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A customized message has a greater impact than a generic sign. It has never been easier, faster, and more affordable to buy safety signs custom. 

Foison Metal’s safety signs will also help your business offer your clients tot stay within the boundaries of the laws and regulations, while also ensuring that the necessary safety procedures are strictly followed, thus enhancing productivity.

Our company’s 5-star customer ratings are now one tap away with Foison Metal. Our customer reviews assure you that you are in the right place! The sky’s the limit with your ideas and specifications, and make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed!

About Our Service

Same Day Production

Once the deal is finalized and the designs are confirmed, the production of Safety Signs Custom will immediately start the same day.

High Volume Production

Foison Metal has its factory to make sure that all your Safety Signs Custom and high deadlines can be effectively met.

Prompt Deliveries

Foison Metal immediately cater to your needs to save time and also deliver Safety Signs Custom efficiently without taking too much time

Environment Friendly

Our Safety Signs Custom are guaranteed recyclable and reusable because of their aluminum properties

Pre-Dealing Services

We provide free samples and the cheapest wholesale price rate for you to take into consideration in all transactions.

Global Reach

We ship your purchased Safety Signs Custom wherever you are at an affordable rate


Our services are highly reliable because of the experts and professionals behind the production of Safety Signs Custom

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Our customer service is reachable and will surely assist you across the globe

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Safety Signs Custom are Produced with the Highest Standards and Designed Exclusively for Your Company

Green Custom Sign

This color is used for guide signs. These signs tell you where you are, which way to go and the distance.

Orange Custom Signs

You’ll see orange signs anywhere there’s a delay occurring. This color is oftentimes used to alert you to possible dangers ahead.

Blue Custom Signs

This color is also used for guide signs. These signs tell you about services along the roadway such as rest areas, hospitals, gas stations, and lodging.

Yellow Custom Signs

Yellow signifies WARNING. This sign warns you about hazards or possible hazards on or near the roadway.


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Careless company liabilities tend to consume a lot of expenses, so reduce this by putting up precautionary safety signs custom. Foison Metal’s team will help and allow you to change colors, update the font, and address your specifications in a click!

You are spoilt with choice as Foison Metal has thousands of flexible, designer-made safety signs custom, perfect for your company and employees’ safety.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Sleek Design

Our Safety Signs Custom is made by professional designers at an affordable rate.

Best Market Deals -

We offer the lowest price at the market without affecting the product quality

Eco Friendly

Choose from matte, glossy, or eco-friendly safety signs custom made from 100% post-consumer waste material.

Targeted Purpose

Our products are conceptualized and also designed specifically for your needs and their expected purpose

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Foison Metal is the Supplier of Premium and World-Class Safety Signs Custom

Using premium materials, our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards using modern printers and heavy-duty laser cutters and engravers. All of our safety signs custom are designed to maintain safety by reducing or even removing the health risks and hazards posed on construction sites to workers, sub-contractors, guests, and the general public across the globe.

The Safety Signs Custom FAQs Ultimate Guide

Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What do you mean by safety signs custom?

Figure 1. Safety Signs Custom

These are signs that warn, prohibit, and caution people of imminent hazards likely to be experienced in a workplace. Safety signs custom has undergone the process of customization since we understand the value of the correct interpretation of safety signage.

The following are some of the add-on features focused to meet your specific needs during customization of safety signs custom.

  • Addition of logos
  • Addition of headings
  • Incorporation of symbols 
  • Reconsideration of the language used.
  • Addition of headings

1.2 What are the merits of having safety signs custom at the workplace?

The following are the importance of having safety signs custom at the workplace:

Safety signs custom is a vital communicator of imminent danger in a workplace. This will prevent workers and visitors from getting injured.

Safety signs custom creates awareness of potential hazards available. Therefore, workers and visitors will be far-sighted of anything that may arise and be aware of appropriate measures to be taken.

Safety signs custom provide not only necessary but important directives to be followed in a hazard area. An example is a safety sign custom such as “Personal Protective Equipment MUST be worn” ensures the safety of workers.

