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Foison Metal, The Number One Trusted Company in China for Manufacturing Quality Products

Foison Metal is the number one company in China for manufacturing the highest-quality slide on a dog tag. We guarantee that materials used in production are durable and can last for decades.

Our sole purpose is to provide durable and stylish slide on dog tag for you at an affordable price. We use top-of-the-line technology to laser engraved, embossed, or etched the material into your desired shape and design.

We ensure that every product is inspected to pass the quality standard before the shipment for your satisfaction. As it is long-lasting, we guarantee that the quality of the material used and the label will not fade.

About Our Service


We are committed to manufacturing high-grade materials into a durable and noticeable slide on tags


We are a team of knowledgeable and skilled workers that are ready to produce premium quality slide on a dog tag


We value the time and money you spend with us. We make sure to be cautious enough to avoid any mistakes in producing high-quality dog tags


A wide selection of materials are available to be used in manufacturing for your slide on dog a tags such as stainless steel, brass, and aluminum


Here at Foison Metal we offer high-quality products at a more competitive price that guarantees to last for decades


We are 100% transparent in making sure that every transaction is safe and all information is kept


We treat every customer differently as we understand that they have unique needs and demands for their dog tags


We are a company that focused on customer satisfaction, which is why we offer clients benefits including free quotations and free graphic layout

Our Featured Products

Keep Your Dogs Safe with Our Trusted and Secured Slide on a Dog Tag Here at Foison Metal

Slide on Dog Tag Blanks

Our slide on dog tags blanks can be customized with unique characters and numbers

Stainless Steel Slide on Dog Tag

Slide on dog tag can be manufactured with the use of stainless steel that is durable and polished

Slide on Silicone Dog Tag

Be unique with our silicon slide on the dog tag that can be stretched easily to fit every collar style

Steel Slide on Dog Tag

Steel slide-on tags made of steel is sturdy and stylish to make sure that the tag would be noticed easily


Foison Advanced Dog Tag Manufacturing technology

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Know More About Us

Here at Foison Metal, we specialize in engraving, embossing, and etching high-quality metal materials to perfect your desired slide-on-a dog tag. Different characters and designs can be imprinted making them unique and personalized.

Every piece is treated special and has the potential to last for decades, ensuring that you will get your money’s worth through time. We guarantee that mass orders will meet client’s specifications and demands in a short time.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Designs made by our professional graphic designers are effective and easy to understand


Despite the materials being dense they are still easy to work within forming into different shapes and sizes


Our slide on dog tags are made with premium-grade materials that are dense enough to avoid future damages


You can guarantee that all products are of high quality for an affordable price

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Foison Metal is the Dominating and Trusted Brand Anodized Aluminum Dog Tags

Keeping animals safe is a priority for all responsible community citizens and pet owners. Foison Metal thought the best way to ensure their safety is by getting them to wear Anodized Dog Tags. These products are always in-demand wherever you are in the world, and we provide the cheapest option, so get ready to boost your business sales now!

Foison Metal Provides Innovation, Consistency, with Slide on a Dog Tag That Make You Want to Come Back

Everything we do here at Foison Metal is the product of our vision to be the number one supplier of high-quality dog tags in the world. By that, we combine our skills, knowledge, and innovative technology to keep up with the demands of our customers.

The Slide on a Dog Tag FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is a slide on a dog tag?

slide on dog tag
figure 1 slide on dog tag

A slide on a dog tag is a tag that is made of the metallic disks that is custom engraved with personalized text that has slits through which the collar slide to keep the tag flat along the collar. 

Slide on a dog tag will not fall off or make a noise like traditional hanging dog/ pet tags neither will it be caught on anything. Slide on a dog tag can only be used on a certain type of collar. It is made of stainless steel and can only fit four to five lines of text.

Slide on a dog tag does not allow additional information to be engraved on the back. The slide on a dog tag is ideal if you have a breed that needs to wear a harness rather than a collar.

1.2 What are the features of a slide on a dog tag?

No noiseSlide on a dog tag does not jangle when the dog is eating, walking, or when playing around thus producing no noise compared to hanging a dog tag that jangles a lot. This feature ensures that no silence is required.

