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Foison Metal Is A Well-Known Provider Of High-Quality Steel Number

Foison Metal has a long history of giving superior grades, dependable items everywhere. We ensure an enormous determination of steel number that can be altered to meet your particular necessities. 

Our need is to offer great assistance with an undeniable degree of fulfillment to impart trust in their organization and profit by current market patterns. 

We cover a different scope of crude materials and hardware to add to the creation line and are custom-fitted by plan experts to give you the items you require. 

We have an uncommonly prepared clever plan group to furnish you with complete trust in the plans and designs.

About Our Service

Expert Recommendation

We offer free statements and free format plans from our expert group to make creative metal items.

Custom Fit

Foison Metal uniquely crafts what you need for your metal items, to have a stand-out item for your image.

Elite Service

Foison Metal reliably centered around giving the best clients organization we could give continually.

Top Version

Foison Metal is known for giving incredible quality metal products to its clients.


We offer you a couple of options of metal sorts with additional guarded layers for your masterminded things.


We offer a defensive removable cover concealing to forestall the steel number from scratching while taking care of and transporting.

Various Choices

You have your own choice of picking the style and size and finishing the cycle for your steel number.

Item Quality

Our steel number are made utilizing crude materials like aluminum, metal, and treated steel to assist with consumption obstruction.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Creates High Durability Steel Number To Meet Your Needs And Required Specifications

Stainless Steel Number

Treated steel alludes to its quality, solidness, and temperature obstruction.

Steel Number Plate

The uncovered crude plates are taken care of through another machine which consumes hot foil onto the distending letters at more than 200 degrees.

Steel Number Stamps

Letter set and Number Stamps are ideal for making ID marks. The stamps can be utilized for engraving dates, names, words, or potentially short expressions.

Steel Number Punch Set

Our company dominates at mid to high-volume creation of tight-resistance accuracy metal stampings.


Foison Metal is the main provider of steel number with the greatest quality. Our organization offers the best worth and administration in our industry, and we invest wholeheartedly in our capacity to work together with customers. 

Foison Metal guarantees that you have the ideal item at the perfect cost, with the right plan, genuinely meriting commending your achievements, work, and exertion.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Huge Quantity Shipping

Foison Metal can give huge amounts of orders, fit for your business or work environment needs.


Achieving our work with one attitude and work together and progress our aptitude together.

High-velocity Process

Foison Metal's creation has an exceptionally definite interaction which makes it coordinated and proficiently straightforward.


Foison Metal has always preferred to listen to our customers' requests and ideas for putting a personal touch on their goods.

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Foison Metal Is China's Number One Leading Manufacturer Of Steel Number

Foison Metal will in general support providing tied-down satisfaction to its customers. We modify the steel number to the greatest, utilizing unquestionably the best materials. Our aspiration has consistently been to convey worldwide things whenever it might suit you while paying attention to your ideas as a whole and understanding your items.

The Steel Number Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Are Steel Numbers?

Figure 1. Steel Number

Steel numbers are numbers made from steel. The steel is molded to form different numbers that are then installed to direct people or to show a particular range.

The steel numbers are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. They can also be molded into different fonts depending on your specification. 

1.2 Where Are Steel Numbers Used?

Steel numbers can be used in broad applications such as:

  • They can be used in hotel doors.
  • In schools to show class streams.
  • In hospitals to show bed number, ward number, door number, doctor’s badges, office numbers.
  • In offices to show office numbers.
  • Outdoors such as playgrounds.
  • In sports to show scores.
  • Can also be used as a clothing decoration.
  • Some can be used in labeling.

There are numerous uses of steel numbers that depend majorly on the desires of the client. We can customize the steel numbers to meet your specifications. 

1.3 Which Finishing Operations Can You Apply on Steel Number?

Although most steel numbers do not need surface finishing, it is an option that is open for consideration.  Some of the surface finishing operations that you can apply on steel number include:

  • Anodizing: it is a non-conductive protective coating that seals the part.
  • Black Oxide: used on a wide range of products.
  • Bright Nickel: has similar properties to steel. Very malleable and easy to bend. 
  • Chem Film: Used on a steel die castings. Preferred due to its electrical conductivity.
  • Chromate: it is one of the most effective and also cheaper finishing options. 
  • Chrome Plated: it is not cheap compared to other finishing options available in the market.
  • Cobalt tin: compared to other finishing options, the cobalt tin finishing process is easier to apply. 
  • E-Coat: it is a racked process that costs more especially when it comes to un-racking.  
  • Teflon: It has superb corrosion resistance. Utilizes a racking process.
  • Silver: one of the affordable methods of finishing that is available in the market. 
  • Polyurethane paint: it is popular because of its durability. Mostly used for exterior finishing because it is a bit thicker. 
  • Impregnation: usually used on items that require protection from humidity. Has great porosity sealing great from equipment that is to be used in water.

