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In maintaining a safe working environment, installing safety zone signs is a must. By that, you can help keep your employees, visitors, and passersby safe. Working with Foison Metal will help you achieve this goal.

In facilities where accidents are common, safety signs are a must! They are necessary to put up in places where people can easily see and understand.

It is necessary for many situations to put up signages in specific areas where safety is critical. Here at Foison Metal, we help you choose from various materials that would fit your company’s specifications and requirements.

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Foison Metal has a full selection of Safety Zone Signs for all of your requirements. Whether you need safety signs for business, travel, or personal usage, we have all of these for immediate delivery. 

All of our Safety Zone Signs are available in reflective aluminum, Furthermore, all safety zone signs comply with certain standards.

Do not hesitate to call one of our professional sales representatives to order or seek assistance in designing special, custom Safety Zone Signs.

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Our products are conceptualized and designed specifically for your needs and its expected purpose

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Choose from matte, glossy, or eco-friendly safety signs and symbols made from 100% post-consumer waste material

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Foison Metal is the Number One Trusted Brand of Safety Zone Signs

Foison Metal is the internet’s premier provider of Safety Zone Signs. We serve a wide variety of customers including cities, counties, states, municipalities, parks, businesses of all sizes, property companies, hospitals, parking facilities, and many more. Create a workplace free from danger with Foison Metal.

The Safety Zone Signs FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Safety Zone Sign
Figure 1 Safety Zone Sign

1.1 What Are Safety Zone Signs?

Safety zone signs are signs erected in designated zones in a workplace that are meant to either caution, warn or alert people on dangerous imminent areas. It is very important in that it helps keep off people within a workplace from getting injured by preventing accidents.

1.2 Where Are Safety Zone Signs Found?

Elderly zone safety sign
Figure 2 Elderly zone safety sign

Safety Zone Signs are likely to be posted in hazardous areas such as areas with a likelihood of heavy and dangerous machinery. You can also find them in areas with slippery floors, areas with lots of pipes that may leak, and emergency exit routes

You can easily locate a safety zone sign in the following areas

  • Near a bus stop: a regulatory road sign is placed with bold black text SAFETY ZONE that is aimed at protecting pedestrians from accidents on the road
  • In a wildlife conservative area: these safety zone signs are meant to protect humans from any danger and also wildlife from getting poisoned. For example, the safety zone sign with the writings that do not feed the baboons is very important in protecting both the baboons and humans.
  • Areas with the smooth floor: this safety zone sign aids in preventing tripping hazards especially on very smooth and slippery floors.
  • Dangerous machinery: this is to alert people within a work area to be very cautious and keep a distance. This is just to ensure safety in case anything goes wrong with the functioning of the very machines
  • Emergency evacuation routes: these safety zone signs show people a safe exit within the building.
  • High voltage Electric convergence area: These safety zone signs prohibit people close by due to imminent electrocution when something goes wrong with the electric wires.
  • Areas with sources of high pressure and high temperatures warn people of the danger of burns.

1.3 What Goes on A Safety Zone Sign?

In areas with safety, zone signs are very important places to alert people, staff, or even visitors where they need to converge /stand in case there is danger. These designated safety areas have several activities like:

  • Safety zone signs offer a designated safe place where people gather in case there is a danger that may risk their lives.
  • They help in the identification of potential areas quickly for appropriate measures to be put in place.
  • Safety zone signs provide information and awareness.
  • Safety zone signs provide rescue points in case of emergencies.

1.4 What Is the Importance of Safety Zone Signs?

Safety zone signs are very important to help people, staff, and visitors to keep a distance from properties, buildings, and objects that could get them injured.

Some other importance of safety zone signs include:

  • They make workers aware of the potential hazards and what precautions to take.
  • It allows everybody to be safe in case of emergencies.
  • Safety zone signs offer a place for carrying out headcounts and roll calls in case of emergencies at the workplace. 
  • It provides a location for administering first aid to workers who are injured.
  • Safety zone signs offer a haven in case of an emergency.

1.5 How Do You Install Safety Zone Signs?

Safety Zone sign with pre-drilled holes
Figure 3 Safety Zone sign with pre-drilled holes

For you to install any safety zone sign you need to have trained in various safety practices such as alertness, common sense, and a sense of responsibility for the safety zone signs.

Here, three practices can be carried out, that is, repair, replacement, and installation of safety zone signs. All these are carried out during post-mounted delineators.

