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Foison Metal: Expertise in Crafting Essential Safety Symbols for Science

Discover the world of safety symbols for science with Foison Metal! At Foison Metal, we’re experts in creating essential safety symbols that keep your laboratory and scientific environments secure.

Our symbols are designed to be clear and universally understood, ensuring the safety of your team and experiments. With years of experience, Foison Metal is your trusted source for high-quality safety symbols.

We take pride in our commitment to precision and compliance with industry standards. When you choose Foison Metal, you’re choosing safety, quality, and peace of mind. Explore our range of science safety symbols today and make your laboratory a safer place for everyone.

About Our Service


We are a direct China manufacturer that offers the lowest minimum quantity orders for safety symbols.


We are a certified China manufacturer that is able to produce metal goods in large quantities.


Our team consist of professional designers and engineers that help you produce high-quality metal goods.


Since 2005, we have worked with hundreds of clients worldwide crafting customized orders for wholesale.


No matter where you are located, we promise that our couriers can reach your destination, upon the given time frame.


Free assistance is provided for you to complete your designs. No design yet? No problem! We can help you execute your ideas.

Free Samples

To test out the durability of our metal signs, we sent out free generic 10-15 generic sample.

Fast Production

We are equipped with high-tech machines and has enough manpower to produce bulk orders as fast as 15-20 days.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Safety Symbols for Science Comply with the Highest Standards, Designed for the Precise Needs of Your Company

Hazard Symbols Science

Clear graphics and universal color used in producing science safety symbol.

Science Lab Symbols

Concise and easy to read symbol that is essential for laboratory security and safety.

Science Lab Safety Symbols

Your key to clear and universally recognized safety communication in the laboratory.

Science Danger Symbols

Clear and essential signage for hazard recognition in scientific environments.


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Careless mistakes tend to be a reason on spending more. You can lessen these liabilities by putting up proper precautionary safety symbols for science. 

Foison Metal’s efficient and reliable team will help and allow you to change colors, update the font, and drag and drop elements in and out of your design all within a short time.

Whether you’re a public or private unit, or just wanting to put up precautions, Foison Metal has thousands of flexible, designer-made safety symbols for science, perfect for your company and employees.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Choose from matte or glossy safety symbols for science made from high-quality aluminum.

Targeted Purpose

Our products are designed specifically for your needs and their expected purpose.

Reasonable Price

Our price range is affordable, combined with premium quality products.


We always expand and research regarding our products to cater to clients as they upgrade their needs.

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Foison Metal is the Number One Trusted Brand of Safety Symbols for Science

Trust Foison Metal: Your top choice for safety symbols for science. We’re the go-to brand for precision, quality, and clarity in laboratory setting. Join our countless satisfied customers who rely on us for top-tier safety solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What are Safety symbols for science?

safety symbols for science
figure 1 safety symbols for science.

Safety symbols for science mean the danger symbols or caution symbols that are known worldwide. They are mostly used to warn about dangerous materials, places, and things which include toxins, electric fields, and radioactive conditions or things. 

The use of danger symbols is in most cases governed by rules and stipulated by merited organizations

1.2 Where can you find safety symbols for science?

Safety symbols for science can be found in manufacturing companies, laboratories, chemical containers, and also in mining fields just to mention a few.

1.3 Why choose safety symbols for science?

They are important communicating mechanisms where verbal methods are not applicable. They help to indicate many of the dangers that exist at sites, factories, and labs. 

Also, they are used to warn employees to constantly keep a keen eye on the dangers that exist within their working environments.

1.4 How do you know a symbol is a safety symbol for science?

You will know a symbol is a safety symbol for science when a symbol is recognizable as graphical signs to warn or identify dangers associated with the area or an object. Most general safety symbols of science include:

  • General warning 
  • Biohazards
  • Poisonous materials
  • Highly flammable materials
  • Radiation areas

1.5 What process and procedure does it require in creating the safety symbols for science?

When a lab or factory contains biohazard materials, a worker is required to put on protective clothing and shoes that leave less exposure to the skin, thus a biohazard symbol is put in place for the same.

