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Only At Foison Metal Where You Can Find High-Quality Products At A Wholesale Price

Safety sign for kids is essential in preventing accidents causing mild or severe injuries, which is why we make sure to use only the highest-quality materials that work best indoors and outdoors.

Here at Foison Metal, we produce metal products that are designed to meet your demands and product requirements. You can choose from a wide variety of material selections including aluminum, stainless steel, and many more, where you can add customized texts, colors, and graphics that match your business profile.

In conditions where you don’t have an available design, our professional in-house graphic designers are always accessible to help.

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Here at Foison Metal, we are consistent in providing quality service to our clients


We are known for fast production of high-volume of safety sign for kids orders while maintaining the quality of products


You are the heart of our business that is why here at Foison Metal, we ensure to give every support that you need


We offer a wide range of options of color, shapes, and design to make sure that our customers find what they are looking for


Foison Metal authorizes you to fully customize their safety signs to ensure the satisfaction of the product


We have our in-house graphic designers that only creates designs that are original and specially made for our customers


Foison Metal's support team is available 24/7 to assist you with your concerns and inquiries


Safety sign for kids that are made by Foison Metal are guaranteed to last a long time

Our Featured Products

 Foison Metal in Producing High-Quality Safety Sign for Kids That Are Personalized and Economical

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It is important for safety sign for kids to be durable since it serves as a warning sign for drivers to be aware that there may be deaf children that may not hear them when they horn

Baby on Board

Make your child safe by letting travelers know that an infant is on board

Slow Down Kids Playing

It is important to inform drivers that they need to be aware of places where children are nearby

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Foison Metal is a metal fabrication company where we customize safety signs depending on your needs and demands. Our safety sign for kids are tailored with premium-quality products to ensure that these would last a long time.

We value the time and money of our customers which is why we make sure to speed up our production process without losing the quality no matter how complex the product design is and the volume of order.

Why Foison Metal Product Is Trusted?


Safety sign for kids that are made by Foison Metal serves its purpose with no difficulty


Our metal material are capable to undergo different modification to form different shapes and sizes


Foison Metal deliver to your expectations and demands by manufacturing high-quality products


We make sure to manufacture products that are practical and useful

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Together With Our Clients, We At Foison Metal Continue To Manufacture High-Quality Safety Sign for Kids

Foison Metal’s vision is to be the largest supplier of safety signs not only in China but also worldwide. That is why we are committed to continuing in making high-quality safety products that promote welfare for children of potential danger. We believe that our well-resourced facility and excellent quality service can set us apart from our competitors.

The Safety Sign for Kids FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Safety Signs for Kids
Figure 1. Safety Signs for Kids

1.1 What are safety signs for kids?

They are meaningful and recognizable graphical symbols that make identification of potential threats and hazards that a child may be exposed to or may warn of the imminent risk that could occur if caution is not taken into consideration.

1.2 Where can someone find safety signs for kids?

Safety signs for kids can be found where kids are playing; dangerous places like the roads, slippery grounds, on some products, maybe at our homes and school. Also, safety signs for kids are found in play stations where risks of injury are rampant.

1.3 Why are safety signs for kids significant?

They are of utmost importance as they help warn our kids on the possible hazards and hence prevent an injury. Safety signs for kids come in handy in matters concerning the health of the kid. physical stability and emotional concern matter a lot.

1.4 How large should a safety sign for kids be?

We always make our safety signs for kids to be of medium size to prevent scenery obstruction and at the same time be visible. The larger the safety sign for kids the easier and well understood the message.

1.5 What are some of the matters that make safety signs for kids?

Most of the materials that are used in the making of the safety signs for kids include:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Silver
  • gold

1.6 What are some of the elements considered when choosing safety signs for kids?

The factors considered in choosing a suitable safety sign for kids include:

  • font and style, the larger the size of the font the faster message is understood
  • the type of message being portrayed; the educational message is of importance.   
  • The color being used comes in handy, the brighter and shouting color is more likely to be seen and given concentration far much often than the dull colors
  • The brand and design also is a factor giving into concern that is a children thing that requires a catchy appearance.                                                           

1.7 Do the safety signs for kids follow any rules in their process of making?

The OSHA rules are adhered to when it comes to matters concerning the making and production of the safety signs for kids. Procedures are followed to meet standards.

