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Foison Metal is the Leading Supplier of Safety Label Worldwide

Our Safety Label and other health warning signs are made with the application of global standards in creating signage. We provide you not just quality but effective results! We specifically mustered creating customized health and safety signs and labels. Here, we offer fast and quick responses, orders, and delivery.

We provide free quotes and samples for the production of the orders. Our ordering platforms are made easy for you to navigate that will only take you a few clicks.

We provide shipping options for your product and also the best rates for your orders. Amid processing your orders, we firsthand contact the courier company of your choice to give us the exact freight charge. 

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Quick Order Response

After you create your order, we immediately send you invoices and assist in the order process to shipping.

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For every design that you want to recreate, our graphics team thoroughly goes through your designs and gives you the best options for your order.

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We want to offer you not just the best quality of material, also great printing. We make sure that your order designs are clear and readable.

World Wide

Our company reaches even the far of the sea. We offer different shipping options available in your location.

Global Standards

Our safety label are made by following the ISO standards. This ensures that your safety signs are within the requirements.


All of our products are open for customization and edit. You can send us your designs.

Before Sale Benefits

Before the production of your order, we deliver free quotes and samples for quality tests and assurance.

Speedy Delivery

We make sure to offer hassle-free and fast delivery.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Safety Label Are Made and Customized Acquiring Global Standards and Client Requirements.

Chemical Safety Label

Specifically used for chemical labs or workplaces with chemicals. This is used to protect workers from getting exposed to harmful chemicals.

Voltage Safety Label

The best choice for electric units or equipment. This helps label the voltage level of each.

Fire Hazard Safety Label

Very important labels for fire warnings. This can be placed on areas of the company that may cause a fire.

Ladder Safety Label

This label supplies instruction to exercise caution when using the ladder.


Foison Advanced SAFETY SIGNS Manufacturing technology

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Foison Metal is recognized for creating quality safety label. Whether it is made outdoors or in the office, our company provides you with each sign you need. Our company strictly follows guidelines and standards for each safety label. 

Ordering in Foison Metal is made easy. Our customized ladder safety label can be processed and made by our designing team, which will help you save bucks for hiring a professional graphic artist. We make sure that we can accomplish your orders flawlessly. 

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

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We offer immediate delivery once the product is set and complete. Our shipping options are globally known for its efficiency.


The material used for our products has strong corrosion resistance properties that give prolonged life results.

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We provide cheaper rates for bulk orders.

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Our customer service team is open 24 hours a day to give you the passive assistance you need.

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Foison Metal is a Trusted Brand in Manufacturing Quality Safety Label

Foison Metal offers the best options that you can choose from. Our clients always give us positive reviews by providing satisfactory results from the trust they have given to us.

We continue striving for better ways in giving away to our loyal customers. Our ordering process is made easy and efficient for new customers. We give expert recommendations, contact us now!

The Safety Label FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What are safety labels?

warning safety label
Figure 1 warning safety label

Safety labels are materials with writings or prints that address safety notices and the possibility of hazards.

1.2 Is there a difference between a label and a safety label?

A label is simply any piece of material that is either written or printed on items or products whereas safety labels convey information addressing specific hazards to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

1.3 What are the elements contained in a safety label?

A hazard safety label contains the following crucial information:

  • It contains the name or address of the supplier of the safety label.
  • It identifies different products whether chemicals and machinery.
  • It contains hazard pictograms.
  • It has the relevant signal word. For example, Warning.
  • It has a description statement of the effect of the hazard, burns if touched.
  • It contains safety precautionary statements. For example, Keep it away from children.
  • It shows the quantity of the contents inside.
  • For safety chemical labels such as medicines, it contains obligatory statements, such as. Causes Dizziness after consumption.

1.4 What are the subcategories of safety labels?

The various safety labels including:

Danger safety label-Danger safety label addresses the likelihood of a potential hazard and suggests mitigation measures. These safety labels prevent injuries, serious injuries, or deaths.

Warning safety labels-this safety label alert you of potential hazards ahead. It conveys information on how to avoid certain hazards or dealing with them.

