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Working on dangerous tasks and handling poisonous objects in a laboratory, safety should be the highest priority to ensure the safety of every personnel.

Foison Metal is China’s most reliable company that has years of experience in manufacturing high-quality safety signs laboratory. We guarantee to provide the most diverse and high-quality products that will give traffic and sales to your business.

Metal crafts are processed with high-quality materials to reach your requirements making us an undisputed leading manufacturer worldwide for safety signs.

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Foison Metal offers you several options of metal types with extra protective layers for your safety signs laboratory.

Quality Process

Metal crafts are designed with attentiveness offering incomparable betterment and accurateness of our products.


To suit your brand, you can customize the shapes, sizes, and colors of your safety signs laboratory.


Customer purchases safety signs laboratory with a distinctive look to them.


We are capable of identifying your products and equipment types.


To match your modification requirements, our company have developed a customization process that will surely satisfy your needs.


Custom-made safety signs laboratory will make you distinguishable from everyone.


In addition to a free inquiry request, we can affirm free samples, a negotiable price rate, and more for your safety signs laboratory.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Generates High Durability Safety Signs Laboratory To Your Modifications

No Eating or Drinking Laboratory Sign

Describes a prohibited area where any type of food or liquid is prohibited to be eaten by people or workers near the laboratory.

Danger-Flammable Storage

Flammable storage signs which has a container storing flammable materials or chemicals in the form of liquid or aerosols.

Emergency- First Aid Station

A station where it gives fundamental crisis treatment and will be furnished with the unique supplies you need as first guides packs.

Clinical Waste Laboratory Safety Sign

Clinical Waste is the term used to portray squander from research center exercises that might represent a danger of disease that might be unsafe


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Foison Metal has been pick by hundreds of companies for their reliable production of safety signs laboratory. It swears by giving what they know is best for their customers. Our company uses the best material for your lab signs for any environment.

Metal safety signs laboratory have your workplace and your workers protected. It is also a reminder for the employees for the effective and safest way of working. Safety signs must be easily readable and noticeable from afar.

Why Foison Metal product is trusted?

High Quality

Our metal safety signs laboratory are made for durable long-term usage.

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We strive to find niche markets to differentiate from our competition to provide our customers with a competitive edge of safety signs laboratory.

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Constantly improve and consolidate our capabilities to develop unique customized safety signs laboratory.


We ship safety signs laboratory at an economical price rate while being a high-quality product.

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Foison Metal The World-Class Production For Safety Signs Laboratory You Can Trust Always.

We stick to being an eco-friendly manufacturing place. Foison Metal aspires to help other businesses and share ideas. We provide affordable price rates and only the best for your business. The whole creative team and production team use each time to apply any innovations and creativity to every safety sign laboratory within our company’s expertise.

Safety Signs Laboratory: FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Are Safety Signs Laboratory?

A laboratory is a location where risky events can happen like high voltage stations, biohazards, and corrosive substances. To give an alert of such hazards in the laboratory, there are safety signs placed at different locations in the laboratory.

You will commonly get safety signs in the laboratory giving an alert on potential hazards that you may encounter. However, people may not possess the ability to identify the meaning of these hazard safety signs in a laboratory.

To help you understand these safety signs laboratory, this guide has been set to help you do so.

1.2 Why Are Safety Signs Laboratory Important?

Importance of Safety Signs Laboratory
Figure 1 Importance of Safety Signs Laboratory

Importance of safety signs laboratories include:

  • They ensure that you are safe while in the laboratory.
  • Safety signs laboratory help in the elimination of getting hurt while in the workplace.
  • The safety signs laboratory helps in the reduction of liability by giving proper notification for all personnel in the vicinity where the risk is presented. Companies will therefore not be accountable for certain damages so long as proper safety procedures were put in place and were visible.
  • They also aid in finding ways in case there is an emergency and also offer alternative safer routes from one point to another.
  • Safety signs laboratory is designed to give a very quick visual indication in case of an emergency.

1.3 What Are the Different Materials of Safety Signs Laboratory?

Several materials are used to make safety signs in the laboratory. Some examples of such materials include:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Fabric
  • Acrylic
  • Corrugated plastic
  • Aluminum

To learn more about common laboratory safety signs materials you may contact us.

