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Foison Metal Guarantee Durable and Best Signs of Safety Product in the Market

Foison Metal is well recognized for offering a high-end selection of products that may be customized and designed. Our objective is to provide unrivaled service to suit the needs of our clients.

To provide you with highly developed items, we are constantly growing our experience and research. Our custom signs of safety, as well as other signage, are mass-produced with precise materials that best meet the product’s requirements and requirements.

We gratefully acknowledge our craftspeople for producing high-quality goods. We are committed to collaborating to achieve our goal of providing you with great items for your business and needs.

About Our Service

Durable Material

At Foison Metal, we ensure the quality of the products. Our signs of safety are made from standard materials for creating outdoor or indoor signage.

Bulk Orders

We want to help you grow your business and profitability by providing bulk signs of safety.

Wide Variation

Other than it is custom-made, we offer choices to the properties of the products such as metal used, size, and colors.

World-class Assistance

We make sure to answer all your queries and acknowledge your order systematically.


Our company makes sure that we can provide you with quality signs of safety that are within ISO standards.


Our signs of safety come customized with your personal touch. Acquiring the purpose of the signage, we create unique designs for your product.

Fast Delivery Process

For delivery, we make sure to offer you a stress-free process of receiving your orders.

High-End Machines

We always provide the newest technology in creating signs of signage. We promote different printing processes in mass production.

Our Featured Products

 Foison Metal Creates Effective and Custom Signs of Safety Tailored to Your Precise Needs and Specifications

Customized Signs of Safety

It comes with a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes of signage that you can choose and order.

Reflective and Non-Reflective Signs of Safety

The finish can be customized depending on your liking. We offer different finishes for your signage.

Indoor and Outdoor Signs of Safety

Our signage can be used for indoor or outdoor use, depending on the purpose of the signage.

Aluminum Signs of Safety

Our signs of safety products are also made from aluminum metal that is known for its corrosion-free properties.


Foison Advanced SAFETY SIGNS Manufacturing technology

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Aluminum is also the most commonly used material for signs of safety. In outdoor applications, the material is designed to withstand high heat, dampness, and weather. Of course, the sign is secured in place by bars that are strong enough to withstand natural disasters.

The delivery of Foison Metal has become well-known. Foison routinely delivers a high-quality product on time and under budget.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Stress-free Delivery

Equipped with quality products, we promote great service in terms of delivery.


Equipped with quality material, we specialize in creating customized Signs of Safety.


We provide metal safety signs in bulk orders for your business needs.


We offer free quotes and samples before actual mass production for quality assurance.

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Foison Metal is a Trusted Brand in Manufacturing High-Quality Signs of Safety in China

Foison Metal is known for manufacturing high-quality signs of safety worldwide. We receive various awards and recognition for our durable metal works product that keeps our clients ordering from us.

Our customized items are made by talented artisans in the company providing excellent results every time. Our goal is to provide great service and unrivaled quality products for your company.

The Signs of Safety Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Are Signs of Safety?

Signs of Safety
Figure 1. Signs of Safety

Signs of safety are signs that provide warnings of possible hazards in different workplaces. They will guide you on how to mitigate and avoid any accidents thus, providing a safe working environment.

To use the signs of safety, you must first identify the possible hazard. This allows you to determine whether this hazard is avoidable or should be completely removed in the workplace.

Signs of safety form an essential part of the working environment. This means everywhere you go you are likely to find signs of safety in that area. This includes low-risk areas such as offices to high-risk areas such as industries.

You have an obligation as an employer to ensure the safety of workers hence clarity and visibility of the signs of safety are very important.

