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When you want your company and business to make a lasting impression with high-quality products, our company’s 5-star customer reviews testify you are in the right place! 

You can contact our professional team and in-house designers for your specifications and have your items delivered in a few clicks! Foison Metal is your top source for unique, and custom safety signs printable designed for your needs. 

We offer a professional creative design with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ultra-fine manufacturing, and offer the lowest price in the market. Grow your business with us!

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You will receive free samples and layouts alongside detailed assistance as perks in purchasing our Safety Signs Printable

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Foison Metal Safety Signs Printable Comply with the Highest Standards and Designed for You and Your Business

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Lessen your careless company liabilities by putting up warning signs. Foison Metal’s professional team will help and allow you to change colors, and customize your design into a whole new level, all within a short time.

Foison Metal has thousands of flexible, designer-made Safety Signs Printable, perfectly designed for your company’s needs. We guarantee that our products will meet your high deadlines. We can’t wait to see your business grow!

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Foison Metal is the Dominant and Trusted Brand of Safety Signs Printable

Made with quality materials, our cost-effective Safety Signs Printable are manufactured to the highest quality standards using large-format printers and heavy-duty laser cutters and engravers. All of our signages are designed to maintain health and safety by reducing or even removing the health risks and hazards posed on construction sites to workers, sub-contractors, guests, and the general public across the globe.

The Safety Signs Printable FAQs and Ultimate Guide

Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Are Safety Signs Printable?

Safety Signs Printable
Figure 1. Safety Signs Printable

Safety signs printable are signs that are used to show possible hazard areas in different working environments and how to evade them. These signs are printed on metal materials hence the name safety signs printable.

Safety signs printable provide warning to people of possible hazards in work stations, in different substances and objects.

To use safety signs printable, it’s important that you first identify the type of hazard present before placing the safety signs printable. This prevents placing safety signs printable that do not match with the current hazard.

Safety signs printable vary from a warning, mandatory, emergency, prohibition, and danger safety signs printable. All these safety signs printable depict different hazard messages and what actions to take to avoid them.

1.2 What Are the Benefits of Using Safety Signs Printable?

Regardless of the different environments, objects, and substances you interact with there is always a probability of a hazard. No matter how low or high the risk is, it will result in harm. This is why we need safety signs printable everywhere with possible hazards.

Some of the benefits of using safety signs printable include;

  • Reduces the number of accident incidences
  • Safety signs printable increases awareness of the possible hazard to employees and how they can evade the danger.
  • Safety signs printable not only provide warning but also provide a probable solution. For instance, recommendation of the use of face gear PPE in certain working environments.
  • In case you are handling equipment that needs constant maintenance, there are always safety signs printable offering guidance. For instance, there will be instructions on how to shut down the equipment before servicing.
  • In some cases, the safety signs printable may be used to find ways especially the emergency exits.

1.3 Which Factors Should I Consider Before Choosing Safety Signs Printable?

The following are some of the factors you should consider before choosing safety signs printable;

  • Compliance with all the applicable regulations

It is important to always confirm if the safety signs printable conform to the regulations set aside. These regulations govern the application and the kind of message used on the safety signs printable. Some of these regulations that govern safety signs printable include;

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • American National Standard Institute
  • Material matching the use

Choosing the right material for the safety signs printable may seem less important but it is. You must choose the material that will both work well for indoor and outdoor safety signs printable. A good example is aluminum metal.

This reduces the chances of constantly replacing the safety signs printable over and over.

  • Keep the message clear

The different messages on the safety signs printable have different meanings. Keep in mind which safety signs are printable you want and the kind of message you are sending. The message should always be clear.

For instance, `warning ‘’ and “danger’’ messages depict different information.

  • Use of pictograms

The use of a pictogram is the best and most effective way to communicate a warning to people in different working environments. It’s easier to interpret and understand the pictograms on the safety signs printable even without understanding the language.

  • Location

How and where you place the safety signs printable determines the visibility of the safety signs printable and message. Below are some important tips you should keep in mind while placing the safety signs printable;

  • Maintenance, storage, and lighting are key factors as they determine how clear the illumination will be.
  • Ensure there are no obstructing objects to ensure visibility.
  • You should place safety signs away from any obstructing objects such as windows.
  • You should place the safety signs printable where the employees have ample time to avoid the hazard.

