the safety hazards symbols are being transported by the courier, we cannot be held responsible. The courier will need to cover the losses, and you may reach out to us for help.

However, if the damage caused to the safety hazard symbols is due to a mistake on our ends, we will replace the damaged symbols.

3.4 Which Methods Are Used for Payment for Safety Hazards Symbols?

There are many ways you can do your payment for your safety hazards symbols depending on your preference. 

The following are methods of payment that we use:

  • T/T
  • PayPal
  • Credit card

3.5 What Is the Minimum Order Quantity of Safety Hazard symbols?

The minimum order quantity for the safety hazards symbols is 100units. We advise our customers to purchase safety hazards symbols in large volumes.

Contact our customer service desk if you need clarification of the MOQ for your safety hazards symbols.

3.6 Do You Offer After Sales Services on Large Orders?

Yes, depending on your locality, we do provide after-sales services for safety hazards symbols orders that are large. To ensure good after-sales services, we follow the following steps:

  • We do update you about the nature of after-sales services at Foison Metal.
  • Foison Metal updates you frequently about the transit of your safety hazards symbols.
  • We continuously follow up with the team that is delivering your safety hazards symbols. This eliminates the possibility of delayed deliveries.
  • Carrying out a follow-up on our new clients or installations of safety hazards symbols.
  • We ensure very fast provision of sales service whenever there is a complaint.

3.7 Do You Allow Bulk Orders for Safety Hazards Symbols?

Yes, we do mass production for the safety hazards symbols, and we can deliver them to you within 7-10 working days. Contact us if you require safety hazards symbols in bulk and our customer support team will assist you in the entire process.

3.8 Do You Have Agents I Can Reach Out to Make an Order?

Yes, we have several customer support agents whom you can contact to make an order of safety hazards symbols or if you have any inquiries. You can also check our website in case you have any questions or you would like to place an order of safety hazards symbols.

3.9 Do I Require to Produce Any Details When Placing an Order?

Figure 11. Ordering Details

Yes, you will need to provide some details when making your safety hazards.  Some of the details you should provide include:

  • Your full names
  • Your address
  • Your location
  • The point where the safety hazards symbols should be delivered.
  • The design and layout of the safety hazards symbols where applicable.
  • The types of the safety hazards symbols.
  • Quantity of the safety hazards symbols.
  • The materials you require for the safety hazards symbols.
  •  The dimensions of the safety hazards symbols.
  • Any other specification is necessary.

3.10 Am I Able to Track My Order for Safety Hazards Symbols?

Yes, you can track your order for safety hazards symbols using the order tracking number sent via email. You can reach out to our customer support team for help if you cannot access your order tracking number.

3.11 Can I Pay in Installments for My Safety Hazards Symbols?

This will depend on the agreement that was in place when placing your order of safety hazards symbols. Mostly, we tend to accept a partial payment when placing your order of safety hazards symbols as we incur a lot during their production.

3.12 Will You Give Out My Information to Third Parties?

No, we cannot give out any information that you give us to third parties. We guarantee that we will stick to our privacy policy and keep all information that you give us when placing your order of safety hazards symbols confidential.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 12. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 When Will My Safety Hazards Symbols Order Ship?

We will take between 4-5 business days to ship your order for safety hazards symbols. If you would like an adjustment on this time for shipping your safety hazards symbols, contact us to help.

4.2 Where Will You Ship My Safety Hazards Symbols From?

We will ship your safety hazards symbols from our factory in China to our logistics warehouse near you. Your order for safety hazards symbols will then be shipped from our warehouses to your locality.

We recommend you contact us if you require clarification of where your safety hazards symbols order will ship from.

4.3 Why Has My Shipment for Safety Hazards Symbols Not Arrived?

If you have not received your order for safety hazards symbols within the stated time, please contact us.  Our customer support team will be able to check the status of your order and give you concrete feedback. 

4.4 How Will You Ship My Order for Safety Hazards Symbols?

We can ship your order for safety hazards symbols using courier services that we used. These courier services include DHL, UPS, TNT, and FedEx.

You can contact our customer service desk if you need assistance with finding a suitable carrier for shipping your safety hazards symbols.

4.5 Which Countries Do Not Qualify to Be Shipped to?

Figure 13. Safety Hazard Symbols Shipping Countries

We do not have any countries that do not ship safety hazards symbols. We use courier companies that are available worldwide. 

We strive to reach everyone regardless of their location and you can contact us if you have doubts about whether we ship to your locality.

4.6 Do You Have a Specific Date and Time for Delivery of Safety Hazards Symbols?

No, there are no specific dates for delivery, but our shipping period is between 7 to 10 working days. We are keen to deliver after the agreed number of days on the contract. 