It is however important for you to consider crucial placement guidelines before mounting such as distance when mounting the sign and angle orientation where it can be visible easily.

Therefore, the following are the various steps you need to follow when installing a safety zone sign.

  • Locate the area that is safe where the safety zone sign is to be placed
  • Prepare inventory devices you plan to use for installation

Foison metal offers safety zone signs that have pre-drilled holes. This makes it easy to install as they are ready to fix on the walls.

1.6 What Are the Quality Control Procedures for Safety Zone Signs?

Quality control is the process in which the company makes sure the safety zone signs are of good products that are fully satisfactory to its client. At Foison Metal we make quality products that ensure total client satisfaction.

The production of quality safety zone signs that meets ISO standards is a priority for our clients. We make our safety zone signs using the best of the best aluminum materials that resist chemicals, stains, and dust, Multi-layered acrylic, and high-performance plastics.

1.7 Where Can I Install Safety Zone Signs?

There are various places you can install a safety zone sign depending on the imminent danger around. For example, the safety zone signs FIRE ASSEMBLY POINT is placed in a designated safe place in an open field.

You can install others on a traffic road such as BUS STOP on the side of the road to protect pedestrians from accidents.

You can also install a safety zone sign on the walls putting in mind the height, orientation angle, and should be visible to everyone.

They can be mounted with high-performance plastic on a wall such as FIRE EXIT on evacuation routes.

You can place safety zone signs right on the floor since they can be manufactured using waterproof materials.

You can install safety zone signs on the gas filling stations for the provision of safety.

1.8 Besides Safety Zone Signs, What Other Signs Do You Have?

Warning sign
Figure 4 Warning sign

You can get several other signs apart from safety zone signs and they include: 

Warning signs

These types of signs warn of imminent danger ahead such as the danger of falling objects of leaking pipes. Warning signs warn of life-threatening hazards and helps save lots of lives

Prohibitions signs

Prohibition signs function as a deterrent for doing a certain action. Prohibition safety signs prevent you from doing something that may cause danger, for example feeding the animals in a zoo.

Instruction signs

Instruction signs are meant to guide someone into doing the required things. Some examples of instruction signs include please close the door behind you, DO NOT SPIT IN THE SINK.

Mandatory signs

Mandatory signs insist on MUST do instructions like adherence to wearing Personal protective Equipment before entering a disease infected zone.

Emergency signs

These show what to do when something goes wrong. A good example of emergency safety signs is the fire exit evacuation signs. You can also encounter phone signs, first aid signs, etc.

1.9 Are The Safety Zone Signs Compliant with The Various Regulations?

Yes, safety zone signs are compliant with OSHA regulations as they are universal standards.

Some of these regulations include:

  • Safety zone signs use texts together with symbols with a corresponding specific hazard color.
  • On specific colors, the danger signs special precautions. The words must be written in white with a red background, and they must be fitted inside the shape.
  • The fire assembly point must have images of people gathering and arrows made using white color with a green background.
  • The safety zone signs must be visible from a distance.
  • Safety zone signs should be clear, short, and precise.
  • Safety zone signs must have a distinct color for easy visibility.
  • The safety zone signs must be designed in a way that cannot cause harm/injury. They should have rounded blunt corners to ensure that they do not cause harm.

1.10 What Is the OSHA Color Code for Safety Zone Signs?

Green Custom Signs

Colors are very crucial in communicating hazards to people, visitors, and staff within a workplace. The core purpose of safety colors is to draw attention quickly to objects with specific information and situations affecting safety thus attracting appropriate response of safety.

The OSHA color code is very important in that it creates a quick vision and therefore makes safety zone signs an efficient safety communicative sign.

The following are OSHA’s standard colors:

  • Red-Red color is used to portray danger, high risk of danger, or death. It is also used in fire protection units for example the fire extinguisher is red-orange-Used to represents the moderate risk of injury/guiding devices.
  • Green-Safety information or first aid equipment/non-flammable gas
  • Blue-Shows no immediate hazard
  • Yellow represents oxidizers
  • Red and white stripe-flammable solid

1.11 Do You Ensure Standardization of The Safety Zone Signs?

Yes, we do ensure standardization of safety zone signs to meet universal standards. We use ISO standards that are the reference for all safety zone signs that are agreed upon worldwide. 

At Foison Metal we pay attention to signs, shapes, and colors used to make safety zone signs to meet international standards.