1.4 What Are the Types of Safety Signs Laboratory?

Some of the types of safety signs laboratory include:

  • Gloves required
Gloves Required
Figure 2 Gloves Required

These safety signs mean that you will be required to put on gloves for protection from harmful chemicals. It is always recommended to have gloves on more so when dealing with caustic substances, and any other dangerous chemicals.

  • Biohazard
Figure 3 Biohazard

Biohazards refer to micro-organisms that may harm or even lead to the death of living organisms. Examples of such biohazards include contagious and dangerous bacteria, viruses, and harmful microorganisms.

This safety sign is commonly found in biochemistry laboratories, and it is important to ask a scientist in the lab about such biohazards when you see the sign.

Biohazard safety signs may also be found on the packaging of samples, hypodermic needles, and living tissues that are to be analyzed.

  • High voltage
High Voltage
Figure 4 High Voltage

This safety sign is used to indicate the voltage of high levels that may cause harm or death if it comes into contact with any living organism. 

  • Defibrillator

It is used to indicate that you have access to a nearby defibrillator.

  • Hot surface
Hot Surface
Figure 6 Hot Surface

It is used to give warning that surfaces or nearby equipment and apparatus may be extremely hot and can seriously cause burns.

  • Low temperature a white background white letters
Low Temperature
Figure 7 Low Temperature

It is used to shoe temperatures that are very low even lower than the freezing point.

  • Eyewash station
Eyewash Station
Figure 8 Eyewash Station

This safety sign shows the location of a station for washing eyes in the laboratory. It helps in case you accidentally put foreign substances or chemicals in the eyes.

  • Corrosive

This safety sign shows a corrosive substance falling onto a hand, and burning into the given hand. In case you see this sign, you should always observe extreme care, and put on a face mask, and gloves. 

  • Flammable

It is a safety sign used to indicate a substance that can burn vigorously when it comes near a fuel source. They, therefore, need to be dealt with carefully to avoid accidents.

  • First aid sign
First aid Sign
Figure 9 First aid Sign

This safety sign laboratory is used to identify the location where a first aid station is.

  • Remote control equipment
Remote Control Equipment
Figure 10 Remote Control Equipment

This safety sign laboratory warns of a hazard from remotely started equipment.

  • Fire blanket sign
Fire Blanket Safety Sign
Figure 11 Fire Blanket Safety Sign

It shows the place where a fire blanket is in the laboratory in case of a fire outbreak.

  • Recycling symbol
Recycling Symbol
Figure 12 Recycling Symbol

It is used to show universal recycling locations in the laboratory.

  • Respiratory protection sign
Respiratory Protection sign
Figure 13 Respiratory Protection sign

This laboratory safety sign informs you that you require respiratory protection.

  • Eye or Face protection symbol
Eye or Face Protection Symbol
Figure 14 Eye or Face Protection Symbol

This safety sign laboratory shows a mandatory face or eye protection.

  • Protective clothing
Protective Clothing
Figure 15 Protective Clothing

This safety sign laboratory indicates the need for mandatory use of protective clothing.

  • Protective footwear
Protective footwear
Figure 16 Protective footwear

It shows the mandatory requirement for protective footwear.

  • Ear protection required
Ear Protection required
Figure 17 Ear Protection required

It shows ear protection is needed.

  • Danger sign
Danger Sign
Figure 18 Danger Sign

It is used to indicate areas that may be prone to danger in the laboratory.

  • Fire extinguisher sign
Fire Extinguisher sign
Figure 19 Fire Extinguisher sign

This safety sign laboratory shows where a fire extinguisher has been placed in the laboratory.

