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Foison Metal is a Dedicated Company that Satisfy the Demands and Expectations of Clients

Foison Metal understands and appreciates the struggles of our customers in finding high-quality safety symbols that communicate effectively without breaking the bank. We guarantee to support your needs to the best of our ability. 

We manufacture not only the standard safety symbols but also the most diverse designs. We also offer different benefits of customizing your safety symbols from designs, colors, shapes, and sizes that best fit your company. 

We are creative and always work as a team with you to achieve expectations for high-quality and long-lasting symbols. We have a name in integrity and honesty to keep our business in the market.

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We guarantee to only hire the best people that would help you in customizing and manufacturing your safety symbols


Our mission is to provide excellent service and high-quality safety symbols that will satisfy your needs


You will be assisted by our representatives that provides personalized service to a different set of clients


We offer 24/7 professional assistance to our beloved customers through our website


We guarantee that all transactions including payments, and client data are safe here at Foison Metal


We adapt to new technologies to provide you with better service and fast shipments for your orders


Our safety symbols are guaranteed to be of good quality, and you can buy them in bulk


We provide you the free will to customize your symbols, free standard samples for you to experience the durability of the product

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Foison Metal Where High-Quality Materials are Tailored to Manufacture Safety Symbols to Perfection

Explosive Symbol

This sign indicates equipment or properties are explosive

Flammable Symbol

This symbol is necessary to inform people that a certain product or equipment is flammable

Oxidizing Symbol

This symbol indicates oxygen is present in the area making which may cause materials to burn

Corrosive Symbol

This safety hazard sign is used to identify a certain chemical that is capable of material corrosion


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We are a leading company in China that manufactures high-quality safety symbols that are long-lasting and functional. With our proven skills and innovative technology, we manage to provide premium service that sets us apart from our competitors.

Here at Foison Metal, we strive to create new and functional designs that perform well and are visually effective to every industry.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


We designed our safety symbols to be efficient and practical


Our materials are sturdy yet flexible enough to manipulate into different shapes and sizes


Our products are dependable and constructed to last a long time


We provide customers with the opportunity to try high-quality products without breaking the bank

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The Safety Symbols FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What are safety symbols?

Safety symbols are labels set by the International Standards Organization (ISO). The labels portray graphics that make sure possible hazards present are understood and avoided.

Example of slippery safety symbol
Figure 1 Example of slippery safety symbol

1.2 What are the main types of safety symbols?

Most safety symbols are categorized into four:

  • Prohibition symbols-These are the symbols used to bar someone from doing certain things.
  • Warning symbols-These safety symbol is used to alert workers of imminent dangers within a hazard area. For example, slippery floors.
  • Mandatory symbols-Safety sign with mandatory symbol demands a certain action to be taken before entering or within the hazard area. For example, wear Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Emergency symbols-safety signs with emergency symbols give information of health-related hazards and emergencies. For example, in the Emergency exit.
Accident safety symbol
Figure 2 Accident safety symbol

1.3 Can safety symbols work independently without safety signs?

Yes, safety symbols can work very independently without safety signs. By just having the pictogram, the background picture and frame are already information by themselves.

An exclamation mark is an example of a safety symbol.

1.4 What symbols are suitable for your workplace?

Safety First safety symbol
Figure 3. Safety First safety symbol

First, you need to do a thorough check on all the likelihood of potential hazards in your workplace. Perform risk assessment in all areas and all activities going on at hazardous work.

After conducting the assessment, you shall be able to identify suitable places within the workplace to place the safety symbols. Always make sure the safety symbols can be moved.

1.5 What are the classifications of safety symbols available?

Safety symbols are classified into two types namely:

  • General safety protocols
  • Used to label hazardous chemicals.

1.6 What are the chemical hazards symbols?

Hazard Safety symbols
Figure 4 Hazard Safety symbols

There are several chemical hazards symbols, and they include:

  • Exploding symbol which represents explosives.
  • Flame symbol which represents anything flammable
  • A flame over fire may symbolize oxidizing or oxidation.
  • The symbol of skull and crossbones represents acute or very intense toxicity.
  • A corrosion symbol symbolizes the corrosive nature of a substance or liquid.
  • A symbol of the environment with a white background and a diamond frame represents something hazardous to the environment.
  • An exclamation symbol represents a health hazard or hazardous to the ozone layer.
  • A gas cylinder symbol represents gas under high pressure.
  • A symbol with a pictogram of a body cracking represents a very serious health hazard.