1.2 Are There Benefits of Using Signs of Safety?

There are so many benefits that come with using signs of safety. Additionally, choosing the signs of safety that suit your kind of working environment. Some of these benefits include;

  • Signs of safety ensure the safety of the employees in different working environments. They act as a reminder to employees to be extra careful and remain aware of the possible hazard. Employee’s safety should always come first.
  • They provide education especially if you are new in the workplace. For instance, if you are working in an industry that deals with toxic materials. Signs of safety are the first thing you come across. Therefore, the information on the signs of safety should be concise and direct to the point.
  • They act as preventative measures. It is important to know that you can prevent avoidable accidents from occurring. And if it means using signs of safety to do so, then go ahead and install them in all possible areas.
  • Lastly, they enhance security. In most cases, premises will restrict the movement into different parts of the premises. For instance, you will find instructions” employees only, hence, all non-employees cannot access the rooms.

1.3 What Are the Important Things to Consider While Choosing Signs of Safety?

It is essential to choose the right signs of safety to ensure their effectiveness. To achieve these, they are things you should consider for you to get the right signs of safety. Some of these include;

  • Location with a possible hazard.
  • The message of the signs of safety.
  • Osha standards guarding the signs of safety.
  • Materials used in making the signs of safety.
  • The type of the signs of safety to use.
  • Conditions surrounding the environment to place the signs of safety.

1.4 What Are the Tips to Making Good Signs of Safety?

Ideally, signs of safety provide warning of possible hazards while using different working environments. The information on the signs of safety determines the next action the employee will take to evade any possible dangers.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the signs of safety are always effective. Below are some tips of what makes up good signs of safety;

  • The message on signs of safety should be concise and direct to the point.
  • Signs of safety should be easy to read.
  • Symbols used on signs of safety should be relatable to the message and understandable.
  • The colors should be bright enough which makes the signs of safety stand out.
  • Signs of safety should be big enough to allow viewing even at a far distance.
  • Use clear and simple language to display information on the signs of safety.

1.5 Where Can I Use Signs of Safety?

Place of use for signs of safety
Figure 2. Place of use for signs of safety

There are no restrictions on where you can use the signs of safety if there is potential danger or hazards. The key thing is to always ensure signs of safety are visible and the message is clear to the intended users.

Below are some of the areas, where you can apply signs of safety;

  • Areas containing dangerous products such as toxic or highly flammable products.
  • Environments where it’s compulsory to wear PPEs such as hand gloves.
  • Areas with a possible hazard that is not known to the employees. For example, the presence of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Where there are operator machines such as forklifts or mobile cranes. Especially the travel lanes they use.
  • Areas that have been confined.
  • You can also use signs of safety on emergency exit routes.

It is important to be aware of which signs of safety to use in the different working environments.

1.6 Are Signs of Safety Durable?

Our main goal is to give you signs of safety that will serve your purpose for the longest time. To achieve this durability nature, we use high-quality materials that are resistant to damages or fading of the colors. We use materials that allow you to use the signs of safety for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Having long signs of safety -lasting not only saves you cost but also the time you must use to make new orders.

1.7 What Are the Best Practices to Observe While Using Signs of Safety?

The tremendous decrease of accidents around the workplace indicates the effectiveness of the signs of safety. They serve as indicators of safety while working in hazardous areas.

For you to make the best use of the signs of safety, you can adopt the following best practices;

  • Ensure that all the signs of safety you are using meet the OSHA standards requirements. To be on the safe side ensure the colors and the words are visible even at a far distance.
  • Ensure you place the signs of safety appropriately. You may take the placement as an easy task yet there are regulations regarding how you place the signs of safety. These regulations are under the OSHA set of rules guarding the placement of the signs of safety. You should place signs of safety close enough and further away from the nearest hazard.
  • Always clean and perform maintenance procedures on the signs of safety to ensure visibility of the message. Replacing faded signs of safety is also advisable.
  • Be in the know-how of where the different signs of safety will fit. Do not just go placing any signs of safety everywhere because it causes confusion among employees.
  • Depending on the working environment you may choose to customize signs of safety to meet the objectives.

1.8 Which Materials Are Used in Making Signs of Safety?

Normally, the materials you decide to use in making the signs of safety determine their effectiveness and durability. It is important to be cautious while choosing these materials.