1.5 What Are the Types of Hazards Found In Laboratories?

Some of the types of hazards found in laboratories include:

  • Carcinogens
  • Irritants
  • Toxins
  • Sensitizers
  • nephrotoxins

1.6 What Are the Quality Standards That Laboratory Safety Signs Should Conform To?

Quality standards of safety signs laboratory include:

  • OSHA standard 1910.145: it gives specifications concerning the prevention of accidents and primary regulations for laboratory safety signs.
  • ANSI/NEMA Z535.1-2006 (R2011), Safety colors: it tends to state the technical definitions, color tolerances, color standards for safety colors.
  • ANSI Z535.3-2011, Criteria for safety symbols: it guides the design, use of safety signs to make it easy to identify warnings concerning personal injury risks.
  • ANSI/NEMA Z535.4-2011, product safety signs, and labels: it determines the performance need for the application, design, placement, and use of laboratory safety signs.
  • ANSI/NEMA Z535.6-2011, the safety of products information in manuals of products and instructions. This gives a clear statement of the information about safety signs laboratory. What Are the Uses Of Laboratory Safety Signs?
Uses of Laboratory Safety Signs
Figure 20 Uses of Laboratory Safety Signs

Laboratory safety signs are essential when you cannot avoid or reduce a hazard that is present. Therefore, before installing a laboratory safety sign, you should analyze whether a hazard can be reduced or avoided by precautions that are protective to everybody or ways that are safer for doing the work.

1.7 What Are the Principles of Safety Signs Laboratory?

The main principle of laboratory safety signs installation is to provide information about hazards immediately. The laboratory safety signs require to be installed immediately after the potential threat is established.

A laboratory safety provides warning information using color, shape, and even symbols. The text is provided as a supplementary signboard and used mainly for clarification.

Laboratory safety signs are only used for giving information on a safety topic.

The laboratory safety signs system can only be effective where repeating information to everybody likely to benefit therefrom.

1.8 Are Your Signs OSHA Compliant?

Yes, we follow OSHA guidelines when designing safety signs laboratory. Some of the requirements which are set forth by OSHA include:

  • Specifications should be given for the design, use, and application of the safety sign laboratory which could harm the public or employees.
  • All safety signs laboratory requires to have corners that are rounded or blunt. The safety signs laboratory should also not possess splinters, burrs, sharp edges, or any other sharp projections.
  • Safety laboratory signs which indicate danger must be black, red, and white. 
  • Caution safety signs laboratory must possess a yellow background color and lettering which is black for elements that are used against that yellow background.
  • Safety signs laboratory for instructions should have a white background and a green panel with white letters.
  • The wordings on any safety sign laboratory should be very easy to read and concise. They must contain enough information such that they are easily understood, and the wording must contain a positive message.

1.9 What Groups of Safety Signs Laboratory Are There?

Some of the groups of laboratory safety signs include:

Examples of prohibition Signs
Figure 21 Examples of prohibition Signs
  • prohibitory signs: they show the behavior which is not permitted in a laboratory otherwise 
  • Mandatory signs: specify the actions needed to be safe in conditions of a laboratory. They have a blue circle containing a white circle.
Examples of Mandatory Signs
Figure 22 Examples of Mandatory Signs
  • Hazard signs: they warn of hazards that could result in a personal injury.
Examples of warning signs
Figure 23 Examples of warning signs
  • Scaffolding signs: they give warning to employees concerning incomplete and unstable scaffolding.
  • General site notice signs: they offer information to employees and the public about significant site notices.
  • Emergency escape signs: they help in informing visitors and site staff and exit direction whenever there is an emergency.

1.10 Are your Safety Signs Laboratory only available to be posted on the wall?

No, safety signs laboratories are not only for the wall, but it is just one of the places where they can be posted. However, a visual communication strategy may be used to improve the laboratory by using several safety signs.

Some of the other forms of safety signs laboratories may consider include:

  • Floor signs
  • Virtual signs
  • Standing signs
  • labels

1.11 What Can I Use Floor Safety Signs For?

Floor safety signs are good for use in conjunction with signs for the wall that alert employees. In this way, they can serve as a reminder to workers to keep the laboratory area clear or mark off a swing area for the door.

Floor signs are of people looking down when walking in the laboratory.

Examples of safety floor signs include:

  • first aid signs: in case of an injury or emergency, one can easily forget the location of certain safeguards. Visual communication is ideal as these signs may be placed on the path, under or near first aid kits, emergency eyewash stations. Fire extinguishers, emergency shut-off panels, and alarms.
  • PPE safety signs: these are an essential reminder to be used alongside PPE wall signs and they are positioned in front areas that need PPEs. Their main purpose is to act as a warning to employees that they will be required to put on equipment before entry.
  • Navigation: they are floor signs which are arrow-shaped and are used to offer directions to places like safety stations, emergency exits, evacuation routes, and fire escapes. Such safety signs laboratory floor signs will not only be essential to employees but may also assist visitors in the laboratory.

