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At Foison Metal, the whole workforce treats the products as extensions of themselves. Our Safety Symbol Names are custom-made with a variety of processes to meet our client’s precise specifications and pricing needs. 

Moreover, the after-sales reviews and ratings prove the guaranteed exceptional results for your brand. We can assure you that our products were made of high-graded materials with the touch of your style and specifications. 

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Foison Metal’s Safety Symbol Names Meet the Highest Standards, that Goes Beyond the Expectations of Customers, Customized for You

Explosive Material Hazard

This symbol indicates that chemicals with explosive properties are present in the area.

Machine Safety Signs

Keep workers aware of the dangers of using machines with these Safety Symbol Names

Low Temperature

The symbol denotes low temperature or cryogenic hazards that are often below freezing point and stored with chemicals such as liquid nitrogen.

Custom Engraved Signs

The best choice to have your signs customized according to your needs and specifications


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As a reliable safety symbol names maker, we supply affordable yet quality names and signages. With our products, you will be able to communicate information to our trained workforce.

Foison Metal will also help you stay within the boundaries of the laws and regulations, while also ensuring that the necessary safety procedures are strictly followed, thus, enhancing productivity.

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Our dedicated customer service staff will be happy to discuss your questions about your safety symbol names, until they understand exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and will work with you to find the right solution.

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The Safety Symbol Names Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is are Safety Symbol Names?

shows a safety symbol name
figure 1 shows a safety symbol name

Safety symbol names is a sign that provides warning of possible hazard areas and provides mandatory instructions to the users to take immediate action. For instance, wear your protective gear, Use the exit route provided, and so on.

With safety symbol names the information is conveyed via text that is printed on the sign. These names should be large enough to convey the intended instructions to the users.

You can install these safety symbol names anywhere if the message is clear to the users.

1.2 What benefits do Safety Symbol Names pose to the users?

Safety symbol names provide enormous benefits to the different users in different work locations. These benefits include:

  • Safety symbol names in workplaces provide instructions to the employees of possible hazards and how to evade them. The employees should always remain aware and careful while working in these places.
  • You can use safety symbol names to provide directions to users in case of an emergency. For instance, in case of a fire, an exit sign is important to show the employee an escape route.
  • They provide clear visual information. This enhances fast interpretation by the users. 
  • For the case of drivers on the road, they indicate information of the nearest town. They also indicate gas fueling stations.
  • Safety symbol names play a vital role for new employees in the workstation. They provide warnings and instructions of possible danger if the employee is not extra cautious.
  • They provide precaution for workers operating in areas with high spillage of chemicals. This means the workers should always wear protective gear.

1.3 Where can I possibly find safety symbol names?

possible areas to find safety symbol names
figure 2 possible areas to find safety symbol names

There are endless ways of enhancing the safety of individuals from all different working environments. The use of safety symbol names is one of them. There are no restrictions on the different locations you can display safety symbol names.

Some of the places you will find displays of safety symbol names include;

  • Walls
  • Boards
  • Buildings
  • Entrance and exit doors
  • Operational machines and equipment
  • Roads 
  • Transportation containers
  • Tools among other visible areas.

1.4 Which safety symbols are appropriate for my business?

For you to determine which safety symbol name best suits the different workstations of the business, you should first conduct a thorough assessment. This entails evaluating what type of risk each workstation poses to the users and the equipment used.

For instance, after identifying the possible hazard areas, you will put a safety symbol name as a reminder to the workers. A good example is a slippery floor, you can indicate the names on the floor (slippery floor) or use a physical sign.

In most cases, the employee will become more familiar with these safety symbol names to an extent of ignorance. Therefore, it is advisable to constantly change the safety symbol names from time to time. You can achieve this by using a different color or place it a few distances from the location.

1.5 Is there a specified space distance between one safety symbol name and another?

Yes. Spacing of one safety symbol names from the next one is important in the following ways;

  • It allows easy visualization of the safety symbol names by the intended users.
  • It prevents cramping together of safety symbol signs which will result in confusion among the users.
  • Allows you to pay attention to every safety symbol name in that location.
  • It is therefore important to factor in how you distance the safety symbols names to deliver or instruct on one safety symbol name at a time.