Safety signs custom also provide correct directions by use of directional arrows which are very vital during the hazardous occurrence. Such provision enables the safe evacuation process and convergence of victims in the safe zones for the administration of first aids.

The installation of safety sign custom in almost all potential hazard zones limits the monitoring of visitors and strangers. The signage if well displayed communicates by itself safety precautions to be followed in that specific work zone.

1.3 How effective are your safety signs custom?

At Foison Metal we guarantee you quality and durable safety signs custom that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments. To achieve this, we have been able to ensure they meet the following standards:

Safety signs custom follows OSHA international standards. This is in terms of color, shape and signage information. To be more effective we allow for customization of our safety signs to suit your specific work zone.

We incorporate the use of pictographs in our safety signs custom for easier and faster interpretation of potential hazards within your work zone.

We make great use of color-coding expertise which is very crucial in the communication of potential hazards. Color-coding helps the visitor by just a glance, being able to know the degree or magnitude of the available hazard.

Our safety signs custom is effective since we use durable metallic materials which assure you of huge longevity of service. Examples of metals we use are Stainless steel which resists any forms of corrosion, anodized aluminum, and copper.

Our safety signs custom comes with reflective tapes to increase the effectiveness in areas with low light and during the night. This also ensures your safety signs custom can stand up to severe weather conditions especially when used in the outdoor environments.

1.4 What are the types of safety signs custom?

Figure 2. Types of Safety Signs Custom

The following are some of the safety signs custom available here at Foison Metal.

  • Prohibition safety signs custom-It prevents workers or visitors from doing certain unwanted things within a potentially hazardous area. It is easily recognizable by the use of a red circular frame with a diagonal line cutting across it.
  • Mandatory safety signs custom-This sign demands certain actions to be taken within a work zone. It is recognized by the use of a blue circular circle and a white pictogram. An example is Ear protective equipment MUST be worn in this area.
  • Danger safety signs custom-This sign caution people, visitors, or workers of life-threatening hazards that are available within a work area. The most common is characterized by having a red DANGER word inside a rectangular frame.
  • Warning safety signs custom-This sign prepares you that there is the likelihood of getting hurt within a work area if you are not cautious enough. For example, “Watch Your Steps. Wet Floor”.
  • Emergency safety signs custom-This guarantees easy access to first aid kits, safe location, and safe evacuation routes in the event of a hazard outbreak.

1.5 Are there available requirements for installing safety signs custom?

Yes, for employees and visitors to enjoy a haven in the workplace some requirements need to be followed.

First and foremost, safety signs should fully represent the potential hazard likely to be experienced in that work zone. In the event of wrong representation, the signage can prove to be hazardous since it is going to cause wrong interpretation.

Ensure the safety sign custom is within the normal reading distance approach. They should not be mounted too high or too low for easier reading.

Ensure they are properly fixed the right way and well screwed to avoid the danger of falling. This will ensure a perfect reading angle and prevent the danger of falling which can otherwise be considered hazardous.

1.6 How should I maintain safety signs custom?

Ensure safety signs custom are strongly fixed in their installation surfaces by use of screws or self-adhesive materials. Constantly check the magnetic condition if it needs replacement to avoid the danger of falling.

Occasionally clean by wiping the safety signs custom plates to remove dirt and dust for clear visibility. You can use a wet piece of cloth for the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Occasionally repaint the color to prevent oxidation from taking place which can speed up the rusting process. Repainting also maintains the aesthetic value of your safety signs custom.

Ensure that safety signs are placed in their respective hazard areas. One of the key maintenance protocols is to make sure safety signs custom perform their intended use.

Avoid installing safety signs custom in areas where water can clog and hence cause damage to the poles. Ensure it is installed in areas with good drainage if it is an outdoor safety signs custom.

1.7 What are the general rules for placing safety signs custom?

Figure 3. General Rules for Safety Signs Custom

Safety signs custom should be placed at a safe reading stretch from the potential danger likely to be experienced in a work area. This will enable anyone to take appropriate action before or after the outbreak of the hazard.