1.4 Where Are Safety Signs Printable Applicable for Use?

About 90% of the different working environments you interact with require the use of safety signs printable. Below are some of the areas where safety signs printable are commonly used;

  • Areas with storage of substances or dangerous goods such as flammable substances.
  • Areas with a high risk of injury such as fall risks
  • Areas where hazard risk is not so obvious to the users. Example electromagnetic radiations.
  • Safety signs printable can be used on roads especially where large vehicle operators such forklifts operate and travel.

1.5 What Is the Use of Safety Signs Printable?

Uses of Safety Signs Printable
Figure 2. Uses of Safety Signs Printable

You will generally find safety signs printable in so many different places. The function/use of these safety signs printable is to provide warning of possible hazards in that area and how to evade it.

It is equally important to be able to determine the kind of hazard posed by different environments and which safety signs are printable to use.

1.6 Which Compliance Bodies Regulate the Safety Signs Printable?

Safety signs printable that comply with the set regulations provide a safer environment for all the users. However, mounting safety signs printable that are not in compliance can land you serious problems with regulatory bodies.

Two bodies govern the safety signs printable. They include;

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration: regulates the safety signs printable elements that must be included on the safety signs printable. For safety signs printable to comply all these elements should be included and are visible.
  • American National Standard Institute 532.5: provides guidelines on the designs, use, and application of safety signs printable in different environments. This is achieved by maintaining a visual layout.

1.7 What Are the Different Types of Safety Signs Printable?

We have different types of safety signs printable that comply with the American National Standard Institute. They include;

  • Warning safety signs printable

Provides warning of a present possible hazard that will pose a high risk of injury or possible death of the user. The background color is normally yellow with a black text message.

Examples of warning safety signs printable include slippery floors.

  • Danger safety signs printable

They depict a dangerous hazard that may result in serious injuries or even death if you do not completely avoid them. They normally have a red background with a white text message. Examples include DO NOT ENTER, HIGH VOLTAGE.

  • Caution safety signs printable

They indicate possible hazards which if not avoided may result in minor injuries. The background color is normally yellow and the text message is black. Examples include tripping the floor.

  • Caution safety signs printable

They indicate possible hazards which if not avoided may result in minor injuries. The background color is normally yellow and the text message is black. Examples include tripping floor

1.8 How Durable Are the Safety Signs Printable?

Durability of Safety Signs Printable
Figure 3. Durability of Safety Signs Printable

The essence of having a safety sign printable is to provide all the needed information that can keep the employees safe. This means the safety signs printable should do this for some time.

We design and manufacture safety signs printable that are of high standards with the use of modern technologies. This ensures the safety signs printable last for long regardless of whether it is an indoor or outdoor safety sign printable.

Furthermore, we use the best material such as aluminum metal that is best for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

1.9 Which Language Is Best Recommended for Safety Signs Printable?

We recommend the use of a simple, concise and clear text message that is easy to interpret and also understand. This allows the users to first respond and take precautionary measures to avoid the hazard.

1.10 What Are the Requirements of Meeting Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standards for Safety Signs Printable?

Below are the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements;

  • First, understand Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements for safety signs printable.
  • Recognize the different available types of safety sign printable.
  • Know the different types of safety signs printable.
  • Learn where to place them.
  • Meet all the requirements with the right gear.

2.0 Design and Customization

Design and Customization of Safety Signs Printable
Figure 4. Design and Customization of Safety Signs Printable

2.1 Which Materials Do Use to Design Safety Signs Printable?

It’s very crucial to first understand the kind of environment you intend to use the safety signs printable. This allows us to know which type of material to use while manufacturing the safety signs printable.

We consider the following factors while selecting which material is best and which suits your specifications. They include;

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Durability
  • The intended purpose of the safety signs is printable.

The most preferred material we use is aluminum metal. It is not that heavy. Safety signs printable made of this aluminum metal can serve both indoor and outdoor purposes. More so, we can guarantee the best quality out of this material which will provide longer services over some time.

For more information on the safety signs printable materials, visit our web page.

2.2 What Are the Elements of Safety Signs Printable Recommended by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration determines and enforces which elements should be included on safety signs printable. We have adopted all these regulations meaning all our safety signs printable comply with these regulations.