Example of safety label sigh
Figure 2 Example of safety label sigh

Mandatory safety labels-They are important in reducing safety and health risks within a particular workplace. They remind employees in a workplace of the very appropriate behaviors and wearing of appropriate PPEs to prevent unnecessary injuries.

1.5 What are the types of safety labels?

You should

Machine safety labels-They are used on all heavy machines and electronic present and all other equipment with the potential to cause risk of harm.

Warning safety label
Figure 3 Warning safety label

They need to be clear and visible from a distance to enable them to perform their purpose. That is informing the machine operator of the imminent danger.

After long use of machines or equipment, there should be a need to replace the safety label with another durable safety label. One can use printed materials such as polyester or polycarbonate.

Building safety labels-This should be installed around the working area to remind workers of the types of hazards present within the vicinity.

There are some basic precautions such as the wet floor, watching your steps.

Building safety labels however flexible they are according to ANSI. There is a need for incorporation of pictograms, a sign word and it should bear the appropriate coloring.

Fire equipment and Emergency exits labels-These two are very important in making sure your facility is up to code. It is also lifesaving in any facility.

Industrial safety labels-This are found in factories and industries to warn, inform or caution works of hazards found there.

Chemical safety labels-Chemical safety labels are found in areas where chemicals are involved. For example, In containers with chemicals, laboratories, and hospitals.

Safety label on container
Figure 4 Safety label on container

1.6 How are safety labels made?

Industrial labeling uses a unique method of labeling. Industrials labels are always accurately placed on the package and the accuracy of labeling is on a high level eradicating risks of mislabeling.

Safety labels are commonly made using thermal transfer printers. The thermal process creates labels by running resin ribbon or wax through the thermal printer onto a surface for example vinyl.

A thermal printer is composed of a print head that determines hit pins onto the specific medium such as vinyl to form the intended OSHA compliant Pictograms.

The product will have many layers which will make them serve their specific purposes.

1.7 What are the descriptions for the pictograms used in chemical safety labels?

There are several pictogram descriptions found on a chemical safety label. They include:

  • Flammable-It has a symbol of a flame.
  • Corrosive-Has a symbol of corrosion.
  • Very acute toxicity-It Has symbols of crossbones and symbols of skulls.
  • Oxidizing effect-Has a symbol of a flame and a circle over it.
  • Explosives-It has a symbol of an exploding bomb.

1.8 What are machinery safety labels?

Danger safety label on a machine
Figure 5 Danger safety label on a machine

Machinery safety labels are labels placed on machines to keep machine operators safe. Machine safety labels use arrows to point to specific hazards and labels that warn machine operators of imminent hazards.

1.9 What is required on a chemical safety label?

A chemical safety label is a safety label that cautions people about the possibility of hazards associated with chemicals. They provide directives on the use of the chemical and the need for PPEs to evade harm from exposure to the chemicals.

1.10 What is the relationship between labels and safety?

Labels have headers, information, and pictograms that result in successful communication of potential hazards.

Warning sign on operational machine
Figure 6 Warning sign on operational machine

1.11 What are the merits of industrial safety labeling?

Industrial safety labels reduce the monitoring activities for the employee since the labels contain all the safety information needed.

It ensures a smooth flow of work since there would be no injuries. Safety labels ensure a safe evacuation or attendance to emergencies is prompt and lifesaving.

Safety labels save costs that would have otherwise been used for hospital bills and medications in the event of injuries. Safety labels protect not only the workers from harm but also other staff and visitors.

It creates awareness of possible hazards-Industrial safety labeling gives notice that appears in blueprints It reminds people of the possible risks in the hazardous environment.

Caution safety labels in industries normally appear in yellow print are used to refer to moderate dangers or injuries within a workplace.

Saves lives-Warning safety labels are also found in industries. They are in orange prints, and they represent life-threatening hazards.

Danger safety labels are always in red prints and are used to refer to very serious injuries or death. Therefore, again help in saving lives that otherwise could have been lost in case something goes wrong.