1.12 Which Are the Best Practices of Safety Signs Laboratory?

Figure 24 Safety Signs Laboratory Best Practices
Figure 24. Safety Signs Laboratory Best Practices
  • Be aware of the hazards which are in your working area

Examples of common laboratory hazards may include biological, animal, physical, radiological, and chemical. In case there is an emergency as a result of the following elements you should:

  • Seek immediate assistance
  • Report to the supervisor concerning any accident, or injury.


  • Be prepared

Ensure that you are always prepared in the laboratory by:

  • Attending all the necessary safety signs laboratory training before commencing your work.
  • Reading all the procedures related to safety signs laboratory information.
  • Conducting all experiments in the accompaniment of an authorized supervisor.
  • Know locations of all safety signs laboratories in case of an emergency.
  • Being aware of all the locations of fire alarms that are near you and at least two ways of the laboratory building.
  • Ensuring you are alert and always proceed with caution all the time in the laboratory.
  • Knowing the proper response procedures to emergencies in case of injuries or accidents.


  • Prevent potential exposure

Ways of preventing potential exposure include:

  1. Carry out yourself in a professional way and ensure you are responsible.
  2. Always put on appropriate dressing in the laboratory according to instructions by the safety sign laboratory.
  3. Observation of proper housekeeping and ensuring the aisle is clear at all times.
  4. Reporting equipment that is damaged to the necessary authorities.
  5. Avoiding leaving equipment that is active unattended to.
  • Ensure there is protection for yourself, the working environment, and others. This can be achieved by:
  1. Practicing proper personal hygiene for example washing hands once you have removed the gloves and before exiting the laboratory.
  2. Wearing protective equipment at all times when working in the laboratory according to the indications of safety signs laboratory.
  3. Disposing and segregating laboratory waste in a proper way.

1.13 What Are the Factors to Look for In Selecting A Safety Signs Laboratory?

Some of the factors to observe in selecting safety signs laboratory include:

  • Material: it is important to ensure that the material used to make the safety sign laboratory goes hand in hand with the function you would like it to serve.
  • Cost: the price of the safety sign laboratory should be within your budgetary specifications. The price of a safety signs laboratory tends to be determined by the type and size that you require to purchase.
  • Dimensions: it is important to give a specification of the shape, size, length, and height of the laboratory safety signs you need.
  • Final placement of the safety sign laboratory: this will be determined by the amount of space that you have which you want to use to install the safety signs laboratory. You should also establish how the safety signs laboratory will be moved to a given installation location.
  • Durability: it is important to select a safety signs laboratory that will be able to serve for a very long period. Durable safety signs laboratories also need less maintenance and thus are cheaper in the long run.
  • Technology: consider the technology that safety signs laboratory use as there are rapid advancements in the industry.

1.14 Where Should the Safety Signs Laboratory be Placed?

Proper placement of safety signs in the laboratory makes them very effective. Generally, no safety sign laboratory should affect the message or placement of another safety sign laboratory.

Safety signs laboratory should also be placed in a way that they are visible from a minimum required distance that is set.

1.15 I Am Looking Over Safety Signs Laboratory Hazard Levels. I Am Confused about How to Determine Injury Severity; Do You Have Any Guidelines Here?

ANSI tends to define injuries that are serious to possess characteristics like:

  • Causes permanent function or loss and significant disfigurement.
  • Entails long disability periods
  • Needs medical treatment that is prolonged and substantial.
  • Involves long-time pain and suffering.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Can You Create a Safety Sign Laboratory Template That I Need?

Yes, we can create a template for you and place all your safety signs laboratory designs in one place for the location of your designs.

2.2 How Big Should Safety Signs Laboratory Be?

Laboratory safety signs need to be big enough in such a way that they can be read from a safe distance to make one aware when entering the building. The copy on laboratory safety signs should be legible as the information gives alerts to people.