These elements include;

  • Color code and signal words 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends the use of only three signal words on a safety sign printable. They include Danger, Caution, and Warning. All these signal words have a different set of instructions for the users.

For instance, a Danger safer sign printable contains the signal word `Danger’. The background color of these signal words is red and black text.

  • Language and font

It’s important to keep the message as clear and concise as possible while still maintaining the message you want to send. Additionally, the font to use on the safety signs printable matters a lot.

Keeping in mind that the message should be easily readable, the font as well should be very simple. This makes it easy to read the message on the safety signs printable.

  • Placement

Where you place the safety signs printable determines its visibility. This is the main reason for using safety signs printable.

It’s obvious, the safety signs printable should be placed near areas with a potential hazard. Always ensure there are no obstructing objects and that the safety sign printable is placed high enough for ease of readability.

  • Size

Safety signs printable should be big enough for users to see even at a far distance. The most probable distance with a clear view of the safety signs printable information is normally 5 feet.

2.3 Do You Provide Mounting Fixtures Services of Safety Signs Printable?

Mounting Fixtures of Safety Signs Printable
Figure 5. Mounting Fixtures of Safety Signs Printable

Yes, we have mounting fixture services which come at a price. This charge varies depending on where and the amount of manpower needed to mount the safety signs printable. 

Mounting safety signs printable is a simple process but still requires an extra specialty to ensure they are mounted properly. This process involves;

  • Removing the backing off the safety signs printable
  • Place the safety signs printable onto the surface while removing bubbles by exerting a little more pressure. This enhances maximum adherence and capturing onto the surface which results in a firm grip.

We have provided these service charges on our website for our clients to view.

2.4 Does The Text on The Safety Signs Printable Have to Be Only on UpperCase or Can You Use Even the Lower Case?

We recommend the use of both uppercase and lowercase ext messages on safety signs printable. Having both of these cases does not mean it will lower the visibility of the message but rather it makes the message more eligible. This increases the readability of the message on the safety signs printable even from afar.

The use of upper case on the message printed on safety signs printable slows down how fast you comprehend the information.

2.5 Can I Get Custom Layouts and Designs of Safety Signs Printable?

We deliver according to our client’s preferences and specifications. As long as you provide the right details of how you want your safety signs printable to look like, then we will deliver it to you.

We follow all the details to the latter to ensure we manufacture the same safety signs printable as the design you provide to us.

2.6 Do Safety Signs Printable Come in A Standard Size?

There is no specification on a standard size of safety signs printable. The important point to keep in mind, the safety signs printable should be big enough for visibility and ease of readability.

Good safety signs printable should be readable even at a distance of five feet away. Ideally, the key element while determining the size of safety signs printable is the distance from which you can be able to easily read the message.

We can manufacture whichever size of safety signs printable you prefer.

2.7 What Do the Different Colors Use on Safety Signs Printable Indicate?

The different colors we use on safety signs printable have different sets of meanings. Below are some of the safety signs printable and what they mean;

  • Red: indicates danger. This color normally appears as the background color of the safety signs printable with black text messages.
  • Yellow: indicates caution. All the background is in yellow except for the message which is in black.
  • Orange: This color indicates a warning with the message on the safety signs printable in black.

2.8 Can Any Text Be Used on Safety Signs Printable?

The viability of whether to include any text on safety signs is dependent on where you intend to use the safety signs printable. For instance, some safety signs printable that work well with symbols only and the intended message will be perfectly delivered.

This means that the intended use will be able to interpret the symbol independently.

2.9 Can I Get Safety Signs Printable of My Preference?

Customized Printing
Figure 6. Customized Printing

We work hand in hand with our clients to make sure we deliver safety signs printable that meet their requirements. Whichever design, size you want for the safety signs printable just mention it, and will deliver it to you.

This may also include customized safety signs printable provided you provide all the relevant and any additional message you want to be included.

We first recommend that you contact our team for more inquiries.

2.10 What Makes Up a Complete Safety Signs Printable?

Complete safety signs printable should have;

  • Header: This is normally the signal word such as Danger, Caution, or Warning.
  • Text message: Gives brief instruction on how to avoid the possible hazard.
  • Symbol: depicts the possible hazard. For instance, Flammable substances.

