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Only Foison Metal Manufacture The Most Durable and High-quality Products.

Foison Metal is an established leader for supplying high-end steel name plates, products and services. As our valued customers, we are dedicated to providing incomparable service to meet your needs.

We are continuously expanding our expertise and embracing new technologies so that we can provide you with the highest quality products. A variety of durable materials are offered in customizing nameplates with unique designs to best suit your distinctive needs.

All these won’t be possible without our sublimely skillful craftsman. We work together as a team to provide you with exceptional products for your business.

About Our Service


Steel name plates from Foison Metal is highly resistant to chemicals, abrasion, solvents, corrosion, and oxidation.


Stainless steel surface is extremely clean making the product resistant to bacteria and other microbes.


Foison Metal's steel name plates have excellent durability for outdoor use and harsh environments and are weather and chemical resistant.


Steel name plates are used for equipment to show model names and characteristics.


Extreme performance is offered in highly harsh environments that would otherwise make other metal material damaged.


Foison Metal uses relatively inexpensive materials to produce high-quality steel name plates.


We offer skillfully fabricated products from our latest machineries to manufacture your unique specifications.


Graphics offered for steel name plates may be screen-printed or chemically etched with or without color-fill.

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Foison Metal Produces Accurate Quality Stainless Steel Name plates to Your Precise Specifications. 

Stainless Steel Nameplates

Stainless steel is a popular material for its versatility and durability for data engraving or etching.

Custom Stainless Steel Nameplates

Metal material with exceptional resistance to chemicals, corrosion, ideal for heavy industrial use.

Stainless Steel Engraved Nameplates

Known for their vibrant color and beauty in embellishing applications. A conventional choice for outdoor durability and commercial displays.

Stainless Steel Etched Nameplates

Stainless steel is an ideal choice for aircraft,automotive, marine, and military use because of its lightweight property. Anodized surface adds a virtually guarding finish.

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Quality management system by Foison Metal is ISO 9001 + AS9100 Certified. A large amount of inventory is maintained to make sure every order is accommodated with minimal time of production.

Many custom steel name plates requests can be shipped in under 72 hours – with no minimum order requirements. Our delivery service is 100% award-winning with a 5-star customer rating. This means short lead times for you and when we promise a delivery date, we meet it!

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Our products provide longevity, durability, and readability on labels for the life of your equipment.


Steel nameplates can ensure durability on rain,sleet, snow, and humidity without rusting.

Eye Catching

With detailed design applied on the material the product will definitely stand out in any application.

Armor Shield

Built to withstand exterior exposure in disturbing environments such as severe cold, heat, and UV.

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Foison Metal the World's Largest Provider of Steel Nameplates You Can Only Trust

We are committed to environmentally safe manufacturing processes and a safe working environment. At Foison Metal, we strive to lead with our guiding principles and to help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility whose impact can reach far beyond our own business.

The Steel Nameplates Ultimate FAQs Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is A Steel Name Plate?

 Steel name plates are metallic flat discs that are used by organizations and individuals to indicate the occupants of the offices, desk or cubicles. The steel name plates can also be used to indicate the name of a product or a service offered in a room.

The main purpose is to avail information such as the name of a person, a warning of danger, machine specifications and necessary data. Steel name plates make information readily and conveniently available. 

The name can either be printed or engraved using a laser fiber.

Steel Name Tags
Figure 1 Steel Name Tags

1.2 What Is the Purpose Of Steel Name Plates?

Nowadays  steel name plates can serve a variety of purposes. The following are some the purposes of steel name plates:

An appreciationSteel name plate can be used as a means of appreciating an individual with great performance. The steel name plates’ gift can be engraved with your employee’s name or nickname.

This could be used to promote encouragement and positive energy at work since no one would want to miss a gift.

Appreciating years of serviceFor employees that have been in the organization for a long and have had exemplary work in the organization, steel name plates can be used as an appreciating tool.

Showcasing employee’s worth to the organization-The steel name plates that contain the name and title of the employee shows how important the employee has been to the organization.

The brand awarenessSteel name plate can be used as a simpler, less expensive method of advertisement that is placed in key locations to display information about a brand and product.

To communicate warning messageSteel name plates can also be to communicate any warning message be it to staff or visitors that the company may feel necessary. Proper labeling protects employees, educates staff, and prevents visitors to harm.