1.4 Do Steel Numbers Benefit Your Business?

Yes, steel numbers are used for signage in hotels, banks, public institutions, businesses, and residential houses.

Steel Numbers give a very good impression for businesses. They draw customers because of their attractive features.

Businesses use steel numbers to make signs and logos.

1.5 Do Steel Number Rust?

Steel numbers are made from steel metals thatdo not contain iron and therefore do not rust. After production, they are either polished or painted which prevents corrosion making them strong and durable.

1.6 How Are Steel Numbers Mounted?

Stud mounting is the best method to use when mounting steel number on walls. Stud mounting ensures that the steel number sticks perfectly to drywall. These are the steps to follow using stud mounting;

  • Buy mounting studs and a pattern that shows where the steel number will be put on the wall.
  • After the pattern has been put on the wall, drill holes into the wall following the pattern you created.
  • Put the mounting studs in the holes of the steel number. 
  • Ensure that the drilled holes on the wall are filled with adhesive or silicon.
  • Fit the steel number into the wall.

Another option for mounting the steel number is using spacing tape. Spacing tape is easy because it does not require drilling, you simply put the marked spacing tape to the wall and then fill the steel number between the tape spacing. 

If you want your steel number to be a bit raised you can buy adhesive or silicon at the back before mounting.

1.7 How Long Does Steel Number Last?

Since steel number are made of steel metal, they are very durable. Steel Number can last up to 10 years without the need to be replaced. 

The steel number is of very high quality. The durability of the steel number highly depends on where they are placed. 

Outdoor steel number tend to rust faster because of weather conditions like rain than the steel number installed indoors.

1.8 Are Steel Numbers Portable?

Figure 2. portable Steel Numbers

Normally the thickness and size of steel number determine how heavy they will be. The choice is fully dependent on what our clients want.

From the above-stated uses of steel number, it’s obvious they should have a weight that you can easily manage without feeling the effect.

Our steel numbers are sizable and small, this means it’s easier to carry it in your pocket or just slip it in your wallet.

1.9 What Factors Should You Consider While Choosing Steel Numbers for Your Business?

Steel numbers come in different sizes, colors and also thickness also differs. It’s therefore important to understand first what you want before obtaining the steel number.

Below are some of the things you should consider. They include;

  • The material used in making the steel number. In our case, we use steel alloy materials which guarantees you durability of the steel number.
  • How thick do you want your steel number to be? How thick your steel number is reflecting directly on the weight. Am sure you want something portable which means you can easily do it all around.
  • It’s therefore important to factor in the thickness of the steel number.
  • The cost of steel number. Set your budget and look for steel number that is within it.
  • How do you intend to use the steel number?
  • If you want a steel number that should be finished on both sides. You can opt for one-side finishing or both sides finishing depending on the purpose of the steel number.

1.10 Where Can I Get the Steel Number?

Our company has all the different types of steel number for our target group who are our customers. It is easier to order with us byplacing an order on our website.

The process of placement of an order through our website is very easy to understand and is stated on our website following all the procedures.

It is also allowed for one to place an order directly through visiting our physical locations.

1.11 Why Choose Steel Number?

Steel numbers have the following benefits. They include;

  • They can be installed virtually anywhere.
  • Steel numbers are easy to install.
  • They are durable.
  • They are easily portable. This means you can easily carry it in your pocket or wallet.
  • If you are looking to use it for a long time, steel number are the best option.
  • They do not harm the environment.
  • Steel number are normally waterproof which reduces the chances of rusting.
  • They contain a sunproof feature that minimizes the fading effect on the steel number.
  • Steel number come in various designs which give our clients a wide variety to choose what they want.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 3. Design and Customization of Steel Numbers

2.1 What’s The Need of First Coming Up with Sample Models Before Actual Production of Steel Numbers?

Coming up with sample models during the initial stages is paramount as it guides us through the steel number-making process. Understanding the design first is also important as it brings a clear visualization of what our clients expect that’s why we make the models first.