These safety zone signs should ensure consistency and clarity regardless of setting, culture, and language. For example, ISO 7010 for graphical symbols has specific safety symbols and colors purposely meant for accident prevention, fire alert, and health/emergency evacuation.

 Safety zone signs feature specific shapes and background colors of the sign as referenced in ISO 3864-1. We strictly follow stipulated principles for safety zone signs and markings and the correct design symbol as referenced in ISO 3864-3.

The internationalization of Safety zone signs is very important in that it brings harmony and therefore reduces confusion. This eases the interpretation of the signs for example in areas such as airports where people of different nationalities gather.

1.12 Are Materials for Safety Zone Signs Recyclable?

Yes, safety zone materials are recyclable since we use self-adhesive vinyl, PVC, corrugated plastics, and photoluminescent vinyl. All these materials can be recycled back into making brand-new safety zone signs and thus helping protect the environment.

We are very environmentally cautious when it comes to the choice of materials to make safety zone signs. Recycling the very materials saves cost for the manufacturing process, protects the environment and ecosystem.

1.13 What Hazards Are Prevented by Safety Zone Signs?

Outdoor safety zone sign
Figure 7 Outdoor safety zone sign

Safety zone signs being very essential in any workplace by enabling quick attention to the important formation displayed helps prevent unsafe behaviors. Creating awareness is very important because it will enable employees to exercise extra caution and therefore prevent the following hazards:

  • Safety zone signs prevent slips, trips, and falls that are very common in the workplace. Such accidents may lead to injuries and fractures and safety zone signs can prevent that.
  • Safety zone signs may warn on the likelihood of falling objects from high-placed materials.
  • Fire accidents are also common in every institution and spotting safety zone signs makes you alert on the likelihood of firebreak outs.
  • Falling trees may damage vehicles or people walking along the road.
  • The danger of road accidents
  • Safety zone signs prevent electrocution in areas where there are heavy voltage currents and loose wires.
  • They prevent the danger of explosion in areas around inflammable materials. For example, a NO SMOKING sign is placed near gas filling stations.

1.14 What Are Some of The Advantages of Having Safety Zone Signs?

Safety zone signs have a couple of merits which include:

  • Safety zone signs highly reflect commitments to safety since we use universal shapes, symbols, and colors.
  • Safety zone signs are an efficient communicator in that it displays the message quickly and therefore prevents danger.
  • Safety zone signs reduce your responsibility as an employer in a workplace since you do not have to closely monitor your staff and visitors’ safety.
  • Safety zone signs highly boost safety consciousness within employees in a workplaces
  • In addition, by increasing awareness, safety zone signs greatly reduce the number of accidents.
  • Safety zone signs help to keep off people from getting injured in workplaces.
  • Safety zone signs warn people, visitors, and staff in areas with slippery floors hence save people from getting unnecessary fractures.
  • Safety zone signs enable quick response in matters of emergency where there have been injuries, there can be quick access to first aid kit and emergency rescue carried out
  • Safety zone signs ensure a smooth and efficient evacuation process in the event of life-threatening danger arises.
  • Safety zone signs help prevent head injury where there is the danger of falling materials from high-placed materials.

1.15 Are There Considerations I Should Factor In When Choosing Safety Zone Signs?

Outdoor safety zone sign
Figure 7 Outdoor safety zone sign

Yes, there are considerations when choosing a safety zone sign.

The location of where you are going to place the safety zone sign is very important in that it needs to correspond with the imminent danger around. 

The location of the safety zone signs tends to determine the nature of the reflective material that has been used. The materials used for indoor safety zone signs tend to be different from those used outdoors. 

We also make sure the safety zone signs comply with the required OSHA standard regulations in terms of symbols, text, shape, and color. This is a very important consideration when choosing safety zone signs for awareness.

You need to make sure the message is clear, short, and precise. This reduces ambiguity and thus reduces confusion hence the easy interpretation of the intended message.

A good safety zone sign incorporates the use of pictograms to assist in message delivery especially for people who cannot be able to read and write.

You also need to match the material to the intended setting. For instance, aluminum vinyl may be used outdoors since it does not rust or stain easily even under harsh weather conditions.

2.0 Design and Customization

Notice safety zone sign
Figure 8 Notice safety zone sign

2.1 What Are the Various Types Of Safety Zone Signs Available?

We have four main types of safety zone signs.

