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Workplace safety programs have many parts, all of which are important to keeping people safe on the job. Safety signs workplace play a key role, though, in many aspects of safety from notifying people of tripping hazards and PPE requirements to explaining arc flash and chemical hazards. 

These signs must be noticeable, easy to read, and in many cases, comply with standards. In Foison Metal, you can have it all. 5-star customer ratings for your company’s products and services are now one tap away with us!. 

Our customer reviews testify you are in the right place! You can contact our professional team and in-house designers for your specifications and have your items delivered in a few clicks!

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Our Safety Signs Workplace are guaranteed recyclable and reusable because of their aluminum properties

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Our Safety Signs Workplace can be shipped internationally and anywhere around the globe

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Foison Metal Safety Signs Workplace Comply with the Highest Standards, Designed for the Precise Needs of Your Company

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Standard signs for fire-fighting equipment and evacuation.

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Remind visitors and employees to remain 6 ft. apart for their health.

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Inform workers and visitors of where smoking is prohibited.

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Keep workers informed about the new regulations in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.


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There’s no need to spend time on careless company liabilities by putting up precautionary safety signs workplace. 

Our easy-to-reach professional team will help and allow you to change colors, update the font, and drag and drop elements in and out of your design all within a short time.

Foison Metal has thousands of flexible, designer-made products, perfect for your company and employees. Maintain a healthy and safe environment with your employees in just a few clicks.

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The way your workplace looks matters. Foison Metal has been in the safety and efficiency business for a fruitful time and our growth each year has exceeded all expectations. Our professional employees give us the ability to help you. We pride ourselves on serving and helping you fulfill goals with our Safety Signs Workplace.

The Safety Signs Workplace FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Are Safety Signs Workplace?

In a workplace, you will find a lot of safety programs. All these programs are put into place to protect the workers, visitors, and the public when accessing the premises.

One of these programs is the safety signs workplace. They play a key role in different aspects of a workplace. For example, these safety signs notify people of hazards that they might face when in the workplace. 

Additionally, these safety signs workplace communicate important information to people accessing the premises. This includes the Personal Protective Equipment requirements, general practices, and other things.

1.2 What Are the General Guidelines Governing the Making of Safety Signs Workplace?

Safety Signs Workplace
Figure 1. Safety Signs Workplace

There are some basic things that companies producing safety signs workplace must follow. This goes a long way in ensuring uniformity as well as the effectiveness of these safety signs workplace. 

For example, these safety signs workplace must be made in such a way that they are noticeable, even from a distance. This will allow the users to easily notice them and follow the guidelines necessary. 

Additionally, their noticeability is important especially in case of an emergency. Consider safety signs workplace being used to decide an emergency exit. If it is easily noticeable, people will see it quickly and make the right decision on time. 

Additionally, these safety signs workplace should be written in a way that is easy to read. Most preferably, these safety signs workplace should be written in bold and bright fonts. 

Lastly, the safety signs workplace should be installed with nothing obstructing the view. This allows people to easily spot them whenever they need them. 

1.3 Where are You Most Likely to Find Safety Signs Workplace in a Workplace?

Safety signs workplace are installed in different places around the workplace. Generally, these signs are installed in areas with a high risk of a hazard occurring. 

Safety managers assess the workplace first before determining the specific points where the safety signs workplace should be placed. Some of the most common places where safety signs workplace is installed include:

  • Places with a source of motion. This includes areas with machinery as well as the movement of tolls now and then
  • The spot with an emergency exit in the workplace
  • Points where people can be exposed to toxic chemicals
  • Spots with high temperatures the point of causing burns and bruises
  • Radioactive areas
  • Places where objects might fall at any time. 

1.4 Are Safety Signs Workplace Important?

Importance of Safety signs Workplace
Figure 2. Importance of Safety signs Workplace

Safety signs workplace have a crucial role in any work environment. Primarily, displaying these signs prevents injury by educating the people on the risks, dangers, and hazards ahead. Without these safety signs workplace, accidents may arise, putting the employer in a difficult legal position. 

The good thing about safety signs workplace is that they are an instant communication of looming hazards and safety messages. Being visual, seeing them, and decoding what they denote happens within a fraction of a second. 

This is because they make use of clear photographic representations and illustrations of the hazard being highlighted. Therefore, you will be able to understand a high-risk area with just a glance if these safety signs workplace. 