Additionally, we require our client’s approval before we begin production. After coming up with the model it’s set to the client to inform of images. This allows you to suggest changes or adjustments that you think should be there.

After approval, that’s the only time we can begin production of the final product of the steel number.

2.1 Is It Possible to Engrave Steel Numbers?

Yes, it’s very possible to have the preferred information engraved on the steel number. You can choose to;

  • Engrave the text on one side of the steel number. 
  • The other side should carry your logo or the symbol that you engraved on your steel number.

We engrave this information using either laser engraving or laser etching. With laser engraving, the information appears to be deep on the surface of the steel number which makes it look more elegant.

Laser etching on the other hand does not do not engrave the text deeply but rather it leaves with a smooth feel on the surface.

Our clients can choose between these two depending on what they want and how long they intend to use the steel number.

2.2 Do You Always Keep the Sample Artwork Provided to You?

Any information provided to us by our clients is very essential, this includes the artwork you upload on our website. Normally we keep this information on our system which is well encrypted to prevent access from unauthorized persons.

In case you want to re-order the set of steel number, we will retrieve the artwork and make the steel number. With this, you don’t need to upload any artwork again unless you need to add more details.

2.3 What Is the Maximum Number of Colors Can I Use on My Steel Numbers?

There is no actual or limit to the numbers you can use on your steel number. Though, it’s not recommendable to have too many contrasting colors all on one steel number.

You can also opt for just a polished steel number with your information engraved, maybe with a dark color, it will be great.

In case you need more colors, because we work with what our clients want, you should incur a little more cost.

You can inquire from our customer care team about the various options.

2.4 What Color Is the Best for Steel Number?

Our company provides nearly all sorts of colors suitable for steel number finish. You can either choose bright or dull colors depending on your taste.

We can also design your steel number to have a rusty impression for lovers of vintage fashion. Note that we are not limited when it comes to colors and you are free to request a color chart to choose from.  

2.5 What Specifics Do You Customize in a Steel Number?

Figure 4. Specifics for Customizing Steel Numbers

There are a lot of features you can customize when you need a self-reflecting steel number. The features include:

  • The color of the steel number.
  • The surface texture of steel number.
  • The type of font and size when embossing your details.
  • Thickness and weight of steel number. 

2.6 Is There a Standard Size for Steel Number?

Yes, at Foison Metals, we ensure the production of steel number that have universal standard dimensions. These dimensions enable you to be able to use your card without a hitch in any country.

Having a standard size steel number allows any cardholder to easily get a wallet.

2.7 I Want to Custom Steel Number, How Long Can This Process Take?

On average customization, procedures will take 21 working days. However, this process can be affected by a few factors such as:

  • The complexity of customization features for steel number that needs to be worked on.
  • The choice of surface finishing methods for steel number.

2.8 What Do You Need to Personalize a Steel Number?

You only need to provide your personalization specifications after you have made us informed of customization. The most important part is sending us your artwork and confirming design details.

Once we have received the details of the features to be personalized, we shall immediately start the production process.

2.9 What Will It Cost Me to Personalize Steel Number?

We charge a moderate amount for redesigning steel Number. It is important to note that our company allows you to negotiate the total price for customization.

However, few factors may influence the change of pricing. These factors are:

  • The number of pieces of steel that you want to be customized.
  • The intricacy of the specifics you want to be customized.
  • The complexity of the choice of surface finishing technique for steel number.

2.10 What Is the Durability of the Steel Numbers?

We have very good quality steel number and the durability largely depends on how the customers use the steel number.

Most of our steel number last for a very long time because the materials used to make them are resistant to harsh conditions. Some have extreme resistance even in the worst conditions of corrosion. 

Our customers love our steel numbers because of their longevity.

2.11 Who Should I Contact When I Need a Special Design of the Steel Number?

You can reach out to the sales department bymaking a call via our hotline number and you can also send us anemail. In the email, attach the picture of the special steel number you would wish to be manufactured. 

You can also state the description along. We enjoy serving our customers to satisfaction and your special request will be highly appreciated by our company.