1.8 How are the safety signs for kids put?

Most of the safety signs for kids are installed along roads. Others are installed in playgrounds and use machines. On roads also we find safety signs for kids installed for prevention of unnecessary accidents.

1.9 What information do safety signs for kids contain?

The information contained includes warnings of potential hazards. Warn children to avoid certain things. Prohibiting self-dangerous behavior like jumping overboard when they are supposed not to.

1.10 How reliable are safety signs for kids?

Safety signs for kids are reliable in such a way that the message passed across consists of brief simple language understandable by a minor. Also, the safety signs for kids are produced by the use of metallic materials. They are durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions, corrosion, and fading over time.

1.11 What colors are mostly used in making safety signs for kids?

The colors mostly used in the making of the safety signs for kids include:

  • Red; so much used for the sake of visibility at far places.
  • Yellow; for the sake of legibility and visibility because of its shouting nature
  • Blue for special purposes and to communicate special messages
  • Red; commonly used to warn of imminent fatal risks and which can be more severe

1.12 How big should safety signs for kids be?

They should contain larger letters, signs, symbols that can be viewed from a very far distance. Again, the matter concerning the size of the safety signs for kids depends on customization and design.

1.13 Is it necessary to come up with sample models before the production of the real signs?

Prototypes of the real product must be created for easier guidance of the original product. It is so much considered to create samples that are heavily relied on producing the best there is.

1.14 Does the background color of the safety signs for kids count?

It counts since its conspicuousness helps attract people to the signage hence the message is delivered to them. It also enhances the appearance of the signage and for easier comprehension of the message being passed across.

1.15 Is there an online platform where I can see the type of products you produce?

Ordering Safety Signs for kids online
Figure 2. Ordering Safety Signs for kids online

Yes, there is an online platform that helps in client support of complaints raised, order placing and payment. This platform enables you to place orders and make payments swiftly. Also, the online platform enables a customer to get a clear glimpse of what he is purchasing.

1.16 Are the pictures on your website a real representation of the safety signs for kids you produce?

What we post on our website is real and identical not only by color but the shape and appearance. What you order is what is delivered to you. We have been in this industry for some time and have mastered the art of quality and preciseness

1.17 Where are safety signs for kids mostly found?

Safety signs for kids are mostly found where children mostly play.                                    On dangerous places where kids are prohibited like the quarry, a ditch. Also, hazardous substances may be fatal to children when ingested.

1.18 Do these safety signs for kids only apply to children?

Safety signs for kids have its audience as the kids. But also, the safety signs for kids do not just apply to kids alone but also to adults especially parents who relied upon for the purpose of interpretation. Because many kids will not read and understand some messages and thus will require the help of their parents to do so.

1.19 Apart from the safety signs for kids, do you produce other safety signs

Yes, we do produce other safety signs but it depends now on the customer specifications and design. The signs produced include fire safety signs and workplace safety signs.

1.20 What are the long-term practices that help improve the efficiency of the safety signs for kids?

These practices include:

  • Identification of the type of safety signs for kids.
  • The material to be used to ascertain life span and reliability
  • The place to be installed
  • The message to be inscribed
  • The target audience

2.0 Design and Customization

Design and Customization of Kids Safety Signs
Figure 3. Design and Customization of Kids Safety Signs

2.1 How big should the fonts used in the safety signs for kids be?

We recommend that the fonts used should be large enough to enable kids even from a far distance to have a clear view of the signs. 

Also, the message being passed across should be brief and precise because many safety signs for kids do not carry so many words.

2.2 How long will safety signs be for kids?

Safety signs for kids are made with mostly metallic materials like copper, aluminum, steel, and a normal metal. This is to ensure the durability of the safety signs against corrosion or harsh weather conditions. With the use of the materials mentioned, we are sure the safety signs for kids can last over a long period of time in perfect condition.