DurableSlide on a dog tag is made up of metals such as stainless steel that has a long life span. They are resistant to scratch and non-corrosive thus give the slide on a dog tag a long-lasting aspect. The toughness of the stainless steel and its thickness combine to give strong ears.

Clear characters-All personalized information is engraved by a laser making the characters clear and easy to read. The engraved information on the slide on a dog tag is also durable and attractive. 

Light weight-The slide on a dog tag is very light and materials also used to make the slide on a dog tag are not heavy. This light feature of the slide on a dog tag makes your pet comfortable.

Not easily lost Slide on a dog tag does not get snagged on anything i.e., fence or branch and once the collar is pulled tight against the back of the tag cannot fall off and is thus less susceptible to loss.

Slide on a dog tag is easy to attach. Slide on a dog tag requires no tools to attach.

1.3 What materials are used in making slide on a dog tag?

We use metals to process your order. The metals that we use include; stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. The metals are durable and light making it to be comfortable for your pet or dog.  

1.4 How much do I need to acquire a slide on a dog tag?

The price of a slide on a dog tag is not fixed to a certain figure because it depends on various factors/ customization that is to be done on the tag. The factors that affect the price of a slide on a dog tag include:

  • Size: The bigger the slide on a dog tag the higher the price of the tag compared to a small-sized slide on a dog tag calls for cheaper prices.
  • Shape: The slide on a dog tag comes in various shapes. Some are curved, bone-like, rectangular with curved ends, etc. Some complex shapes call for higher prices of the slide on a dog tag.
  • Customization: Slide on a dog tag is made depending on your taste and preference. We as foison will tailor the product to derive maximum satisfaction to you. More customization calls for an increase in the prices of the slide on a dog tag.
  • Shipping destination and shipping method used. Depending on the kind of shipping method that you prefer using, express shipping and up-to-door delivery calls for more money.

1.5 Does each slide on a dog tag come with it is own collar?

Our company does not provide a collar for each slide on a dog tag that we make for you. Our company only deals with metal and does not process collars. Instead, our slide on a dog tag is sold at cheaper prices to give our esteemed customers a chance to acquire collars elsewhere.

1.6 How do you attach a slide on a dog tag?

Attaching a slide on a dog tag is very simple since it does not require any tools to attach.

You slide your dog’s collar on one slot and out the other. That’s all. If your dog’s collar does not have an “open-end” you must choose our open style slide on a dog tag. To install you pinch the collar and squeeze it into the opening in the slots on the tag.

attaching a closed slide on dog tag
figure 2 attaching a closed slide on dog tag
dog tag on a collar
figure 3 dog tag on a collar

1.7 What should I put (engrave) on my slide on a dog tag?

We will engrave anything that you request on your pet slide on a dog tag. The slide on a dog tag is the easiest and fastest way to be contacted if your dog or pet loses his or her way. The information should be clear and readable. Some of the information that can be included on a slide on a dog tag includes:

Phone number

When wondering what to be engraved on the slide on a dog tag, your phone number should be on the top list. This is because it is the convenient and immediate way people can contact you should they find your dog or pet.

Home address

The home address differs from one region to another. In case you come from a small town, your dog/pet may not get far but in case you live in a large town, you need to be more specific. This will ease the struggles of a stranger who wishes to deliver the lost dog or pet.

slide on a dog tag with address
figure 4 slide on a dog tag with address

Microchip information

If your dog or pet is micro-chipped, you should include micro-chip information including microchip ID and phone number concerning.   

slide on a dog tag
fogure 5 slide on a dog tag

Name of the dog/ pet

name and contact information
figure 6 name and contact information

This is the name that you are used to calling your dog or pet. As some dogs may become wild to strangers putting your dog/ pet’s name will enable strangers to call on them to stop misbehaving.

Other secondary information

You can as well have your slide on a dog tag customized with text that exhibits emotions or any sort of memories that you would love. This includes personal messages that would give a nice touch to your dog/pet.

Medical Needs

In any case, your pet requires some medical attention, it is always polite to include that information on your slide on a dog tag. This will alert the stranger who comes across the dog. The medical attention could include allergies, any clinical disorder, or vaccination information.

1.8 How do I maintain my slide on a dog tag?

Keep it dry-To avoid tarnishing, keep your slide on a dog tag dries when possible. You can use a towel or a cloth to dry it when it gets wet.

