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Foison Metal is the Leading Manufacturer of Safety Signs in the Workshop Globally

At Foison Metal, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest level of reliability, which we achieved by continuously enhancing our services to meet the specific needs of our valued customers. 

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our products such as metal safety signs in the workshop. With our extensive years in service, we not only meet but consistently surpass our customers’ expectations with the exceptional quality of our workshop workplace safety signs and symbols.

Our profound knowledge of the industry enables us to deliver products that reflects the highest level of craftmanship and precision.

About Our Service

Customer Service

Our customer service team is always available to help you. From the ordering process down to delivery, you can count on us to provide assistance for free.

High Quality Materials

We mass produce safety signs in the workshop using high-quality and durable materials that ensures longevity that withstands harsh environments.

Prompt Response

Your inquiries are answered as soon as possible. Once you send your message to us, you can expect a response within 46 business hours.

Custom Made

Original designs or artwork for safety signs in the workshop is encouraged to be submitted. Wide array of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures are available to elevate your design.

Production Expertise

We are a team of professional designers and engineers with years of experience working with international clients with their metal safety sign orders.

Fast Lead Time

With the mass production of your safety sign in the workshop orders, we provide a standard production lead time of 15-20 days. This lead time may change depending on your design and number of orders.

Free Samples

10-15 generic samples are provided for free to test overall design quality and durability. Customized samples are also offered for a separate quotation based on the number of samples requested and design required.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With our experience and expertise, we ensure 100% satisfaction with the quality of our safety signs in the workshop and other custom safety signs.

Our Featured Products

 Foison Metal Warning Signs Are Customized and Mass-Produced Acquiring Global Standards for Safety Signs in the Workshop.

No Entry Safety Sign

This safety sign is to keep other people from entering the employee-only area.

Smoke Free Signs

Get smoke free signs perfect for establishment and company protocols.

Aluminum Safety Signs in the Workshop

Aluminum is frequently one of the most chosen safety signs in the market because of its lightweight and corrosion resistance.

Rectangle Safety Signs

Safety signs in the workshop are mostly rectangular since it can be easily identified and is common.


Foison Advanced SAFETY SIGNS Manufacturing technology

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Foison Metal is your number one trusted supplier of metal safety signs in the workshop. We take pride in providing top-quality, durable, and highly effective metal signs designed exclusively for B2B business. Here at Foison, quality is the foundation of we do. We make sure that each customer we work with is completely satisfied with our products and services. 

Choose us as your B2B manufacturing partner and together we can create metal safety signs that matches your requirements.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


To ensure that your workshop signs and symbols would last for years, we use only the best solid materials.


Our safety signs in the workshop is based on your submitted designs to ensure 100% authenticity.


Protective layer is added at the top of each metal safety sign to increase durability against rust and corrosion.


As a wholesale manufacturer, we offer the lowest price for bulk metal safety signs in the workshop orders.

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Foison Metal is one of the Leading Supplier of Safety Signs in the Workshop in China

Every metalwork product, we have it, from cards to safety signs. We provide hassle-free and easy transactions for our clients worldwide. We deliver directly to your door, our company’s top priority is to provide you with the convenience you need in ordering products. Our safety signs in the workshop are specified with global standards that keep our products on top. 


Frequently Asked Questions
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is a safety sign in the workshop?

Blue and red safety signs infographic

Safety signs for the workshop are precautionary signs placed strategically in your work area to warn you of possible dangers. Workshops always have hazards either from falling parts, slippery floors, or dangerous chemicals.

Safety signs for the workshop are an important element in any workshop area. Most of them are demanded to be in place through government regulation or other regulatory authority.

This makes it important for you to know the use, installation, and where to get the various safety signs for the workshop.

1.2 What are the standards for safety signs?

The safety standards for safety signs in the workshop vary from one country to the other. Although there are certain standardized and common standards that you will find in the market.

