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Only Foison Metal Uses Natural Resources to Manufacture High-Quality Metal Crafts

Foison Metal is an expert in the field of metal processing. We help you manufacture metal crafts and accessories, like safety instructions signs that may help your company. 

With the best materials and equipment used in production, we assure you that you are at the right place to have your safety signs manufactured! We have the knowledge and proper skill set to design and produce a product that can compete worldwide.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the ultra-fine manufacturing processes, many finishing processes from screen printing to laser engraving, and a creative professional design team. With your cooperation and the skills of our craftsmen, we are able to provide you with high-quality safety signs made to your exact specification.

About Our Service

Exceptional reviews

Customers who have dealt with us in the past are always very satisfied with the quality of the products they receive.


Our brand is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and trusted.

Custom Order

For your safety sign, we can make whatever you need. We customize your safety signs that speak the identity of your business. They want bespoke designs for their business and workplace.

Extraordinary Material

For your metal sign, Foison Metal uses the best raw materials in our factory. There are also eco-friendly industrial facilities to keep costs down.

Reached Easily

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our account manager is available to answer your inquiries and concerns.

Manufacturing Process

We value you just as much as we value the creative process itself. Every aspect of the interaction should be handled with extreme caution.


We appreciate you just as much as we recognize the creation process itself. Every aspect of the interaction should be handled with extreme care.

Broad range

In terms of design and size, you have entire control over how your company's personality and culture are represented.

Our Featured Products

Customized Foison Metal Safety Instructions Signs, Using Our Consumers’ Remarkable Innovative Ideas

Safety Signs And Symbols

A meaningful, identifiable graphic symbol that warns or identifies a hazard linked with a site or item is known as a safety symbol, danger symbol, or safety label.

Hazard Warning Safety And Instructions Signs

When a nonradioactive hazardous item is released, it may be necessary to evacuate (in the event of an explosion, fire, or oil spill) or to stay put (for a toxic fume hazard).

Safety Rules Signs

When a hazard or threat cannot be satisfactorily avoided or mitigated in another way, safety indicators must be employed.

Safety Signs Images

Prohibition, Warning, Mandatory, and Emergency are the four types of critical safety signage.


Foison Advanced SAFETY SIGNS Manufacturing technology

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For demanding customers, Foison Metal is committed to identifying precise needs and requirements in advance. On-time and on budget, the organization delivers the highest quality products and presumptive products you need.

When it comes to fulfilling item requests, our well-prepared team can do it efficiently while meeting multiple deadlines without any hassle.

Quality support ensures the accuracy of our safety instructions signs. As a result, Foison Metal has established itself as the most reliable metal supplier and producer in the industry.

Why Foison Metal product is trusted?

High Quality

Foison Metal creates high-quality safety instructions signs that are often customized to your specific needs. last a long time.

Bulk shipping

Large orders that are suited to your company`s needs can be accommodated by our company.

A Good Reputation

To produce great review images, we typically focus on superior customer service.


Since Foison Metal is known to be an eco-friendly product, all materials and products manufactured in our factory are made entirely from post-consumer waste.

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For Safety Instructions Signs, Foison Metal Is The Most Trusted Name In The Industry

All of Foison Metal’s creative and production teams work together to infuse new ideas and originality into all our safety instructions signs. Foison Metal’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers and assist them in believing in the products they own.