Safety signs custom should be viewed in a usual direction of approach. It should be seen just at a glance as you appear in a work area if there is any hazard around.

It should be free from any form of obstruction such as other writings and charts should be put side by side with the signs.

In areas with low light such as underground buildings, ensure the usage of reflective tapes for clear visibility. Reflective tapes are also used in safety signs and customs that are needed outdoors such as traffic signs.

Ensure safety signs custom are placed not too close nor too far from the potential hazards. This allows for adequate time for preparation of necessary action to be taken at that instant moment if anything goes wrong.

1.8 Are there specific places to install safety signs custom?

Yes, one should ensure that safety signs custom that is to be installed match with the available hazard in that specific place. However, there are many places you can install safety signs custom such as:

  • In the industries
  • Operational machines
  • Infrastructures such as roads 
  • Medical laboratories
  • Construction sites

1.9 What are the finishing options available for safety signs custom?

At Foison Metal we ensure your safety signs custom come out smooth, glossy, and glittering by the use of great finishing techniques. There is a broad extension of the finishing techniques that we can work on your safety signs custom and they include:

Electro-plating technique-This technique combines the use of electricity and chemicals to create a coating on metallic surfaces. The layers we place on your safety sign custom metallic plate include zinc, chrome, and nickel layers.

The layers created on the metallic surface ensure your product lasts longer by making it stronger and more durable.

Sand-blasting -This is another unique technique where sand abrasion is used to smoothen metallic surfaces. Sand fragments are forcibly emitted onto a metallic plate by the use of an air compressor machine to create a smooth effect.

Laser Engraving-This method is most preferred since it is the fastest and quite accurate when it comes to surface finishing. A laser beam is used to disintegrate the area of focus which result causes peeling off of that focused area.

The laser pulses ensure your safety signs custom come out very smoothly and good-looking.

Die-casting technique-non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, magnesium, and tin are used to come up with a good finish. A steel metal is used to make a steel toll for injecting mold recess which makes it ideal since steel is very hard.

The etching technique-This technique involves the use of either heat or chemicals. Your preferred lines or information are made by incision of acid or heat onto the metal plate. The heat or acid created deep lines making it better for ink retention.

1.10 What should I consider before purchasing safety signs custom?

Figure 4. Purchasing Safety Signs Custom

Durability and quality are key aspects to check for any product and at Foison Metal we guarantee you the duo. With us, you are assured of safety signs that are effective, durable, and of better quality in the market.

Feel free to engage with us for any specification and free customization ideas you might require to better your safety sign custom.

1.11 Does Foison Metal offer standardized safety signs custom?

Yes, at Foison Metal we deeply follow OSHA international standards protocols when designing your safety signs custom. This is in terms of the stipulated guidelines on color, pictogram representations, and safety signs custom information where applicable.

1.12 Why should one consider Foison Metal for safety signs custom?

There is a broad extension of reasons why you should purchase your safety signs custom from us, but just to mention a few:

  • Quality of the product: Our safety signs are of great quality since we use quality materials. We focus on the use of metallic material since these are very ideal for use in either indoor and outdoor environs.
  • The durability of the product: From our choice of material use, we guarantee you high durability of safety signs custom. For example, safety signs custom made of steel are resistant to heat and chemical corrosion and hence you are assured of longevity.
  • Affordable prices: At Foison Metal we offer pocket-friendly prices for all our safety signs custom. Besides, we also offer great discounts for bulky products.
  • Warranty terms: At Foison Metal we offer great warranty periods because we are very confident of the quality of our safety signs custom. We also have a smooth replacement policy.
  • Shipping: We offer international shipping services to all clients even though we manufacture our products in China. With us, you are assured of timely delivery since we use reputable courier services.

1.13 Are there specific materials for mounting onto safety signs custom?

At Foison Metals our materials can be mounted on almost all surfaces. This is because our safety signs custom comes with different mounting accessories.