  • Prohibition safety zone signs-This is a safety zone sign that prevents someone from doing certain things that may cause danger. An example is No entry of unauthorized personnel.
  • Warning safety zone signs –This sign alerts someone to be extra cautious in a workplace. It alerts that there is a serious hazard present. The text usually is in black with a yellow background.
  • Caution safety zone signs- They are used in areas where there is a likelihood of hazards that may cause minor injuries, for example, slippery floor.
  • Notice safety zone signs-They convey information relevant to operational equipment, machines, and building areas.
  • Other safety zone signs include admittance signs and general safety signs and biological hazard signs.

2.2 Do You Offer Customization on Safety Zone Signs?

Yes, we do offer customization of safety zone signs on the sizes, however, we deeply encourage the Use of OSHA international standards that are provided

At Foison Metal we are flexible and can incorporate your design ideas with ours to come up with great product ideas. 

Expect confidentiality and copyright protection for your customization ideas. Contact us before making your customized order. 

2.3 What Text Size Are Needed in A Medium Size Safety Zone Sign?

Medium size safety zone signs require 8.5’ by 11’ as provided for by the OSHA safety signage and the word should be able to be read at a minimum distance of 1.52 meters. We can also customize safety zone signs for you depending on the hazard area.

2.4 Do You Make Safety Zone Signs That Use Pictograms and Texts?

Yes, we do make safety zone signs that use pictograms and texts. The pictograms indicate the dangers that are associated with the hazards. 

This recognition of pictograms and text work in a harmony to convey the message that you require.

2.5 Can I Get a Double-Sided Safety Zone Sign?

Yes, you can get a double-sided safety zone sign. They are available in several sizes, for example, a double-sided safety zone burner available in 5 standard sizes.

 For more information Contact us on the speculations needed for your company and we shall make them available.

2.6 What Sizes of Safety Zone Signs Are Ideal For Playgrounds?

You can get safety zone signs that have at least 6 feet that can be fitted in all directions in playgrounds. For instance, a standard size for a swing playground requires at least 6 feet. 

However, this may vary depending on the type of playground and the size of the field.

2.7 Will The Safety Zone Sign Fade Overtime?

It is very unlikely for the safety zone sign to fade since they are made of durable, waterproof quality materials that last longer as long as they are cleaned and well maintained. When installed in the correct environment they can last longer than you can imagine.

2.8 Does The Background Colors of The Safety Zone Sign Matter?

Yellow safety zone sign with black text
Figure 9 Yellow safety zone sign with black text

Yes, the safety zone background matters a lot in the sense that different safety zone colors communicate a specific message different from others. Apart from that, they also make the texts used or pictograms appear clear and be seen easily in a hazardous area.

2.9 Can I Share My Designs with You?

Yes, you are allowed to share your designs with us at Foison Metal by contacting our customer support agents about your taste and preferences. However, we shall discuss some of the aspects that will not change much so that we do not diverge much from OSHA regulations.

2.10 What Standardization Marks Are There on The Safety Zone Signs?

We have a couple of signs marking universally standardized requirements.

Color is important and we have standard colors that we use that portray goes hand in hand with imminent danger. For instance, danger signs according to OSHA specify that red, black, and white are for danger hazard areas.

Caution safety zone signs according to OSHA specify that they need to have a yellow background with a black panel.

Safety symbols alert are made with a black exclamation mark, with a yellow background, and are placed inside a triangle frame.

Text messages and the incorporation of pictograms also meet global compliance.

Letter sizing –The wordings should be concise and easy to read. The size of the wordings should be of a size to enable one to read from a distance.

2.11 Do You Create Prototypes of Safety Zone Signs Before Start of Production?

Yes, we do create samples for our clients. This is to enable you to get and experience the real test of our products. At Foison Metal we shall provide prototypes so long as you make orders early enough so that it can enable us to serve you on time.

2.12 What If I Need a Pictogram or Text Only Safety Zone Sign?

Yes, you can get a pictogram or text-only signs so long as you inform us early enough via our customer support agents. You can also share with us the exact pictograms needed to be used via our website

This will enable us to do a neat job and deliver your safety zone signs on time.