Steel Name Plates with Warning Messages
Figure 2 Steel Name Plates with Warning Messages

1.3 What Are the Benefits Of Steel Name Plates?

Steel name plates are beneficial to you following their durability and the vast options of customization in terms of printing and designing.

High-quality graphic The graphics on the steel name plate can either be done through printing, etching, or engraving and all these methods provide a permanent way that will serve you for a lifetime. You can also add color to the surface of your steel name plates.

Suitable for outdoorSteel name plates are very suitable for outdoor weather. The materials can be able to withstand harsh environments. The steel name plates can handle rigorous environments including weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

The impermeable surface-The surface of the steel name plates is dense making it resistant to scratches. This aspect makes it readable and remains clean.

Chemical resistance-Steel name plates are resistant to any form of chemicals thus making it suitable for a variety of industrial applications. It is also resistant to any form of stains that would cause surface damage.

High durability-Steel name plates are known for their longevity giving you as the user a long service.

Low maintenance-The cost of repair and replacement of the steel name plates is low.

1.4 What Is The Price Range Of Steel Name Plates From Foison?

The price of a steel name plate cannot be given as a fixed figure. This is because the price varies depending on some factors that include: 

The amount of material used-Thick steel name plates is more expensive than thin ones.

The customization process-The price of steel name plates gets intense depending on the amount of customization and designs that are to be done on your steel name plates.

Size and shapes-Larger steel name plates and complex shapes call for higher prices compared to small size and simple shapes.

1.5 What Are The Common Places Where Steel Name Plates Are Used?

Steel Name Plate In Office
Figure 3 Steel Name Plate In Office

Steel name places are commonly used in demanding institutions that require strong and durable equipment. Being a dense metal and resistant to chemicals and harsh weather conditions without any modification it is suitable for use in various areas.

 Some of the common use cases include; Marine equipment, Offshore drilling, Aircraft components, Appliances, Hospital and medical equipment, Mining equipment, Heavy industry, Cranes and Lifts, Offices and Learning institutions. 


Steel name plates that are used in offices are customized with two lines of text which describe the names and the job title of the occupants of the office space, desk, or cubicle. The steel name plates can also be used to describe the service that is offered in a certain office, direction, or instructions.

They help save time while navigating through the offices. Moving from one office to another looking for a person can be time-consuming; a steel name plate makes it easy to trace the person.

The steel name plates also give an office an organized look. The format of displaying is to first start with the name of the occupants then followed with the job title.


Steel name plates are used on different productions to designate the product, producer, brand, and properties of the product. The steel name plates are attached to the product for description purposes appeal or recognition for instance in endorsement by a governing body or for further information about the product. 


Steel name plates are ideal for use in the manufacturing industry. Since it is corrosion-free and can withstand harsh environmental conditions.


Steel name plates can also be used as decoration style in our homes. They are printed with favorite quotes or sayings. They can also be engraved to give a more appealing look to the house.

Shelf labels

Libraries, supermarkets, and other organizations can make use of steel name plates as a way to help your shelves stay organized.


Banks can also make use of the steel name plates that are engraved with messages such as NEXT TELLER PLEASE, LANE CLOSED, or any other message that would serve the purpose of the bank.


The information on the appliance steel name plates provides data regarding energy uses such as voltage, ampere, frequency in HZ, and wattage. Also included is the name of the manufacturer, date manufactured, model, serial number, location, and contact information.

Steel Name Plates with Warning Instructions
Figure 4 Steel Name Plates with Warning Instructions

1.6 Can I Use Steel Name Plates At Home?

Steel Name Plate
Figure 5 Steel Name Plate

 Steel name plates can also be used for home purposes. The steel name plates have an elegant seamless finish and their durability makes them suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Steel name plates are also waterproof. The reason why we recommend steel name plates for residential or for commercial, office, and shop is that; 

  • Steel name gives your home a modified look. Engraved steel nameplates look good and enhance the look of your home.
  • Designer steel name plates are currently in trend. 
  • Steel name plates can be used in different designs and they give an artistic style to your home. Engraving a steel name plate gives a beautiful black shade which is eye-catching.
  • Giving a simple look at your house
  • If your house is fully and well decorated a simple steel name plate can be used to maintain the balance. Putting so much stuff on the steel name plate will make it appear overcrowded and the house looks untidy.
  • Steel name plate gives your home a classic look.
  • Depending on the type of finish that you give to your steel name plate, either gold or titanium the look is always classy.
Designer Steel Name Plate
Figure 6 Designer Steel Name Plate

1.7 What Types Of Tools Are Needed To Install The Steel Name Plates?

Installation of the steel name plates is easier and depends on the type of fastener that you choose. 