Some of the common standards for safety signs in the workshop include:

  1. AS 1319-1994 Australian standard
  2. ANSI Z535 standard
  3. OSHA standards.
  4. OSHA Standard 1910.145
  5. ANSI/NEMA Z535.1-2006 (R2011)
  6. MIL-STD -15024F

1.3 What is the installation procedure?

There is no particular standardized way of installing safety signs. But you can follow the flowing easy step in installing your workshop signs and symbols

  1. The first step you should do is to choose a spot to install your safety sign for the workshop. The area should be clear, visible, dangerous, and away from the constant obstruction.
  2. The surface where you want to put your safety sign for the workshop should be flat and ensure that the sign can hold up well.
  3. Another important step is to understand the sign and ensure its location goes hand in hand with the safety sign messaging. 
  4. If there are any wrappings or obstructions with the safety sign, ensure you remove them. The safety sign for the workshop should also be clean and legible.
  5. After following the above steps, you can now install the safety sign for the workshop. Ensure that any dirt is cleaned regularly to ensure that the sign is legible.
  6. You should also change the safety sign if its purpose has lapsed. 

1.4 What should I consider in choosing a safety sign?

Safety signs are a necessity in any working area, especially in workshops. So be careful and considerate when choosing the type of safety sign for your workshop.

Some of the considerations to keep in mind when choosing a safety sign or your workshop include:

  • The purpose of the workshop safety sign.
  • The size you need the safety sign for the workshop to be.
  • The installation location.
  • The users of the safety sign.
  • The nature of the working area and type of jobs done in the workshop.
  • Consider the standards and regulations that govern safety sins in the workshop.
  • The size of the workshop.
  • The hazards in the workshop.

1.5 What materials are used in making safety signs in the workshop?

We ensure that we use the highest quality of material for the manufacturing of your safety sign in the warehouse. We are always on the lookout for the latest technology and environmentally friendly material for the safety signs in the warehouse.

Some of the materials that we utilize include aluminum and stainless steel

We also provide customized safety signs in the workshop and we are flexible to use your recommended material for manufacturing.

1.6 Am I guaranteed of the metal safety sign quality?

At Foison Metal, we follow all the quality standards and regulations governing safety sign manufacturing. Our internal quality controls are continuous, and your safety sign in the workshop is checked for quality and defects every step of the manufacturing process.

1.7 Do the safety signs meet OSHA and ANSI requirements?

Yes, our safety signs in the workshop meet both OSHA and ANSI safety requirements and standards. 

ANSI requirements specify that:

  • Safety symbols should be utilized when personal risk is imminent. The sign should not be used to depict either equipment or property damage.
  • ANSI standards define signal word signs as signs with only one word to warn of danger. Signal warning signs include CAUTION, SAFETY, DANGER, NOTICE, and WARNING among others.
  • Symbols should be specific to the danger or hazard to which they communicate. For instance, a symbol on a wet floor should only be placed where there is a wet floor. 
  • Safety signs that are worded should be legible, concise, error-free, and in a language understood by the user. 
  • ANSI recommends different headers and colors for different signs. For example, the danger sign should have a red header. 

OSHA requirements specify that:

  • OSHA signs are classified into notice, danger, caution, and warning signs. At Foison Metal, we manufacture high-quality safety signage according to OSHA requirements.
  • OSHA standards specify a specific color and style for different categories of warning signs in the workshop.
  • The design specifications cover colors, sign corners, and edges, placement of fastening devices, and sign wording.
  • Bilingual OSHA Safety signs go a step further by ensuring that language doesn’t become a barrier in your safety communication and helps you reach a far greater number of workers/employees than monolingual safety signs

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Do you offer customized safety signs?

Yes, we do offer customized safety signs in the workshop. Our designers are ready to work with your designs when it comes to custom safety signs for the workshop.

Customized safety signs in the workshop range in price depending on the size, shape, design configuration, and also number of units needed.

Contact our customer hotlines and also visit our website for further information on your custom safety sign in the workshop.

2.2 Are your safety signs available in various shapes?

Triangle safety signs in the workshop

Yes, we provide safety signs in various shapes and sizes. The shapes can be customized or are according to the standards governing safety signs for the workshop.

Some of the shapes available for safety signs in the workshop include:

  • Octagon for most of the regulatory signs. 
  • Triangle shapes for alert signs.
  • Circle signs.
  • Diamond-shaped signs
  • Pentagon shaped signs
  • Pennant shaped signs
  • Rectangular-shaped signs.

2.3 Will you share my designs with other clients?

No, we value our customer’s confidentiality and we are willing and ready to uphold that. All our employees have signed a non-disclosure agreement in regards to handling customer’s designs.

All your customized safety sign designs are unique to you and confidential. In case of any clarification on this, feel free to contact us at any time.