Tarnish care-Slide on a dog tag is made of 100% metal is likely to tarnish, to maintain its brightness we recommend cleaning your slide on a dog tag every few months.

Ink fade-If your slide on a dog tag ink fade, use a sharpie to refill your stamp with and wipe excess with steel wool.

Polish-Buff up your slide on a dog tag with a polishing pad to maintain the shiny view. 

1.9 How do I determine the correct collar size for my slide on a dog tag?

It is very important to properly fit your dog with a proper collar for purpose of your dog’s health and safety. The collar should not be loose enough to slip through the dog’s or pet’s head or too tight in a way that chokes or restricts the breathing of your dog.

For puppies, it is good to know that the puppies keep on growing, and therefore it is nice to keep on adjusting the collar as they get bigger. It is advisable to get an adjustable collar for your puppies to slide on a dog tag to allow you to size the collar up as the puppy grows.

To get an accurately sized collar to fit your dog or your pet, measure the center of the neck with a tape measure or a string down to their head. Pull the tape measure and should not be too tight. In case you were using a string put it on a ruler to get the exact measurements.

1.10 What are the factors to consider before purchasing a slide on a dog tag?

Some factors that you should consider when purchasing a slide on a dog tag include:

  • The type of collar you have, or you want. Select slide on a dog tag based on the collar type that you have, or you would want to acquire.

Open slide on a dog tag fits well in an adjustable collar.

A closed slide on a dog tag will work with a metal buckle closure collar. 

open and closed design
figure 7 open and closed design
  • The width of the collar your pet puts on-The width of the collar should guide you well or the width of the slide on a dog tag ear that can be made.
  • The thickness of the collar.

1.11 How unique is a slide on a dog tag compared to other tags?

The slide on a dog tag is much efficient compared to other tags because of their ability not to require a silencer since it does not suspend on the dog/ pet’s neck, they are also not easily lost since they cannot be caught on any object. 

Materials used to make slide on a dog tag are known to be light and for their longevity. They are also easy to assemble with a collar thus making them advantageous over other suspending tags.

1.12 Will the engraving on the slide on a dog tag rub off over time?

No, the engravings are done so deep using a laser fiber that guarantees a lifetime. If it does not kindly let us know and we will happily replace it for you.

1.13 What are the types of the slide on a dog tag?

There are two types of slide on a dog tag:

  • Open design slide on a dog tag
open design
figure 8 open design

Closed design on a dog tag.

1.14 What are the uses of a slide on a dog tag?

The slide on a dog tag can serve a different purpose. The purpose includes:

Identification purpose-Slide on a dog tag gives you a room to provide your pet’s name and any other relevant information that will enable your dog/ Pet to be easily identified.

 Decoration- The customization that is made on the slide on a dog tag enhances the look thus giving your pet/ dog an appealing look.

Security purpose-Slide on a dog tag can also be used for security purpose; in case your pet/ dog get lost the slide on a dog tag will make it easy for retrieval.

1.15 Where can I purchase a slide on a dog tag?

We are much aware that there are so many sites that you can purchase your slide on a dog tag, however, we as Foison metals offer a guarantee to our production. We guarantee you a good quality product that will serve you for a lifetime. Our prices are much lower compared to others and especially when you purchase the slide on a dog tag in bulk. We offer a large selection of options, fast shipping, and unique customization.  

We have a long market history with positive feedback and reviews from our esteemed customers. The reviews and feedback are readily available on our websites.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Can my slide on a dog tag be customized according to my wish?

The answer is yes. As Foison metals, we strive so hard to create your vision as believe customization is a booster for customers satisfaction. Feel free to contact us with any kind of personalization and design that you would want to be incorporated in your slide on a dog tag. We have selected a font that makes your slide on a dog tag clear and easily readable. We can also offer other fonts style upon request.

The slide on a dog tag can also be customized to meet the need of the special population i.e. individuals with visual impairment. Their slide on a dog tag can be engraved with braille and we ensure that our braille signs that are engraved are felt and durable and are according to ADA braille standards. The braille slide on a dog tag can also be customized for individuals who are enticed by braille language.