To ensure the quality of the signs of safety, we use the following materials to make signs of safety. They include;

  • Permanent vinyl:
  • Removable vinyl
  • PVC plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Magnetics.

1.9 What Are the Common Mistakes That Makes Signs of Safety Less Effective?

The effectiveness of the signs of safety depends on how well you use them. Poor selection and placement of the signs of safety will result in confusion and a lot of unclear instructions. This will result in avoidable accidents.

Below are some common mistakes that will result in signs of safety being less effective. They include;

  • Failure to properly maintain the signs of safety. Poor maintenance of the signs of safety will result in fading, wearing, or corrosion. This effect reduces the ability to read and understand the message on the signs of safety.

To reduce this effect ensure you are taking care of the signs of safety. For instance, you can replace any faded signs of safety to continually provide safe conditions.

  • Placement of signs of safety in the wrong places. You should be able to determine the proper location to place the signs of safety for visibility. the employees should not struggle to look or reading the signs of safety.
  • Placing the many signs of safety closely together. Placing the signs of safety to close reduces the clarity of messages on the signs of safety. Ensure there is a proximity distance between one sign of safety to the other.
  • Unclear or vague messages on the signs of safety. Use of many or fewer text messages on the signs of safety results in confusion. A good sign of safety should be concise and clear. It should state the possible hazard and the immediate action to evade the hazard.

1.10 Which Are the Regulatory Bodies Governing Use of Signs of Safety?

We work closely with relevant standard bodies who ensure the signs of safety are up to standard. They provide rules to which every sign of safety should conform. For instance, the sizes, colors, and shapes of the signs of safety. These regulatory bodies include;

  • OSHA standards Authority.
  • ANSI standard Authority.
  • ISO standard Authority.

2.0 Design and Customization

Design and Customization of signs of safety
Figure 3. Design and Customization of signs of safety

2.1 Can I Get Some Samples of Your Signs of Safety?

We do provide a wide variety of signs of safety samples on our platform. You can view and still choose from these samples. That is if you do not have a specific design in mind.

Additionally, we classify the samples according to the intended usage. This makes it easy for you to check what you need.

If you need assistance with choosing from our samples, contact our team for help.

2.2 Use Of Different Shapes and Colors Portray Different Information, What Do Each One Them Mean?

We not only use the text message to deliver the message on the signs of safety. Also, the shapes and colors can achieve this purpose. Let us look at each one of them and what they represent.

  1. Red: Depicts the prohibitory signs of safety. They are circular with a black pictogram and red on the outer layer. Examples, no smoking signs of safety, No using the mobile phone in this area.
  2. Yellow: it indicates warning signs of safety. They are triangular with black pictograms. They are designed to create alertness to the employees of possible hazards.
  3. Green: They indicate safe condition signs of safety. They are normally rectangular with white pictograms. They indicate routes that are safe for usage.
  4. Blue: They indicate mandatory signs of safety. Normally, they are circular with white pictograms. They provide instructions on what to do before entering a restricted area. For instance, “wear a face mask”.

2.3 Which Elements Do You Mostly Include on Signs of Safety?

Safety Signs of Safety Elements
Figure 4. Safety Signs of Safety Elements

When we talk of elements on the signs of safety, we mean the composition that makes up good signs of safety. According to the OSHA standards, all the signs of safety should contain the following elements. these elements include;

  • The symbol includes pictograms that communicate hazards or precautions.
  • Warning text indicates the threat and the possible outcomes.
  • Headers normally contain the signal word. Examples of headers include Warning, Danger, or Caution.

2.4 Are There Portable Signs of Safety?

Yes, we do provide portable signs of safety. Portable signs of safety are used in events that are non-continuous. For instance slippery floors that dry up with time. We design them with the ability to support themselves and are easy to carry from one point to another.

Portable signs of safety come in different forms such as;

  • Traffic cones with stickers containing the message.
  • Signs of safety are mounted on poles with bases to enable movement.
  • Plastic A-frame signs of safety.