2.3 What color of design for safety signs for kids is the best?

There are so many colors involved in design and customization. These colors include:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • yellow. 

These are the primary colors that kids like most. They have an appealing nature and high level of being more conspicuous. They are colors that shout hence easier to be recognized and understood.

2.4 What are the benefits of customizing and designing safety signs for kids?

The significance of customization of safety signs for kids is to achieve a more unique and customer satisfaction product. We encourage clients to share their designs and other ideas to come out with a perfect blend.

2.5 Is the selected message to be used in safety signs for kids appropriate?

We are sure that the content used is appropriate in that they are free from vulgar language use and more friendly to the kids. Also, the symbols and the graphic presentation are favorable and easily comprehensible.

2.6 Are the safety signs for kids portable or immovable?

We invest mostly in portable safety signs due to their convenience and flexibility. This is because we believe portable signs can reach as most people as possible. But also, the immobile safety signs for kids are produced because of one sole purpose; for the playful children who tamper with almost anything.

2.7 What size of safety signs for kids is appropriate?

Safety Signs for kids Sizes
Figure 4. Safety Signs for kids Sizes

The size of safety signs for kids may vary depending on the targeted audience. Mostly we prefer signs to be of medium sizes so that clarity and information conveyed will be legible and reach the target audience even from a distance. But also, larger safety signs for kids come in handy especially on playgrounds where so much attention is not put into consideration.

2.8 Which is the best suitable and presentable way of presenting safety signs for kids?

Since the target audience is mostly the kids, we prefer to use graphical representations and symbols so that the kids can easily relate to them and identify them. Also, pictures are more appealing to kids, and they easily capture their attention.

2.9 Are there any limits to customizable designs for safety signs for kids being made?

Yes, there are limits to regulate customizable designs. These limits ensure that we remain within the laws that govern production and the message being conveyed. These limits include that sensitive language must be used; symbols used should also be acceptable by society.

2.10 What material can one use for safety signs for kids?

Many of the materials we used largely depend on a number of variables.

Mostly we use:

  • Aluminum, that has high resistant to corrosion and harsh weather conditions
  • Copper also withstands large amounts of corrosion
  • Steel is another high resist and to corrosion and very shiny and appealing to the human eye

2.11 Are sample models of utmost importance before coming up with safety signs for kids?

They are very vital to making safety signs for kids. These samples act as a blueprint for our work and what we intend to do. They help make necessary corrections to the final copy. Also the model ensures all the rules and regulations are adhered to the latter before being approved for mass production processing.

2.12 Will my safety signs for kids fade over time?

No. this is because we make highly durable top-quality safety signs that can withstand any adverse conditions coming on its side. But we do also recommend proper maintenance to our safety signs for kids so that they can last longer.

2.13 How easily can people differentiate safety signs for kids from other signs?

Since the safety signs for kids are distinctive one can easily differentiate them from other signs that target other audiences. Our safety signs for kids have distinctive features for example use of simple language, graphical presentation associated with kids, and also appealing nature that kids get attracted to.

2.14 How do you determine the design to be used for safety signs for kids?

Design can be determined by the following factors:

  • the hazards in question;                                 
  •   wording graphic colors to be involved. This is mostly done by the use of pictorial images to warn of the eminent risks in the area.
  • Again, clients also determine the specific design to be produced.

2.15 Are there any proper guidelines that are to be followed for safety signs for kids?

Safety Guidelines for Signs

We mostly follow the OSHA rules that follow a certain protocol and that include:

  • The materials used
  • The message being passed
  • The size of the material used
  • Specific colors to be used 
  • The font also comes into consideration.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 How do you order and make payment for safety signs for kids?

The process is straightforward. After you have browsed through the safety signs for kids on our website and found the one that you want, you can click on the place order icon. Once an order has been placed you will be prompted to the tab of payment. After payment, you will have to submit and the process of verification to begin.

Also, you can take orders and payments directly from us in person if the website option proves to be confusing.

3.2 Are there any bottlenecks in the process of ordering and paying for safety signs for kids?

 There are no bottlenecks involved since the process is simple and straightforward. We have skilled agents and customer care to help in placing orders and hence this helps in preventing unnecessary bottlenecks.