2.2 Can I indicate how I would like my text on the slide on a dog tag?

We try as much to maximize the size of the text on your slide on a dog tag. We also format the slide on a dog tag with the amount of text that you give us. If you have s specific request, you can email us to see if we can accommodate. We always accommodate reasonable requests.

2.3 Can I expect an exact color match between my slide on a dog tag and proof sample?

We provide our clients with what they demand, thereby we give exactly what is expected of us.  Although at times the product’s color may not match that on the proof this is because of differences in monitor resolution and variance between computers. 

2.4 How big will the font on my slide on a dog tag be?

If you add more text (lines/ characters), it means the size of your text is going to be smaller. When there is less text to be engraved on your slide on a dog tag, then we automatically adjust the size font for clear visibility. You can add more text to the tag, but we recommend that the slide on a dog tag should not be overcrowded with information in order to look appealing.

2.5 How do I indicate where the line breaks of the text area on the slide on a dog tag?

If you have a certain line that you want to be separated in certain spots you can use commas, or page breaks to mark the end of each line and we will take the commas out when we engrave your slide on a dog tag.

2.6 Why are some designs slightly different between the slide on a dog tag shapes and sizes?

While we strive out most to make most of the design work look the same on all tag shapes and sizes, some designs are slightly adjusted. This is to ensure the phrase has great exposure and looks great no matter the size or shape of the slide on a dog tag ordered.

2.7 Do you offer gold plating or other add-on services in case I need it done on my slide on a dog tag?

We offer multiple add-on services to further enhance your slide on a dog tags after we customize them with personalized text.

2.8 What sizes are available for the slide on a dog tag?

Getting the right slide on a dog tag has to do with width, thickness, and type of collar your dog or pet wears. It is necessary to determine the above-mentioned factors prior to ordering a slide on a dog tag. In cases of uncertainties contact us before you order as mistakes cannot be rectified.

different sizes of slide on dog tag
figure 10 different sizes of slide on dog tag

Getting the right slide on a dog tag has to do with width, thickness, and type of collar your dog or pet wears. It is necessary to determine the above-mentioned factors prior to ordering a slide on a dog tag. In cases of uncertainties contact us before you order as mistakes cannot be rectified.

2.9 Can slide on a dog tag be designed to the shape of my choice?

The slide on a dog tag can be customized to the shape of your choice that you would like. Slide on a dog tag can be bone-like shape, rectangular, etc. At times the shape can also be curved in order to take the shape of your dog’s neck and if not necessary it could be retained as straight.

2.10 Can slide on a dog tag be customized with the color of my choice?

We allow you to have any kind of color of choice to their slide on a dog tag that they find appealing to them. Our goal is to provide customers satisfaction. We deliver what you request. We have varieties of colors that you can choose from.  

2.11 Can I request a sample of the slide on a dog tag?

If you want to be sure about sizing, shape, and font style/ size and to have an idea of any kind of customization, feel free to contact us to contact a sample. You can then try it and then return it.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 Which currency do you accept?

Although our prices are provided in dollars, we will accept all sorts of currency from every country. This will ensure that our esteemed clients do not struggle a lot while going to change their currency. The payment can either be made through cash, credit card, pay-pal, debit cards, mobile transfers, and electronic bank transfer.

The electronic bank transfer includes; western union and money gram.

payment notification
figure 11 payment notification

3.2 What information do I need to provide for the order of my slide on a dog tag?

In order to process your order we require the following information:

Quantity of the slide on a dog tag that you need to order- It is very right to indicate the number of the slide dog tag that you intend to order from us.

Shipping address. -The address to which your order will be shipped and delivered needs to be well written specified to avoid shipping errors.

Phone number and email address in case we need to contact you quickly regarding your order of the slide on a dog tag and also to confirm your order and invoice.

Payment method-It is necessary to provide a purchase order number or credit card number to complete your order.

3.3 Do you offer receipts after I make my order of slide dog tags?

We send a confirmation email that acts as the receipt in PDF format for accounting purposes.

3.4 Are my payment data safe?

We highly regard the privacy of our esteemed customers as Foison metals. We handle your data and information with utmost care. A high standard for internet security is provided and your data is first encrypted and then stored in our servers. This makes it safe for you to use your credit card on our website.

privacy policy
figure 11 privacy policy

3.5 Where do I check the status of my order?

Our online platform provides you with the most status of your order.