The fastener includes; tape, magnetic strips, mounting holes depending on your application needs.

1.8 How Effective Are Steel Name Plates?

Steel name plates are a great solution since it can withstand any weather condition, chemicals, and nearly anything you throw at it. It can be used for a wide range of customization i.e. stamping, etching, engraving, or even embossing.

1.9 Do You Provide Steel Name Plates Holders For Office Purposes?

Steel name plates and their desk holders are manufactured separately. We do not offer free steel name plate holders, rather you can order both steel name plates and their holder at once.

1.10 How Do I Know How To Place/Attach Steel Name Plates?

Adhesives and Fasteners Used in Attaching Steel Name Plates
Figure 7 Adhesives and Fasteners Used in Attaching Steel Name Plates

You do not require screwdrivers or any special equipment to install the steel name plates. Methods of placing your steel name plates are determined by how it will be used thus determining how the steel name plates are going to be designed to be affixed.

 You can attach the steel name plates using fasteners, adhesive, welding, drilled holes, or brackets in hang form. Brackets in hang form and fasteners are excellent and reliable.

1.11 Why Should I Choose Steel Name Plates?

They permit easy access to information and direction avoiding the need to give verbal direction and information.

Steel name plates identify and provide brief information that provides a smooth operation and performance.

Steel name plates offer a clear structure of an organization, offices, machinery, and processes. Steel name plates provide a sense of professionalism, trust, and stability.

Placement of steel name plates assists in recognizing the importance of a person or equipment. This kind of information can help one to respect people and processes, location, and equipment.

1.12 Can You Guarantee Me That You Would Deliver The Best Steel Name Plates?

Yes, we can guarantee good quality and satisfying steel name plates for you. We as Foison Metals have had many years of design experience and have a group of highly qualified designers that work hard to meet your needs.

1.13 What Are Types Of Steel Name Plates?

Door Steel Name Plates
Figure 8 Door Steel Name Plates

Four categories of steel name plates are categorized according to where they are used:

  • Office steel name plates-Steel name plates are used in offices and workplaces to serve as directional and wayfinding signs. Office steel name plates can further be classified to:
  • Door steel name plates-Makes it easy to navigate through departments.
  • Desk steel name plates-they are designed to rest on the desk and be used for identification purposes. The information displayed on the steel name plates includes name and person’s role.
  • Industrial steel name plates-They used in industrial settings for inventory management and tagging of assembly parts.
  • Home steel name plates-At homes, the homeowner can use custom to display their favorite quotes and images around the house or the reception area to create an elegant impression.
  • Equipment steel name plate-This are identification plates used on various equipment for different reasons.
Desk Steel Name Plate
Figure 9 Desk Steel Name Plate

1.14 How Do We Maintain Steel Name Plates?

Steel name plates also need to be handled with a lot of care. Keeping the steel name plates free from dirt will help to keep it as good as new. To do this you will need to continuously remove dust, grime, and grease with the use of warm water and mild detergent. 

You should then wipe the moisture with a dry cloth. If grease and grime are hard to clean add ammonia to the soapy solution.

Do not exert pressure on the printed graphics on steel name plates.

Do scrub in a circular motion. Cleaning and wiping along enables us to clean microscopic groves where dirt, grease, grime, and dust can get trapped.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 What Factors Do I Need To Consider When Designing My Steel Name Plates?

Many factors can be considered before designing a steel name plate to enhance the outlook. The factors include; 

  • Objective-The purpose of the steel name plates needs to be well known to determine the kind of customization that is to be made.
  • Graphics-The kind of graphics that you want to be included on your steel name plates matters a lot.
  • Appearance-It is very essential to determine the visibility and overall effect you would like to achieve.
  • Attachment-It is important to determine the options for attaching your steel name plates.
  • Cost- Make informed choices of the steel name plates that fit your budget.
  • Colors-It good to determine the color to be used in your steel name plate designs.
  • Shapes and size.

2.2 Can I Add a Logo To My Order Of Steel Name Plates?

Yes, logo/custom art can be added to your steel name plates using professional design software. The images should be clear and of high quality.

2.3 How Do I Provide Artwork/ Graphics?

Artwork or graphics can be provided through pdf and sent through our customer service team through email.