1.6 What are the materials used in making safety symbol names?

At Foison Metal, we prioritize making quality safety symbol names and as result, our materials are the best quality. Some of the materials we use include;

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • PVC plastic
  • Permanent and Removable Vinyl
  • Magnets; this most applies to safety symbol names to be attached to machines and equipment.

1.7 How long can a safety symbol name last?

The durability of safety symbol names depends on the materials used. Also, the adverse environmental condition affects how long the safety symbol names last.

The materials should be prone to strong heat and sun rays that may result in fading of the safety symbol names. This applies mostly on roads.

Most are the times where there are changes in climatic conditions and heavy or snow will cover these safety symbol names. They should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

We recommend that you use materials that are long-lasting to produce safety symbol names. This saves on time and unnecessary costs.

1.8 How can I classify the safety symbol name?

Classification of safety symbol names is regulated by OSHA and ANSI standards to evaluate their performance and whether they deliver the intended information.

Safety symbol names convey different information. the following are some classifications of safety symbol names;

Prohibition safety symbol names

prohibition safety symbol
figure 3 prohibition safety symbol

They provide instructions of possible dangers and instruct on possible ways of evading these dangers. Examples of prohibition safety symbol names include;

  • Do Not Enter
  • No Access for unauthorized persons
  • Do not touch.

Warning safety symbol names

Warning safety symbol name
Figure 4 Warning safety symbol name

They are used in areas where there is a high degree of danger which may result in severe injuries or death. You should be careful and maintain all precaution measures to avoid constant accidents. They include;

  • Electric shocks
  • Magnetic fields
  • Biological hazards 
  • General warning safety symbol names.

Mandatory safety symbol names

mandatory safety symbol
figure 5 mandatory safety symbol

Mandatory safety symbol names are normally blue and contain the text message at the center of the sign. They depict escape routes, first aid equipment, emergency exits, wear protective glasses, wash hands among others.

Mandatory safety symbol names are highly regulated by the law to ensure the different work stations enforce this policy.

Emergency safety symbol names

example of manadatory safety symbol
figure 6 example of manadatory safety symbol

Emergency safety symbol names indicate possible evacuation measures when an emergency occurs. This sign should be clear enough to prevent confusion among the users during this moment.

These emergency safety symbol names can be placed on doors, escape routes, equipment, and facilities. They include;

  • Eyewash station
  • Emergency exit/escape route
  • First aid kit.

1.9 What are the distinctive features of safety symbol names?

Safety symbol names have distinct features that make them stand out among other signs. These features bring out the real information and instructions they provide. We look at each of the classifications to determine what features they have.

Prohibition safety symbol names

They contain features such as;

  • They are round
  • Contain a white background and the letter text is black
  • The surrounding edges are always red.

Mandatory safety symbol names

These features include:

  • They are round
  • The background color is always blue with white letter text.

Emergency safety symbol names

Emergency safety symbol names contain the following features;

  1. They are rectangular or square
  2. The background color is green with white letter text

Warning safety symbol names.

The features include;

  • They are triangular
  • The background color is always yellow with black letter text
  • The edges are black all around.

1.10 How do you enhance the efficiency of safety symbol names?

When using safety symbol names, you should ensure they achieve the intended purpose. Among this purpose is the efficiency of the safety symbol names. This means they should be working well in conveying the information.

To enhance efficiencies, you should consider the following factors;

The proximity of the safety symbol names: You should not install/mount safety symbol names with different information closer together. Placing them together results in confusion among the users

Additionally, you shouldn’t place different safety symbol names on one piece of a signboard. This deters how the users interpret the message. This normally occurs in construction sites.

Size of the safety symbol names: They should be unambiguous to prevent conflicting information for the users. For instance, if you have two safety symbol names one for prohibition and the other for mandatory instructions these two pieces of information will be conflicting.

Enforcement of the safety symbol names: You should always be aware of where to place the different types of safety symbol names. This reduces the possibility of danger around the workplace. For instance, you cannot place a “NO SMOKING” safety symbol name 10m away from a company dealing with highly flammable products.