3.3 Which are the most convenient means for ordering and paying for safety signs for kids?

Ordering and Paying

The most convenient way of doing this is through our highly secure website that allows you to order and make necessary payments on the same day. Also, cases of fraud are mitigated to the highest levels.

3.4 How long does it take to make an order and payment be confirmed as far as safety signs for kids are concerned?

 Here our orders are taken and processed at the shortest time possible. Our orders take a maximum of three working days to be adequately processed to customer’s satisfaction. The three days are made into working days and not weekends.

3.5 What are the prerequisites for ordering and making payment for safety signs for kids?

We as a company want that before a potential client can order from our company, you must have opened an account with us and be given a special ID just for you. 

In addition to that, we encourage you to be conversant with international money transfer platforms to make necessary payments. The payment methods vary from state to state.

3.6 What are the challenges encountered in making an order and paying for the safety signs for kids?

We cannot deny there are no challenges in making an order and we are doing what we can to improve on that. We experience a technical malfunction of systems but thanks to our able team of technicians that work around the clock to make sure of the smooth running of our system. 

Also, we do system maintenance once a month to improve efficiency and security. During this time, we give prior notice through our esteemed client’s emails. Sometimes the international money paying platforms have some delays which may delay customer payments.

3.7 Are quotes available in the order and payment process?

Yes, we as a company encourage quotations and invoices for documentation of future reference. This is because it’s the first point of contact with our potential customer and we believe that better quotations improve chances of us making sales.

3.8 How secure are my order and payment details from being accessed by malicious people?

Securing online payment

Our system of order and payment is the most secure system I have come across. We ensure customer money security during order and payment. The system consists of a 16-character security authorization that has helped in mitigating cases of theft and fraud.

3.9 What are the terms and conditions in place for ordering and paying for safety signs for kids?

The policy governing the order and payment process is stipulated clearly. After an order and payment, it takes a period of 3 working days for the goods to be put on transit. During the 3 working days, the process of verification, authentication, and approval is done.

3.10 Are there any extra charges and costs involved while paying for safety signs for kids’ associated content and materials?

Price ranges with several factors that we discussed earlier.

  • The material used is the game-changer as far as price is concerned.
  • The distance of transit also matters to how you can be charged.
  • The state custom duties also matter a lot in pricing though most of the time the client incurs the charges for the custom duty
  • The design and customization also are a factor that matter a lot in the production of safety signs for kids.

Normally our prices range from 10 USD TO 50 USD, depending on the client’s taste and preference.

3.11 What are the merits and demerits of using your preferred means for ordering and payment for safety signs for kids over other means?

The advantage of using our order and payment system is that you are assured of quick delivery.

Another advantage is that your money is safe during payment and there is no risk of fraud.

Another advantage is that there are customer care services that can help you navigate through preventing you from making an order that you never wanted. As to the disadvantage, I can’t think of any unless a malicious person tries to implicate us.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How long does it take for shipping and delivery to take place?

Shipping Duration
Figure 8. Shipping Duration

We ensure shipping is done in the shortest time possible and using the most secure means. On average shipping takes between seven days to ten days to be completed. And this only applies to faraway countries from our company. But for clients who are near to us, transit takes about two days for delivery.

4.2 What factors are put into consideration before any shipping and delivery for safety signs for kids?

These factors include the safety of the means. We as a company put more emphasis on how safe our customer’s commodity is since we want to preserve the trust customers have in us.  

Most of the considerations we make is collaborating with trusted shipping companies for quick and timely deliveries. We consider the correct order to be put into transit. Proper documentation also is key.

4.3 Are there any bottlenecks that may hinder the shipping and delivery?

Yes, there are these including off days if our employee takes an offer a bottleneck may occur since there will be a gap to be filled. Nevertheless, we work around the clock to ensure we have adequate staffing to prevent these bottlenecks from occurring regularly.

Also, weekends and holidays remain the hindrances to timely delivery and shipping.