2.5 Do You Provide Mounting Fixtures for Signs of Safety?

Yes, all our signs of safety come with all the requirements and a manual to guide you on how to mount them. To mount the signs of safety you should follow the following procedures;

  • Start by removing the backing that is underneath the signs of safety.
  • Place the signs of safety on the desired surface while removing bubbles by applying pressure on the signs of safety. This increases the adherence of the signs of safety onto the surface.

Consequently, you can choose to install the signs of safety all by yourself by following the guidelines you must give the manual. Either way, let us know what suits you the best.

2.6 Do You Provide Customization Services on Signs of Safety?

Customization for Signs of Safety
Figure 5. Customization for Signs of Safety

We love trying out new things in our company including customizing signs of safety for you. Adding features to the signs of safety brings the most realistic images to the employees. This enables them to quickly read and interpret the signs of safety and take precautions.

To allow our team to deliver quality and effective customized signs of safety, please include all the details such as;

  • The message you want on the signs of safety
  • The color options
  • Size of the signs of safety
  • Graphics that best suits the signs of safety you want.

2.7 How Can I Differentiate Laminated Signs of Safety from Non-Laminated Signs Safety?

After complete printing of signs of safety, we will apply a lamination on top of the signs of safety which acts as a protective layer over the signs of safety. This layer prevents scabbing of the signs of safety thus reducing the quality.

Laminated signs of safety do not peel off the colors used on them even after scrubbing. The colors and the messages remain firmly. Additionally, the messages are clear and readable.

For non-laminated signs of safety, a little scraps result in immense damages on the sign of safety. The message is delectable, making them less effective.

You should always be careful while giving specifications, which allows the inclusion of the lamination of the signs of safety.

2.8 Is It Possible to Use Pictograms on Signs of Safety?

Pictogram refers to the images used to symbolize the possible hazard. We use pictograms to display possible hazards, especially in a chemical working environment. The pictograms are usually black to make them distinctive from the rest of the message.

It is important to use pictograms that resemble the kind of hazard found in that environment.

2.9 What Is the Standard Size of Signs of Safety?

Signs of safety standard size
Figure 6. Signs of safety standard size

The signs of safety should be big enough to enhance the visibility of the possible hazard in a near or far distance. Signs of safety come in different sizes depending on what you want them for. The important thing to always keep in mind, some factors determine how big should the signs of safety be.

These factors include;

  • Where you intend to use the signs of safety on. For instance, it could be signs of safety used on roads.
  • The proximity and closeness of the employees to the signs of safety should not be too close or too far to enhance clarity and visibility.
  • How much information do you want us to include on the signs of safety? This implies the more information the larger the size of the signs of safety and vice-versa.
  • On the other hand, if you want multiple messages on the signs of safety, try using bigger signs of safety.
  • If you consider all these factors, it will be easy to decide the size you want for the signs of safety. You can visit our page to see how we achieve different sizes using the above factors.

2.10 Will My Signs of Safety Resemble the Prototype Samples?

We should ensure we meet the different needs of our clients. Quality and effective signs of safety are our biggest motivation as a company.

We walk you through all the stages of production of the signs of safety. This includes evaluating the samples you provide to us to have a deeper understanding of the design.

During the initials, the stage will design a sample of the signs of safety you sent to us. We will send the sample for review and any possible adjustments.

Any adjustments you make will be included in the final signs of safety. The signs of safety contain all the similar features as those of the samples you provide.

For more information on the quality of the signs of safety, contact us.

2.11 What Is the Ideal Size of The Text Used on Signs of Safety?

Size of Text for Signs of safety
Figure 7. Size of Text for Signs of safety

Normally, the determinant factor of the size of the text on signs of safety is the distance. How far can you be able to read the message on the signs of safety?

The letters on the signs of safety should be well spaced and avoid overcrowding the letters. For instance, the letters on the signal word should be at least 50% bigger than those in the word panel.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 How Much Do Signs of Safety Cost?