You must always be ready to always enforce safety symbol names. If there is a door left open and the sign beside it is ‘’ NO ENTRY’’ this is not realistic.

1.11 Why are safety symbol names regularly cleaned?

The main reason for having safety symbol names is to instruct and convey information to the users or workers in different working environments. If safety symbol names are not effective, then there is no need of having them at all.

To achieve the purposes, they should be regularly cleaned too;

  • Increase visibility to the users
  • You will be able to determine defective safety symbol names and replace them.
  • Regular cleaning increases the longevity of the safety symbol names.
  • It allows repainting of faded safety symbol names.

You can clean safety symbols names in the following ways;

  • Dusting especially those that are mounted along roads.
  • Wiping using a moist soft cloth for safety symbol names mounted on walls
  • Those that are painted on the surface floor regular mopping of the floor will enhance visibility.

1.12 Is there a procedural format to follow while installing safety symbols names?

There are procedures to follow while installing safety symbol names. For you to install any safety symbol names you should evaluate the surrounding environment to know where to place each safety symbol name. The identified surfaces should be smooth to allow the adhesion of these signs.

After identifying the surface to install the safety symbol names, carefully remove the backing of the safety symbol names. This allows you to mount these signs. You should be extra cautious to prevent leaving bubbles between the surface which will reduce adherence.

In case, you are using drill nails to ensure they are firm to prevent having loose safety symbol names.

For safety symbol names used on roads, you should install them at a standard height where they are visible to all users.

Well-installed safety symbols names are attractive and the users can spot them from afar because the colors are well depicted hence ease of interpretation of the information.

1.13 What are ANSI and OSHA standards requirements for safety symbol names?

Under OSHA standards all safety symbol names should be able to instruct, identify and convey information to the users of possible hazards around the working environment.

It also requires you to specify specific locations where you can use the safety symbol names.

For ANSI standards it requires you to adhere to all regulations set especially during the manufacturing process. This detail entails;

  • Choice of color for warning symbol names
  • Standard size for safety symbol names
  • The size and letter style 

Word choice is always pinpoint the first word to convey the message as the other message comes after. The word message should only be factual and straight to the point.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Can I get a free sample of safety symbol names?

Yes. We provide free samples. Our company values you and the extreme trust you bestow in us to design and manufacture the safety symbol names therefore we do not charge or request these free samples. You can remain with the sample for further evaluation and review.

For more information on free samples contact us, we are more than glad to help.

2.2 How long does it take to design a sample before coming up with the final product?

To determine the duration of designing a sample of safety symbol names, we factor in how complex the safety symbol names are even if this does not hinder us from designing it within the shortest time possible.

You should always provide the timeline for our manufacturers to give you a quality and up to the standard product.

On a normal basis, we can take 1 to 2 days to design safety symbol names.

2.3 What do you look out for while choosing the right materials for safety symbol names?

material consideration for safety symbol names
figure 7 material consideration for safety symbol names

How will it be when the safety symbol names you rely upon to assist and provide guidance are cracked, faded, or even broken. Every corner of the workplace will be messy due to a lack of proper information.

Constant accidents will always be encountered because there are no safety symbol names to indicate any possible hazards.

 You should consider;

  • The durability of the material. Materials such as Aluminum are highly durable and affordable too. The materials you choose will determine how often you replace safety symbol names.
  • Longevity of the material while used on safety symbol names. This determines the duration that safety symbol names will be of service to you.
  • The appearance of the safety symbol names. How safety symbol names appear to reflect the reactions of the users who are based in different working environments.

Safety symbol names that are eye-catching will attract more attention thus adherence to the provided instructions on safety symbol names.

  • Budget: you should have budget constraints not to over or underspend on materials for safety symbol names. You should always choose materials that are affordable and are of high quality.
  • Environmental conditions surrounding the place you install safety symbol names. Choosing the right material that can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rains, strong heat rays might cause fading of the safety symbol names.

Before making any decision on the best materials for safety symbol names contact us, we have experts who deal only with material selection.