2.4 Do I need to pay to get samples of safety signs in the workshop?

No, you do not need to pay to get generic samples of safety signs in the workshop. All you need to do is place an order with us.

After placing an order, we will send you some prototypes of what you need us to make. It is only after you give us a go-ahead, breakaway that we will begin the manufacturing process.

2.5 How do I check the quality?

You can check the quality of safety signs in the workshop by ensuring that:

  • The safety signs for the workshop display are clear.
  • That the message is legible and easily understood.
  • All images must meet the required standards for safety signs.
  • Images must relate to the imminent hazards in the workshop.
  • The material used must be strong enough to be mounted in the location needed.
  • Check that the safety sign in the workshop does not fade into the background.
  • The wording on the safety sign should be minimal and to the point to avoid confusion.

2.6 Do you have different sizes of safety signs?

Safety signs vary in size depending on their use and also the spot you want to install them.

The sizes of the safety signs for the workshop depend on the portrait you want them in. The portraits may be either landscape, paper size, or banner formats. 

The text to be used on the safety sign, where the sign will be used or mounted, the audience distance from the sign, and the information displayed are considerations for the size of the workshop safety sign.

OSHA and ANSI standards also play a big role in the consideration of the safety sign in the workshop sizes. The sizes must meet the specific OSHA and ANSI standards.

2.7 Are safety signs durable?

Yes, our metal safety signs are highly durable because they are made from solid premium materials. Our metal signs have the ability to withstand the workshop environment as long as you handle them well.

2.8 What are the available colors?

Do not run safety sign

Although there are some colors guided by registrations thus cannot be changed. We offer guidance on the best colors to choose from and also guidance on the various legislations, rules, and regulations governing safety signs colors.

Different mean different messaging. For instance, the red color is used in signs communicating danger and hazardous situations.

Orange is used to alert workers in the workshop of heated areas of machines or equipment. On the other hand, yellow is usually used where there are physical hazards or risks such as wet areas, pinch points, tripping, and falls.

Green safety signs are mainly used to indicate first aid facilities while the blue color is used on safety signs that depict mandatory actions.

2.9 Do safety signs come with mounting fixtures?

Yes, all our safety signs come with accessories for mounting, you can also contact us for additional mounting accessories. Some of the mounting fixtures that we offer include:

  • Sign bolting set
Sign Bolting set
Figure 8 Sign Bolting set
  • Tamper Proof one-way bolt set
  • One-way bolts
  • Breakaway nuts
  • Nylon washers
  • Drive rivets
  • Corner bolt set with jam nuts
  • Suction cups with a hook for sign hanging
Suction cups with hook for sign hanging
Figure 9 Suction cups with hook for sign hanging
  • Heavy-duty nylon ties
  • hooks

2.10 I do not see any safety signs for the workshop template. Can you create one for me?

We do not offer templates to customers, but we can help you with producing your custom designs. Just let us know about your design idea and we’ll make them for you.

2.11 Can I seek design assistance?

How can we help you sign
Figure 10 Contacting customer service desk

You can visit our website at Foison Metal or contact our customer service desk for all your inquiries. Our engineers and designers are always on standby to help you get the best from your ideas.

We are also flexible and willing to share our design ideas with you to get the best results. 

2.12 What File Types Do I Require for Sending Variable Data?

We recommend sending an original editable design under PSD file and AI file. You can also send us a clear photo under PNG file.

3.0 Order and Payment

Order now
Figure 11 Order now

3.1 How Do I Place an Order?

You can place your order by contacting us. For our product portfolio, visit our website. 

At Foison Metal, we are always glad to hear from you. Visit us whether for more information on your workshop safety signs, customization ideas, product quotations, or even technical advice.

3.2 What Is the Price of Safety Signs?

The price depends on the material used for the safety sign, size, shape, and customization. At Faison Metal, we strive to offer quality safety signs at the best prices in the market.

3.3 What Are the Various Payment Methods That You Accept?

Examples of credit cards
Figure 12 Examples of credit cards

At Foison metal, we accept several payment methods. The payment or deposit is required before any orders are processed through to production. using a T/T, PayPal, or Credit Card.

3.4 Do You Have a Minimum Order Quantity?

Yes, we do have a minimum order quantity (MOQ). Our MOQ is capped at 100 pieces. We encourage you to discuss with us the MOQ before placing your order.