For example, we use self-adhesive magnetic backing for metallic surfaces. Also, those needing mounting come with bolts and holes for fixing onto walls and wooden surfaces.

1.14 Does your safety sign custom have any aesthetic value?

Yes, we have expertise in the use of great surface finishing techniques to come up with glossy and glittering safety signs custom. Further, we use bright and brilliant colors to bring out the aesthetic value your safety signs custom needs.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 5. Design and Customization of Safety Signs Custom

2.1 What are some of the designs that come with safety signs custom?

At Foison Metal we have a wide range of designs that we produce safety signs custom. The designs revolve around the unique design of shapes, lettering designs when it comes to the choice of fonts and color.

We offer a free sample design template to choose from well documented by our professional designers. You can also share with us some of the designing ideas you might be having concerning safety signs customs.

2.2 What is the customization process available for safety signs custom?

  • First, you contact us that you need a specific safety sign custom with what kind of information on them.
  • After consultation, share ideas on what specific features to be customized on safety signs custom.
  • Note that you can request a free sample design template to help you with some design features that can be customized.
  • After confirmation of all ad-on features, we shall start the processing of your safety signs custom.

Feel free to get in touch with our customer care support team for any customization processes that you need.

2.3 What are the features you specifically work on as safety signs custom?

At Foison Metal satisfaction of our client is of our great concern. Contact us for any of the specifications for your safety signs custom and we shall deliver.

However, we do perfect shapes of safety signs custom, colors, lettering numbers, and font style. Feel welcomed to share any other feature that you need your artwork to be worked on.

2.4 What is the weight of a safety sign’s custom?

At Foison Metal we make safety signs custom that is of moderate weight. We make sure they are of standard for easy mounting purposes. This, however, will be affected by the choice of materials, for example, stainless steel will tend to be heavier than copper.

Nevertheless, feel free to contact us for exact specifications and dimensions for your safety signs custom we manufacture them differently.

2.5 How long do you make your safety signs custom?

Figure 6. Making of Safety Signs Custom

At Foison Metal, on average our customization process may run up to 21 working days although this might be affected by the following factors.

  • The quantity of pieces needed-Huge and bulky orders will demand more customization time as compared to fewer pieces.
  • Surface finishing options-Some surface finishing operations are quite complex and will require more time. All the same, we make sure we do the best finishing to your safety signs custom.
  • The question of how prompt you are in sending required specifications matters. If more time is taken it shall affect the final delivery time.

Nonetheless, always feel free to reach out and enquire about the progress of your artwork. At Foison Metals we shall be glad to share with you the progress we are making.

2.6 What colors are available for safety signs custom?

We have a wide range of colors that are bright and brilliant for effective communication of the potential hazards in a workplace. Examples of such colors include red, blue, green, and yellow.

Note that we are not limited in the choice of colors for your safety signs custom. Always feel welcomed to contact us on your preferred choices of colors.

2.7 What shapes are available for safety signs and customs?

At Foison Metal we offer all types of standard shapes provided by the OSHA design protocols. This is from classical ovals, circular frames, rectangular frames, and rectangles.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for any other shape or shape design that you might prefer. You can directly call our call center to make requests concerning shapes.

2.8 What materials can I choose for better customization of safety signs custom?

At Foison Metal our metallic materials are so great for customization. Most of them are easily available and possess huge malleability characteristics.

  • Stainless steel: Safety signs custom made of stainless steel are hard and when deeply incised it allows for good ink retention capability. This ensures deep coloration hence durable safety information display.
  • Aluminum and copper: These materials are malleable and can easily bend resulting in an easy shape forming process. For any of your desired shapes, you can achieve it by the use of these metals.
  • Bronze: Bronze is a unique metal with a rusty look which gives it a vintage outlook. This one also is good for customization for any lettering and shapes.

At Foison Metals we assure you that all our metals are subject to change and will well suit your desired end product look.

2.9 What is the average cost of customizing safety signs custom?

At Foison Metal we assure you of a fair cost for customizing safety signs. Besides, we allow for negotiations for a better deal with our customers.