Safety signs workplace also highlight the safe methods to follow when working or visiting a specific area. They always remind people of the safest and effective ways that will work for them when in a certain place or situation. 

Lastly, it is a legal requirement. The government sees to it that safety signs workplace is installed and done so in the right places. Therefore, installing them is a key element in a complaint with the basic government regulations. 

1.5 Does the Color of Safety Signs Workplace Matter?

Yes, the color of safety signs workplace matters a lot.

 As we all know, colors can quickly communicate messages to us with just a glance. Therefore, different colors are used to pass different messages on safety signs workplace. These colors include

  • Red. This is a color reserved mostly for safety signs workplace that represent danger. The color signifies hazardous occurrences and therefore acts as an alert for people.  
  • Orange. This is a color mostly used in safety signs workplace used for machines and heavy equipment. It alerts people of machines and parts of it that might cause a hazard. 
  • Green. Most green safety signs workplace is safety-related, not hazard-related. They are used for safety signs workplace that show the location of safety items such as first aid kits.
  • Yellow. Yellow safety signs workplace is used in locations where caution needs to be taken, especially since there is a physical hazard around. Such signs can be used in places where you can slip, get hearing damage, or where you can be caught in a pitch point. 
  • Blue. Most blue safety signs workplace is used to provide information on a specific area. The information is not necessarily safety-related. However, they are important in depicting mandatory practices and notices. 
  • Black and white. Safety signs with this color are used to show directions. 
  • Yellow. This is a color mostly used on safety signs workplace used to show radioactive materials. 

1.6 What is Meant by OSHA Compliance for Safety Signs Workplace?

OSHA Standards
Figure 3. OSHA Standards

OSHA is a body that governs and regulates signs used in the workplace. The compliance standards are referenced on their ANSI Z535 series.

According to these series, there are basic standards that must be followed. Below are the four elements that must be present in the safety signs workplace. 

  • A safety alerting symbol. Please note that the symbols should only be used to represent personal risks, not risks that will damage property or machines. 
  • Symbols. They are supposed to be easily understandable; there are basic symbols that are universally known to people. 
  • Signal words. Safety signs workplace got to have safety words such as WARNING, DANGER, and CAUTION. This is to grabs the reader’s attention and communicates the signs’ gist as fast as possible. 
  • Worded message. In addition to signal words, safety signs workplace ought to have a worded message. The message should be concise and straight to point messages with just necessary information. They should not have any errors whatsoever.  

1.7 Is There a Size Requirement for Safety Signs Workplace?

According to OSHA guidelines, safety signs workplace should have a size large enough to be seen from afar. One should be able to see and read what is written in them with minimum effort. 

However, even though the size matters, there is no specific size set as standard. However, for safety signs workplace serve their full purpose, you must consider the distance from where you want the audience to read the safety sign. 

For example, you want to install a safety sign to show people the direction for an emergency exit. To serve this purposefully, you will need a safety sign large enough to be seen by everyone in the hallway. This way, people will see and read it in case of a hazard. 

1.8 What are Safety Signs Workplace Made of?

Safety sign workplace can be made of different materials. The type of material to be used will depend on several factors. 

Some of the most common materials used include

  • Plastic (corrugated)
  • Fabric
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum

1.9 Are There Different Types of Safety Signs Workplace?

Yes, there are. They can be divided into groups.

One of the groups is the prohibition of safety signs workplace. These are mostly used to pass a message that prohibits certain behavior; the ‘CANNOT DO’ messages. 

Most of these safety signs workplace have the typical red circle that has a diagonal line cutting through it. The behavior being prohibited is in the circle, and the writings follow. 

Another group of safety signs workplace is not the mandatory signs. They are mostly known to pass the MUST DO message to people around the workplace.

They contain the instructions that must be followed when in that specific area. 

Most mandatory safety signs workplace are recognizable by white pictograms and symbols contained in a blue circular structure. The background is mostly white. 

Mandatory safety signs workplace can be used to notify people about protective clothing, foot protection, hearing equipment, and such items.

The other category is the danger safety signs workplace. They are used to warn the public about looming hazards as well as hazardous conditions.

Most dangerous safety signs workplace has means by the ‘DANGER’ word on it and in capital letters. 

Some of the most common places to find such safety signs workplace are in high voltage areas, restricted areas, and areas with strong magnetic fields. 