3.5 How can I get the most affordable price?

The best way to get the most affordable prices for your safety signs is by placing orders that meet our MOQ. Small orders attract high prices compared to large orders

Lastly, to get the most affordable signs in the workshop, place your order directly with us. Avoid using intermediaries because this will increase your costs. 

There are four tactics one may use to get the best prices the market can offer.

  • Buying goods directly from the manufacturers. 
  • Buying in bulk
  • Doing a market research  
  • Using a sourcing agent

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery
Figure 13 Shipping and delivery

4.1 What Is Your Shipment Process?

We are flexible when it comes to the shipment of .We can use your preferred shipment or handle your shipments ourselves.

Some of the common couriers we use include TNT, SF Express, Amazon, UPS, DHL, FedEx, EMS, or China Post Group Corporation.

4.2 What Is the Average Time That It Takes for the shipment?

Our shipping schedule or time can be categorized into three phases that include sample delivery time, mass production delivery time, and shipping time. 

You can get samples for the safety signs in the workshop between 5-7 days. After placing your order, we will deliver between 7-10 days. The shipping time takes 4-5 working days excluding weekends.

4.3 What Is the Cost of Shipping?

The cost of shipping your depends on the shipping agent and method that you have chosen. The size, shape, and quantity of your safety signs for the workshop will also affect the total cost of shipment.

4.4 Do You Offer Warehousing Services?

We do not offer warehousing services but be assured that your products will be the same as us from the production line, shipping, to your doorstep. We offer excellent services in ensuring total customer satisfaction with our services. 

4.5 How Can I Reduce the Cost of Shipping Workshop Safety Signs?

The best way you can reduce the cost of shipping is by placing your orders in bulk. Visit our how to order page for assistance in cost reduction.

4.6 Do You Cater for International Shipment?

International shipping
Figure 14 International shipping

Yes, we will ensure that your safety signs reach your destination anywhere in the world. We are also open to working with your preferred shipping agent.

In case of any clarification on how to order and ship your safety sign, visit our website, or contact us for assistance.

4.7 What Are the Available Guarantees for My Shipment?

For your shipment, we utilize reputable freight forwarders to guarantee that you receive your shipment. We are flexible to utilize your recommended freight forwarder for your shipment.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

Replacement and returns
Figure 15 Replacement and returns

5.1 Do You Accept Returns?

Our policy is that as long as the product is not damaged, unused, and with the original packaging we can replace it.

It is also to note the specific warranties that are attached to the product when you place your order. The return policy varies from one product to the other.

For clarifications on our return policy, feel free to contact our customer support any time.

5.2 Do You Cater for The Return’s Expenses?

No, we do not charge on returns and replacements. Read through our return policies when you place your order with us.

5.3 Do I need to include the order slip when returning a product?

Yes, you need to include the order slip when returning the defective product. It is important in tracking the movement of the product and also helps us in pinpointing the source of the defects.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

Figure 16 Refunds

6.1 Do You have a return policy?

Yes, we do have a comprehensive return policy. We are also guided by the various regulations governing returns and consumer protection.

In case of any defects from our products, contact us for support.

6.2 What Can I Do If I Don’t Receive My Orders?

If you do not receive your safety signs shipment, contact our support center immediately the time for receiving the shipment lapses. It is recommended that track your safety sign in the workshop shipment while on transit. 

Most of the shipment couriers have 24-hour updates on shipments making it easy for you to know the location of your shipment. 

We will also endeavor to liaise with your shipment agents to ensure that the products reach your destination in good form.

6.3 Do You Refund Broken Workshop Safety Signs?

Yes, we do refund broken safety signs if the problem was directly due to the manufacturing defects. You will however need to liaise with your shipment agent in case the safety signs break on transit.

6.4 What Documents Should I Include for Refunds?

The documents shipped with your safety signs order vary depending on the quantity and shipment methods.

A manufacturing contract and the order details document are some of the documents you need to send back with the refund.

A commercial invoice should also be attached with the returned goods to ensure that we can trace the product destination. 

6.5 Who Do I Contact for Refunds?

Contact our customer care contacts for any refund issues. Also, visit our website to learn more about our products and quality standards.

6.6 Do You Accept Cancellation of Products in Transit

No, we do not accept the cancellation of goods in transit.

Send us a free inquiry request

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