1.7 What does the warning symbol warn about?

Warning Safety Symbol
Figure 5 Warning Safety Symbol

Warning symbols are designed to warn on:

  • Dangerous materials s
  • High electric currents
  • Poisons
  • Radioactivity
  • Dangerous locations
  • Dangerous objects

1.8 What do the hazard symbols represent?

Hazard symbols may represent several things including:

  • The state of corrosion
  • Serious health or emergency hazards
  • Explosion
  • Flammable liquids.

1.9 What are the merits of using safety symbols?

One of the importance of using safety symbols is that it is a universally recognized symbol. Therefore, everyone can interpret it regardless of the language they speak.

Symbols are easily interpreted compared to signage words. Therefore, hazards are easily avoided.

Symbols can also be used by people who cannot be able to read and write.

Safety symbols are used to warn of imminent danger within a workplace hence injuries are avoided.

Safety symbols are used to alert the people and workers of life-threatening hazards and thus save lives.

Safety symbols ensure minimal supervision concerning accidents in areas of work since the symbols communicate perfectly well.

Safety symbols such as that of flame alert people to be extra cautious. This helps to avoid the danger of being burnt or destruction of properties because of a fire outbreak.

Emergency symbols such as the arrow showing exit routes from a facility ensure a smooth and accident-free evacuation process.

1.10 Can safety symbols be used as a substitute for safety signs?

Warning symbols for lift trucks
Figure 6 Warning symbols for lift trucks

No, both safety symbols and safety signs can either work independently to pass a specific message. For example, a danger symbol with a skull pictogram Is used to communicate danger. 

A danger safety sign may have the sign word “Danger” to warn of imminent danger.

Safety symbols and safety symbols can be designed to work together and convey safety information depending on the hazard available.

1.11 What are the elements of a safety symbol?

Examples of hazard safety symbols
Figure 7 Examples of hazard safety symbols

A safety symbol consists of:

  • Pictogram
  • Background color
  • A shape or frame

1.12 What hazard communication standard should be followed before installing a chemical safety symbol?

Evaluation of hazards involved with the chemical it is being manufactured.

Preparation of safety symbols data sheets that display the hazard information to the customers.

All employers with hazardous chemicals are required to have labels and datasheets for all the workers exposed.

Lastly, employers are required to carry out training to workers on how to properly handle hazardous chemicals.

1.13 What is the core purpose of OSHA when it comes to symbols?

OSHA has regulations that make sure workers operate in a safe and healthy working environment by enforcing universal standards. OSHA is also responsible for providing training and education about safety standards.

Caution Safety Symbol of hot surface.
Figure 8 Caution Safety Symbol of hot surface.

1.14 Are safety symbols compliant with any regulations?

Yes, safety symbols comply with the OSHA standard regulations. There are several ways in which Safety symbols comply with the universal regulations:

Safety symbols follow OSHA regulations since the symbols are universally understood by everyone irrespective of the languages they speak.

Safety symbols observe color meanings that should be understood universally. For example, the red color is used in safety symbols to symbolize the presence of danger in a particular hazard area.

The shapes when seen one can quickly understand the messages they convey.

1.15 Where can I use safety symbols?

Safety symbols can be used in almost every place in our daily surroundings. For example:

  • Commercial places
  • Infrastructure such as roads
  • Residential areas
  • Industrial areas
  • Medical areas
  • Wildlife and tourism areas
  • Schools
  • laboratories

1.16 Can only one symbol appear on the labeling of a single chemical?

No, more than one symbol or pictogram can be used to label a single chemical.

1.17 How are safety symbols different from other symbols?

Safety symbols are symbols specifically meant to warn, alert, prevent and caution people or workers in danger imminent areas. Symbols can on the other hand be used to mean anything else.

1.18 What is the usage difference between an exclamation symbol and a corrosive symbol?

Both exclamation marks are used to represent irritants. However, the exclamation is used to represent eye and skin irritants whereas the corrosive symbol represents skin corrosion or serious eye damage.

1.19 Are there any specifications on how safety symbols and signs should be placed?

Construction safety symbol
Figure 9 Construction safety symbol

Safety Symbols and signs are there to prevent the occurrence of injuries in the hazard areas. Safety symbols should be spread out widely in a hazard area to avoid clustering them.

Clustered symbols overwhelm visitors, staff, or workers in a workplace with a lot of information and therefore less attention will be paid to them.

Safety symbols work well if they are well understood. As an employer, you are advised to always carry training every time you introduce a safety sign with a new symbol and carry out a refresher training every other time.