Lastly, we have the warning safety signs workplace. They are used to communicate information about dangers and hazards that are not too life-threatening. For example, you can find such a safety sign in slippery areas. 

You can recognize these safety signs workplace by their typical fellow background with black triangles and hazard symbols. 

1.10 How are Safety Signs Workplace Installed?

Installation of Safety Signs Workplace
Figure 5. Installation of Safety Signs Workplace

You must check out some things before installing your safety signs at your workplace. Ore planning will allow you to determine the right way to install them. 

To begin with, you must assess the surface on which your safety signs workplace will be posted. Ensure that this surface is plain, smooth, and free of dirt before you mount them.

This is to allow for adhesion to take place for the safety signs workplace to stick firmly. 

After you have found the right spot to install these safety signs workplace, the rest of the process is straightforward. Just ensure that nothing is trapped in between the safety sign and the surface. 

1.11 How Long will Your Safety Signs Workplace Serve Me?

ll our safety signs workplace is made with high-quality materials. This is to means that they will serve you for quite a long time. 

The materials are also sourced from the best providers, treated to perfection, and constructed into perfect safety signs workplace. The paint used is also top-notch; it will not fade over time. 

1.12 What Can I Do to Ensure Longevity of my Safety Signs Workplace?

Maintaining Safety signs Workplace
Figure 6. Maintaining Safety signs Workplace

You also have a responsibility to take care of and maintain safety signs workplace. For example, you should clean the signs regularly. Do not let dirt and dust accumulate on them. 

Taking care of your safety signs workplace will go a long way in increasing their life. For one, they will not be easily corroded or damaged.

1.13 Besides the Wall, Can I Install Safety Signs Workplace Anywhere Else?

You are not just limited to posting safety signs workplace on the wall. There are different places where they can be installed. 

However, even though there is no limitation to where you install safety signs workplace, the strategic position is key. They should be in a place where one can easily see them when they need to. 

Additionally, ensure that the surface you want to install the safety signs workplace has ample space. As we had mentioned earlier, these safety signs workplace should be big enough to be legible. 

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 What are the Common Examples of Safety Signs Workplace?

Safety signs workplace can vary according to the different industries. However, there are still some common ones that appear in almost all workplaces. They include:

  • Turn to Open signs
  • Push to Open signs
  • Hand Sanitizer signs
  • Emergency Exit sign
  • Foot Protection signs
  • Eye Protection signs
  • Fire Extinguisher sign
  • First Aid Kit 

2.2 Do You Offer Customization Services for Safety Signs Workplace?

Customization for Safety signs Workplace
Figure 7. Customization for Safety signs Workplace

Yes, we do. Our company understands that there are different industries and diverse communities. Therefore, not all the safety signs workplace we produce will get the job done fully in every workplace. 

This means that even though we might have a lot of safety signs workplace at our disposal, not all of them will communicate the information you want. There, we welcome clients to have a say in what they would want their safety signs workplace to look like. 

Additionally, we also have templates for safety signs workplace. This allows our clients to choose the ones they feel will get the job done. After that, they can submit the message incorporated in the signs, all at a pocket-friendly price. 

2.3 Why Should I Buy Customized Safety Signs Workplace from You?

Customized safety signs workplace will do you and your business a whole lot of good. For starters, these safety signs are essential communication tools to indicate hazards and dangers. 

Additionally, they show that your business is committed to the safety of employees and visitors as well. By installing safety signs workplace, you will be showing that you are dedicated and committed to making the hazards known to people. 

Safety signs workplace also communicate messages effectively and within a short period. They make it easy for people to see and understand the message. This is due to the vivid pictograms and illustrations as well as the straight-to-the-point messages being conveyed. 

Safety signs also boost the consciousness of safety and hazards in the workplace. People will be operating at a high level of care fullness, reducing the chances of accidents from happening. 

Lastly, you can use customized safety signs workplace to pass an inside hazard message. There are some hazards just unique to your workplace. Buying customized safety signs workplace will ensure that you address the hazard fully. 

2.4 Is There a Text Size Requirement for Safety Signs Workplace?

We design easy-to-read and straightforward safety signs workplace. However, there is no specific font size that is set as a standard. 

One of the things we consider is the size of the safety signs workplace. You do not want a big safety sign with a small font. They must be directly proportional. 

Additionally, you should ensure that the first is big enough to be read by anyone from a distance.

