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Foison Metal Creates Safety Rules Signs To Minimize Accidents In Your Company. Available In Different Sizes, Designs, And Colors

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Foison Metal Is A Competitive Company Providing You with Low-Cost Safety Rules Signs

As a company owner, displaying safety rules signs in areas where risks and hazards may happen is a must. Through this, you can create a safe and risk-free workplace for your employees and guests.

Foison Metal can be your number one source when your company needs durable and long-lasting safety rules signs. At our company, we ensure to use good-quality materials and sold them at an affordable price.

You can request custom designs for your safety rules signages to boost brand image and improve business sales. With our professionally-crafted signs, you can keep yourself, your employees, and your customers safe from accidents.

About Our Service


Foison Metal is known not only for our product quality but also for our superb and professional customer support team.

Made by Professionals

We have reliable professionals who lead the overall production of our safety rules signs.

Global Shipping

Foison Metal has the lowest shipping rates. So, whether you are outside China, you can still avail of our safety rules signs.

Free Samples

New and old customers can request free sample designs of our safety rules signs.


Foison Metal uses 100% reusable materials, such as aluminum, in preparing your orders.

Mass Production

With our modern machines and technology, we can accommodate your bulk orders.

Post-Purchase Benefits

Foison Metal offers after-sales service to ensure that your ordered safety rules signs are in good condition.


Foison metal’s safety rules signs are produced to be high-quality and at the same time pocket-friendly.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Constructs Safety Rules Signs Compliant With The Global Quality Standards

Safety Rules Signs Symbols

Maintain a safe work environment for your visitors and employees.

Playground Safety Rules Signs

Keep children away from danger while playing their favorite sport.

Safety Rules Traffic Signs

Our safety rules traffic signs help drivers minimize the possibility of road mishaps.

Site Safety Rules Signs

Maintain the safety of the general public and your workers on site.


Foison Advanced SAFETY SIGNS Manufacturing technology

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Know More About Us

Minimize or prevent accidents with our safety rules signs. The precautionary signages offered by Foison Metal come in different formats, colors, and shapes that will make them more readable.

Our company’s team of professionals will also give you genuine suggestions that will help your company come up with applicable safety rules signages. Whether you need signages for the private or public establishment, we got you covered!

Why Foison Metal Product Is Trusted?

Low Cost

For just a few bucks, you can get your business high-quality safety rules signs.

Recyclable Materials

Foison Metal cares for the environment, thus we use 100% sturdy and environmentally-friendly materials.

Made to Last

Our products are chemical- and heat-resistant. Thus, you can hang them indoors and outdoors.

Variety of Surfaces

We offer you a variety of finishes that you can select from.

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Foison Metal: A Top-Notch Exporter Of Safety Rules Signs Worldwide

Foison Metal serves as your number one business partner. We fabricate a variety of safety rules signs available at a reasonable price. You can make an order through our website or phone call. Rest assured that our professional customer support team will assist you immediately.

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