1.20 What are the impacts of hazardous materials?

If safety symbols are not properly observed and interpreted, it may be very serious damage. Hazardous materials may cause very adverse effects to workers and the facilities in which they work.

Therefore, hazardous materials may cause:

  • Serious health problems
  • Exposure to sterility
  • It may cause a hormonal change.
  • Lung related problems due to inhalation of harmful gases
  • Nervous system damage
  • Serious burns when there is an explosion.
  • Kidney damage

1.21 Why do we need safety symbols in automobiles and machinery?

Symbols are used in machines and vehicles to mark controls and provide information when it comes to machines and vehicles.

The use of pictograms and symbols in machines is aligned to the international regulations of selling machines and equipment. The consequent need is to convey specific information without the use of words.

Symbols can be smaller the words and that’s what makes most proffered in providing safety operating instructions to machinery.

1.23 What are some of the terms to avoid when using hazard symbols?

Examples of Caution and Warning symbols in a lab
Figure 10 Examples of Caution and Warning symbols in a lab

To all chemicals that have been considered hazardous to people are some terms that should be avoided when labeling the chemical. For example, the words: Safe, non-toxic, friendly, and ecological.

Such terms may contradict the safety symbols used on the same containers. These terms breach the classification regulations and are likely to be very hazardous because of the terms used on the labels.

1.24 Can one safety symbol convey more than one meaning?

Yes, some safety symbols may convey different meanings depending on the hazard area placed. For example,

The flame symbol apart from representing Flammable liquids also represents pyrophoric, self-heating, and organic peroxides.

The Exclamation mark apart from representing irritants it also represents acute toxicity, narcotic effects, and anything hazardous to the ozone layers.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Why does the background color matter in safety symbols?

The background color is very important in conveying information regarding dangerous hazards. Through OSHA regulations, the background colors are made to signify the same information every time.

2.2 What Does The Background Colors Symbolize?

Flammable safety symbol
Figure 11 Flammable safety symbol

The red color: Dangerous behavior, stop, emergency cut out.

The yellow color: Take precaution, hazard nearby or be extra careful.

The blue color: Shows a specific behavior.

Green color: Used for an emergency to show exits, doors, and emergency equipment.

2.3 What Are The Different Symbols Found In Safety Symbols?

There are several symbols found in safety symbols including:

  • A gas cylinder.
  • A pictogram of corrosion
  • An exclamation mark symbol
  • Skull and crossbones
  • A burning flame symbol.

2.4 Can One Safety Symbol Be Substituted To Another Symbol?

No, one safety symbol can not be substituted for another safety symbol. Each symbol has a specific hazard they represent, and the inquire about an exchange of these symbols may result in misinterpretation.

Safety symbols can be incorporated with a signage word to communicate a stronger message. For example, in the safety symbol the sign word” DANGER!” is incorporated with the exclamation safety symbol mark at the end.

2.5 What Does a Danger Safety Symbol Look Like?

Danger safety symbol
Figure 12 Danger safety symbol

Danger safety symbol consists of a  black skull and crossbones placed on a white background and are enclosed on a red diamond-shaped frame.

2.6 Do You Customize Safety Symbols?

Yes, we do offer customized safety symbols to suit your hazard area. However, we encourage the safety symbols to observe OSHA standard regulations to relay correct hazard information.

2.7 Can I share with you my safety designs?

Yes, at Foison Metals we allow for partnership in ideas to make your desired safety symbol fully satisfactory. You can use our website to share your preferred safety symbols designs.

2.8 Can I Be Able To Get Safety Symbols Templates To Choose From?

Yes, all you need to do is make a request and we shall deliver to you. At Foison Metal, we are here to serve you.

If you get a safety symbol design that is satisfactory to your hazard area please get back to us and we make it happen. You can reach out to us through our website or our customer care agents.

2.9 How Long Customization Does Take?

At Foison Metal, customization approximately takes 21 days from the time it gets to the factory. You can also be free to contact us and enquire about the progress of your customized safety symbol.

2.10 Do Your Safety Symbols Look Exactly Like The One In The Picture?

Yes, our safety symbols displayed on our website are the same as the ones we manufacture. We try as much as possible to deliver you the exact safety symbol you have ordered.

You are also encouraged to share with us some of the design ideas that can be incorporated into the safety symbols.

2.11 How big should safety symbols be?

Exit safety symbol
Figure 13 Exit safety symbol

Safety symbol sizes largely depend on where it is being installed and the type of hazard present. Safety symbols placed on roads and those placed in chemical laboratories differ in size.