  • Confirmed status: This implies that your order is being processed and is not shipped.
  • Shipped status: This status implies that your order has been shipped. The details include the date the order was shipped, tracking number, and means of shipment.
  • Delivered status: This indicates that your order or part of your order has been delivered.

3.6 What is the maximum number of slides on dog tag can I purchase from you?

We do not give our esteemed customers a fixed maximum number of orders that they can make from us. You can purchase any amount of slide on a dog tag that you want, although we recommend you goods following MOQ policy to minimize the cost of production.

3.7 Do you offer discounts on bulk amounts?

Yes, a discount is offered to our esteem customers if they make their order in bulk. You can always request a discount if you are planning to purchase the slide on a dog tag in bulk. This can be done by filling in a discount form that can be requested from our customer service team.

3.8 Do I need to pay for a sample slide on a dog tag that I request?

 The sample slide on a dog tag that you request is not paid for. It is provided free of charge since we believe the sample is only necessary to give you a hint of how you want your slide on a dog tag look. You only pay for the shipping fee of the sample that you request.

3.9 How will I know that Foison Metals have received my order?

Foison Metals will send an email confirmation immediately after receiving your order. The email indicates that we are processing your request.

approval notification
figure 12 approval notification

3.10 Do you have an online platform that I can use to make an order?

We have an online platform from where you can place your order of slide on a dog tag at the comfort of your home. You are not required to make any traveling arrangements to the firm to place your order. The procedure for placing an order is very simple and fast. Few requirements are needed thus not putting a bother to you as our esteemed customer.

3.11 I need to speak to someone about my order.

Our friendly team is available to take calls from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 4 pm and past these hours you can contact us through emails which will be responded to in the next working day.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Where do you make your deliveries?

Our deliveries are made globally. We deliver your order anywhere that you request upon purchasing the product. You only need to give us your address where you need your slide on a dog tag delivered.

We advise our clients to prove their given address to avoid the order being delivered to the wrong destination.

global delivery
figure 13 global delivery

4.2 How much does shipping cost?

Shipping cost varies all around the world. The shipping cost also depends on the shipping mechanism used. If you wish to use express mode or a rush mode it means the shipping cost is going to be much higher.

4.3 What are shipping methods available?

We have a different mode of shipping that we use to ship your slide on a dog tag to reach your desired destination. Your order can either be delivered through water means (ship), air or road. If you want your order immediately, we can make express shipping of the slide on a dog tag order at an additional fee.

shipping methods available
figure 14 shipping methods available

4.4 What happens if my order gets lost in transit?

If your shipment looks like it may be lost, please do not hesitate to reach to us through the customer service team so that we can try to track it down for you. At Foison Metal we guarantee delivery of your order. 

If your order is lost in transit, we will wait about a week to ensure that it does not come back on track. If it does not, we will remake and ship it out again.

4.5 Are orders insured during transit?

Yes, your order is insured during transit. The policy covers your order against the risk of loss, destruction, and damage while on transit from the time of leaving the insured premises to final delivery. 

4.6 What would cause my slide on a dog tag delay?

Several factors would contribute your order to be delayed. The factors include:

Overseas shipment– Orders made from overseas may experience extended lead time.

Shipping methods-Note that the shipping method you choose during the purchase is applied after the order has completed production/ packaging.

Weather and natural disaster-This may impact the estimated lead and delivery time.

Payment processing-If we are unable to process your payment that could result from technical hitches, this could lead to a delay in the production of your slide on a dog tag.

4.7 Is there any requirement that I need to receive my slide on a dog tag order?

Yes, you need some approval requirements to prove that you are the one who purchased the delivered order. The document includes; your identity card or passport, receipts, and confirmation details through messages or emails.

4.8 What should I do if my order does not arrive by the estimated date?

We always strive as much as we can to deliver your order on time. However, in the unlikely event where your order has not been delivered within the estimated lead date, kindly contact us for assistance.

4.9 What would happen if I decided to keep slide on a dog tag that I received damage?

No compensation or discount would be guaranteed to you if you decided to keep the order. Accepting the order upon delivery even after knowing there are some defects means you are ok with the order. 

It is advisable that if the three any kind of damages or defects that are noted during the delivery, you take a picture and contact us immediately to guide accordingly.