2.4 Am I assured of safety symbol names durability?

We assure quality and more durable safety symbol names. We have a qualified team and they adhere to the instructions you give for the safety symbol names. To ensure durability we use materials that you suggest for us and sometimes we can supplement our material options to ensure you get quality and long-lasting safety symbol names.

We also factor in the mounting fixtures of the safety symbol names. If these signs are mounted well there will be fewer damages for instance loosely hanging safety symbol names which will reduce the durability of the safety symbol name.

We provide manuals on how to best mount these safety symbol names.

2.5 Do you have a pictorial interface for the selection of different designs?

Yes. We have these interfaces on our platform where you can view all the safety symbol names we provide. This interface is user-friendly and we can assure you of easy navigation. 

We have categorically placed these designs according to the types of safety symbol names. This feature allows you to specifically choose from one category and not the whole safety symbol names.

All we require from you is verification credentials that we must approve first for you to log in to our platform.

For assistance contact us, we are more than willing to help out.

2.6 What form of assistance do you provide to customers who are unable to choose right?

customer service platform
figure 8 customer service platform

We extremely value our customers and we are ready at any time of the day to provide guidance and support where need be. We will help you select what you need.

We request you to write or call us and give a general description of the designs you want for safety symbol names. We evaluate the design you provide and if it’s achievable from our side. If we can achieve this design, we will respond to you with a customized sample which you should review before approving.

Do not hesitate to ask for help, contact us today.

2.7 Is there a specification of the text format for safety symbol names?

According to the ANSI standards, the text format of the safety symbol names is determined by different factors that reduce the injuries or accidents to the users. 

These factors include target audience knowledge of a possible danger reaction timeframes of the users when they spot a possible danger.

To ensure that the text format is in line with these standards you should ensure;

  • Proper use of headline style text
  • Always use active voice statements
  • Avoid prepositional statements
  • Use upper and lower cases letters

2.8 What do different background colors signify in safety symbol names?

Colors are essential in determining what different safety symbol names mean. These colors include

  • Yellow: provides a warning to the user. Users or workers in different working environments are required to be careful and take precaution measures.
  • Blue: these are mandatory signs that provide instruction to the users to behave in a certain manner or take a possible action to avoid danger. For instance, use of PPE while working in a hazardous environment.
  • Green: they indicate possible escape routes and exit doors in case of an emergency. Also, they indicate the availability of a first aid kit in a certain location in case of accidents or injuries.

2.9 What do different shapes represent in safety symbols' names?

safety symbol names shapes
figure 9 safety symbol names shapes

Safety symbol names come with different shapes that convey different meanings. These shapes include;

  • Triangular shapes represent warning safety symbol names.
  • The circular shape represents mandatory safety symbol names
  • Rectangular shapes represent the emergency safety symbol names.

2.10 Can I get my customized safety symbol name design immediately?

Yes. We can deliver the customized safety symbol names immediately after a complete production process. We require you to provide desired packaging options and accurate address location and you will get the customized safety symbol names at the doorstep.

2.11 How big should a safety symbol name be?

Safety symbol names should be unambiguous to enhance visual aspects and better clarity. This factor prevents confusion among the users.

3.0 Order and payment

steps involved while making an order
figure 10 steps involved while making an order

3.1 How can I place safety symbols' names in order?

The simple processes we provide to you give a step-by-step way of making an order. As indicated earlier we have a pictorial platform where we display all the samples of safety symbol names we provide.

What you need to do is select the design you prefer for safety symbol names 

After selecting the design, add it to the order form and complete all the relevant information we provide. After this is done you can place the order and wait for a successful submission notification.

On our side, we will receive this order and begin the review process and we will later send you a notification for a successful and approved order.

3.2 What is the minimum time you can take to process an order?

We are a committed team and providing fast and efficient services to you is our number one goal. The main determinant is when you make an order. We do not work during the weekends to allow our team to have ample time to rest.

If you make an order on weekends, we will receive it but the review process will have to wait for normal working days. On normal working days, we will take 3 to 4 days to verify and confirm the order.

Note in case the safety symbol names are urgently needed our team will put into consideration this factor and process the order faster.

3.3 what information should I include in my safety symbol names order?