We have prices that are pocket-friendly and affordable to our clients. To determine the cost of the signs of safety we consider the following factors;

  • The size of the signs of safety placard.
  • Whether the signs of safety are laminated or not.
  • The materials used on the signs of safety
  • The address location for the delivery of signs of safety.

You do not have to worry whether you can afford our prices. We have specialized financials who will take you through the breakdown. You can negotiate for the prices that will both favor the company’s interests and you as well.

3.2 Do I Have to Visit the Company to Place an Order?

Yes, you are free to visit our factory headquarters anytime and discuss with our experts about your order. You will also be able to check on the quality processes involved.

3.3 How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get the Designed Samples of Signs of Safety?

We have a reliable and efficient team that always puts the needs of our clients at the forefront. Normally, the day you place the order matters a lot. 

For instance if you place an order on weekends, our platform will allow you to do that since it’s operational 24/7. There may be a delay since some of our teams do not work on weekends and will need approval.

For the designed samples of signs of safety, it will only take us 7 to 10 days to do the production. We will send the samples and upon your approval will begin the massive production of the signs of safety order.

If you do not get the samples within the stipulated time, inform our team will help trace the signs of safety samples for you.

3.4 Is There a Minimum Number of Signs of Safety to Order?

The Minimum Order Quantity
Figure 9. The Minimum Order Quantity

We accommodate all clients regardless of the pieces they purchase from us. We accept and approve orders from as low as 100 pieces to large quantities of the signs of safety. 

The key thing to keep in mind is that cost will largely affect how many pieces of signs of safety you order.

For instance, if one piece of signs of safety costs $10.2 you will pay the exact amount for the signs of safety. On the other hand, if you order 1000 pieces of signs of safety, you will pay $9.5 per piece of signs of safety.

Additionally, there is a gift hamper for large orders of the sign of safety.

Note, the higher the number of signs of safety order the lesser the cost and vice versa.

3.5 What Are the Available Payment Options for Signs of Safety?

We have partnered with the best online payments’ platforms. This makes the payments for signs of safety easier and more convenient for all our clients.

Additionally, online payments have been proven to be the safest method of making payments all over the world. It has enhanced advanced features such as encryption, compliance with PCI, and authenticated user interface.

Some of the online payments we accept include;

  • Master card
  • PayPal
  • eBay
  • Western Union
  • Credit cards
  • Bank cheques

3.6 How Do I Place My Signs of Safety Order?

Discounts for Signs of safety
Figure 10. Ordering for Signs of safety

When you log in to our platform, we provide a form that entails all the necessary steps to follow while making your order.

The provided form contains personal information, Our company information, and the shippers who will deliver the signs of safety. It is important you give accurate information to avoid any mistakes made during the production and shipping process.

Here are steps you should follow while making the order;

Select the sample of signs of safety you want.

Fill out the information requested on the order form. This information includes;

  • Your names
  • Address location
  • Quantity of signs of safety you want to order
  • The size of the signs of safety
  • Mode of shipping
  • Check out the mode of payments for the signs of safety

After successful completion of the above processes, the order. Our team will review it once we receive it.

Note, if you are ordering for our available ready-made signs of safety, ensure that the stock is still available to prevent ordering for unavailable signs of safety.

3.7 Are The Signs of Safety Sample Templates Chargeable?

Samples for Signs of safety
Figure 11. Samples for Signs of safety

We provide these samples to guide you in choosing your desired signs of safety. These samples are free to all our clients.

This though has an exception of the customized signs of safety samples. We also have samples of customized signs of safety that come at a fee.

The fee is not too high, but the clients must pay.

3.8 Why Are Customized Signs of Safety Charged Differently?

Customized signs of safety contain additional features or information on top of what normal signs of safety contain. This means more labor, raw materials, and increased cost of production for customized signs of safety.

Considering all these factors our prices for customized signs of safety are a bit high compared to the normal signs of safety.

Contact us to get more information on our charges for customized signs of safety.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery
Figure 12. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Do You Provide Free Shipping Services for Signs of Safety?