We can also customize your safety symbol depending on what dimensions you need. You can share with us the exact sizes you want, and we shall customize them to fit those dimensions.

2.12 How Sure Can I Be That I Will Get The Designs I Have Chose?

At Foison metal we guarantee that whatever designs you choose are exactly what you are going to receive. We value our customers and giving them what they want is part of our work ethic.

2.13 Will I Be Charged For Customized Products?

No, we do not charge for customized products if it is within the dimension of the original product. Extra sizing means extra materials and thus it shall attract extra charges.

 You can call us through our helpline to confirm if the pricing is still the same.

2.14 Is There A Minimum Customization Order?

No, at Foison Metal you can make as many orders as possible for any of our customized products. You can visit our website if you require detailed information on customized orders.

2.15 Do You Allow For Exchange Of Customized Symbols?

Yes, at Foison Metal, we have plenty of customized safety symbols in stock. You can choose any available design you might need to represent hazards present in your workplace.

Please contact our customer care agents for assistance in exchanging customized symbols.

2.16 What Happens If I Do Not Like My Customized Product?

Yes, at Foison Metal, we have plenty of customized safety symbols in stock. You can choose any available design you might need to represent hazards present in your workplace.

Please contact our customer care agents for assistance in exchanging customized symbols.

2.17 What Happens If I Do Not Like My Customized Product?

As a customer, if you feel dissatisfied by your customized safety symbol please reach out to us. We can exchange the customized safety symbol with another one, manufacture another one, or also you can share your preferred designs.

2.18 Will I Be Updated On The Customization Process Of My Selected Designs?

Yes, at Foison Metal we shall always keep you close during all the processes we undertake in customizing your safety symbol. All you need to do is give us a call and we shall update you on our progress.

2.19 How Soon Can I Receive My Customized Safety Symbols?

You shall be notified immediately when the customization process ends. After 21 working days, you shall be able to receive your safety symbol.

You can always enquire about the scheduled delivery date for your safety symbol through our contact helpline.

2.20 Whom Do I Contact To Check The Progress Of My Safety Symbol?

You can visit our website or contact us directly to inquire about the progress of your safety symbol.

You can also make an effort and visit us and see how we manufacture our products. And I may be in the process of setting your eye on something else you might want to purchase.

2.21 Do I Have Exact Time To Make Customization Choices?

Trip safety symbol

No, at Foison Metal you have all the time you need to make choices on what designs you need. Our online platforms are open 24/7 and we shall always be available to serve you at any given time.

In case you are having problems accessing our online channels, you can contact us directly and we shall accord you the necessary help you need.

2.22 What is the quality expectation of safety symbols?

We guarantee you that we produce durable safety symbols since we use long-lasting materials which are of good quality. However, we recommend the maintenance of the safety symbols by cleaning them regularly for them to achieve a long-lasting effect.

3.0 Order and Payment

payment directive
Figure 15 payment directive

3.1 Do I Need To Personally Visit The Factory To Place An Order?

No, you do not necessarily need to be physically available for you to make an order. You can place your order via our ordering channel that has been placed on our website.

You can also contact us through our customer care agents, and they will assist you on how to make your order and payments.

3.2 Will I Be Charged For Safety Symbols That I Am Dissatisfied With?

At Foison Metal we shall constantly be in communication on the designs and preferences of the designs that will suit you. This will ensure you do not reach a point of being dissatisfied.

You can always call us and we shall have communication on how to better your safety symbol.

3.3 What Is The Cost Of A Safety Symbol?

The cost of safety symbols varies depending on the sizes, materials used and customization procedures are undertaken to come up with the final product. In case of extra fees needed or refund you shall be communicated to.

3.4 What Options Do I Have For Paying For My Order?

We do have several methods you can use to pay for your order. You can use PayPal, MasterCard, or T/T to make payments to any of our safety signage.

In case you have a different alternative you are encouraged to contact us first before making any payment.

3.5 Do You Accept Cash Payment?

Contact us through our Customer care agents or visit our website for information concerning payments.

3.6 Is There A Maximum Quantity Of Safety Symbols That Can Be Requested?

No, you can request as many quantities of safety symbols as you need and we shall be there to serve you.

3.7 Is Your Payment Processing Available 24/7?

Yes, our payment services are available 24/7 and you can place an order and make payments any time of the clock. You can contact us if you are having problems with making your payments.

3.8 Do I Get Refunded If I Make An Overpayment?

Yes, you can be refunded provided there is accompanying evidence of the payment receipt. You can also decide to add the extra amount needed to purchase another safety symbol.