1.12 Can I use laboratory safety labels on machinery?

Chemical safety label
Figure 7 Chemical safety label

No, you cannot use laboratory safety labels on machinery because of the difference in hazards present in machinery and labs.

1.13 Do you have a specific label printer?

No, different safety labels are made from different materials hence different labeling printers. For example, we have thermal label printers, barcode label printers, and water label printers.

1.14 Is there a safety mark label on toys?

The most common safety mark on toys is the Lion mark that is bright red with a yellow background. This safety mark enables parents or consumers to only pick safe toys for their children.

1.15 What are the OSHA quality standards that safety labels observe?

Safety labels follow OSHA standards when it comes to color representation. For example, the red color symbolizes danger whereas green represents hazards related to health.

Safety labels must have pictograms. For example, a warning pictogram is of a black exclamation mark with a red diamond frame with a white background.

Safety labels should have a signal word that is concise, and which is ready to read. The safety instruction signs demand that white should be a standard color for the background and safety labels obey that.

Safety labels are designed not to constitute a hazard. They are designed without sharp edges or splinters and therefore they are safe to be used in the workplace.

Safety labels are opaque and glossy and thus boosting visibility. Safety labels should contain hazard statements. For example, harmful if inhaled.

Safety labels also need to have precautionary statements such as, do not touch your face after handling.

There should be accident prevention tags that meet OSHA regulations and should be used to identify potential hazards.

1.16 What safety signs are associated with safety labels?

  • Warning signs
  • Mandatory signs
  • Prohibition signs
  • Danger signs

1.17 What foods contain warning safety labels?

Food safety label
Figure 8 Food safety label
  • Yogurt
  • Canned foods
  • Processed meat.
  • Energy drinks
  • Sugary drinks

1.18 Where can I use safety labels?

Safety labels are used in almost all hazard-prone areas. The following are areas you can use safety labels:

Warning safety label on flammable liquid
Figure 9 Warning safety label on flammable liquid
  • In machinery
  • In chemical containers
  • In Toys
  • Laboratories
  • Refrigerators
  • Candles
  • High voltage electric equipment
  • Food packaging/Food safety labeling
  • Households’ products

1.19 What are machinery safety labels?

Machinery safety labels are labels that warn machine operators of impending dangers during any machine operations and activities.

1.20 What are the general alert precautionary measures found in a safety label?

Safety labels stickers
Figure 10 Safety labels stickers
  • You need to identify that safety is a personal responsibility.
  • Avoid the use of shortcuts in tackling safety-related issues.
  • Always take responsibility and clean any area that you have messed up.
  • Always make sure you organize your workspace.
  • Always make sure you have a clear evacuation route in case of emergencies.

1.21 Do safety labels incorporate pictographs?

Danger safety label
Figure 11 Danger safety label

Yes, safety labels accruing to OSHA regulations allow the incorporation of pictograms that depict the presence of a possible hazard.

1.22 Are all safety labels permanent safety labels?

No, not all safety labels are not permanent. Permanent safety labels are often found in electronics such as TVs, refrigerators, and machinery such as excavators which are made of screwed aluminum.

We also have semi-permanent materials such as those safety labels used in labeling chemicals and medicines. They use glue for sticking on container surfaces.

1.23 Do safety labels use symbols?

Yes, symbols are very crucial in any safety symbol. Symbols ease the interpretation of safety labels and make it easy to avoid injuries within any workplace. What do I need to consider before purchasing a safety label?

1.24 What factors are to be considered before using a safety label?

There are several factors to be considered in choosing a safety label and that include:

  • You need to be able to match the safety label with a potential hazard condition.
  • You need to make sure safety labels are OSHA compliant.
  • The location of the safety sign should accurately match the hazard present.