2.4 Can I Use My Type Of Font?

We offer hundreds of fonts. Yes, you can use your font, do not hesitate to contact us if you want a special font.

We are’ font crazed’ here. We love fonts and know how different fonts can make your steel name plates look like.

2.5 Which Thickness Is Appropriate For Steel Name Plates?

The thickness of the steel name plates determines how long the steel name plates will last, with thinner, lighter steel name plates having a shorter useful life. In areas with harsh and hostile conditions, the weight and thickness of the steel name plates should be great. 

We as Foison metals will provide information about the suitable thickness necessary for any condition.

2.6 Do You Offer Design Services?

The answer is yes. You just need to communicate to us the kind of designs that you would like to be made in your steel name plates. You have the say as our client where we produce steel name plates according to your wish.

2.7 Do Steel Name Plates Come In Different Sizes?

The steel name plates come in different sizes. We process the steel name plates according to the size that you request.

The size will depend on the purpose and the text message to be put on the steel name plates.

Factors that determine the size of the steel name plates include; 

  • Visibility of the text and graphics to have clear visibility of the text it is necessary to have steel name plates of appropriate size. 
  • Font size- Some of the font sizes and styles that you may choose to call for adjustment of the sizes of your steel name plates.
  • The amount of the text to be written on your steel name plates also determines the sizes of your product. The bigger the text the larger the size of the steel name plates and the smaller the text the smaller the steel name plates.
  • We as Foison metals recommend that your steel name plates should be of optimal size to give a clear view and to avoid overcrowding of the text that will make the steel name plates appear untidy and unappealing.

2.8 Can I Order Steel Name Plates In Wholesale?

We provide steel name plates at retail and wholesale prices. The more the purchase the greater the discount provided.

In case you would wish to do more inquiries about a wholesale purchase please contact us and we shall be glad to serve you accordingly.

2.9 Can I Order Steel Name Plates of Different Shapes Or Just Rectangular Ones?

Oval Shaped Steel Name Plate
Figure 10 Oval Shaped Steel Name Plate

Yes, you can order other shapes of steel name plates apart from rectangular ones. There are many shapes that you can request. We can design your steel name plates.

The shapes include; oval, round, square, and other shapes of your desire that would take the shape of your name.

2.10 What Are the Available Color Options That You Offer?

Steel name plates may come in different colors and finishes. Some of the available colors include; black, gold finish, champagne, taupe, blue-green, while, clear, no finish (affordable).

2.12 How Many Lines Can I Add To My Steel Name Plates And Do You Charge For Extra Lines?

We do not charge extra for extra lines of text that are added. The number of lines to be used on your steel name plates are an issue to the legibility but not to the manufacturing. Too many lines on your steel name plates mean small font type thus making it harder to read.

2.13 Which Are Methods Of Decorating Steel Name Plates?

Steel name plates can either be surface printed with two enamel, or more permanent durable graphics, screen printed with a chemically resistant mask, and then chemically etched to leave legible graphics.

Etched text and graphics can be color-filled with an enamel spray.

2.14 Why Choose Foison Metals Steel Name Plates?

We provide a wide variety of printing your steel name plates i.e. etching, chemical etching, engraving, and printing. Etching can be done with or without color filling.

  • Excellent durability for outdoor applications-Steel is known for its longevity.
  • Skillfully fabricated in our machines and design to your design specifications-
  • Low materials expenditure in the form of repair and maintenance costs.
  • Superior performance in a highly caustic and acidic environment that would otherwise attack other metals such as aluminum.
  • It will withstand exterior exposure in the harshest environment including extreme cold and heat. Its exterior lifespan is much higher than other metals.
  • It is highly resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and oxidation.

3.0 Order and Payment

Payment Approval Notification
Figure 11 Payment Approval Notification

3.1 Do You Have a Minimum Order Quantity Policy?

We have a minimum order quantity policy (MOQ) that has outlined very well the minimum order you can purchase from us. The minimum number of pieces you can purchase is one hundred

 There is no maximum number that we outlined to our esteemed customers.  You can purchase even millions of steel name plates.

3.2 Will I Receive A Confirmation For My Order And Payment?

We will always send you an email notification after every step. After making an order we will send an approval notification and after making the payment you will also receive a notification to show that the payment has been approved. 

This will enable you to know the progress of your order. Even when you request proof, when the proof is read an email will be sent. After shipping the steel name plates an email is also sent to alert you to get ready to receive your order.