2.5 Are There Any Double-Sided Safety Signs Workplace?

Yes, there are safety signs workplace that have writings on both sides. Most people see this as the most economic option; you will be getting two safety signs workplace in one. 

The good thing about these double-sided safety signs workplace is not the fact that you do not have to worry about where to install them. Just suspend them in a string or wire and hang them.


Hanged double-sided safety signs workplace are effective such that they can be easily viewed. You can also customize them as you want for a better job.

2.6 Do You Provide Safety Signs Workplace with Pictograms and Text?

Safety signs Workplace Pictograms
Figure 8. Safety signs Workplace Pictograms

Yes. All our safety signs workplace is in accordance with all the regulations as stated by OSHA. This includes clear fonts, top-quality material, and easily understandable pictograms. 

 As our testimonials prove, all our safety signs workplace serve the purpose just as intended. 

2.7 Does the Background Color of Your Safety Signs Workplace Matter?

Yes, the colors matter a lot. Every color used has a specific purpose and function. For example, red is used to prohibit dangerous behaviors. It is intrinsically used with around shapes and black pictograms. 

Yellow and Amber are used as warning colors. They call upon visitors to be careful and take precautions. The color is used together with triangular shapes and black text and pictograms. 

Green is a cooler and less alerting color. It is mostly used to show the position of different items such as fire escapes and first aid kits.

As we all know, colors can affect how seriously we take things. They create an impression. For this reason, we take our color choices into many considerations to provide effective safety signs workplace. 

2.8 Can I Get Safety Signs Workplace with Pictograms Only?

Yes, you can. As we had mentioned earlier, we allow our customers the freedom of choice. 

To access these customization services all you must do is communicate. After placing the order, we will customize the safety signs workplace according to your preference and deliver them to you. 

2.9 What If I Only Want Safety Signs Workplace with Text Only?

You can still get safety signs workplace customized with text only. Most are the times clients request such services for custom-made messages; those unique to their workplace. 

If you want such signs, communicate to us earlier so that they can be made according to your preferences.

2.10 What is used in Mount Safety Signs Workplace?

The material used to install safety signs workplace will depend on its type and the intended use. For example, we have seen that double-sided safety signs workplace can be hung. 

You can also use screws and materials of the same kind to mount these safety signs workplace on the wall. 

Whatever material you use to install these safety signs workplace, ensure that you do not tamper with the information being conveyed. 

2.11 Are the Safety Signs Workplace the Same as the Ones Displayed on Your Website?

We are an honest company. Therefore, no malicious editing has been used to enhance the appearance of the displayed safety signs workplace. Therefore, the package you receive will be the same as the one you wanted. 

This means that each photo we use is a representation of what our inventory has24 of. We do not use any click baits.

2.12 Do You Produce Prototypes before Mass Production of Safety Signs Workplace?

Every production company knows the value of planning. Without a plan, the signs produced will not be of the expected levels. 

Coming up with prototypes for safety signs workplace is helpful. For one, it allows room for any needed correction and edits. 

Additionally, the prototypes allow us to first abide by all the regulations and requirements. Therefore, by the end of the production process, we will be having safety signs workplace that meets all the standards. 

2.13 Do Your Safety Signs Workplace Fade Out Over Time?

Durable Safety Signs Workplace
Figure 9. Durable Safety Signs Workplace

One thing about our safety signs workplace is they are of the best possible quality. Therefore, you are assured that they will serve you for a long time before you can be needed to replace them. 

Even though our safety signs workplace is of high quality, you should also play a part in ensuring that they last for longer. For example, you should not let dust and dirt accumulate on them; they will get damaged faster. 

2.14 Can I Share My Safety Signs Workplace with You?

Yes, you can. We welcome ideas from our clients into our production process. This means that if you share your designs with us, we will produce safety signs workplace just as you want them. 

The reason why we welcome clients to share their designs is the fact that we acknowledge and appreciate diversity. Therefore, we want you to have a safety signs workplace that gets packages the job done for you easily. 

Sharing your ideas with us will allow you to capture the detailed information that would have been omitted by standard safety signs workplace. Therefore, feel free to share with us!

2.15 Should I Expect Quality Safety Signs Workplace from You?

Yes. All our products are made with high-quality materials. The metal used to make them is dense, hard, and not easily corroded. Additionally, the paint used to write these safety signs workplace is also top tier.