1.25 Apart from glossy paper are other materials used to make safety labels.

Yes, apart from glossy paper there are other materials used to make safety labels and they include:

  • Machine coat paper-Machine coat paper materials are suitable for general purposes in that they are special in that they have a quality machine finishing. They have a better finishing quality.
  • Uncoated materials are also used to make safety labels. These are the materials that are non-textured and are never smooth or glossy. It gives a vintage look and is common in drinks such as wine.
  • Synthetic materials are also used in making safety labels, for example, PVC. They are good because they are resistant to chemicals and provide outstanding moisture preservation.
  • We also have thermal materials which provide you the potentiality of printing information onto labels before application. The two methods involved in thermal printing include thermal transfer and thermal direct.

At Foison Metal, we encourage you to check with us for more information through our website.

1.26 How long can the safety label last?

Safety labels very differently when it comes to durability. Durability depends on the type of materials used to make the safety label. Also, it depends on the environment to which the safety label has been exposed.

Outdoor safety labels will tend to fade and wear out faster compared to an indoor safety labels.

1.27 What are the different ways of installing a safety label?

Warning safety label
Figure 12 Warning safety label

Safety labels should be installed at places that are eye level which means there should be a clear view from the normal angle of approach.

  • You need to make sure the color code can be recognized from a distance.
  • You are recommended to install safety labels on the floor especially where labeling is difficult.
  • Always keep in mind navigation possibilities for emergencies by correctly improving awareness by using accurate signage.
  • Make sure you maintain safety and compliance by regularly checking the conditions of the safety signs of accuracy, legibility and crosscheck the presents of new hazards.

1.28 What factors determine the type of safety labels to be put on containers?

Examples of containers include Plastic tubes, glass containers, and cardboard boxes. The type of container determines the material of the safety label to be used upon it. The container material also limits it to some specific adhesive options.

For squeezable tubes, freezers and rough surfaces may require several designed adhesive combinations. Therefore, the nature of the surface of the container will largely determine the type of safety label to be used.

1.29 How heavy is the safety label?

We do not have exactly the weight of every safety label, but you can contact us via our website for information about weights.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 What are the various designs you have for safety labels?

All our designs follow the OSHA regulations. Safety labels are of many designs. According to the OSHA universal standards, they need to be as simple as possible and everything else that is not necessary is omitted. 

There are many designs and shapes of construction safety signage. However, the simplicity of the designs is encouraged, and unnecessary details should be omitted. 

OSHA recommends the use of pictograms and symbols in safety labels for the proper identification of hazards within a particular area.

A supplementary sign, an arrow, and a graphical symbol sign may be merged to form a directional safety label. A combination of yellow and striped, black can be used to indicate hazard zones in a safety label.

We also have safety labels with colored borders that enhance adequate contrast for clear visibility. Safety labels can be represented in different shapes such as triangles, ovals, rectangles, and circles in conveying specific information.

At Foison Metals we encourage you to share with us your designs via our email or you can contact us for information.

2.2 Do you charge for the customization of safety labels?

Danger safety label
Figure 13 Danger safety label

No, we do not charge the customization fee. All you need to do is send us your designs as soon as possible to be able to be within the lead time scheduled as per your order.

2.3 What are the size dimensions for your labels? Does it affect pricing?

At Foison Metal, our safety label sizes, and shape affect pricing especially if you need a custom safety label shape. It must affect pricing due to the use of new custom ink.

2.4 Do you have minimum design variations to be sent to you for customization?

No, you are encouraged to send us as many variations as possible if label variation sizes are similar.

2.5 Is customization open to every customer?

Yes, customization is available to every customer. At Foison Metals, we offer the best customization of safety labels needed for safety.

2.6 How do I share my preferred designs with you?

You can share your designs with us through our emails or direct contacts.

2.7 What shapes do safety labels have?

Safety labels are categorized into three main categories to shapes that are regulatory, warning, and information safety labels. Each category is representing different hazards:

Regulatory safety labels

Triangle shapes alert motorists to slow down for vehicles to pass. Circle shapes with red color are meant to stop vehicles from moving until roads are clear.

Octagon shapes warn motorists or vehicles on what actions not to do or what to do. For example, the stop sign demands that you stop.