Not advisable to eat or drink in labs due to the likelihood of food or drink contamination that can cause food poisoning.

In places where there is a radiation emission symbol for radioactivity effect is put in place to warn of the imminent dangers to radiation exposure.

In places where there are flammable materials, industrial safety, fire prevention symbols are put in place. Like the exit symbol in case of fire, alarm sign.

1.6 What materials are used in creating safety symbols for science?

Depending on the scientific experiment being done at a given manufacturing industry or lab, a place may have hazardous chemicals being produced, harmful gases and substances, flammable things, and even glass material that at times pose danger even to the workers. Thus, most materials used include:

safety symbols for science
figure 4 aluminum safety symbol
  • Aluminum-able to withstand heavy amounts of corrosion.
  • Vinyl-it is strong and durable
  • PVC plastic-because of its lightweight being able to be moved anywhere.
  • Magnetic-mostly is placed on machines and electrical panels.

1.7 Can you guarantee the quality of the material used in creating the safety symbols for science?

Yes, we can guarantee the quality used in creating the safety symbol because before the creation of the symbols. We take steps in choosing where and what we should use under the nature of the environment and chemicals being produced. 

For example, if you want to put a safety symbol for science in a factory dealing with hazardous gas emissions, we may use aluminum that can withstand high amounts of corrosion with even harsh conditions.

1.8 Are safety symbols for science effective in all weather conditions?

Safety symbols for science can withstand all weather conditions given that most of them are made from different types of materials. Safety symbols for science serve different types of purposes in different areas considering the type of hazardous condition existing.

1.9 What information does safety symbols for science have?

The main information contained in safety symbols for science include:

  • The General warning found in most labs that act as reminders to especially workers n also visitors that the area may contain risks and should tread carefully
  • The biohazard symbol that mostly warns of the equipment or area under work may contain hazardous material thus risk contamination thus advised to put on proper protective gear such as mask, gloves or boots.
  • Materials susceptible to the explosion, this symbol mostly shows that chemicals with risk of explosion may be in existence in that particular area. Chemicals like nuclear reactions, chemical mixtures that when done wrong can explode.
  • Toxic materials symbol that mostly indicates a warning of the existence of poisonous substances that could prove fatal when came into contact with a person’s skin or inhaled.
  • The ionizing Radiation symbol indicates the presence of harmful radiation and is mostly found on x-ray equipment and particle accelerators.

1.10 Are safety symbols for science only applicable to science?

The safety symbols for science are not only applicable to science but the other fields such as:     

The danger symbol is used mostly in the manufacturing industry to warn of the possible risk of being electrocuted in case you come close to a place where the voltage is high. At the same time is used in electrical posts along roads and homesteads where the fence is electrical

The safety symbol is used to notify members of the general public and also workers to keep certain places clean, maybe to avoid infections or any other form of antigens in the area, and is used both in science labs, industries, and business premises.

1.11 Why is it important to install safety symbols of science?

The most significant function of a safety symbol is to remind employees to be alert and aware of the need or situation. Safety signs can be placed anywhere and can provide all the business information you need to keep your work in a safe place in the workplace.

1.12 What is the risk information being portrayed by the safety symbols for science?

The risk information being portrayed by the safety symbol for science include;

  • Prohibition symbol that gives a message of a possible danger that requires one not to go any further
  • Warning symbols that portray messages of one to be careful and take precautions of the nearby dangers.
  • Mandatory symbols that give information about a particular behavior.
  • An emergency symbol that gives the direction of action in case of an emergency the doors to use and routes for escape and even facilities to use for mitigation of the risk occurred.

1.13 How available are the safety symbols for science?

The safety symbols for science are very much available in all science-related workplaces and industries including the Science labs, manufacturing industries, mining sites, and so forth.

1.14 What are the merits of using safety symbols for science?

Safety symbols are very important in any operating environment. The sole significance of showing symbols of safety is to avoid injuries and to provide workers and visitors with good information about potential hazards and future hazards in given situations or environments.