We always recommend the provision of all the relevant information which is accurate to enable our team to deliver quality services. We provide an order form on our online platform which entails the information we require from you. This information includes;

  • Bank information
  • Personal information
  • Information regarding the safety symbol names you require. For instance, size and colors
  • Accurate address location
  • Quantity of goods you are ordering

3.4 Do you accept online payments?

mode of online payment
Figure 11 mode of online payment

Yes. We do accept online payments. We have partnered with well-known online payments platforms to receive all payments regardless of country of origin.

These online platforms allow you to transact from any part of the world. They include;

  • PayPal
  • Master card
  • Bank cheques
  • T/T

3.5 If I make a wrong entry while ordering, can I change it?

This is normally the wrong step and it takes our team way back to try and collect this mistake. In some cases, it is achievable to collect this mistake if the order if it’s yet to undergo approval.

In case of order approval, you cannot change the wrong entry which will greatly have an impact on the safety symbol names manufactured. 

We greatly advise if you have trouble filling the form contact our team for guidance.

3.6 What is the minimum order can I make at a go?

We do not have a limit on how many safety symbol names you can order but rather the prices of safety symbol names will affect you directly. This means if you order a large amount of safety symbol names the lower the cost.

Ordering for one or a few items will cost you heavily since the cost of production on our site is set as that of producing many safeties symbol names.

For inquiries of the quantity of safety, symbol names contact us.

3.7 On average how much does a safety symbol name cost?

Different types of safety symbols vary in cost due to the distinctive features. To determine the cost of safety symbol names we consider the following factors;

  • The average time spent during production
  • The cost of materials used in making safety symbol names
  • The size of the safety symbol name
  • We also consider the distance traveled during shipping and delivery.

In the case of mandatory safety symbol names, they cost between $ 3 to $ 4o

For warning safety symbol names, they cost from $ 1 to $ 20

3.9 Are you limited to specific working hours?

shows customer services
figure 12 shows customer services

No. Our team works all through to provide the best services to you. Therefore you can place an order at any time. We will help you through while making the order, we are available 24/7 to assist.

Call us today for any assistance

3.10 Am I liable for any charges if I use your sample designs?

Absolutely no. We do not request any payments if you use our sample designs of safety symbol names to come up with the design you want.

These sample designs we offer are meant to provide guidance and if there are any notable errors, you should notify us to make appropriate changes.

3.11 How do you confirm a successful order placement?

Order placement is a cycle that requires accurate review and evaluation before approval. Our experts will carefully review the placed order and determine if the design is achievable. If it’s the case, a notification will be sent to you via mail or in some cases via text message to confirm the successful placement of the order.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How fast can you deliver safety symbol names to me?

Foison Metal has grown over time and therefore we have partnered with the best and fastest couriers in the world to make shipping and delivery easier.

After inspection and verification of safety symbol names shipment by the couriers, the shipping process begins immediately.

Sometimes the distance of the specified location and harsh weather conditions may tend to delay the shipping process. But on our site, we try to deliver the shipment as soon as we can.

On average shipping can take 14 to 30 days depending on the factors we stated earlier. For special cases, we fasten this process to 10 to 15 days, and then you will have the shipment.

4.2 What courier services do you provide?

couriers used in shipping
figure 13 couriers used in shipping

As we stated above our partnership with the best courier services in the world, we can attest to the best services they will provide to you. You will not need to raise an alarm of doubts if we recommend their services to you. Some of these couriers include;

  • Fed Express
  • DHL
  • TNT
  • UPS
  • Aramex
  • EMS among others

4.3 Is it possible to track my shipment?

Yes. It is possible to track safety symbol names during shipping. Remember we said we issue a notification to you for a successful placement order. This notification comes along with a tracking number that allows you to constantly monitor the shipment.

Another benefit of tracking the shipment is to prevent theft along the way. With this tracking number, you are almost assured that safety symbol names are secure.

4.4 Am I liable for the shipping charges or is it the company's responsibility?

The liability of shipping charges is confusing. Normally, while making payments for the order, we provide you with the total cost which is inclusive of the shipping and delivery charges.