2.13 Do You Sell Mounting Fixtures Separately or They Come with The Safety Zone Signs?

Yes, our safety zone signs come with mounting fixtures needed for a particular ordered safety zone sign. Some of the mounting fixtures that we offer are:

  • Sign bolting set
Sign Bolting set
Figure 10 Sign Bolting set
  • Breakaway nuts
  • Corner bolt set with jam nuts
  • Aluminum washers
  • Suction cups with the hook for sign hanging
  • Drive rivets

2.14 Are The Safety Zone Signs the Same as I See Them In Your Photos?

Yes, the safety zone signs displayed are the same you are going to get when you make the order. We make sure you get the exact product you see when placing an order.

2.15 What Is the Quality Expectation from Your Products?

You can be guaranteed to dropbox a high-quality product from Foison Metal. We use durable and high-quality materials to suit our clients.

2.16 How Do I Go About Sharing My Safety Zone Sign Designs with You?

You can use our contacts or contact us via our website and we can have a conversation on the different designs you may need. We encourage such conversations with our clients because this ensures you are fully satisfied with our products.

3.0 Order and Payment

Order now
Figure 11 Order now

3.1 Do I Need To Visit Your Factory In Person To Place An Order?

No, not really. You can place an order by contacting us. You can also get our product portfolio by visiting our website

We are always glad to engage you and also you are free and come visit us in our factory. You will see the quality of products we produce and other safety zone signs you might be interested in.

3.2 Should I Pay for The Design Layouts and Samples?

No, you do not pay for design layouts and samples. At Foison Metal we offer you a free design layout after purchase so that necessary adjustments can be done following your safety zone sign needs. 

However, some small shipping fees may apply in greater distance locations.

3.3 What If I Am Not Satisfied with Your Designs? Will I Be Charged for Them?

At Foison Metal we try as much as possible to meet our clients’ needs and to maximum satisfaction. We are flexible enough to incorporate the designs you need. 

In case of adjustments that you may need you can contact us. At Foison Metal we are always glad to serve you.

3.4 What Is the Average Cost of Your Safety Zone Signs?

Our cost of safety zone signs ranges depending on the sizes, materials used, and customization.

At Foison Metal our MOQ is very flexible e also depending on the quantity ordered. We strive to offer long-lasting quality safety zone signs.

3.5 What Is the Procedure of Placing Safety Zone Signs Order?

There are various ways you can search for our products on our website. Type a word or a phrase in our search window at the top of the page.

You can also browse by category window and choose from the dropdown of any related groupings shown on the right side of the page.

Once you identify the safety zone sign you need, select and view ranges of materials and sizes. You can also see the price on the same dropdown on the left side.

Type the number of materials you need and then click ‘’Add to cart”. Finnish the process by paying using a MasterCard pin.

3.6 What Is Your Safety Zone Sign Lead Time?

Lead Time
Figure 12 Lead Time

At Foison Metal, we make sure our products reach our clients on time. A maximum of 7 working days is enough for the product to reach our clients. 

Also, this may vary depending on the shipment locations, but we have a website where you can track the movements of Safety zone signs.

3.7 Do You Have Multiple Payment Methods?

At Foison metal, we accept several payment methods. The payment or deposit is required before any orders are made. 

You can use a T/T, PayPal, or Credit Card.

3.8 Can I Request Orders in Any Quantity?

Yes, you can request any quantity on the Purchase order (PO). We urge you to Contact us especially on bulky products for the arrangement for shipment.

3.9 Do You Require Specific Information in Order Processing?

From our ordering site, you insert a phrase or word of the safety zone sign, and a dropbox will appear bearing suggestions of the products close to what you need to order. However, even if you do not have specific information our website displays safety zones signs.

3.10 Can I Use Third Party Agents in Processing My Safety Zone Sign Orders?

Yes, you may, although we deeply encourage the use of our safety zone, sign orders for efficient delivery and also for security purposes of your products.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 I Am Interested in Knowing If You Offer Warehousing Services?

Warehousing Services
Figure 13 Warehousing Services

Yes, we do offer warehousing services for bulky products ordered in greater numbers. Visit us on our website for information on the same.

4.2 Do You Have Your Shipping Line or Use Third Parties?

We do have our shopping lines for efficient service to our clients

4.3 Can You Handle My Safety Zone Sign Shipment?

Yes, we are in charge of all safety zone sign shipment until it reaches the delivery point. We also make sure you can track the movement of the product from the ordering process to delivery.

4.4 Do You Handle Shipping Costs on Behalf of The Customer?

At Foison Metal we charge a moderate shipping fee that is friendly tour safety zone sign customers.