3.0 Order and Payment

Ordering Process for Safety Signs Workplace
Figure 10. Ordering Process for Safety Signs Workplace

3.1 Do I Have to be Physically at the Factory to Pick my Safety Signs Workplace?

No, you do not. We are available online. We are all about convenience. Therefore, you do not have to visit the factory, even if you want to see the safety signs workplace samples. 

3.2 What Information Do You Need When I Am Placing My Order?

Yes, you will have to submit a couple of details before your order can be finalized. This will allow for easier identification and delivery. 

Some of the common details include

  • Names
  • Identification number
  • Personal details 
  • Residence details
  • Bank details
  • The types of safety signs workplace you want
  • The number of safety signs

3.3 Do You Have Free Samples for Safety Signs Chemistry?

Yes, we do. We believe that all our safety signs workplace is top quality. For this reason, we allow our customers to access several free samples.

As a client, getting free samples is essential. It will allow you to gauge the safety signs workplace and help you make an informed decision on whether to buy.

3.4 Do You Give Discounts to Your Safety Signs Workplace Customers?

Businesses offer their clients discounts, especially those that place large orders. We are no different. We also offer discounts whenever you buy a certain amount of safety signs workplace. 

The reason why we give discounts is that we have our customers in mind. We also want you to save some money when buying safety signs workplace. 

3.5 Do You Have Time Limits Safety Signs Workplace Orders?

No, we do not. Our online support team is open for you 24/7. This means that you can contact us at your convenience, be it late in the night or early in the morning. 

The good thing about our customer service is that they also offer additional services. For example, you can contact them and discuss the various designs that you require. 

3.6 What are the Minimum and Maximum Number of Safety Signs Workplace that I Can Order?

The good thing about us is that we maintain manageable limit to the number of safety signs that you can order for resell with large profit margins. 

Therefore, whenever you want to purchase safety signs workplace from us, the only thing you must consider is your budget.

Additionally, the fact that our prices are quite pocket-friendly also means that you will be getting a bargain. Such deals are unbeatable. 

3.7 Can I Pay with Any Payment Option?

Paying for Safety Signs Workplace
Figure 11. Paying for Safety Signs Workplace

We understand that our customers are diverse. For this reason, we allow multiple payment options. This is advantageous because you will not be left out whenever you want to purchase safety signs workplace. 

For example, we allow deposits directly from the bank as well as through cards. 

You can also pay for your safety signs workplace using e-wallets and other online payment platforms such as WeChat and Alipay. 

3.8 What is the Lead Time for Your Safety Signs Workplace?

The time taken will depend on the conditions that prevail when you are replacing an order. 

Additionally, it can also depend on the number of signs you order. 

3.9 Will I Pay for My Designs and Layouts?

No, you will not have to. However, it is important to first inquire about customization prices and costs. This will put you on the safe side.

3.10 How Do I Know that the Order is Successfully Placed?

Once you have selected the safety signs workplace that you want and placed the order, you will receive a notification once it is successful. 

From here, you can now sit back and wait for your signs. 

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Do You Deliver Safety Signs Workplace?

Shipping and Delivery of Safety Signs Workplace
Figure 12. Shipping and Delivery of Safety Signs Workplace

Yes, we do. We deliver our products to our customers, making it easier for you. 

However, it is recommended that you try as much as possible to submit the correct delivery information. This will minimize confusion and mistakes that might arise due to inaccuracy.

4.2 How Reliable is Your Safety Signs Workplace Delivery Service?

One thing you should about us is that we have been in the game for a long time. This means that we have amassed enough experience. We also know a thing or two about the industry. 

Therefore, you should always be confident in our delivery services. Our personnel is skilled enough to deliver your packages in one piece.

4.3 Is Your Packaging Reliable?

Our personnel packages the safety signs workplace firmly and professionally. This raises the chance of your packaging reaching you just like it left the factory. 

4.4 What is the Average Time for Delivery of Safety Signs Workplace?

As a company, we want you to receive your package within the shortest time possible after you have placed your order. Therefore, we try to start working on your orders as soon as they come through. 

Once your safety signs workplace have been packaged, the delivery process begins. The time taken to deliver them will, however, depend on some factors. 

For example, how far are the safety signs workplace being delivered? The distance will dictate the amount of time the person takes to deliver your package. 

Lastly, the conditions at the time of order also matter. For example, the time taken to deliver safety signs workplace during summer will not be the same during winter. 