4.10 Do you offer storage services?

Foison metals have storage houses in different countries that provide storage of your order until a particular period when you can pick from. During the stated time you are not charged any amount of fee although after stated time your order is going to be charged. The charges vary from one country to another and will be communicated to you during delivery.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 Can I request a replacement of my slide on a dog tag?

Our replacement policy allows you to request a replacement of your delivered slide on a dog tag at no additional cost if the device received by you is defective or is not as ordered. Size-related replacement is allowed for selected products.

If you find that the package is tampered with, do not accept the item. You will be eligible for a replacement if:

  • Our examination of the slide on a dog tag shows defects that qualify for the replacement.
  • A replacement request is made within the stated replacement period.
  • The slide on a dog tag that has been received unused, in it is original condition and
  • The slide on a dog tag that has been received on its original packaging is accompanied by supporting documents such as receipts or proof of purchase, warranty card, etc.

Kindly note that the replacement policy does not cover routine damage incurred during use or loss.

5.2 I have requested a replacement of my slide on a dog tag, when will I receive it?

Upon your request for a replacement and our team investigating your returned slide on a dog tag, the replacement process will be initiated. You will receive an email indicating the estimated lead date. In the unusual event that the slide on a dog tag is not delivered within the stated date in the email, kindly contact us.

5.3 Can I track my return of slide on a dog tag?

If by any chance you have returned your order of slide on a dog tag, you can track the progress of your return from our online order support or by contacting us.

5.4 What would happen in case of an incorrect delivery?

In the unlikely event that you receive the wrong order, please contact us within 24 hours by either calling us direct at the number provided on our website or email us or through the contact form.

5.5 Can I return a replaced order?

All order that is made from us Foison metals are eligible for return and replacement if they meet the required return and replacement criteria. If you are not satisfied with the replacement order that is delivered to you can still request a return and request another replacement or refund.

5.6 Who would incur charges of lost goods that in return transit?

In the unlikely event of a product that goes missing on it is transit after return, we do our follow-up to confirm that the order is indeed missing. Our insurance policy will cover such issues.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

return and replacement
figure 15 return and replacement

6.1 How can I change my order of slide on a dog tag after it has been placed?

Once our orders are processed promptly, changing your order after it has been placed can be complex. Because of this, we recommend contacting us immediately upon realizing that something may be wrong with your order.

If there is an issue that you would love to change, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

6.2 Do you offer a product guarantee, warranty, or refund?

We stand behind our products, in case we make a mistake on your customized slide on a dog tag or it is in some way defective, we send a replacement to you at our own expense. It is however very important to review your order carefully to ensure that you did not make any mistake on the phrases/text you needed to be engraved. The customized slide on a dog tag made according to the original specification cannot be refunded.

If you are unsatisfied with the delivered non-customized slide on a dog tag we will replace it or refund it at our expense. We cannot make delivery guarantees, however, we strive to ensure that your packaged order is shipped on time.

6.3 Can I be allowed to place another order of slide on a dog tag after cancellation?

Yes, you are allowed to place another order after you cancel.

6.4 Whom do I contact if I have not been credited for my return?

Note that refund is not done immediately. Once the package of your slide on a dog tag is received by us the refund process does not take long before it is started, delay may occur when the financial institution takes a long to reflect the refund money sent to them by us in your account.

If you don’t receive the refund within the given time in the return and refund policy kindly our customer care support team or writing a mail to us. We guarantee a response within twelfth (12) hours.

6.5 When will I be credited my refund?

Once the goods are collected, it will only take a few days to process the refund back to the issuing card. The method used to credit your refund will be the similar method that was used to make the payment during the order.

6.6 What happens when I cancel goods that are in transit?

We highly recommend confirming your order to avoid instances of canceling the order that is already in transit. Canceling goods that are already will mean that you will incur charges and thus you are likely to receive a partial refund. If the cancellation has to happen it is advisable to be done before goods are shipped.

6.7 What if I do not receive a cancellation approval?

For you to know if the cancellation has gone through, you need to have received a cancellation notification approval. The approval assures you that the refund is on the way. Failure to receive the cancellation notification may mean that the process is not approved from our side. You may need to contact us to advise you accordingly.

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