To establish the size of laboratory safety signs, determine how far away one will be when they require to be aware of the hazard. In case a hazard occupies a big area in a laboratory, the safety sign should be large enough to read from a far distance before one gets into that area.

Therefore, the size of a laboratory safety sign is based on the viewing distance and your specific requirements. Foison metal can create laboratory safety signs in very many shapes and sizes.

2.3 How Durable Will My Safety Signs Laboratory Be?

The durability of laboratory safety signs depends on the type of material used and the location of the laboratory safety sign, whether indoors or outdoors. We tend to use; laboratory safety signs for short-term use and also offer durable materials for long-term use.

Whether you require a laboratory safety sign that is weather resistant or one that is indoors, our consultants work with you to establish the best solution.

2.4 What Do Different Colors on Safety Signs Laboratory Mean?

  • Red: it is used to indicate prohibition signs like danger, emergency, and do not do this. It also means fire signs mostly on fire equipment.
  • Yellow: it indicates warning signs for example warning of risk or hazard and caution.
  • Blue: it means mandatory signs like instructions and must do this.
  • Black: These are information signs which mean general information.
  • Green: it means positive action, safe or no danger. It indicates a safe condition.
  • Purple: it is reserved for safety signs laboratory marking radioactive materials and hazardous materials. These laboratory safety signs are on a yellow background and have a graphic that clearly shows the hazard.
  • Fluorescent orange or orange-red: it is used to mean a biological hazard in the safety sign laboratory.
  • Orange: it denotes danger risks that are moderate in the safety signs laboratory.

2.5 Can Any Text Be Included in A Safety Sign Laboratory?

Ideally, laboratory safety signs should not contain any text unless it does not affect its effectiveness. Symbols on safety signs laboratory should give a clear understanding individually despite the different languages of the people. 

Since the endorsement of this act, safety signs laboratory with texts are not commonly used.

2.6 What Do the Pictograms on Safety Signs Laboratory Mean?

 They are symbols that represent a word or a given idea that is elaborated using a pictorial looking like a physical object. Pictograms show concepts using illustration and are mostly found in safety signs in public laboratories.

Pictograms offer clear communication by eliminating details and focusing on symbols that are universally understood. Therefore, they offer an illustration that is easy to read.

2.8 What Does the Shape of a Safety Sign Laboratory Mean?

The meaning of shapes of laboratory safety signs may be explained using the images below

Meaning of different shapes of safety signs
Figure 25 Meaning of different shapes of safety signs

2.9 Do You Provide Mounting Fixtures for Safety Signs Laboratory?

Our consultants offer mounting fixtures and installations for the safety signs laboratory. These may range from mounting hardware, brackets, signposts, frames, stakes, and stands.

To get a clear understanding of our services for the installation of safety signs laboratory, contact your local Foison Metal Centre.

2.10 Can You Provide a Bespoke Safety Signs Laboratory?

Yes, we do provide a bespoke safety signs laboratory. In case the type of safety sign laboratory is not found on our website, kindly contact us.

We can design a safety signs laboratory that is well suited for your specific requirements.

2.11 What Sort of Quality of Safety Signs Laboratory Can I Expect?

Here at Foison Metal, we pride ourselves on the quality of the safety signs laboratory that we manufacture. Our reputation has been created on their main aspects which include quality, service, and value.

However, if you still require more proof, you may order sample proofing at a given cost.

2.12 Do You Charge for Custom Layouts or Designs?

We pride ourselves on ensuring that you get excellent services and thus you will not pay for safety signs laboratory design. We tend to use the design of the safety signs laboratory that you desire, and you will need to approve so that we may commence production.

2.13 Should I Use All Capital Letters for My Safety Sign Laboratory, Or Should I Use Upper- And Lower-Case Letters?

In most cases, we prefer using capital letters or a font that is bolder for the headline of the safety signs laboratory. However, you may try using mixed letter cases for the rest of the safety sign laboratory.

At times, too many capital letters tend to be confusing. Also, reading capital letters tends to slow the reader down although you may use the letter height for capital letters for readability guidance.

2.14 What Files Do You Accept for The Safety Signs Laboratory And How Should I Send Them?

You may send files for the safety signs laboratory using the email. We prefer to get the files in PSD format because these speed up the process of production.