1.15 What aspects are put into mind when it comes to choosing the safety symbols for science?

Aspects put into consideration when it comes to choosing safety symbols for science include:

  • The nature of the environment concerning the safety symbol being installed.
  • The activities being conducted in an area specified is it mining or just a simple school science lab
  • The kind of chemicals being used because different materials react differently at different degrees of exposure thus the consideration.
  • Durability is also an aspect where some of the safety symbols are expected to last over a long time. Durable material is required in making them.
  • In highly prone to risk areas such as heavy machinery manufacturing industries, safety symbols for science are put into place to avoid the risk of lives and paying large sums of money as compensation to the affected individuals.

1.16 Do the safety symbols for science adhere to the rules of OSHA?

Yes, the safety symbols for science adhere to the rules of OSHA in such a way that;

  • There is a standardization of the symbols and also the colors used.
  • There is the use of words to signal danger and warning signs.
  • There is the letter font and size.
  • The symbol and tag placement.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Are your designs chosen randomly or is there a procedure in making the safety symbols for science?

Our designs are chosen with a specific procedure of place of utilization. Again, the standard procedure required by OSHA is very much adhered to when it comes to the designs as previously discussed.

2.2 Do you share your customized ideas for safety symbols for science?

There will always be enough space for individual customization which has helped us reach the next level of modern safety signage.

Safety symbols are universally used and the spirit of sharing is contagious, you will need one or two ideas to come up with a perfect outcome.

2.3 Can I get safety symbols for science in all sizes?

Yes, you can get safety symbols for science in all sizes as required by the client.

We produce the safety symbols for science according to the standard measure n to client specifications

2.4 Do you have different design categories of safety symbols for science?

Different design categories vary with different places of installation.

Also, different design categories matter with the type of symbol to be placed and for which purpose.

2.5 Are the safety symbols for science in picture form or text?

safety symbols for science
Figure 9 pictorial safety sign

Our community is filled with images of safety symbols – public transport, jobs, shops, groceries, equipment, and more. Unfortunately, these precautions, warnings, and general signs of safety are not always easy to comprehend and are often misunderstood or ignored. 

Thus, the need to make the safety symbols of science both in pictorial format and text as well.

safety symbols for science
figure 10 text form safety sign

2.6 How long-lasting are your safety symbols for science?

Durability is everything when it comes to the production, you as the client deserve the best, safety symbols for science are created in such a manner that it’s able to withstand harsh conditions and last for a very long time without being damaged thus the use of quality materials like aluminum, vinyl, copper, and many others.

2.7 What colors are used in safety symbols for science?

The most common different types of colors used in safety symbols for science include:

  • Yellow for warning, also amber is used for the same purpose
  • Red for danger and prohibited places.
  • Green to indicate first aid, emergency escape routes, and also at times to indicate no danger.
  • Blue as usual is used to indicate the mandatory s symbol.

2.8 Are the safety symbols for science used again and again?

So many safety symbols for science are recycled whereby the biohazard symbols can be used from one company to the other provided they manufacture the same product.

Also, many of the safety symbols are recycled because many are made out of materials that last for a very long time that’s why they can be moved from place to place, especially the plastic material symbols.

2.9 What font sizes are best used in safety symbols for science?

Necessary measures and risks should be explained. Use a font that is easy to read: use a sans-serif font style like Verdana, because the security icon makes every line of text easier to read. And it is also of importance to avoid the use of capital letters in texts of safety symbols.

2.10 Are your safety symbols for science portable or immobile?

Depending on the location to be installed, safety symbols for science come in a variety, some are fixed permanently but some are fixed temporarily just like signs that show be aware of slippery floors. This is an example of a temporary sign.

Some safety symbols for science are fixed permanently and can’t be moved anywhere else. A good example is the biohazard symbol which mostly is made out of aluminum or copper material so much fixed on walls of rooms that contain biohazard components and can’t be moved from there.  

safety symbols for science
figure 12 permanent bioharzard sign

2.11 What is the essential design that safety symbols for science conform to?

Accident prevention safety profiles should use safety symbols, if not known, may cause accidental injuries to workers or damage to public property. Keeping the symbols simple and brief, and making sure they have enough information for clarity of the message.