Always feel free to contact us concerning the cost of customizing safety signs custom depending on the customization features provided.

2.10 Can I incorporate my designs in the production of safety signs custom?

Figure 7. Unique Designs in Safety Signs Custom

Yes, at Foison Metal you are welcome to share your ideas for your safety signs custom. We appreciate it if our customers participate in the manufacturing process because your satisfaction is our concern.

You do not have to worry if you have incomplete designs. We have professional designers standing by to help you finish your artwork free of charge.

Kindly contact us. We direct you on where to send your artwork so that we can start working on it immediately.

2.11 Does Foison Metal Have its prototypes before initiating the customization process of safety signs custom?

Yes, we always have prototypes that are up to date closely following safety signs custom regulations. We also have a special team who ensure we remain in the market by making new designs that benefit our customers.

Feel free to contact us more if you need a sample prototype and we shall be glad to serve you one for free.

2.12 How can I rate your customization services of safety signs custom?

At Foison Metal we value your feedback through our customer service platforms. Feedbacks have enabled us to grow to huge heights of providing great and better customization services.

Feel free to speak to our customer care support team or click on the Foison Metal domain online for feedback and inquiries.

2.13 What are the benefits of customizing safety signs custom?

One of the benefits of customizing safety signs and customs is that you shall have achieved your desired preferences. For example, from the choice of colors, you will end up with a favorable color that is appealing to your eye.

You shall well represent newly introduced hazards in your work zone. This maximum representation ensures your workers and visitors stay free from accidents and injuries.

2.14 Are your safety signs custom the same as displayed in your portfolio?

Figure 8. Ready made Safety Signs Custom

Yes, we make exact products as displayed on our domain wall. At Foison Metal we have an excellent work ethic and we ensure what you order is what you shall be delivered.

Feel free to contact us if you need any of the displayed safety signs custom customized to meet your preferences.

2.15 Do you customize safety signs custom on both sides of the plate?

Yes, we can customize for you both if you want both sides customized. This is the best fit for safety signs custom plates that need to be interpreted on both sides such as traffic signages.

Our two-sided safety signs custom also come with mounting holes and mounting accessories such as screws. We also have a one-sided safety sign custom that has a suspended ceiling to enable it viewing from either direction of approach.

2.16 Which materials are best for customization of safety signs custom?

At Foison Metal our metallic materials are the best materials that are flexible for any customization features.

Metallic materials allow for the addition of holes for mounting purposes. They also agree to almost all engraving and surface finishing options for a greater look.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 How can I place an order for safety signs custom?

Figure 9. Order and Payment of Safety Signs Custom

Get in touch with us using our various channels such as through the “contact us” interface, Foison Metal domain, and also through our email.

After contacting us you shall be required to confirm your artwork in terms of your various specifications. This may include shapes, colors, and dimensions.

 If you have unfinished artwork, you do not need to worry because we have professional designers. They are on standby who are ready to help you complete it.

Later we shall negotiate to price. We promise to provide you with a cost-effective quotation. Feel free to contact us directly using our toll number.

You shall be required to inspect the samples we have sent you either through pictures or exact samples.

With the go-ahead, we shall initiate the production process. Note that all productions are made by order and the production period is 14 to 21 working days.

Finally, we do shipping of safety signs custom using reputable freight forwarders such as DHL, UPS, TNT, and FedEx accounts. 

3.2 Does Foison Metal have limited payment options for safety customs?

At Foison Metal we use the most common and secure payment options which include PayPal, TNT, and use of Mastercard. However please feel free to contact us if you have an alternative payment option.

3.3 What is the average cost of a safety signs custom?

At Foison Metal our prices are very affordable and pocket-friendly. After you have confirmed the production of safety signs custom information, we shall have a quotation-based discussion.

However, several factors can affect the pricing. Such as the number of pieces ordered, the customization process involved, and the choice of materials.

3.4 Should I be physically present to pay for safety signs custom?

No, we have better and most efficient ways of payment other than you being physically present at our factories. Such methods include PayPal, TNT, and the use of a Mastercard. Also, feel free to contact us for any alternative payment methods.