However, we also accept files in formats like JPG, PNG, or PDF files but you should make sure they have a high resolution. Make sure your minimum setting for image files is 300 dpi.

This is because photos and graphics that are pulled from the internet tend to have a low resolution of between 72 dpi or 96dpi. Try as much as possible to avoid such graphics because they will look blurry and pixelated if printed.

2.15 Is It a Must I Pay for My Safety Signs Laboratory Before I See Proof Of Design?

Yes. This is because our graphic designers ten to use their valuable time designing each safety sign laboratory to suit your specifications.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 How Much Do Safety Signs Laboratory Cost?

The price of a safety sign laboratory tends to vary depending on factors like the type of material, size, color, thickness, and design. It is important to reach out to us to get a quotation of the cost of the safety signs laboratory once we have factored in all your specifications.

3.2 How Should I Fill the Order Form for Safety Signs Laboratory?

Safety signs laboratory order form needs to be filled well by providing all the needed details so that we may get the right information.

3.3 How Do I Place an Order for a Safety Signs Laboratory?

The process of placing an order for safety signs laboratory entails the following steps:

  • Get in contact with us
  • Confirm the design of the safety signs laboratory that has been finished.
  • Confirm all the information provided like its size, packaging, material, and any other essential details.
  • Negotiate the price for the safety signs laboratory.
  • Inspect the provided samples to know if they conform to your specific needs.
  • After you are comfortable with the design for your safety signs laboratory, we will begin producing them.

3.4 How Soon Can I Get an Order for a Safety Signs Laboratory?

Every safety sign laboratory job is different. Our turnaround time depends on the specifications and quantity that you require.

We normally complete your sample delivery for safety signs laboratory order within 7 working days. For mass production of safety signs laboratory, we may deliver within 7 to 10 days.

However, you can let us know when you need your order completed and we will inform you if it can be achieved.

You will always get an estimated delivery date from us in our formal quotation but if you have any queries, you are more than welcome to reach out to us.

3.5 Which Payment Method Can I Use for Making Safety Signs Laboratory Payment?

We accept payment of safety signs laboratory in the following methods:

  • T/T
  • Credit card
  • PayPal

You will be required to pay a deposit before your safety signs laboratory is processed through to production.

3.6 How Secure Is Your Online Payment?

Online Payment System
Figure 26 Online Payment System

Our online payment method is secure because:

  • It observes the standards of the Payment Card Industry. This organization ensures customer safety by imposing regulations on big payment brands.
  • Your information will remain private as we have software for data encryption.
  • We possess a login screen that is safe for signing in to access your account.
  • Our operating system possesses an update of all security details.
  • It possesses a feature for assessment of security to ensure all ends that are loose are fixed.

3.7 What Information Do I Need to Give for A Safety Sign Laboratory Order?

When requesting a laboratory safety sign order, we require the following information:

  • safety sign type
  • quantity
  • materials 
  • dimension
  • Location or delivery address
  • Any other specifications
  • The layout design of the laboratory safety sign if available

3.8 Can I Request Free Samples for The Safety Signs Laboratory?

Yes, you can simply email us and state your requirements for the safety signs laboratory. We will then send you samples to have a closer inspection.

Also, we do provide custom design samples for the safety sign laboratory.

3.9 Are Rush Production and Delivery Available?

Yes, we may produce safety signs laboratory faster for you and ship them within 5-7 business days.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery
Figure 27 Shipping and delivery

4.1 What Shipping Process Do You Use to Ship Safety Signs Laboratory?

We use DHL, TNT, FedEx, or UPS to send you your safety signs laboratory although you will need to make an advance payment for the freight. You may use the carrier’s account number or any other method of delivery that you prefer.

4.2 How Much Is the Shipping Cost?

To establish the exact shipping cost of your safety signs laboratory, you will have to refer to our final freight quotation. Shipping costs of laboratory safety signs tend to vary depending on the weight, mode of transport, size, and the final destination of the safety signs laboratory.

4.3 Which Locations Do You Ship to?

We ship our safety signs laboratory nationwide and even overseas.

4.4 What Is the Average Shipping Time of My Safety Signs Laboratory Order?

The shipping timer which we will use to ship your safety signs laboratory is between 7-10 working days.