4.4 What are the challenges that can be encountered during shipping and delivery?

Challenges encountered During shipping
Figure 9. Challenges encountered During shipping

Challenges are there yes, we cannot deny that and include:

  • The main challenge is the security threat in that armed robbery that occurs during shipping have become so rampant and hence this results in loss of goods.
  •  Also, we are facing the challenge of labor disputes from labor organizations globally. 
  • Mistaken identity also is sometimes experienced.
  • Also, there are cases of delayed delivery.

4.5 How secure is the safety of kid’s commodities during shipping and subsequent delivery to its target?

The safety of our client’s goods is assured right from the time transit commences because of the trusted shipping company we work with.

For the many bulky goods are accompanied by escort security if the destination is susceptible to security threats

Also, goods on transport are guaranteed by our insurance company in case of loss or theft.

4.6 Are there any terms and conditions that must be satisfied before shipping and delivery is done?

Before a shipment is done you must have paid for the shipment. Your information on where is going to be delivered must be clear and concise. Another condition is that patience is a prerequisite and of paramount value to us because we value your time and patience, so we make sure that our deliveries are timely.

Proper documentation must be completed before any shipping is done. The order and payment must be successful before any shipping and delivery commences.

4.7 Are there any hidden charges far from the stipulated ones that may be incurred during shipping and delivery?

There are no hidden charges rather than that we have stipulated when the consignment was leaving our premises. And if at any point the charges change, we are swift to let our client know about it to take the necessary steps and measures. 

4.8 What shipping and delivery options are available for utilization?

We as a company offer flexibility in shipping options according to which options suit our customers the best. We have shipping by air, shipping on, land, and shipping on sea. You have the luxury of choosing what befits your bill.

But for a fast and timely delivery we encourage shipping by air which is very fast.

4.9 Of the available shipping and delivery means which one is more convenient for safety signs for kids?

We recommend the shipping method that is faster and more convenient for our customers. Here we recommend shipping by air since it’s safer, secure, and faster.

4.10 How frequent is the update of your shipping and delivery status quo?

Since we want to prevent anxiety and nervousness in our customers, we have regular updates on where the safety signs for kids on transit have reached and where are headed next. 

We achieve this by updating our customers regularly on their customer account so that they can make a follow up on how their goods are moving.

4.11 In future how can you make your shipping more consumer-friendly, fast, and convenient to attract more customers?

We work towards improving our services in the shipment sector where our esteemed clients can receive their goods in a maximum period of one day. Also, we work around the clock to ensure customer service is available even on weekends and holidays.

4.12 In case of a delay in shipping and delivery of safety signs for kids’ what is your action plan to address the situation?

We as a company acknowledge that delay sometimes is there but we have moved swiftly to partner with other companies that offer the same services to give us a hand whenever needed. This has proven as a good move and many of our customers are enjoying our partnership with other companies.

4.13 What can you say about your preferred shipping and delivery method?

Our preferred shipment and delivery are swift, efficient and timely. We work hard on improving our services to reach more clients. We collaborate with trusted companies to make sure your order is safe and delivered promptly.

We also do after-sale services to our loyal and esteemed customers. These processes of shipment and delivery have worked in our favor for a very long time.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Return and Replacement
Figure 10. Return and Replacement

5.1 How long does a replacement and returns take to be processed?

We strive to ensure the replacement and returns process is done and completed as fast as possible. Normally, we do take a maximum of 20 working days to complete a replacement and return process.

5.2 Are there any guidelines that are followed to ensure a crisp and swift replacement and return of safety for kid’s things?

Yes, we have guidelines that must be strictly adhered to for it to succeed.  for a replacement to be done the goods must be returned to us in a period not exceeding ten days since the time of delivery. an original receipt must accompany the returned good failure so that no replacement of the goods can be done.                      

Goods returned must be in their original form as was received, failure to do that we will not replace the goods and the client may incur a loss.

5.3 Are there any documents that need to be duly filled to initiate the replacement and return process for safety for kid’s materials?

We have a form that must be filled for us to deem the good replaceable. The form is called goods returns forms. It contains many sections including a personal information section, general condition of the good section, and a signature section.