OSHA safety labels must comply with the same standards as safety symbols. We use the same colors as the symbols. We are consistent in our designs so that our labels look the same as our symbols. 

Design changes can be confusing and take longer to read and understand. Regular label and decal design, colors used, the way safety signs are put in place, and the look of the starting words at the top help communicate essential messages fast.

2.12 What printing technique is used in the safety symbols for science?

Most of the time the thermal transfer printers are used in the printing technique of safety symbols for science.

2.13 Are there temporary designs made or just permanent ones?

As earlier discussed, there are both temporary and permanent safety symbols for science designs made.

Usually, the designs vary with the location of installation, environmental condition, quality, mobility, and durability of the material used.

2.14 Is there a specified number when it comes to the number of customized designs being made?

Yes, we have a quantity of the customized orders you can place with us. Contact us for further information on this. Minimum order quantity helps us in quality and lead times check.

2.15 Can I share my design ideas with you to get my specific requirement of the safety symbols for science?

It’s an idea that is very much welcomed to attain the desired design of a client. This is because, at Foison Metal, we value the feedback of a client and work tirelessly to acquire the satisfaction of a client.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 What is the largest number of orders one can place for safety symbols for science?

There is no specific amount of order one can make thus making it possible to order as many as a person would want without limitation. We encourage bulk orders which are more economic.

3.2 Must one come to the factory to place an order?

The world has evolved and technology has made it possible for one through the internet to go to our website, go through the various safety symbols of science and get to decide what you are ordering without even stepping out of the comfort of your home.

3.3 Before placing an order, can I check the safety symbols for science for authentication’s sake?

All our products are legit and authentic but because of the client’s assurance, we allow clients to ascertain the legitimacy of our products through the Standard bureau mark of trade that our products have been tested and certified by the board.

3.4 Do you provide free samples?

Through the years of our continued professionalism with a mark of quality we have formulated a policy where clients get to be awarded free samples depending on the number of purchases, they make just as a small token of appreciation.

3.5 Can I pay after the safety symbols for science have been delivered?

There is a policy governing the percentage to be paid before goods are delivered and after delivery of goods. Usually, we charge 75% of the total price before goods are delivered and 25% after delivery of goods unless agreed otherwise by the company itself.

3.6 How long does the order take to be put into transit?

It takes a maximum of 24 hrs. after an order for it to be put into transit because the time has taken is for proper documentation for future reference and accountability but not this only happens during the working days.

3.7 Can I be charged for changing my order?

If you cancel or change your order you can’t be charged so long as you do it within the stipulated time frame of 24 hrs. 

If you change your order after the goods have been put into transit you will be charged a fair percentage of the total amount paid due to the charges incurred during transit which is normally 7% of what you paid.

3.8 Do you have a limitation on the number of orders placed?

As discussed earlier, there is no limitation to the number or how much a person can order, and as said we encourage bulk orders for the sake of economical favors.

3.9 Do you have readily available agents who can be reached out any time of the day?

Yes, we have readily available agents strategically placed in various cities where our offices are located, very capable of handling any rising concerns from the clients.

3.10 During an order placing do I need any form of a document?

You don’t need any form of a document during placing of an order, this is because, during the placing of an order through our website or in person, a client provides necessary information like the bank details, address of delivery, residential details, and personal information like name, age and maybe even a signature for various verification procedures that run a long way to cub down fraud activities.

3.11 Are there any after-sale services that I can get after placing an order?

The after-sale services we provide are the entirely free installation service, delivery of goods at doorstep, and discounts on every purchase.

3.12 What happens when my order has not been executed?

This is a rare situation where one has made an order through our website and it fails to go through. Sometimes it can happen when our systems are down or experiencing a technical malfunction or during a system upgrade.

 At Foison Metal, we will always ensure that we give you prior notice and our team of technicians work tirelessly to keep the systems up and running. But in the event of such an occurrence, we usually urge the client to re-order but with a discount as agreed upon.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How are my orders delivered?

Your orders are mostly delivered using shipment, water, road, or air depending on the bulkiness of your order.