4.5 How Do You Ensure That Safety Signs Laboratory Are Well Protected During Shipping?

We ensure that the safety signs laboratory is well packaged to eliminate damage during shipping. The safety signs laboratory will also possess a tracking number for easy tracking during movement and protection from theft.

4.6 Can I Get Free Shipping for Safety Signs Laboratory?

Yes, you can obtain free shipping which will depend on the quantities of safety signs laboratory you order. You may also take advantage of annual free shipping days.

4.7 Is There a Standard Shipping Price?

No, we do not have standard pricing as the prices for safety signs laboratories are determined by the specifications and design.

4.8 How Can I Track My Safety Signs Laboratory Order?

You can track your safety signs laboratory order using a tracking number that is emailed to you once your order request has been received.

4.9 What Are Some of The Shipping Carriers Used in Shipping Laboratory Safety Signs?

Some of the shipping carriers that we use include DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT.

4.10 Do You Have a Minimum Order for Free Shipping?

Yes, we do offer free shipping sometimes, but this can only be given for safety signs orders that are above 100 units.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

Procedure for replacement and returns
figure 28 Procedure for replacement and returns

5.1 What Can I Do If the Safety Sign Laboratory I Receive Is Defective?

In case of a defective safety sign laboratory, you may file a complaint with us.

5.2 What Is Your Return Policy?

The returns must be in an unopened packaging that is original and must not be used. Safety signs laboratory packages that are sent back and are not in line with the stated requirements will not get a refund.

5.3 I Ordered the Wrong Safety Sign Laboratory, What Should I Do?

You can go online and return to the safety signs laboratory to get a refund and then you may reorder the type that you require.

5.4 How Can I Return a Safety Sign Laboratory Package That I Did Not Order?

In case you get a package, you did not order, read the airway bill to ascertain if it is truly yours. Confirm with your close relatives or friends if they ordered the safety signs laboratory for you. 

Confirm if you requested the product via a different platform. If all these are not valid, you may reach out to our customer service agents to get help.

5.5 What Should I Do If My Safety Signs Laboratory Were Damaged During Transit?

In case your safety signs laboratory was damaged during transit, you should not receive them when they are delivered by the carrier before seeking clarification. Safety signs laboratory which is damaged during transit and has insurance will be replaced or you will get a refund.

5.6 I Have Received Extra Laboratory Safety Signs That I Did Not Order, What Do I Do?

If you receive extra laboratory safety signs you may send back the extra units to the address indicated on the label.

5.7 How Long Do Replacements Take?

The replacement period for the safety signs laboratory mainly depends on its availability and this may take 21 days.

5.8 How Can I Know If a Replacement of My Laboratory Safety Signs Has Been Processed?

You will obtain an email from us notifying you as soon as a replacement of the safety signs laboratory has been made.

5.9 How Can I Track the Status of My Replacement Laboratory Safety Signs?

You can track the status by entering the correct tracking number which is provided.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellations and refunds
Figure 29 Cancellations and refunds

6.1 Do You Offer Refunds?

Yes, we do offer refunds based on some factors. We will give a 100% refund for those safety signs laboratory which is made in advance like 7 days or more.

Those cancellations made within 3-6 days obtain a fee of about 20%. Cancellations made within 48 hours will incur a fee of 30%.

6.2 What Are Your Terms for Cancellation?

The cancellations for laboratory safety signs should be made at least 48 hours before we begin production.

To obtain a full refund, you can cancel your order within 24 hours.

6.3 How Much Can I Be Refunded?

The amount that you can be refunded for the safety signs laboratory depends on the policy of cancellation that is in place.

6.4 How Do I Cancel My Safety Signs Laboratory Order?

By requesting a cancellation. We give a timeline of about 30 minutes for the cancellation of the safety signs laboratory order before being moved onto the next stage of production.

6.5 How Do I Verify If There Was Successful Cancellation of My Order?

We will send a confirmation email and you may also know the cancellation was successful if the payment does not go through.

6.6 How Can I Track the Refund Status?

By using a refund tool that we provide. The system is updated within 48 hours, and it is very easy and fast in tracking.

Send us a free inquiry request