2.11 What Is the Ideal Size of Text to Use on Safety Signs Printable?

Ideally, the size of the text is dependent on the distance from which users can read the message on safety signs printable.

Note, the message should be concise and on point. The letters of the text should adequately be well spaced out. This prevents overcrowding of the text message which inhibits the readability.

The height of the letters of the message on the safety signs printable also affects the visual appearance of the safety signs printable. Ensure that the letters have a maximum height for visibility even from a far distance.

2.12 Can Pictograms Be Include on Safety Signs Printable?

Yes, we also include pictograms on safety signs printable. This though may be optional depending on what our clients want.

Pictograms also depict a possible hazard from different hazardous substances. It’s so easy to identify a hazard just from one stare glance. For instance, it’s easy to tell a flammable product.

Pictograms on safety signs printable allow the message to reach diverse audiences despite the native language. Sometimes it’s hard to interpret the message alone especially if you do not understand the language used in that message. Then, this is where the use of pictograms comes in.

2.13 What Factors Should Be Considered While Mounting Safety Signs Printable?

The main purpose of having safety signs printable is to increase awareness to users of possible hazards while in different working environments. Therefore, before mounting the safety signs printable consider the following factors;

  • Location
  • The intended purpose of the safety signs printable
  • Permits.

2.14 Is There a Restriction on The Amount of Information to Include on A Safety Signs Printable?

Imagine having to go through overcrowded safety signs printable yet you are a distance away from the possible hazard. It will be hard to read all the information and at the same time take action to avoid danger.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that all safety signs printable be simple, concise, and onto the point. The letters on the message should be well spaced and uncrowded. This allows you to instantly read and take precautions.

2.15 How Do Achieve Quality While Designing Safety Signs Printable?

When it comes to quality, we do not take any shortcuts to meet all our client’s needs. We use the best quality of materials while manufacturing the safety signs printable. More so, we have an excellent team who have skills and have done this for the longest time therefore, we do not compromise on quality.

For more clarity, please contact us. We are more than glad to provide more information on our safety signs printable.

3.0 Order and Payment

Ordering and Paying
Figure 7. Ordering and Paying

3.1 On Average How Much Does Safety Signs Printable Cost?

We always put our client’s needs and interests ahead when it comes to purchasing our safety signs printable. We have affordable and pocket-friendly prices of safety signs printable to make sure all our clients can least afford them.

Mostly, the cost of safety signs printable depends on the material, size, and quantity of safety signs printable you order.

It is, therefore, important to first understand what safety signs printable you want and the budget limit you have before making the order.

3.2 Do You Charge for Custom Layouts and Designs?

No, we do not charge for the custom layouts and designs. Whichever design you choose for your safety signs printable is what we are going to work with.

What happens is that we will first design a sample that you will need to approve before we go ahead with the main production.

3.3 How Do I Place an Order for Safety Signs Printable?

Placing an order for safety signs printable is not a complicated process provided you open an account with us.

By opening an account, you will be able to access the order form. You are required to accurately fill all the fields before submitting.

If you need assistance in creating your account, reach out to our technical team. They will help you out.

3.4 What Mode of Payment Should I Use While Making Payments of Safety Signs Printable?

We only accept the following mode of payments while our clients are making payments for the safety signs printable order. They include;

  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • T&T

3.5 Can I Pay Using Installments for The Safety Signs Printable?

Paying on Installments
Figure 8. Paying on Installments

We allow all payments of the safety signs printable to be made in two batches. The first payment that you pay is after successful approval of your order which should be a quarter of the whole quoted price.

The pending payments must be paid before shipping and delivery of the safety signs printable. We normally notify our clients when the safety signs printable order is ready for shipping and request for full payments.

How fast the clients clear the pending payments determines how fast they will release the safety signs printable of shipping.

3.6 How Safe Is My Credit Card on Your Website?

Nowadays the use of credit cards to make payments is the safest way to go. We assure safety to all our clients using their credit cards on our websites. Our client’s data is in the safest hands.

We recommend all our clients not to use any public network as it may result in a breach of information.

If you are still having doubts about the safety of your credit card, contact us for more clarification.

3.7 Do You Have a Limit on The Number Safety Signs Printable One Can Order at A Go?

We do not have a set limit on the number of safety signs printable you can order. This means you can order as low as one piece of safety signs printable.