2.12 Does the Steel Number Have a Regular Shape?

The steel number come in different shapes and sizes. The shape is not important in the manufacture of the steel number because it does not interfere with the functionality of the steel number.

In case of any special size then we recommend the customer to inform us early enough so that their wish can be granted.

Our emails are always open for communication and our customer care service I also open for any communication.

2.13 Can I Share My Customized Design of the Steel Number with Your Team for Manufacturing?

Yes, through communication by contacting us will do either by sending email to us. You can then share your customized designs with us and we will get to your request instantly.

We appreciate our customers for the emails and the sharing of the customized designs because it facilitates our skills.

Meanwhile, it is also appropriate to communicate with our customer care service for any inquiries and you will get a way forward.

2.14 Are there Attachments That Can Be Added to the Steel Number?

Yes, we have other attachments you can add to the steel number.

It is not necessarily important to buy them but if you wish to, we will serve you per your wish. They enhance beauty to the steel number and enable them to look perfect.

When placing your order in any case you need them then you can let us know so that we can package them together. Their prices are very affordable.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 5. Order and Payment

3.1 Do You Provide Samples of Steel Numbers?

Yes, we do provide samples of steel number for our clients to sample some of our designs. We provide our samples depending on the design, colors, thickness, and sizes of steel number.

The samples we provide are a reflection of the final production of the steel number we make for you.

All our samples are free but in case you are ordering from us; we will provide our steel number cost quotation.

In case you need customization, share your idea with our team.

3.2 How Long Does It Take to Come Up with Steel Numbers?

Ideally, the time taken to come up with steel number depends on the complexity of the design. Also, the quantity of steel number that a client wants determines how long it takes to make them.

Complex designs tend to take more time which we always request our clients to be patient with us. Normally, coming up with steel number takes between 1 to 2 weeks and we will have your steel number ready.

3.3 Are There Any Terms and Conditions Applied When Placing an Order for Steel Number?

Yes, the terms and conditions applied when making an order on steel numbers are:

  • Orders are only made during working hours.
  • Payment is done only through our pay bill number 
  • Payment must be done before the order is fully processed.
  • All the relevant information must be included when placing the order.
  • The customers are not discounted.

3.4 Do You Allow Credit Cards When Paying for Steel Number?

Yes, we allow payment by credit cards to settle the payments on orders of steel numbers. Although, we only allow major credit cards like;

  • PayPal
  • T/T
  • Visa or Mastercard

3.5 How Do I Pay for My Order on Steel Numbers Online?

If you want to pay for your order on steel numbers;

  • Log into our website on our online shops
  • Go to your account on my Page and follow the provided link that is under the payment information
  • Complete the transaction by entering your pin.

3.6 How Do I Know If My Payment for Steel Numbers Has Been Successful?

Figure 6. Payment for Steel Numbers

Immediately we approve your payment, we send a confirmation message that your payment has been received and is being processed.

We will then notify you that your package has been moved into transit.

3.7 What Documents Do I Need When Making an Order on Steel Number?

When ordering steel numbers online, there are no documents needed just like when making the orders from or physical stores.

The only needed information from our customers are the personal details like;

  • Customer’s name
  • Delivery address
  • Date of birth
  • Name
  • Telephone number

The delivery address is very important to ease the delivery process.

3.8 Can I Pay in Installments?

Yes, we allow payment in installments but the steel numbers will only be shipped and delivered after paying the full amount. Our clients can log in to our online website and select the steel numbers they want and then go to the payment section and select the mode of payment they want to use. 

3.9 What Is the Maximum Steel Number I Have to Order?

You can order as many steels’ numbers. However, customers who want to order many steel numbers should download a pre-order form from our website and allow us some more time to produce the required number of steel numbers before shipping. 

3.10 How Can I Make an Order on Steel Numbers?

  • Log into our account and select the various steel numbers that you would like to buy and add them to your cart.
  • Fill in the most important details in the form provided on our website. These include your name, the delivery address, and the telephone number. At times an email is key information hence needs to be provided.
  • Select the payment plan you prefer. Master Card, PayPal, Visa, Discover, Western Union, and American Express are accepted.
  • Select the delivery address that your ordered steel numbers are to be delivered to.
  • After placing the full order, do a confirmation of the details you filled in to avoid any issues that might arise between us and the clients so that in case of any problem, our clients will receive an email notifying them to correct that given error before proceeding with the ordering process.
  • After confirming that all the details are in order, the order is ready to be placed. The payment is processed and the order is now officially placed.
  • The steel numbers are thereafter processed from our main shop ready for delivery.