3.9 What Happens If There Is an Underpayment?

At Foison Metal, through the payment process, you shall be notified of the remaining balance. At completion, you shall be able to receive your ordered safety symbols.

You can also call to notify us of the underpayment so that your processing of the product is not put to a halt.

3.10 Do You Accept Higher Purchases As A Method Of Paying For Safety Symbols?

At Foison Metal, we have various methods of payments such as PayPal and MasterCard. You are encouraged to contact us in all other forms of payment you may prefer.

3.11 Do You Allow Room For Negotiations Or Bargaining Of Prices?

Our price list is well put in the ordering platforms but you can consult us for clarity of customized products and we shall be informing you on the exact pricing we have.

3.12 Do You Have Any Terms And Conditions Applied In Making Payments?

Our terms and conditions applied are well stipulated on our website. Please, contact us for more detailed information concerning payments of safety symbols.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 What Are Some Of The Shipping And Delivery Process Involved?

You shall be notified once the manufacturing process has ended and the shipping process has begun.

We are flexible in utilizing some of the reputable freight forwarders for the safety of your product. Some of the common freight forwarders we use include China Post Group Corporation, TNT, SF DHL, FedEx, EMS, Express, Amazon, or UPS.

4.2 What Are The Roles Of Freight Forwarding Involved In Transportation Of Safety Symbols?

  • Freight forwarders are in charge of products from shipping up to delivery.
  • They are responsible for the safety of your products.
  • They ensure you get updated on the geo-location progress of your product on transit.
  • They give notifications on goods on arrival.

4.3 How Long Does Shipping Of Safety Symbols Take?

Our shipping schedule largely depends on the lead time given to us when placing your order. Our shipping can be put into three phases that include sample delivery time, mass production, and shipping lead time.

You can get samples for the safety signs in the workshop between 5 to 7 days. The actual ordered product takes 7-10 days.

4.4 What Happens When Shipment Is Lost During Transit?

You are required to liaise with the freight forwarder on the insurance policies concerning the safety of products on transit. If you need assistance concerning such issues please do not hesitate to contact us.

4.5 Do You Handle Shipment Fees?

Shipment fees are incorporated in the payments made while placing the order. If you need a piece of detailed information concerning shipping fees kindly reach out to our customer care agents.

4.6 What Information Do I Need To Have Before Receiving My Shipment?

  • You are required to know the exact picking points of your safety symbols.
  • Remember to carry the original payment receipt and identification documents.

4.7 Should I Be Worried About My Shipment While It Is On Transit?

No, you can be able to monitor your safety symbols while on transit by checking the geo-location status. You can also contact us directly if you are having problems with the online platform.

4.8 Do You Restrict On Where To Ship Your Products?

No, we do our shipments to every part of the world. Contact us for more detailed information on specific locations where shipments are done within your area.

4.9 Who Is In Charge Of Goods Damaged During Delivery?

You are encouraged to be conversant with the insurance policies of products between you and the specific freight forwarder. The freight forwarder oversees all shipments up to delivery.

4.10 What Happens If I Am Dissatisfied With The Safety Symbols Being Delivered To Me?

We shall always try to make designs that you prefer and those that are very specific to your hazard areas. This is made possible by engaging you throughout the manufacturing and customization processes.

4.11 Do I Get Notified When My Shipment Has Arrived?

Yes, you shall be notified from the start of shipment, shipping on transit, and arrival. In case there is a delay in your shipment from the scheduled time please do not hesitate to call us.

4.12 Does Foison Metal Offer Warehousing Services?

We do not offer any warehousing services but we would love to assure you that your safety symbols are very safe with us. They shall be safe since we commence production until delivery.

4.13 What Ways Can I Use To Reduce Shipping Cost Of Safety Symbols?

Place your order in bulk and shipping costs will go down. For any information concerning shipping reduction costs please feel free to contact us.

4.14 Do You Allow International Shipping?

Yes, we do ship safety symbols to almost every part of the world. Place your order with us and we shall make sure your package reaches you.

For any help on how to make an order and all other information please contact us.

4.15 Are There Other Shipping Options?

Yes, at Foison Metals we use well-known reputable freight forwarders to guarantee you the safety of your shipment. You are also free to engage us on your preferred freight forwarder for your shipment.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 What Are Some Of The Replacement And Returns Procedures?

Replacement procedure

You are required to report the defects to us within 30 days after the discovery of the defect.

