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Foison Metal: A Credible Company That Creates Bespoke Safety Signs At School

Foison Metal is the number one factory in China that manufactures safety signs at school. Our products are available in a variety of forms but built to promote a safe environment for children, teachers, and other school personnel.

With our readable and durable safety signs, you can minimize injuries and promote safety in different settings. Our products are compliant with certain regulations mandated by the government on the proper production of safety signs.

Displaying safety signs in areas where accidents commonly happen is a must. At Foison Metal, we create products from various materials, such as metal and aluminum. Thus, we can produce items that fit your business requirements.

About Our Service


Despite having a limited budget, you can still purchase our cost-effective safety signs at school.

First Class

Foison Metal only uses the finest materials in the market in producing safety signs at school.


With years of professional expertise, Foison Metal became the most trusted manufacturer of safety signs at school.


Do you have a specific design and style of safety signs in your mind? Let our professionals work on it.

Upscale Materials

Foison Metal’s safety signs at school are manufactured with 100% sturdy and upscale materials.


Foison Metal has a team of experts who will accommodate your specific requests before working on your safety signs at school.


Our products are packed with durability to make them last longer than you expected.

Bulk Production

With our innovative machines and professional workers, we can create thousands of products regularly.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Is The Prominent Producer Of Safety Signs At School That Come In A Large Selection Of Sizes

School Safety Signs

Our school safety signs are popular with their glossy and matte finish.

Safety Signs Around School

Our safety signs are laminated and durable which made them ideal to put around the school.

Custom Safety Signs At Schoo

This is the best choice to create more personalized safety signs at school.

Etched Safety Signs At School

The most popular safety signs that can resist extreme exposure to chemicals.


Foison Metal offers a variety of safety signs at school that are ideal for personal and business usage. We don’t want to waste your time. Thus, we ensure to deliver your orders in no more than one week.

All our products are made in a wide range of durable materials. Therefore, our safety signs at school can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


We promote a better environment. Thus, our artisans use only 100% eco-friendly materials.

Mass Production

We mass-produce safety signs at school, ideal for high company demands.

Customer Support

Our customer service team can accommodate your queries and suggestions 24/7.

Timely Delivery

No matter where you are, we can ship your orders within one week.

What our clients are saying

Foison Metal: Your Number One Choice For Safety Signs At School

When it comes to different metal crafts, including safety signs at school, Foison Metal has your back. For several years, we have been consistent in providing unmatched services and innovative products to our customers worldwide. Let Foison Metal help you create and promote a hazard-free environment.

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