3.3 What Are The Approved Payment Terms At Foison Metals?

Methods of Payment
Figure 12 Methods of Payment

At Foison Metals We accept visa credit cards, cash, pay pal and through telegraphic transfer.

The processing and shipping of your steel name plates will not start until the payment arrangement is made and approved.  A corporate purchase order or payment in full is required during the time of placing the order.

All outstanding balances are due before shipment otherwise shipment may delay the following delay in clearing the balances.

3.4 Do You Have Standard Pricing?

We do not offer standard pricing since the steel name plates are customized/designed according to your specification thus the standard pricing policy cannot be used. Different customization calls for different prices, the more customization that is to be made the more cost you would cost.

3.5 Can You Send Me An Invoice Of My Order?

Yes, we send an invoice. The invoice is immediately sent along with the shipment but in case you require the invoice immediately please contact our customer service team for assistance.

3.6 Can I Get Any Offer If I Buy In Bulk?

You are eligible for a discount in case you purchase in bulk. Bulk production of steel name plates is cost-effective. Bulk buying of the steel name plates results in cheaper shipping and delivery. 

Contact our customer care team to enquire more about discounts and to find more available offers during purchase time.

3.7 My Payment Has Been Declined. What Should I Do?

If your payment has been declined, then you will need to place a new order again. We cannot be able to approve your order if the payment is declined.

If you are using a credit card to make payment it is necessary to make relevant checks such as expiry of the card, enter the correct security code. If still, it does not work you may try contacting your bank or use another card.

If the decline persists you may also need to contact us through customer care to see if we can be able to resolve the issue from our side.

3.8 How Do I Pay For My Order Using Paypal?

To pay with PayPal, you will need to create a PayPal account on the PayPal website. It only takes a few minutes and it is very simple. It is also a free step.

Immediately after creating a PayPal account, click add under the payment methods section. Add new methods of payment, select PayPal from the list of options, and click save.

Once nameplatesayPal has been successfully added as a method of payment on your account, it will appear as a payment option at the checkout.

3.9 Why Should I Pay With Paypal?

  • It is safer-It does not share financial information.
  • It is faster-No need to type the card details and you checkout after a few minutes.
  • It is easier-All you need is an email address and a password to pay online.

3.10 How Do I Contact You For More Enquiries?

You can call us, email us or leave a voice and we will respond within 12 hours.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

global delivery of orders
Figure13 global delivery of orders

4.1 What Is Turnaround Time?

Our customer service team will always give a scheduled date for your order of steel name plates. Orders that have been paid for and are completed by 5:00 pm will be shipped in the next business day. We are close on weekends and any other holiday.

4.2 Will I Receive A Proof Of My Steel Name Plates?

You will receive proof of your steel name plates.

4.3 Can I Use My FedEx Account To Ship My Order Of Steel Name Plates?

If you wish to use your FedEx account to ship your order of steel name plates you only need to communicate with us and we will serve you, your wish. You will need to provide us with the details of your FedEx account then you will be billed the shipping cost.

4.4 How Do You Protect My Steel Name Plates Order During Shipping?

 The steel name plates are supplied with a protective mask that should be peeled off during assembly. The protective mask is applied to the surface of your steel name plates to protect them against scratches.

Each steel name plate is packed in its separate plastic bag and then packed in boxes where each box is packed with 100 pieces of steel name plates each. They are also provided with a special pack method that is also tightly placed in rows to avoid them from shifting during shipping.


4.5 Where Is My Order?

After making an order you will receive order identification and you can use this order identification to track your steel name plates order. Tracking will give you information if it has been dispatched from us (manufacturer) and any other kind of status about the order.

 You will receive a shipping confirmation email from us once your order is on the way. Click on the tracking link on the email and follow your order journey to you.

4.6 What Would Happen If I Am Not There When My Steel Name Plate Arrives?

If someone is available on your behalf, worry not because she/ he can receive the order on your behalf and provide the signature. If you are not around and you have no one to pick on your behalf, you can contact us in advance.

We have a storage service where we store orders that are not picked for two weeks at a zero fee but after the two weeks, the products are charged a storage fee.

4.7 Do You Offer Rush Shipment If I Requested?

Yes, we have a rush shipment that depends on the workload and the availability of the product.  The delivery is made within 5 to 7 days and at times it may take fewer days. Kindly contact our customer care team for additional information.