4.5 What Do I Need to Receive my Order?

Receiving of Signs Package
Figure 13. Receiving of Signs Package

After your order has been sent to you, you will need documentation before receiving it. This will help our personnel to prove that you are indeed the ones who should be receiving the package.

4.6 Do You Have Location Restrictions on Your Delivery Services?

We have tried as much as possible to develop our delivery services such that we cover a vast customer base. Therefore, we offer our services across different locations. 

However, you should inquire from customer care before placing an order. This will put you on the safe side. You never know!

4.7 Do You Involve Freight forwarders in Your Shipments?

No, we do not. However, freight forwarders can come in handy when you need advice on the best routes to use. Additionally, they have helpful information and can recommend somebody the best modes of transport to use.

4.8 Will I Be Notified When the Safety Signs Workplace Leave the Factory?

We try as much as possible to communicate with you throughout the entire process. This means that everything happening during the delivery will be at your fingertips.

Communication is important in such a process. For example, you will also be notified whenever some changes occur or mistakes that might need correction.

4.9 How Will I Know that My shipment Has Arrived?

As we have mentioned earlier, we try to maintain a steady communication stream between us and you. Therefore, just like you were notified that your order has been successful, you will also be notified when the package arrives.

4.10 Can I Inspect My Safety Signs Workplace when they Arrive?

Our delivery personnel will allow you to inspect your package and see whether it is the one you had ordered.

We encourage our customers to go through a package after delivery. The orders might have mixed up, and you end up with the wrong delivery. Therefore, you should always counter-check your package. 

4.11 What If I Don't Receive My Safety Signs Workplace Delivery?

Such cases are rare. However, if such a thing happens, you are advised to contact us as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

It is important to note that the information you submit for delivery should be accurate. A small commission or mistake might have us delivering your package to the wrong residence. 

We always advise our clients to counter-check their delivered information to see whether it is accurate before confirming. Such practices allow you to spot and rectify any mistakes that might arise.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Replacement of Safety Signs Workplace
Figure 14. Replacement of Safety Signs Workplace

5.1 Do You Have a Replacement Policy for Safety Signs Workplace?

Yes, we do. There are situations where you can receive replacements in inquiry. For example, you might receive the wrong delivery or the wrong type of safety signs workplace, different from what you had ordered.  

In such a situation, you are advised to communicate with us as soon as possible for the replacement process to begin.

5.2 Do You Have a Return Policy on Your Safety Signs Workplace?

In addition to replacements, we also have a return policy on safety signs workplace. This means that you can return safety signs that do not match your order.

5.3 How Will I Know that a Defective Safety Sign Workplace Has Been Replaced?

We are always in contact with you from the start of the process to the end. Therefore, since you notify us about a defective safety sign, the return process will be initiated, and you will have your replacement within no time. 

5.4 How Long Do Replacements Take to be Returned to Me?

First, the severity of the defect or mistake will dictate the amount of time it takes for us to replace your safety sign. However, you should rest assured that every effort is being done to correct the mistake as fast as possible.

5.5 Can I Return the Safety Signs Workplace for Redesigning if they Do Not Match My Preferences?

Yes, you can. We allow such return services. However, you should communicate with our customer support first to be given the necessary guidelines and directions.

5.6 What Should I Do If I Do Not Receive the Return?

These are rare cases. However, it is advisable to contact us as soon as you have the delivery delays. We will make the necessary follow-ups and update you accordingly.

5.7 How Soon Should I Contact You for a Return if I Receive Defective Safety Signs Workplace?

As mentioned before, we advise our customers to inspect their packages as soon as they get delivered to them. This way, a mistake or defect will be noted, and the return process initiated.

However, if you notice defective safety signs later, contact us as soon as possible. Our assistance will assist you accordingly.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Figure 15. Cancellation and Refund Policy

6.1 Do You Have a Cancellation Policy?

Yes, we do. You can cancel your order at your convenience.

6.2 Do You Offer Refunds on Cancellations?

Yes, we do. Once the cancellation is successful, your money will be refunded.

6.3 Can I Get a Refund if I Don't Get the Delivery?

We ensure that all our orders have been attended to accordingly. However, if you do not receive the delivery, you can initiate a cancellation. Your money will be refunded once the prices are finalized.

6.4 Can I Order Again after a Successful Cancellation?

Yes, you can. You can order again as soon as the cancellation is confirmed.

6.5 Will I Be Notified After a Successful Cancellation?

Yes, you will.

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