However, the quantity you order determines if the original price will cut across or there will be an offer. For instance, if you order safety signs printable in bulk, you stand a chance of paying a little less to the original price.

If you are ordering let’s, say one piece of safety signs printable you will pay the actual quoted price.

3.8 How Will I Know If the Safety Signs Printable Order Have Been Received?

We normally send a notification after we receive and upon approval of the safety signs printable. This notification will be sent to the client’s mail and also the order number will be issued at this juncture.

It’s therefore advisable to constantly check for new updates on your mail which confirms that your order has been received.

3.9 Do You Have Any Payment Terms on Safety Signs Printable?

As indicated earlier all our payments should be made on or before we dispatch safety signs printable for shipping.

For more information, visit our payment page to see the terms and conditions.

3.10 Is It Possible to Make Any Adjustments on The Safety Signs Printable Order After Its Approval?

Adjusting the Order
Figure 9. Adjusting the Order

This depends on whether you are making adjustments on the description of the safety signs printable you have provided or personal information.

Any adjustments that need to be done on the description should be done before production commences. You can cancel the order and make the necessary adjustments.

For personal information such as the address, you can adjust before the shipping process commences.

Note, any adjustment you need to make requires you to cancel the order first and then re-submit once you’ve made the adjustments.

3.11 How Can I Track the Safety Signs Printable Order?

We normally provide a tracking number that allows you to monitor the status of your safety signs printable order. The tracking details will be sent to you via the mail while the safety signs printable order is on its way to you.

If you experience any problem while using the tracking number, leach contacts our team for assistance.

3.12 How Soon Can I Receive the Safety Signs Printable Order?

This duration is dependent on your physical location after we dispatch the safety signs printable for shipping. We will dispatch the order immediately after production to ensure it reaches you as soon as possible.

However, for local orders, they take a shorter period compared to international ones. But the utmost time we can take is 15 working days.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery
Figure 10. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Where Do You Ship to Safety Signs Printable?

We provide shipping and delivery of safety signs printable all over the world. Considering we work with some of the best couriers we can guarantee to deliver to you at your physical location.

We also have outlets where you can purchase the safety signs printable rather than ordering direct from the company.

First enquire with our team, if your current location has an outlet or not.

4.2 What Are the Shipping Rate Charges of Shipping Safety Signs Printable?

Worry less as our shipping rates are very affordable and it’s a guarantee your safety signs printable will be delivered to you. These shipping rates depend mostly on the distance to be covered to your location.

Other factors that determine their rates include quantity, mode of shipping, and the size of the shipment. Visit our website to have a breakdown of these charges as per each country.

4.3 Which Shipping Method and Couriers Do You Recommend for Shipping Safety Signs Printable?

You should specify your preferred mode of shipping your safety signs printable. For the shipping couriers, we will recommend some of the best that we are currently working with. They are reliable and they have very affordable charges that you can comfortably afford.

Some of the couriers we work with include;

  • DHL
  • FedEx

4.4 How Much Longer Do I Have to Wait Before Receiving Safety Signs Printable Order?

The delivery time depends on the client’s physical location. It also depends on the mode of shipping that you prefer for shipping your safety signs printable. Regardless of all these factors, we are always determined to deliver safety signs printable within the stipulated time.

In some cases, we have some unavoidable circumstances such as delays during custom clearance. We always notify our clients and request some additional time to make sure that the shipment undergoes all the required clearance.

Most shipping processes take 2 to 3 weeks.

4.5 Is It Possible to Change the Delivery Address After the Shipping Process Commence?

Changing shipping Details
Figure 11. Changing shipping Details

There is so much at stake when you decide to change the physical address after the shipping has commenced. It may result in loss of the safety signs printable if the couriers are not aware of the changes. You will incur two times shipping charges if you decide to change the location.

We normally do not recommend a change of any information after shipping begins thus, you must provide active and up-to-date information.

However, this does not mean we won’t deliver the safety signs printable to your new location. We will make the adjustments and arrange for the delivery of safety signs printable to the new address you provide. 

4.6 How Do You Ensure Safety of Safety Signs Printable During Shipping?

We delight in the positive feedback from our clients when they receive safety signs printable in one condition. The fact that we work with some of the best shipping couriers is a great guarantee that your safety signs printable are in safe hands.