It is our responsibility as a company to make sure you get the signs of safety within the stipulated time. Not all times do we provide free shipping of the signs of safety but rather we use the following criteria;

Once every year we offer free shipping of signs of safety to all our clients within and outside our country. Ensure you grab this opportunity whenever it pop-up by ordering signs of safety.

We also offer free shipping for clients with high orders of the signs of safety. Free shipping acts as an incentive to ensure a continuous healthy relationship with our clients. Thus, a drastic increase in orders for signs of safety.

Always check out our platform for these opportunities and utilize them while they still last.

4.2 How Long Will the Shipping of Signs of Safety Take?

We work with a very reliable team of shippers who will provide shipping services for signs of safety. Duration is normally influenced by distance, environmental factors, and availability of all the required documentation for the signs of safety.

Regardless of all these factors the shippers will try and fasten the shipping duration to allow you to acquire the signs of safety at the right time. While ordering it is important you state how soon you expect the signs of safety.

4.3 How Safe Are My Signs of Safety During the Shipping and Delivery Process?

We guarantee 100% safety of the signs of safety from all dangers. This includes theft, damages/breakage, and delay of the signs of safety.

Worry less, the signs of safety are the best hands of our able shippers. Additionally, we use a packaging option that best suits the signs of safety. Mostly we use boxes to package the signs of safety. They hold the signs of safety firmly reducing the risk of damages.

Note, if the signs of safety arrive at you while damaged, inform us for further guidance on what to do.

4.4 Do You Have Pick-Up Locations Where I Can Collect the Signs of Safety Shipment?

Yes, we do have pick-up locations for signs of safety. We have not yet expanded our company to different locations including countries. But instead, we have opened offices where you can collect the signs of safety upon arrival.

You can also collect the signs of safety from these pick-up locations in case you are absent on the delivery day at the address given.

Visit our platform to view the different offices we have in different nations.

4.5 The Signs of Safety Were Damaged Upon Arrival, What Should I Do?

Damaged Signs of safety
Figure 13. Damaged Signs of safety

Upon the delivery of the signs of safety and you realize the signs of safety are damaged, contact us immediately. We have provided a helpline number, or you can email us complaining of the damaged signs of safety.

Our team will get back to you with a quick possible solution.

4.6 Can I Use My Freight Carrier to Ship the Signs of Safety Shipment?

Yes, you can use your freight forwarder. We do not provide restrictions to our clients on what to do but rather we listen to them. The use of freight forwarders has the following benefits while shipping the signs of safety.

  • They fasten the shipping process of signs of safety.
  • They know how to maneuver different setbacks experienced during the shipping of signs of safety.

If you decide to, the freight forwarder indicates on the order form.

4.7 How Reliable Are the Shipping Agents You Refer to Me for Shipping the Signs of Safety?

We should guarantee safety, fast shipping of the signs of safety, if we recommend these shippers trust us, they will deliver 100% results. Below are some of the shippers we commonly use;

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • DHL

We believe in clients’ satisfaction that’s why we do recommend the best shippers.

4.8 Can I Make Changes on The Order Form Once the Shipping Process Begins?

No changes on the order form are allowable especially if the signs of safety are under the shipping process. Making changes on the order form will impact our company heavily since we have undergone a whole production of signs of safety.

Any changes while shipping signs of safety will result in a penalty. For instance, half refundability of the payments.

4.9 Who Pays for Shipping Fee?

Payment of shipping Costs
Figure 14. Payment of shipping Costs

You are liable for all the shipping fees for signs of safety. Normally, it will give an overall quotation of the amount you should pay for the signs of safety. This quotation is inclusive of all the shipping charges to be paid to allow shipping of signs of safety.

To get more information on the criteria of the inclusive shipping fee on the final amount, contact our team.

4.10 How Do I Know Whether the Signs of Safety Are Ready to Be Shipped?

In the initial stages after successful order placement, we provide a tracking number and order number. With this, you can continuously monitor the progress of order processing. This will show you the complete production of the signs of safety.