By use of warranty and replacement terms, the defect details are recorded and shipped back through the same ordering method.

The defect is taken for examination to identify the problem of the safety symbols.

Repair is done and shipped back to the owner. 

Return procedure of safety symbols

At Foison Metals, we value your feedback on the services and goods supplied to you and we are always ready to listen to you.

As a customer if you are feeling dissatisfied with our safety symbols you can us we make necessary adjustments, replace or even manufacture a new product.

In cases where returns are involved, they need to come back unused and the original package should not be tampered with.

You can decide to get another product or refund the money however some percentage may be taken out to compensate for the manufacturing process.

You can contact us regarding our return policies if you need more information.

5.2 Are There Specific Terms And Regulations Concerning Returns And Replacements?

Yes, for returns they should be in their original conditions as they were delivered to you… (unused and with no damages to the original package).

5.3 Do You Offer Warranties?

At Foison Metal, we are very confident of the quality of our safety symbols that is why we give a great warranty period. As per the terms of our contract, we shall be able to render services such as replacement and offer free repair on faulty safety symbols.

5.4 Are There Policies Concerning Defective Symbols?

Yes, as stipulated on the warranty, we shall work closely to repair and fix your safety symbols.

5.5 Do You Handle Return Costs?

No, our customers oversee the return costs which are used for restocking purposes.

5.6 Do I Get Refunded For Safety Symbols Late Than The Specified Lead Time?

At Foison, we work with very reputable freight forwarders who will make sure your product gets to you on time. You can also view the status of your shipment online as it comes to your location.

5.7 What Happens If I Get Fewer Or More Items Than Requested?

Communication is very and we shall appreciate it if you can give us a call or email us concerning either on the issues. We shall be glad to direct you on what to do in such scenarios.

5.8 Who Is In Charge Of Replacement And Returns?

We oversee all replacements and returns. We receive returns and work on the replacement of safety symbols, both damaged and defective.

5.9 What Is The Average Time I Get The Replacement Back?

The average time for replacement and getting the product back is 21 days from the time it reaches the factory. If you need clarification on replacement duration feels free to contact our customer care agents.

5.10 What Should Be Done When You Get Damaged Safety Symbols On Deliver?

  • Immediately contact us by calling our customer care agents
  • Examine the deliverer safety symbols thoroughly as soon as you receive them.
  • Take  a picture and share it with us
  • Proactively read the return policy

5.11 What Happens To Damaged Safety Symbols While At The Workplace?

Safety symbols are warrantied and if they become defective or damaged under normal working conditions they shall be fixed. The damaged safety symbols should be within the warranty period.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellation of orde
Figure 16 Cancellation of order

6.1 What Procedures Are Followed During Cancellation?

  • Make sure you contact us first through our website or call our customer care agents. We recommend you to contact us before 24hours elapses.
  • At Foison Metal, we offer you a smooth procedure when you need to cancel safety symbols.
  • Early communication enables us to stop the order before the shipment process begins. If the shipment process has begun you shall be responsible for freight charges involved.
  • We also charge for canceled orders that have already arrived at the picking stations.
  • We request you to also recheck your shipment information before placing an order to avoid being charged for wrong delivery points.

6.2 Where Refunds Are Sending To?

A refund directive symbol
Figure 17 A refund directive symbol

All refunds are sent back through the same channels used while paying for your order. For example, if you used MasterCard, we shall make the refund back into your MasterCard.

6.3 Will I Be Notified Of the Cancellation Of Safety Symbols?

Yes, once the cancellation is successful you shall get a notification in either your email or the contacts you had provided while making an order. In case you do not get a notification after the cancellation of safety symbols you are free to call us and we shall be able to assist you.

6.4 Can I Be Able To View My Cancellation Online?

Yes, you can be able to see a canceled order if the cancellation procedures followed to become successful. Once cancellation is done, you can proceed and place another order.

6.5 What Is Your Refund Policy?

At Foison Metal, we are confident that you shall always receive a fair value of your money because we are always ready to serve you.

If you are dissatisfied with the safety symbol you can also enquire with us about the details concerning our refund policy.

6.6 Can I Swap Safety Symbols With Another Product?

No, we do not allow the trading of one product for another. You can either order another product or cancel an existing order. We suggest you reach out to us on such matters through our contacts or website.

6.7 As A Customer Can I Expect a Full Refund?

No, we don’t offer a full refund of returns because we charge 15% of the purchase price to cater for restocking. You can visit our website for detailed information concerning the same.

Send us a free inquiry request