Deliveries can only be done by the courier services during official working hours. In case of any special arrangement please feel free to reach out to us.

4.7 Can You Handle All My Shipment Requirements Without Involving Third Parties?

Yes, handling all your shipments of safety hazards symbols single-handedly will depend on the contract in place. You can contact us or email us with these terms and we will organize with courier services we use to ensure you receive your order in time.

4.8 What Documents Should One Bring During Delivery for Safety Hazards Symbols?

Figure 14. Shipping Documents

During delivery of your safety hazards symbols, you are required to possess the following documents with you:

  • Your original identification cards.
  • A message to show that you made the payments.
  • Confirmation details.
  • Payment receipts.
  • Emails.

4.9 When Can I Get a Confirmation Email of My Safety Hazards Symbols Shipment?

You will receive an email for confirmation as soon as your order of safety hazards symbols has been dispatched. This confirmation email will also contain a tracking code that you will use to check the status of your safety hazards symbols order.

You can contact our helpline if you do not receive the notification email or the tracking number so that we can resend it.

4.10 What If I Want To Make My Shipment Arrangement?

It is okay for you to make your shipment arrangement for your safety hazards symbols. You can reach out to our customer support agents if you need help in accessing the third party to ship you your safety hazards symbols.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 15. Return and Replacement

5.1 Do You Accept Returns for safety hazards symbols?

Yes, if the safety hazards symbols delivered do not match the product that was ordered. However, you should note that the money will not be refundable as we will make a replacement. 

You are allowed to place another order within the same range or a higher range and negotiate on the amount to be topped up with our customer care team.

5.2 What If the Safety Hazards Symbols Are Only Part of The Consignment That Needs Replacement?

In case the replacement is for only a part of the entire consignment of the safety hazards symbols, we will replace the potion. You should arrange with our customer service agent to plan on how the replacement of the potion of your safety hazards symbols will happen.

5.3 Who Should Incur for The Costs Of Returning Safety Hazards Symbols That Are Defective?

If the safety hazards symbols are within the warranty period, we will take care of the cost of returning them to our factory. We will also cater to the charges in sending the replacement of the safety hazards to you.

However, if the safety hazards symbols are not within the contractual agreement or warranty period, find more from our customer service desk.

5.4 Is It Necessary to Keep Track of The Returned Good?

Yes, it is necessary to keep track of your returned safety hazards symbols to know when the consignment will reach. You can use the tracking number which we send to you through email. To check the status of your returned safety hazards symbols.

Keeping track of your returned safety hazards symbols will also ensure that you send back the faulty goods in due time to avoid penalization. You are free to ask our customer support agent if you cannot access the tracking number.

5.5 How Will I Get a Refund If I Do Not Have The Credit Card Which Is Used To Purchase My Safety Hazards Symbols Order?

If you do not have the credit card that you used to pay for your order, we can either do an e-transfer or send a cheque. We ensure that we only refund the money to the same individual who placed an order for the safety hazards symbols.

You will have to give us the details via your email or our customer support team.

5.6 Is It Possible to Purchase An Extended Warranty?

You should contact us to know the period you want for warranty coverage for safety hazards symbols and any other specifications you have.

5.7 You Have Sent Me Extra Safety Hazards Symbols Which I Did Not Purchase, What Is The Way Forward?

In case you have received extra safety hazards symbols, you may return them. To return the incorrect safety hazards symbols, we will send you shipping documents which you will attach to the package.

We can also arrange for courier services to collect the package. Alternatively, you may also send back the package for safety hazards symbols to the address indicated on the package of the symbols.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 16. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 How Can I Place a New Order for Safety Hazards Symbols After Cancellation?

You can place your new safety hazards symbols order on our website using the “How To Order Page”. Alternatively, you can email us or contact a customer service agent.

6.2 When Should I Cancel My Order for Safety Hazards Symbols?

We advise you to cancel your order for safety hazards symbols before they are dispatched for shipping to get a full refund. If you have problems with canceling your order for safety hazards symbols, our customer support agent will offer the necessary assistance. 

6.3 How Do I Cancel an Order?

A cancellation is provided on our ordering platforms. In case you are having trouble canceling your order please feel free to engage us and we shall be glad to help.

6.4 What Happens If I Cancel an Order for Safety Hazards Symbols?

We allow you to cancel your order any time before it is in transit. You can write an email to us or reach out to our customer care support team.

You will be refunded your payment for the safety hazards symbols in your account although this might take several days.

6.5 Will I be notified after an order cancellation for safety hazards symbols?

After you place an order then you cancel it, you will be notified after the cancellation is successfully approved.

Send us a free inquiry request