Additionally, we have the best packaging options for safety signs printable to ensure they are intact at all times.

In case of any damages, you are assured of compensation since all our safety signs printable are warrantied.

4.7 Some Of the Safety Signs Were Damaged Upon Delivery, What Should I Do?

We regret this has happened, you can return the whole shipment of safety signs printable for replacement or a refund.

4.8 Do You Provide Free Shipping Services?

Free Shipping
Figure 12. Free Shipping

The only time we provide free shipping is for clients who have purchased safety signs printable in bulk. For instance, a client may order 200 pieces of safety signs printable for these we deliver for free regardless of the distance.

4.9 Can I Use Another Party to Receive the Delivery in My Absentia?

All deliveries will and should be done to the original client and not another party. Our delivery team will always request identification documents to prove they are making the delivery to the right client.

If you are unsure of your availability, let us know for rescheduling or we can deliver to our outlets if any, and then you can collect from there.

4.10 Is There a Limit on The Quantity of Safety Signs Printable You Can Ship for Free?

As indicated earlier we only offer free shipping for clients who order safety signs printable in bulk.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Our Return Policy
Figure 13. Our Return Policy

5.1 Do You Charge for Replacement of Safety Signs Printable?

Returning the safety signs printable for replacement should be within the stipulated 14 days. During this period, we do not charge for the replacement.

If this period elapses without returning the safety signs printable, you can return them but you will be liable for the replacement of the safety signs printable.

5.2 How Long Does the Replacement Process of Safety Signs Printable Take?

The replacement process doesn’t take that long. We only need 2 to 3 working days and we will have your replaced safety signs printable ready for shipping.

5.3 What Safety Signs Printable Can I Return?

We use the following criteria to determine which safety signs printable can be returned that which cannot.

  • The safety signs printable should be unused
  • In case you no longer want the safety signs printable, the package should be unopened.
  • There should be no additional damages except the ones encountered during transit.

For more information visit our website to see our return policy.

5.4 What Is the Company Return Period of Safety Signs Printable?

The stipulated time frame for returning safety signs printable is 14 days. Any return of safety signs printable past this period will not be refundable.

If it’s hard to find this information on our web page, you can directly contact our customer service for inquiries.

5.5 Can I Return Customized Safety Signs Printable?

No, we do not accept the return of customized safety signs printable. The reason being, you provide the design and all details we should include on the safety signs printable.

5.6 I Have Received Damaged Safety Signs Printable, What Should I Do?

Contact our team immediately. We may require you to describe the intensity of the damages and the number of safety signs printable that have been damaged. This allows us to find a probable solution.

If we have an outlet warehouse around your location, we may refer you to return those damaged safety signs printable. You can choose to get an immediate replacement or refund.

5.7 Will The Replaced Safety Signs Printable Look Like the Original Design?

We follow the same original design and ideas and add the adjustments you need. The replaced safety signs printable will be the same.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Figure 14. Cancellation and Refund Policy

6.1 How Do I Cancel Safety Signs Printable Order?

The easiest way you can request for cancelation of order is via our website. To request for cancelation, follow the following procedure;

  • Log in into the account you created
  • Go to your transfer activity
  • Choose the transfer you want to cancel and then press the request cancelation button. Your request will be received by our team.

6.2 How Long Do You Take to Process a Refund for Safety Signs Printable?

All the safety signs printable returned have to first undergo an inspection from our logistic team. Upon completion of the inspection, we will release the refund immediately.

The mode of payment you used to make payments determines how long you will have to wait before the refund reflects on your side. This is because each mode of payment has a maturity period before the money can reflect in your account.

6.3 When Can I Cancel the Safety Signs Printable Order?

If you need to cancel your safety signs printable order for adjustments, do it before we begin production.

6.4 Do You Notify for Success Canceling Safety Signs Printable?

Yes, after you submit your cancellation request, our team will send you a notification to confirm if the request is successful.

6.6 What Should I Do In the case of a Delayed Refund?

On our side, we release the refunds immediately after inspection. Any delays may be a result of different maturity periods that the different modes of payment are taken.

If this happens, please enquire with the support team about the mode of payment you used.

Send us a free inquiry request

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