The document is a required procedure that helps us follow up with every situation at hand and for the successful replacement of goods returned.

5.4 What challenges are likely to be encountered in the process of getting a replacement and return?

We cannot say there are no challenges the truth is that they are and may include:    

  • unavailability of goods sometimes there might be some shortage of goods this may affect replacement 
  • late arrival of goods that need a replacement may inconvenience the company to some extent 
  • loss of goods while on transit might make replacement more hectic                                               

5.5 In the case of return will I receive all the exact goods I had ordered previously?

We strive to ensure that we replace the goods that were originally ordered and returned. We don’t change the good to preserve the trust our customers have in us.

We ensure that all goods are delivered according to the order placed.

5.6 What are you doing to address the delays which may be experienced during replacement and return for safety signs for kids?

We are working round the clock to make sure we have efficient and modern technology that will enable us to get the replacement request on time. That we can start to work on replacements promptly.

But most of the replacement is done by following the replacement and return policy discussed earlier. In the future anticipate having amended the policy so that the procedure may take less time.

5.7 Are there any timelines for initiating a replacement and return claim?

Timelines for replacement
Figure 11. Timelines for replacement

As discussed in our policy, we strictly adhere to the ten days return of goods from the time of delivery to ensure swift replacement of the goods returned. Failure to adhere to the protocols put in place we will not be liable for any unreplaced goods.

5.8 What happens if my replacement and return claim doesn’t sail through?

This is very rare. This may occur if we deem that you were not truthful in the information you availed to us. But whenever that happens, we will notify you to initiate a new claim so that we can work on your replacement.

5.9 How are you working to mitigate cases of replacement and refund which may put you under scrutiny?

We are doing whatever we can to ensure we provide quality safety signs for kids so that they cannot be returned. Also, we are taking necessary precautions when the commodities are in transit to avoid damages and also avoid losses.

With the trusted company we do business with, we have a long reputation of good services and utmost good faith.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation and Refund
Figure 12. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 What can constitute eventual cancellation and refund of safety signs for kids?

Cancellation can be done after the order has been made and a shortage arises.                                                               it can also be done at the sole discretion of the customer if he or she has requested it.

Again, cancellation of goods can be done when the client’s taste and preference changes prompting a new order.   

6.2 Are there any procedures followed when cancellation and refund is being done?

We have some procedures that are done first as a company. We first check for the availability of the products.                                                                                                                                                    secondly if there are no products we inform the customer, Third, we seek consent from the customer. Finally, we cancel it upon the customer’s request. 

6.3 Is there any notification that alerts you whenever cancellation has been done successfully?

At Foison Metal, value keeping our customers on the know we alert our customer whenever there is a successful cancellation process. This may help our customers on how to go about the next course of action.

Most of the time we send an email of confirmation to the client in the subject for every successful cancellation. Also, a client can follow up on the status of his cancellation process and eventual refund.

6.4 How long does this process of cancellation and refund take to be completed?

Depending on when it was initiated, we strive to complete it by a minimum of ten working days. Sometimes a cancellation may take more than the stipulated time if the goods cancelled are missing or were cancelled while on transit.

Again, in the case of theft of goods while on transit, a delay may occur until investigation is complete.

6.5 What are the barriers encountered in the process of cancellation and refund?

We do encounter barriers such as slow processing of refunds this is because the international payment platforms get delays sometimes because of verification purposes.                                                         Also, a high number of cancellation and refund requests make processing a little bit slower.

6.6 What are you doing to ensure that cancellation and refund are minimized to avoid tainting your image?

We strive in making sure that transparency and honesty is always achieved at all levels and. Things may at times get out of hand but due to the experience of being in the market for a long time we always bounce back.

We got a team of experts who make sure quality and liberty are maintained all through the year without any skepticism.

6.7 Are there any charges incurred in the cancellation and refund process?

Yes, some charges are incurred but to cushion our customers we cater for the charges especially the transaction cost charges after a successful refund has been done

In cases where a client cancels goods while on transit he incurs the transit charges. But upon cancellation of goods before the commencement of shipment the client does incur any charges.

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