3.5 Why should I pay for safety signs custom online?

  • Safety signs custom paid online have a high sense of security in that your money can not disappear into thin air.
  • You can easily retrieve payment receipts online just in case payment queries arise.
  • In case of a claim, you can easily be refunded since data is well kept.
  • Payment using an online method is easy and fast and is effective in that online platforms are open 24/7.

3.6 What is the best time for placing an order for safety signs custom?

Figure 10. Ordering Safety Signs Custom

Our online ordering platforms are so effective in that they are open all the time round the clock. Place your order anytime you want and please contact us if you are experiencing any kind of delays.

Note that our customer care support staff are always available all the time so in case you are experiencing any bottlenecks.

3.7 What information is required before placing an order on safety signs custom?

You need to be aware of the product knowledge concerning safety signs custom. Also, for customization, you need to be aware of customization features.

You need to be well equipped for the price range for early planning. However, we shall negotiate and come up with a fair quotation.

3.8 Do I have to pay for the samples that I have requested?

Figure 11. Free Safety Signs Custom Samples

No, at Foison Metal we offer free samples to enable you a better view and real test of our safety signs custom. Just contact our customer care support staff and make a request and we shall send you using our reputable freight forwarders.

3.9 How long do you take to process invoices for safety signs customs?

Our invoice processing period is very first and immediate as long as we have reached a price negotiation solution. In case of delays please feel free to reach out and we shall accord you the necessary help.

3.10 Can I pay using cash for safety signs custom?

Yes, that is if you are within the vicinity of our factories. However, we encourage the use of our payment options such as by the use of Mastercard and PayPal.

3.11 Is there a limitation of quantities of safety signs custom to be ordered?

No, we do not limit the numbering of products that can be ordered. You can order as many products as possible.

The advantage is that with more quantity of ordered products attracts large interests. Feel free to check with us accumulating interest rates depending on your specific consignment.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How guaranteed is your shipping line for safety signs custom?

At Foison Metal we guarantee that our shipment will arrive in good condition since we use better packages. We also use well-known freight-forwarders who will ensure your safety signs custom arrive on time.

Besides, you can be able to track your order on transit and be updated on its transit journey.

4.2 What freight forwarders does Foison Metal utilize for shipping safety signs custom?

We use well-known and secure freight forwarders such as DHL, TNT, UPS, and FedEx. Feel free to get in touch if you have an alternative courier service provider for the transportation of your shipment.

4.3 Will I be notified after the production process of safety signs custom?

Yes, you shall be notified immediately after the production has ended and there is a need for shipment. Just in case you have alternative freight forwarders you are welcome to share with us so that we do shipment your way.

4.4 How long does the shipping of safety signs custom take place?

Shipment of safety signs custom may approximately take 21 days. In case of delays feel free to contact us. We shall be very willing to assist in locating the progress of the shipments.

4.5 How can I reduce the shipping cost of safety signs custom?

You can reduce shipping fees by making more orders within the same consignment. Note that this will not only reduce shipping fees but also give you more discounts.

Contact our help desk for more information concerning shipping costs.

4.6 How efficient is your delivery process of safety signs custom?

Figure 13. Efficient Delivery Process for Safety Signs Custom

Our delivery process is very efficient in that we make sure to check the ordering details before handing out the shipment.

4.7 Do I have to pay for the shipping of safety signs custom?

Yes, your shipping fees will be included when paying for the safety signs custom. However, this may change when you order more products within the same consignment.

To enquire more on the same please visit our website.

4.8 What are the minimum quantities of safety signs custom I can ship at once?

We do not limit the number of quantities of products to be shipped. Place as many orders as possible and we promise to deliver all products within the required time.

To check more on shipment information kindly hit our Foison Metal domain.

4.9 Does bulkiness matter when shipping safety signs custom?

Yes, bulkiness increases discounts and reduces shipment costs. Also, it may increase the expected delivery time.