3.11 When Ordering for Steel Numbers Do I Pay Before or After Delivery?

Customers are required to pay before delivery as it is part of the procedure for making an order. It is done together with the making order to ease the process of processing the order and the receipt.

3.12 Can I Buy the Steel Numbers Online Only or Physical Buying Is Allowed?

Physical buying of steel numbers in our shops is allowed. This will help you get the exact color, font size and the shape of number you want as some people may be colorblind. 

This is highly encouraging as you will physically interact with our clients, strengthening the relationship between customers and our customer care.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 7. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Are Their Terms of Payment While Making Payments for Steel Numbers?

Yes, your payment option will be determined by whether your order is within the county or foreign. For local orders on the steel numbers, we allow clients to make payments on delivery.

For international orders, we require the client to make a down payment to cater to the production process. In addition, this down payment is necessary while shipping the steel number to different locations. 

The outstanding balance is payable before dispatching your steel numbers for shipping.

4.2 How fast is the shipment of my Steel Number?

We shall begin shipping of steel numbers the following day after completing production. International shipping could take a longer period.

International shipping tends to take time since we have to make all necessary arrangements that guarantee delivery. This can take up to two weeks. In case you experience any delay contact us so that we can follow up. 

4.3 How Much Does It Cost to Ship Steel Number to My Address Location?

The cost of shipping steel numbers is determined by various factors. Some of the factors include:

  • The size of the package to be shipped. 
  • A physical location where the shipment will be delivered. For local deliveries, the cost is relatively low since we can do delivery for steel numbers to you using courier services or riders. 
  • For international deliveries, it will be a little more costly because we have to work with shipping agents. 
  • Additionally, a different mode of shipping costs differently. We put a lot of matters into consideration before charging our clients reasonable shipping charges. 

4.4 What Are the Available Shipping Methods for Steel Numbers?

Steel numbers can be shipped to you using the following means: 

  • Roads
  • Air
  • Water

All the means offer utmost safety for the parcel and you will need not worry about your steel numbers. Air shipment tends to be the fastest for international deliveries compared to water and by roads.

4.5 Do You Have Local Pick-Up Locations for Steel Numbers?

We have established a few shipping agent stores both locally and internationally. We deliver your steel numbers to these shops then you can collect them there. Check out our online platform if there is one of our agent shops around your locality. 

4.6 Can I Use My Own Third Party to Ship my Steel Number?

Yes, you can use a third-party agent to ship. Below are some of the reasons why people use the third party:

  • They are well aware of all routes that are possibly used during shipment.
  • Shipping can take a shorter period. 
  • They can negotiate the shipping cost on your behalf. 
  • They help clear your shipment at the customs office. 
  • Let us know if you have a third party or an alternative more convenient way to have your steel numbers shipped and we shall use them to ensure that you receive your order on time.

4.7 Do You Guarantee Safe Shipping and Delivery of Steel Numbers?

We work with the best shipping agents in the world. The safety of your steel numbers is not an issue that should make you worry. We have a team that will deliver your shipment in one piece with no damages to your steel numbers. 

4.8 Can I reduce shipment costs?

The cost of making a shipment will be slightly lower for a client who is shipping a large quantity of steel numbers compared to a client making small shipments.

4.9 Can I Change My Order of Steel Numbers After Submitting the Order?

Yes, you can make changes to your steel number order. However, it all depends on whether the order has already been approved or not. To check if the order has been approved, check on your order status history or you can contact us.

If the order is not yet approved you can make changes to your order status and the changes will be reflected also on our side.

4.10 How Will I Know If My Payments for Steel Numbers Have Been Received?

Normally, once we receive the payments, our team will send you a notification indicating we have received the payments. We normally send these notifications via email which our clients have provided.

Once you make your payments for the steel number then we can begin packaging them for shipping.

You can also confirm from your side by just using your order number to see if the payments have been received. More so, you can reach out to our customer care to inquire if the payments have been received.