4.2 Will my orders reach me as per the stipulated time?

Time and period of shipment to delivery matter with distance and time took for transactions to be completed. But we work around the clock to ensure your goods are delivered on time without any delays within the working days.

4.3 What is your stipulated time of shipping and delivery?

Normally our stipulated time shipping time frame is usually 7-10 working days. But as earlier mentioned this will depend on the nearness of the distance to be covered but we do our best to make sure we deliver on time.

4.4 Do you have a tracking system during the shipping and delivery process?

We normally use cell-based vehicle tracking which is common, whereby our system relays data from the vehicle transporting goods then reports by use of the cell towers.

When cargo is being shipped, we normally use the GPS of tracking which uses satellite to relay information on where and what time a shipment passed where.

Also, we offer tracking for your shipment while on transit.

4.5 Are there brokers involved during shipping and delivery?

We try as much as possible to include very few brokers for the avoidance of future conflicts between brokers and our esteemed clients. But we can assure you the brokers we work in conjunction with are very genuine and trustworthy.

4.6 In case of bulk order will you be able to handle my shipment requirements?

Yes, we will be able to handle your shipment requirements comfortably and with ease because previously we have been encouraging clients to make bulk orders. Even though we have been in the market for a long we know the rules and we know how to handle such matters swiftly.

4.7 Do you ship to any location or country required to?

Yes, we ship goods to any country as required by the client and the law of the state of the client in a quote. But due to duty charges of any given country a client may have accrued to the extra charges that will be incurred.

4.8 Is there insurance for my goods in case of theft during shipping?

The policy of insurance of goods during shipment or in our custody in our company is well stated.

In case the goods are destroyed by fire, stolen, or damaged, the client is entitled to full compensation of his/her money or goods ordered, but when the said calamities befall a client when goods are in his/her custody the company does not fall liable or required to compensate the client.

4.9 Can I pick up my order directly from the company?

Yes, you can pick your products from the company yourself. We are open for personal visits by our customers.

4.10 In case of delayed picking of my orders can I get storage services?

A client is entitled to services of safekeeping of his products for a maximum of two weeks which will assume due to physical, natural, or human causes has delayed him or her of the chance to pick them up, failure to appear within the two weeks will be charged 1 USD per every working day.

4.11 Will I be charged for warehouse services?

Warehouse services are far much different from the short time goods are kept for safekeeping in small storage houses. 

This we offer warehouse storage to bulky goods not yet picked but for only a maximum of 1 week which after the expiry of that time will be required to pay for warehouse services as stipulated by the warehouse policies.

4.12 Can I counter-check my shipment after delivery?

You can counter-check your shipment after delivery to make sure they were not tampered with or replaced. It’s a common practice for a client to counter-check the ordered goods for the sake of transparency and credibility.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 What happens when I get the wrong order?

In case of a client receiving the wrong order, a client is required to report back immediately for a replacement to be done effectively through the hotline numbers on our website or if you are near to our offices may avail yourself there in person and make the complaint.

5.2 What period does it take to return an order that I did not order?

It takes at least 24 hrs. Since delivery to return a mistaken order. 

The ultimatum time given helps in tracking and the rightful custodian of the order and start the process of the right order and of course to avoid further tempering of the goods.

5.3 Whom should I contact when my order has not been delivered?

The person to contact when goods have not been delivered is our customer support agents when you come directly to our company. but also, can be helped through our customer care numbers on our website where our customer care will help you out.

5.4 Any hotline number to contact in case my order has been delayed or missing?

We have hotline numbers available on our website which can be used to contact us in case you need an immediate solution, for any complaint, to cancel an order, for order replacement, or in the same line of making an order. The numbers are a functional 24hr time frame.

5.5 How long does it take for a replacement to be done?

It takes a minimum of 28 working days for a replacement to be done of which through that time we ascertain if the goods were damaged in whichever way of which if goods are damaged will have to make a deduction including the transit charges back

5.6 Will I be charged extra for any replacement done?

If we prove that the product was of satisfactory quality when received and has been returned faulty, the client will have to incur charges before any replacement is done. 