Warning safety labels

Flammable safety label
Figure 14 Flammable safety label

Pennant shapes alert drivers not to overtake due to bad or damaged road conditions ahead.

Pentagon shapes are shapes used to slow down motorists and vehicles due to the presence of students and pedestrians crossing the road.

The diamond shape is a shape that warns motorists or vehicles of an imminent hazard ahead and therefore there is a need to take extra caution while driving.

Information safety labels

Rectangular shapes are purposely meant to inform all road users of hazards that lie ahead of them.

2.8 How prompt are you on giving feedback concerning the shared designs and the requested customization?

At Foison Metal we are very prompt in any service we give to our customers. Immediately we receive your customization choices and we are going to send you a notification via your email.

You can contact us if you are having any uncertainties and we shall address them. 

2.9 What is the quality of your products?

We shall provide you the best quality product that is above the market levels.

2.10 What are the factors to consider for safety label production?

Material cost for the safety label-Whatever the choice of materials available. For plastic or metallic, self-adhesive, or non-adhesive materials the cost is of high importance.

Printing costs-In printing we closely look at the number of colors and printing sheets. The type of prints also matters whether flexographic or digital prints.

Durability is another key factor to consider for safety label production-You need to check that your safety label withstands the following harsh conditions.

  • Scuffing resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Fading duration 
  • Image deterioration 

Production flexibility is another key aspect to consider in safety label production.

Caution safety label
Figure 15 Caution safety label

2.11 What is the standard customization flow for safety labels?

Provide information mentioned on the home page if customization is according to the designs in the files.

Its customization is by physical sample; please do send us a picture of the sample. But it shall be better if we get the real sample so that we avoid guessing the parameters from the photo.

2.12 Do you have deadlines for the submission of customization choices?

No, we do not have deadlines for customization choices. Work on your customization choices at your convenience and we shall always be there to make your designs real.

2.13 Can I recommend any background color for my customized safety labels?

Yes, you can recommend any background colors. However, we encourage that you stick to OSHA standards of the use of background colors.

You can call our customer care agents for more detailed information on the choice of background colors.

2.14 How do I ascertain the quality of the safety labels?

Our safety labels are made of durable long-lasting materials.

3.0 Order and Payment

Order Now label
Figure 16 Order Now label

3.1 What is the ordering process?

There are various ways you can search for our products on our website.

  • Type a word or a phrase in our search window at the top of the page.
  • You can also browse by category window and choose from the dropdown of any related groupings shown on the right side of the page.
  • After identifying the safety label required select and view ranges of materials and sizes. You are also able to view the pricing of the safety label.
  • Type the number of materials you need and then click ”Add to cart”. Finnish the process by making necessary payments.

3.2 What is the payment process?

You can use a MasterCard or PayPal to make payments. You can also contact us to get more payment methods.

3.3 Why should I make my order online?

Order Processing
Figure 17 Order Processing
  • We prefer you make your order online since it is the fastest way to make an order.
  • Making your order online guarantees you an exact shipping fee and all costs.
  • . It is open 24/7 with minimal frustrations. You can make your order anytime. It is open 24/7 with minimal frustrations.
  • Online ordering helps in keeping your data for future reference.

3.4 What are your preferred payment modes?

We do accept several payment methods. The payment or deposit should be made before any orders are made. You can use a PayPal, or Credit Card, or T/T /. Contact us if you are having alternative payment methods other than those listed above.

3.5 Can I get a discount after ordering a safety label?

Yes, at Foison Metals we do offer discounts on goods ordered. You can call us for detailed information concerning our discount rates.

3.6 Am I guaranteed that I am going to get the safety labels I have requested?

Yes, at Foison Metal we make sure all ordered products reach our customers safely and in good condition. Our ordering site allows you to track the ordered product as it is in transit.

3.7 What is the minimum quantity for making an order?

We do have a minimum quantity for making an order because of fixed costs that are applied to all products.

3.8 Am I going to be deducted Value Added Tax (VAT) after ordering?

Yes, all products ordered are taxable. You can contact our customer care agents for more information concerning the deduction of taxes on goods ordered.