In any case, we have issues in processing the payments we will let you know through your email address.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 8. Return and Replacement

5.1 Do You Have a Return Policy?

Yes, we do have a return policy that guides you on when you can return steel numbers. It also provides you with a timeline within which a client can make the return.

5.2 What Are There Procedures Followed In Making Returns Of Steel Numbers?

Yes, we require the steel number to be unused and should still be on their original package. We shall not accept the damaged package for the returns. Call us for any kind of assistance concerning returns.

5.3 What Are Some of The Replacement Procedures Followed?

The following reason warrants for replacement of your steel number.

In case, we deliver fewer quantities of the steel number than you had ordered. If this happens, we shall send you the missing cards to make your orders complete. We shall send you the replacements with no shipping charges.

5.4 What Should I Do If My Steel Number Shipment Is Damaged Upon Arrival?

If you realize your shipment is tampered with upon delivery, contact us immediately. Our team will enquire about the intensity of the damages and provide probable solutions. 

In case you are experiencing delays and need to place another order, kindly reach out to our support staff for assistance.

5.5 Are Steel Number Warranty Protected?

In case you get substandard steel, number are not functioning as intended we guarantee our clients replacement at no additional costs.

5.6 Does One Get A Notification For The Successful Return Of Steel Numbers?

When a client makes a return, we normally alert them that we have received the steel number and we are fixing the problem.

5.7 What is one supposed to do in case the return is unsuccessful?

If our client does not receive an email confirming successful return, they should contact the company so that we can do a follow-up,

5.8 Is It Possible to Change My Delivery Address During Shipping?

Normally, after submitting your order of steel number, all the details you provide are automatically entered into our systems.

It’s hard to make any changes after submitting your order. This also prevents the delivery of steel number to the wrong person.

It’s therefore important to make sure you are providing an accurate address before submitting your steel number order.

5.9 Can I Inspect My Steel Numbers Order?

Yes, all clients have the freedom to inspect the steel number delivered to them. You get to know if;

  • You have the right shipment of steel numbers.
  • You inspect for any damages or defective steel number.
  • You should check whether you have the right quantity of the steel number as per your order.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 9. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 How Do I Cancel Steel Number Order?

In case you want to cancel your order, call our helpline as soon as possible. When a cancellation occurs before commencing the production process, we shall stop the process and refund the amount paid.

However, we do not accept any return of customized steel number. This is because we follow the specifications you provide to us. Any mistake made will not be on our team rather on you. This means no refunds will be made on the deposit paid. 

We also encourage our clients to give accurate details to avoid spending more money due to wrong details. Get in touch with us today and get the help you need.

6.2 On What Occurrence Will Refund Take Place?

We will refund you in case you make an overpayment on your order. We also give you an option to send you the overpayment back or add the quantity of your order of the steel number.

6.3 Can I Make Another Order of Steel Number After Getting the Refund?

Yes, the best part of doing business with us is that you can make numerous orders as you want. All you need to do is to make sure the previous refund procedure was successful.

6.4 Can I Make Another Order After Cancellation?

Yes, you can fill another order card. You will have to wait for the other order to be canceled then continue with the new order. Always be careful when giving information that will be used during the production of steel number to avoid cancellation due to errors.

In case you need assistance on making the new order of steel number, please contact us and we shall guide you through the process.

6.5 Can I cancel the Order of Steel Number While on Shipment?

We won’t be able to cancel any orders that have been shipped. Once the shipment leaves the factory it becomes hard to make the cancellation. Cancellations made at this point will cause great financial loss to the client.

6.6 Can I Return My Steel Numbers?

Yes, a client is allowed to return the steel number to us. However, you can only return steel number if;

  • You have received a damaged steel number upon delivery.
  • If you have delivered a shipment that isn’t the product you have requested.
  • If there is a mismatch in the specifications you provided about your steel number.
  • If by any chance you receive an excess steel number.

6.7 Do You Charge for Replacements?

If the returned steel number for replacement is returned within the given time, there are no charges. We will replace the steel number for you at no cost.

If the time elapses any charges required for replacement will be on you. It’s therefore important to adhere to the timelines to avoid the charges.

6.8 Is It Possible to Make Changes to My Steel Number Order?

Yes, you can make changes to your steel number order first during the initial stages before production begins. To do so just request for an order cancelation.

If you or to make changes after production begins it will cost you. There will be deductions of the steel number already produced.

Send us a free inquiry request