Additionally, we will send a notification, indicating dispatch of signs of safety and the shipment is ready for shipping. That is how convenient our team is to all our clients.

4.11 What Should I Do If My Signs of Safety Do Not Arrive Within the Given Time?

Contact us if you do not get the signs of safety within the stipulated time. Our team will help trace the order of signs of safety.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Return and Replacement
Figure 15. Return and Replacement

5.1 What Documents Should I Include While Returning Signs of Safety?

We do not accept any returning of signs of safety without the following documents;

  • Original documents you presented to us
  • The order form receipts were issued during delivery.

You must keep these documents safely for incidents like this.

5.2 Do You Charge for Replacement of Signs of Safety?

Yes, we do charge for the replacement of signs of safety if the error comes from you. You will be liable for the replacement fee. For instance, if you wrongly enter the details of the signs of safety and end up getting different items.

Visit our replacement and returns page to see how much we charge for the replacement of signs of safety.

5.3 What Is the Company’s Policy?

The first thing to note is our company return policy.

  • All signs of safety should be returned to the company directly.
  • All the signs of safety should be in perfect condition as they were during delivery.
  • You should return signs of safety within the stipulated time.

Adherence to these terms will give you a smooth returning process.

5.4 Do I Have to Include the Reason for Returning the Signs of Safety?

Yes, we require all our clients to include the cause of returning the signs of safety. This allows us to make improvements on our signs of safety. You could also be returning excess pieces of signs of safety.

NOTE, we do not force our clients to include the reason if they do not want to. This should be a decision you make all by yourself.

5.5 How Long Should I Take Before Returning the Signs of Safety?

Delivery dates for Signs of safety
Figure 16. Delivery dates for Signs of safety

We recommend the immediate return of signs of safety to prevent any escalation of the already available issue. For instance, if you are returning goods that are damaged ensure, there are no additional damages from your side.

Our return time frame is usually 10 to 15 days.

5.6 Can I Return My Customized Signs of Safety?

We do not accept returning customized signs of safety since we must use all the details you provide to us in designing signs of safety. If their errors are encountered on the customized signs of safety, it’s a result of the information you provide.

5.7 Should I Return the Whole Shipment of Signs of Safety If It’s Just a Part of It That Is Damaged?

Regardless of how many pieces of signs of safety are damaged, we recommend you return the whole signs of safety shipment. This provides room for further examination of signs of safety.

Contact us. We will provide instructions on how to return the whole shipment.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation and Refund
Figure 17. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 What Mode of Payment Do You Use to Make the Refunds?

We do not have a specific mode of payment for refunds or signs of safety. We use the different modes our clients use to pay for signs of safety orders. Each of these payment methods has a maturity period of money after which you can get the refunds.

To view the different maturity periods of refund on different payment methods, visit our payment platform.

6.2 What Should I Do, If I Haven’t Received the Refunds Within the Stipulated Time?

If you do not receive refunds for signs of safety within the set timeframe, try enquiring with relevant persons. This includes those who operate the mode of payment you are using.

If this does not resolve the issue contact us for a refund tracing procedure.

6.3 What Are Your Terms for Cancellation of Signs of Safety Order?

Return Agreement
Figure 18. Return Agreement

The biggest question we ask ourselves is when to cancel an order? It is important to note the following;

  • You can only cancel an order during the initial stages before the production of signs of safety begins.
  • No cancellation of orders will be accepted during the shipping of the signs of safety.

We recommend all our clients request cancellation during the initial stages to avoid penalties.

6.4 Do You Notify If the Signs of Safety Order Is Cancelled?

You will receive a notification confirming the successful cancellation of an order. This only occurs after our team reviews the cancellation request.

You should constantly check on your emails to avoid missing the notification.

6.5 When Is It Possible to Get My Refunds for Signs of Safety?

Our refund policy indicates the acceptable condition of refunds for signs of safety. For you to get a refund

  • All the returned signs of safety should be in perfect condition.
  • if there are damages on signs of safety from the client’s side, the damages will be deducted.

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