3.9 Am I allowed to make changes to my order?

No, you cannot be able to make changes to an already ordered product. You can either choose to cancel the order in progress or make another order.

3.10 Can I request a sample of safety labels?

Yes, you can make a request for samples you might require for testing. At Foison Metals we would love if you got a real test of the safety labels apart from just seeing them online.

You can also reach out to us via our website if you have any problems related to Samples.

3.11 How long do you take to process an order?

Safety labels’ processing duration depends largely on the quantity being processed. Given all conditions constant, it takes 7 to 15 working days. For requested samples, it might take 5 to 7 working days excluding weekends.

3.12 Do you only offer discounts on all goods ordered?

Yes, we do offer discounts on safety labels ordered in large quantities. The more the quantities the larger the discounts.

3.13 How do I pay after ordering safety labels?

After going through the ordering process online you shall be redirected to put a pin of your MasterCard or the specific payment method you had selected.

You can contact our customer care agents if you are having problems with any payment mode. We shall guide you on other alternatives.

3.14 Do you accept higher purchases?

No, we do not accept higher purchases. However, you can pay a deposit and pay the balance later after you get the product.

3.15 Can I bargain when buying safety labels?

No, we do not allow bargaining. Our prices are fixed but we do offer discounts on goods bought in huge amounts.

3.16 Can I be refunded if I make an error and pay more than required?

Yes, with correct payment documentation you shall be refunded on the excess amount paid. You can also pay less for another product you might be interested in buying from us.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 What happens during shipping?

During shipping, we use a very high-quality packaging bag to secure your product.

Notify you that your product transit has commenced. 

You shall be able to check the status of your package when it is in transit via any freight you might want the package delivered to you.

You can always contact us if you have a problem viewing the status of the package.

4.2 How long does the shipment of safety labels take to reach the delivery location?

Shipment of safety labels takes approximately 12 to 15 working days excluding weekends.

4.3 Do you handle shipment costs?

Yes, we do handle shipment costs of all products ordered. But if you prefer a different freight from what we use you can always contact us and give us detailed information of your preferred freight.

4.4 How can I be guaranteed the safety of my products while they are in transit?

At Foison Metals, we assure you of the safety of your products until they get to reach you. We are fully responsible for all goods on transit.

On the same note, from our ordering channels, you should be able to monitor the status of your safety label up to your delivery point.

4.5 Do you have restrictions on where to ship?

No, we do not have restrictions on where to ship to. We are globally available, and we are ready to serve you whenever you place your order.

4.6 Do you handle the cost of damaged safety labels during shipment?

Yes, we are responsible for all damaged goods on transit. You are required to contact us and share an image of the damaged product.

4.7 How will I know that my shipment has arrived?

You are going to be notified via your email or through the contacts provided on your ordering channel.

You can also be able to get an “Arrived” notification on the ordering platform.

4.8 Do I need any information before picking my delivery?

Yes, you need to be aware of the delivery address of your product.

You need to remember to carry original receipts or any other credentials used during making an order.

4.9 What happens to damaged safety labels on delivery?

  • Examine the deliverer safety label thoroughly as soon as you receive it.
  • Contact us either via our website or call customer care agents and we shall be able to advise you accordingly.
  • Take a picture and share it with us.
  • Proactively read the return policy.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 What are the replacement procedures for safety labels?

You are required to report the defects to us within 30 days after the discovery of the defect.

By use of warranty and replacement terms, the defect details are recorded and shipped back through the same ordering method.

The defect is taken for examination to identify the problem of the safety label. Repair is done and shipped back to the owner.

5.2 What are the return procedures for safety labels?

At Foison Metal, we value your feedback on the services and goods supplied to you and we are always ready to listen to you.

As a customer, if you feel you are not satisfied with the safety labels, you can always reach out to us. We make necessary adjustments, replace or even manufacture a brand-new safety label for you.

If you need a refund, we shall be glad if the safety labels are returned using the same method as the ordering process.