4.5 Do You Have Restrictions on Where to Ship to?

No, we do not have restrictions on where to ship safety zone signs. Our ordering website will show the nearest points of delivery and several collection points within towns close to you.

4.6 What Is Your Average Delivery Time?

For samples, it takes an average of 5 to 7 days whereas for actual safety zone signs it takes an average of 12 to 15 days

4.7 How Good Is Your Packaging?

We have the best packaging that cushions safety zone signs from damaging it. We use waterproof paperboard or fiberboard which is sealed effectively before transportation.

4.8 Do You Recommend Use of Freight Forwarders?

Yes, you can use Freight forwarders. It is easy, safe and you get clear visibility of shipments movement. It enables us to know the status of your shipment.

4.9 What About I Opt For Online B2B Platforms?

Online B2B platform
Figure 14 Online B2B platform

It is very alright with us. We shall be glad to business to business with you and we are always providing a warm reception to such a business. We shall appreciate it if you Contact us for more information on our terms and conditions.

4.10 Do You Offer Tracking of Consignment After Dispatch from The Factory?

Yes, we make sure our clients know of the status of their shipments. Therefore, we provide clear visibility from the ordering process to delivery

4.11 What Is Your Minimum Shipping Order?

Our minimum shipping order is 100 units.

4.12 Do I Need Any Documentation to Receive My Order?

Yes, you are required to have a receipt and documentation used at the time of purchase. This is important for the security of your Safety zone sign.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 What Is Your Return Policy?

Our return policy is that as long as the product delivered is unused, not damaged, and still has the original packaging materials we accept the return.

5.2 What Happens When I Receive Safety Zone Signs in Specifications That I Did Not Request?

This is very unlikely but in case of such contact us and we shall be able to assist you.

5.3 What Happens If an Issue of Worn Product Specification Was My Fault?

At Foison Metal, we encourage you to always reach out for any assistance needed and we shall accord you the services you might need.

5.4 Can I Track the Returns to The Factory?

By use of our contacts, you can be able to be notified of the necessary information on your returns.

5.5 Do You Accept Products to Be Returned for Redesigning?

Yes, at Foison Metal there is room for adjustments and redesigning of our products to suit your needs. Using our contacts you can be able to share ideas for redesigning.

5.6 Do You Arrange for Insurance In case Goods Are Damaged in Transit?

Yes, we have a proper insurance policy just in case goods get damaged when in transit. As a company, we make sure no damage takes place because we do our packaging well with enough cushions.

5.7 If I Get Extra Items in My Order, How Do I Go About It?

We appreciate and value feedback. Contact us on such cases and we shall give you directives on how to go about it.

5.8 What Is the Average Time Between Replacement and Receiving Back the Order?

The average time for replacement and getting the product back is 21 days from the time it gets to the factory.

5.9 Whom Do I Contact for Replacements and Returns?

You can contact us or call our customer service agent for more assistance with replacement and returns. We shall be glad to serve you.

5.10 Will I Be Notified When the Defective Safety Zone Sign Has Been Replaced?

Yes, you will be notified when the defective safety zone sign has been replaced via the ordering channels we have put in place.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellation and refunds
Figure 15 Cancellation and refunds

6.1 Do You Offer Cash Back on Returns?

Yes, we do offer cashback on returns but with a certain percentage off from the buying price. This may vary depending on the number of products requested.

6.2 What Is Your Refund and Cancellation Policy?

You need to contact us to assist you with the cancellation procedures. You need to cancel before 24hours elapses just after placing your order since we immediately start processing your order after placement.

It is good to note that cancellation may incur some charges.

6.3 Do You Take Responsibility for Good Damaged in Transit?

No, we do not take responsibility for goods in transit. We encourage you to liaise with a specific courier service provider on insurance terms on goods on transit.

6.4 Can I Expect a Full Refund on Returns?

No, some percentage of the buying price will be deducted to facilitate other costs the company has incurred during the manufacturing process.

6.5 What Is the Order Cancellation Procedure?

You can contact us via our customer care desk for assistance on the cancellation procedures. Cancellation is done within the day of purchase since we start the manufacturing process immediately after the order is placed.

6.6 Will I Be Notified of The Cancellation of My Order?

Yes, you will be notified of the cancellation of the safety zone sign.

6.7 After Cancellation, Will I Be Eligible to Make Another Order?

Yes, you are allowed to make orders as you wish. At Foison Metal we are always here to serve you and make sure you get good quality products.

Send us a free inquiry request