4.8 How Much Is The Shipping Cost?

Your shipping cost will depend on the location, weight, and size of the order. The cost of shipping steel name plates also depends on the means of shipment that you choose.

4.9 How Can I Be Sure That My Package Will Arrive Safely?

We pack your order in a way that you will be certain that your order will be delivered safely and in good condition. At Foison Metal ensure that the delivery personnel handles the package with a lot of caution.

4.10 Can You Ship To a Mailbox?

Yes, we can deliver to your mailbox as long as you provide us with your address details.

4.11 Can You Ship My Order To A Different Address Than My Billing Address?

We can deliver only what you need to give us with the shipping address so that we can make sure to send you your steel name plates order to the right place.

4.12 Where Do You Deliver?

Foison Metals does a global delivery that is both local and international deliveries. We deliver your order where you requested.

5.0 Returns and Replacement

Return Policy
Figure 14 Return Policy

5.1 What If I Make Mistakes In My Order Of Steel Name Plates?

We are sorry that if the mistakes are down to the customer there is nothing that we can do. Please ensure that your order is correct before submitting it. 

Your invoice indicates your as we received it. We are not obliged to replace the steel name plate if the mistake is yours.

5.2 What If You Make Mistakes On My Steel Name Plates?

If we make mistakes on your steel name plate order during designing or customization, we rectify and replace it to your desired specifications. Our company policy is that we cannot issue a replacement until we receive the returned order or see the picture to authenticate the mistake.

It is recommended that you should send an email with a picture of the mistake and then send the steel name plates back for approval.

5.3 Can I Return My Steel Name Plate Order For Exchange?

Returning your steel name plate for exchange might be hard especially when the steel name plates are customized. This is because your customized steel name plates cannot be re-sold.

If you need a different size and shape you will be required to place a new order.

5.4 What Would Make My Return Request Be Declined?

Return requests may be declined if the item return is used, damaged or something is missing from the package. In the case where the return of your steel name plates order is declined, you shall not be eligible for a refund. 

As Foison Metals we assume no liability in this regard.

5.5 How Should I Pack My Product For Return?

We will appreciate it if the products are returned in their original packaging to minimize the risk of further damage on transit back to us. In case you are not sure how to pack the product for return kindly contact our customer care team to guide you on that.

 Be very careful when packaging the product for return so that no more damage can happen that would lead us to decline the refund.

5.6 When Am Returning The Product Do I Need To Return Even The Discounts That I Got?

Any product that came along with the original product should also be returned in case of a return request.

5.7 In Which Case Can One Return A Product?

Return policy makes it possible for you to return a product when:

  • You have received a damaged product-A product can be damaged on transit and at times during the manufacturing process and the product might go unnoticed.
  • Mismatched product delivered in terms of styles, color is disabled 
  • Missing product-If the package delivered is missing one or product that you ordered.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

Figure 15 Refund

6.1 Will I Get A Complete Refund For An Order I Have Cancelled?

Yes, we will refund all the amount of the cancelled order.

6.2 How Will I Get My Refund When I Cancel An Order?

Once the order has been cancelled, the refund amount will be credited back to the source account within 3- 4 working days. Some financial institutions may cause delays before the money reflects in the account.

6.3 Why Do I See A Disabled Cancelled Link?

When you notice that the cancelling link is disabled it means that your order has already been shipped and thus it cannot be canceled.

6.4 When Is The Most Suitable Moment To Cancel An Order?

Make sure that if you feel the need to cancel your product you do it before it is processed. That is the only way we can refund the full amount you have spent.

6.5 I Have Not Received My Refund Yet What Should I Do?

We as Foison Metals strive a lot to ensure that you receive your refund within time. On the off- chance that it has been delayed please get in touch with us here. Provide us with details of the order.

6.6 Can I Change The Mode Of Payment For My Refund?

You cannot change the mode of payment of your refund. The refund will be credited to the account that you used to make your order.

 If the transaction fails, we will get in touch with you for alternative bank account details and then we will make sure that the transactions are completed successfully.

6.7 Can I Place Another Order after Cancellation?

Yes, you can place another order after cancellation. Ensure your previous cancellation was successful before placing another order.

Feel free to engage us if you are having a problem getting notifications.

6.8 If The Steel Name Tags are Damaged, Can They Be Refunded?

We can only refund steel name tags that are damaged if the nature of the damage is covered on the contract. If you have doubts if the nature of the damage can be refunded, contact us and we will assess and give you feedback.

Send us a free inquiry request