But in case of change of mind and the client wants to replace the commodity with another good, then the client will have to incur transit charges only. 

But in cases where the client stays with the goods for more than 28 working days’ replacement in such a condition may prove too hard or even in other cases no replacement can be done.

5.7 Have you put in place a replacement policy?

Within 28 days of the product purchase day, a client may return the goods purchased at our company for full compensation. But goods must be returned in their indigenous condition and as they were packaged with nothing missing. The client will incur the cost of return transit

Product transfer is only possible if the product you received was damaged or defective, or if a different product than what you requested was sent to you.

5.9 In case of an opened consignment do you accept it back?

In case of an opened consignment, we will receive it back if the goods in the consignment have not tampered, and are in their original state as received because we will go with one assumption that the client was confirming if the goods received is the order made.

5.10 Is there any documentation required to be attached before any replacement Is done?

The only documentation required of you to attach to the goods received for replacement is the original receipts of transactions. The receipts showing the type of commodity packaged any other documentation are communicated in our replacement policy.

5.11 What is the possible solution when my replacement goes missing?

The possible solution is to track the goods being replaced failure to which other actions may be taken which will leave us to fully compensate the client or replace again but this time around with the accompaniment of security.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

6.1 Can I be refunded when I cancel my order?

Please note that the purchase of orders cannot be canceled if the dispatch process has not yet commenced. If the order you want to cancel is already on transit the client will be forced to incur extra charges.

But in the case where an order is canceled but has not been initiated for transit or money not transacted thus no action can be taken only the successful cancellation will be done.         

6.2 What period is one expected to get a full refund upon cancellation of an order

Under the terms of the consumer agreement, your right to cancel an order starts from the moment you ship the shipment and 14 days have passed from the date the product was delivered to you, your neighbor, or a designated security point. But full compensation will be done after 28 days of cancellation under only one rule of maturity of the time frame

6.3 Do you have an online cancellation of service?

Yes, we have an online service for cancellation of orders on our website which operates 24/7-time frame where it is accessible at any time anywhere and is flexible and efficient without risk of fraud or loss of personal data.

6.4 Who incurs the charges of cancellation of a delivered order?

With the policy of cancellation and refund, a client will incur charges of transit and the refund will not be 100%. This because of the policies put in place a certain discount must be deducted or in case a client wants another commodity to be replaced will have to incur extra charges on the replaced item.

For any product returned it will have to undergo a mandatory inspection and a cancellation fee imposed where the client will have to choose between a refund of the money or exchange of other goods the company offers. 

You can also contact us for more clarification on our cancellation policy.

6.5 Can I make an immediate order after the cancellation of an order?

It is possible to make an immediate order after the cancellation of the previous order has gone through and the compensation or refund has been done. 

But also, one can make another immediate fresh order without him/her waiting for the last cancellation to go through but will have to pay afresh for the item being ordered.

In some cases, it gets to be a little bit confusing for documentation so we advise that you make one order at a time and if the need arises for you to make multiple orders make sure you inquire or formulate a way to track your orders.

6.6 How do I know a cancellation process is successful?

You can only know a cancellation has been successful only when you’ve been sent a confirmation message in your email for successful cancellation.

When you have already paid for the order, you will know a cancellation has been successful only when you have been refunded the money.

6.7 For any cancellation of goods on transit who gets to incur those charges?

As the policy depicts, for any cancellation of goods on transit the client in question gets to incur the charges.

But if the cancellation is done before transit no charges are incurred to both parties and the cancellation process is fast.

But when cancellation is done of the order made and is on transit and the client wishes to replace the goods with other items the company offers a higher price than what you had ordered previously, the company will incur the transit charges.

And if at any given chance the client cancels goods on transit they happen to be damaged, we will incur the loss but the client will incur transit charges and full compensation of his/her money may be delayed until the conclusion of the investigation of the missing goods be established, to what time It takes, the company has no permission to compensate the money.

When compensation is done to the canceled goods on transit a certain amount of money will be charged thus the client won’t be able to receive full compensation.

You can also contact us for more clarification on our return policy.

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