You do not pay directly to the courier but rather we pay the charges on your behalf.

With this information in mind, you should be aware that you are liable for the shipping charges of the safety symbol names.

4.5 What are the factors to consider before shipping safety symbol names?

Here are some factors you should consider before shipping;

  • Distance to the specified address location
  • Type of safety symbol names been shipped
  • Quantity of the safety symbol names
  • Adverse weather conditions.

4.6 Do you do worldwide deliveries or are there restrictions on location?

We value our customers therefore, regardless of the distance of the address location, we will still deliver.

A happy customer response keeps us moving. Do not hesitate to order from us wherever you are.

4.7 How safe are your packaging options?

We can assure you; we provide the best packaging options to enhance the safety of safety symbol names. Regardless of surrounding conditions, safety symbol names shipment will deliver the shipment safely.

For a special packaging option, write to us indicating all the descriptions.

4.8 Can I involve other parties to ship my safety symbol names?

We do not provide any restrictions on who you can use to ship these products but rather we refer you to our best courier.

If you have other parties like third parties brokers, you can comfortably involve them. All we require is a notification before we approach our couriers.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 Am I liable for replacement charges?

This normally depends on who is at fault from both sides. If we examine and find the mistake is on our side, for instance, if we send goods, you did not order, we are liable for the charges including the shipping fees.

For the case where you enter the wrong information, we can prove that you will be liable for the replacement charges.

5.2 How long should I take before returning the safety symbol names?

The first you do after the arrival of safety symbol names is to conduct an inspection. This process should take only 48 hours. If you find the need to return safety symbol names, do it within the next 24 hours, otherwise, we might reject these products.

5.3 My expectations were not met, what should I do?

We are here to provide the best qualities of safety symbol names. Therefore, in case of dissatisfaction write a complaint on our platform and our team will get back to you with possible solutions such as new designs.

5.4 Can you offer assistance if you need a replacement or returns?

If you need assistance on the procedural way of returning or replacing safety symbol names, you should reach out to us on our online platform or contact our team.

5.6 Should I return the whole package or only the damaged products?

returns and replacements
figure 14 returns and replacements

By any chance you find that safety symbol names are defective, we advise you to return the whole package for further examinations. Our expert team will carry out this examination on each safety symbol name to determine if there is any other unseen anomaly.

5.7 Can I keep track of my replaced products?

You can track the safety symbol names any time you want. We do not provide any restrictions to this service. Therefore, feel free to track and raise any queries to us about the replaced safety symbol names.

5.8 Do you notify me when a replacement is successful?

Yes. we will send a notification for the successful replacement of safety symbol names. We notify you by sending a mail or a text message.

6.0 Cancellation and Returns

6.1 Why do I need a refund policy?

Figure 15 importance of a refund policy
Figure 15 importance of a refund policy

You need a refund policy to make it clear how the company operates based on these terms. We do not process cash refunds nor do we accept credit cash which takes 7 days to mature. To prevent exploitation, we have posted our refund policy on our online platform and we request total adherence to the terms and conditions.

6.3 Are the consequences if I cancel my order after shipping?

Yes, there are dire consequences such as;

  • The safety symbol names shipment will get lost along the way
  • There is no full refundability of the actual amount.
  • You cannot receive the shipment even though we have the address location. We track it back to our company.

6.4 Do you allow last-minute cancellation of safety symbol orders?

We do allow this process since you have a decision to cancel the order. We do advocate for it 100% because of the immense effects it causes on our side. Normally we experience chargebacks and we must negotiate to come to a consensus.

We recommend canceling the order and first stage before beginning the production of safety symbol names.

6.5 Refund policy is made up of different elements, what are these elements?

This document normally contains our set of rules and terms that guide how our company operates. This document is made up of three elements which are;

  • Cost of refunds
  • Duration in which you can return safety symbol names
  • Form of refund

6.6 Can I get my refund immediately?

No, We normally take 3 to 5 working days to process the refunds from our side.

 On the other hand, depending on what form of payment you use, especially through bank cheques or credit cards, it may take 7 to 14 days for you to get the refund back.

Send us a free inquiry request

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