However, at Foison Metal we shall try as much as possible to get your shipment to you on time.

4.10 What information should I have before shipping safety signs custom?

Shipment information is very vital for any shipping consignment that is to be made. Ensure correct shipment Information credentials and contacts to avoid wrong delivery addresses.

4.11 Are there factors limiting timely delivery of safety signs custom?

One of the factors is bulkiness, especially for sea transits products. However, there shall be constant communication for easy tracking and to know the exact delivery dates of your safety signs custom.

However, for delayed delivery feel free to contact our help desk.

4.12 Do I have to pay again after receiving my safety signs custom?

No, you do not have to twice for safety signs custom. Once you have ordered, expect your delivery in accordance with the stipulated time.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 12. Shipping and Delivery

5.1 Does Foison Metal provide replacement and return policies of safety signs custom?

Yes, Foison Metal provides replacement and return policies that are easy to follow. For replacements, the defects must be in normal working conditions for an effective replacement to take place.

As for the returns, inspection shall be made to ascertain that the safety signs custom is unused and the package is untampered with.

5.2 How efficient is your replacement of safety signs custom?

As long as we receive and inspect the safety signs custom and ascertain it is a defect, we shall initiate the replacement process. We try as much as possible to get your replaced safety signs and custom to reach you within the required time.

5.3 How does one qualify for returns of safety signs and customs?

Your safety signs undergo inspection to ascertain that it is 100% unused. The packaging also should not have been tampered with so as to qualify for a return.

For more information, please contact our customer care help team for more inquiries.

5.4 Do I get charged for shipping fees for the replaced safety sign custom?

No, at Foison Metal we do not charge for the shipping of replaced safety signs and customs. We ship free and we shall use the same shipping freight forwarders to ship your product.

In case of any queries concerning shipping fees please do not hesitate to reach out.

5.5 Do I get notified for safety signs custom that has qualified for replacement?

Figure 15. Notice of Replacement
Figure 15. Notice of Replacement

Yes, our online platforms are very effective that once you have qualified you get a notification through the credentials provided earlier.

Our customer care support staff are on standby to accord you the necessary help you might need concerning replacements.

5.6 Whom can I contact for the replacement of safety signs custom?

Visit our website at any time and you shall get help. Also, you can contact our customer care support team for inquiries concerning safety signs customs.

You can also hit our online domain at Foison Metal for more information on the same.

5.7 Are the same tracking options for safety signs custom available for replacements?

Yes, we also provide the same tracking options for safety signs custom to enable tracking your order during the transit process. Also ensures you get the correct delivery timing of your shipment.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 16. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 When can I cancel the safety signs custom?

You can cancel safety signs custom at any time provided you have internet access. Engage our customer care team for support if you are experiencing any difficulties.

6.2 How effective are your refund policies?

We have very effective refund policies in that provided you have payment documentation you shall receive your refund. All you need to do is apply for a refund and contact our customer care support staff for support on the same.

6.3 Do I get a full refund of safety signs custom?

For an extra payment, a refund shall be made in full amount. For just a refund on the product please contact our customer care support staff for necessary help required.

6.4 Am I allowed to order again after the cancellation of safety signs custom?

Figure 17. Ordering after Cancellation

Yes, you are allowed to make another order. We encourage another order to be made to make sure the cancellation process is fully successful.

You can get in touch with our customer care support staff to accord you the necessary help concerning reordering.

6.5 How do I know that my cancellation was successful?

Once your cancellation is successful, you shall be notified through direct message or email. You can also be notified through the credentials provided during placing the order.

6.6 How long is the process of cancellation of safety signs custom?

At Foison Metal our cancellation process is fast provided you have access to the internet access. Please call our customer care support team for help if you are experiencing any difficulty in any of our cancellation procedures.

6.7 What refund policies are available at Foison Metal?

After contacting us, we shall examine the duration of the refund requested to make sure it is within the policy. If the production process has started some fees shall be incurred.

Always feel free to contact our support team for help concerning refunds.

Send us a free inquiry request