The returns need to come back unused, and the original package should not be tampered with.

You can decide to get another product or refund the money however some percentage may be taken out to compensate for the manufacturing process.

You can contact us regarding our return policies if you need more information.

5.3 Do I get compensated for the delayed delivery of safety labels?

At Foison Metal, we try as much as possible to deliver on time as promised. We shall always communicate when there is a hitch with products in transit.

 We shall do our best to come up with a solution very fast to remedy the issue.

5.4 What happens if I get fewer quantities of safety labels than what I had requested?

When you get yourself with fewer quantities of products than requested, we shall replace the products same as what you had ordered.

Shipment will take the same duration as the first shipment and if you need the products faster than normal shipping time some charges may apply.

 We shall carry out shipments using the same ordering method.

5.5 Where do I report for replacement and returns?

You can visit our website, or you can contact us by calling our customer care agents.

5.6 What Is the Average Time Between Replacement and Receiving Back the Order?

The average time for replacement and getting the product back is 21 days from the time it reaches the hands of the manufacturer.

5.7 How long does replacement take?

Replacement will largely depend on the defective product. After identifying the problem with the defective material, you shall be notified of the commencement of repair and the collection date given.

5.8 Do you warranty safety labels?

Yes, we do warranty safety labels because we are confident of product quality. As per the terms of our contract, we shall be able to render services such as replacement and offer free repair on faulty safety labels.

5.9 Do you have policies for any damaged safety labels and defects?

Yes, we do have policies regarding damaged safety labels.

We accept damaged or defective products only when they have not been tampered with or used. The original packaging should not be touched in the event it is considered a return.

Contact us for search cases and we advise on the way forward.

5.10 Do you accept returns with the damaged package?

No, we do not accept returns with the damaged package. We shall only accept safety labels that have not been opened and used as returns.

5.11 Do I get a full refund after the return procedure is completed?

No, you will not be able to receive a full refund for returns.15% of the amount of money used during purchase is chopped off to cater for restocking.

5.12 Are you responsible for the return costs?

No, we are not responsible for the return shipping fee. We shall appreciate it if the return safety labels use the same method as the ordering process.

5.13 Whom do I contact in case of the product received than ordered?

We have a website where you can request the remaining pieces. You can always call our customer care agency concerning excess products too.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellation process
Figure 18 Cancellation process

6.1 What is the cancellation procedure of safety labels?

At Foison Metal, we have a smooth cancellation procedure.

First, contact us as soon as possible using our website or call our customer care agents for assistance before 24hours elapses.

Secondly, If the shipment process has not commenced, we will stop the order and begin the refund process. If the shipment process has started, you shall be responsible for freight charges.

We charge for the cancellation of products that have already reached the delivery address.

You can call our customer care for assistance in filling in shipment information.

 We encourage correct shipment information to avoid charging you extra costs for the incorrect delivery address.

6.2 When does the refund take place?

A refund takes place when a customer returns a product. It takes place when a prepaid order is canceled.

It may also take place when there is an overpayment. It may take place when there is an underpayment.

6.3 Where do you send my refund?

The refund will be sent to the same paying method used during making an order. For example, if you had paid using PayPal, the refund will be sent to your PayPal account.

If you had paid using a bank transfer, then the refund will be sent back to your bank.

6.4 Do I get refunded fully after canceling my order?

No, we do not give a full refund. A deduction of 15% of your buying price shall apply.

6.5 How will I know my cancellation was successful?

You shall be notified through your email that the cancellation is successful. You can always reach out to us through our customer care agents if you are having difficulties regarding canceling an order.

6.6 Can one be able to place an order after cancellation?

Yes, but you are required to wait until the cancellation process is successful. You can call our customer agent if you are having a problem placing another order.

6.7 Do I get cashback on returns?

No, in the event of the refund, we send the money back to the mode of payment you initially used to pay for the product.

6.8 What happens to write-off amounts?

Your write-off amounts accumulate, and you can use it to make another order if it is enough or pay slightly less as an additional amount for another safety label.

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