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Foison Metal is the Leading Supplier of Steel Visiting Cards Worldwide

The whole order process of the transaction will be stress-free. Our professional workforce ensures the quality of all products you purchased are of best quality, and we also guarantee transactions will be as easy and as fast as possible.

Steel Visiting Cards add a classic style to your business products at a very low price. Each card is made delicately where details are attended thoroughly. Our professional workforce is ready to jump in to help!

Foison Metal’s products are all customizable, which come in various designs and sizes. You have the freedom to choose the cut and design you prefer, and need not to worry as we will deliver the best product for you!

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Professionally Made

Our Steel Visiting Cards are made with details as all edges are checked by the employees.

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Foison Metal guarantees your bank accounts won’t suffer while getting world-class service and products.

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Our products can match and win over products from different factories all over the globe.

Readable Prints

Our workforce ensures that all details are readable on your Steel Visiting Cards.

Limitless Designs

Foison Metal gives you the freedom to choose what designs you would like on your products.

Skilled Workers

Our products are highly customizable and designs are free, just reach out to our team of professionals.

Secured Packaging

Shipments may cause damages to your products so we securely pack your orders to avoid receiving low quality products.

Trackable Shipping

To avoid loss of your parcels, we always track them and give you updates.

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Foison Metal Professionally Manufactures the Best Steel Visiting Cards that You Can’t Resist

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These products are designed to withstand chemicals and weather so never worry again about the card rusting.

Black Steel Visiting Card

Nothing is more classy than a black-colored steel card. Impress your clients with this classic color and design.

Engraved Steel Visiting Card

Make the details permanently engraved to avoid regular renewal of cards.

Customized Steel Visiting Card

The sky's the limit in deciding what to include on your steel card. Our team makes sure they’re always available for your requirements.


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Foison Metal is globally known in producing top caliber products and specializes in the metal manufacturing. We guarantee that your specifications are treated with care by our team of professional and skilled workers. 

Every transaction we make is unique on its own but one thing is common, we always receive five star ratings from all our clients. We can’t wait for you to be one of the satisfied customers so hurry and grab our best deals for Steel Visiting Cards now!

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Our team is eager to surpass your expectations so we make your products with the utmost care.

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In a span of years of service, Foison Metal’s clients like you have put trust into the quality product and service, which we greatly value. Hence, we guarantee your convenience in the whole ordering process until the delivery of your orders. If you’re looking for products that are worth your money, try our service and have a deal with us!

The Steel Visiting Cards Ultimate FAQs Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is a Steel Visiting Card?

Figure 1. Steel Visiting Card

A steel visiting card is a form of basic contact that focuses primarily on the individual. It is a discreet way of marketing a brand or personal business.

 It is usually given in formal or informal settings by individuals who share the same goals or interests. In the noble days, people used the steel visiting cards to announce their arrivals. 

The receiver uses it to notify their bosses of their guests like suppliers, clients, or personal friends.

 In the world today, it can contain the company’s name or brand logo, variable data, and personal information. However, it should have little to no details about a business.

They are used to create a more personal touch with people who can give recommendations about your brand. 

There are certain areas you cannot be allowed entry without the steel visiting cards as a form of invitation and guaranteed access.

1.2 What Is the Benefit of a Steel Visiting Card?

Just like any other product, steel visiting cards are an important asset in the business industry. To begin with, it has the value of a business card.

 It increases marketing leads during business meetings where a potential client has an official invite to the company.

 Additionally, it has secreted marketing values and a touch of professionalism. It goes ahead to create brand awareness by creating trust with the customers. 

They also offer recommendations between clients and associates by sharing the contact information given on the card. They also act as a way of reducing unnecessary visits by unknown people and fraudsters to the company.

 Only visitors with the steel visiting card have access to the company making them feel important.

 Finally, it makes the business stand out, look organized and add value to the business.

1.3 Which Information Should I Write On the Steel Visiting Card?

The steel visiting cards have less information about the business. Mostly, it entails the company’s name, logo, variable data, and microchip.

1.4 What Are the Features of a Steel Visiting Card?

For your steel visiting card to stand out, you need unique features applied to it. There are various features we can add to the steel visiting card which should be specified during order placement.  

We have etching, custom die-cut, spot color, laser engraving, variable data, magnetic stripe, and IC chip.

1.5 Which Steel Visiting Card Orientation Do You Use?

We only have two types of steel visiting card orientation. They include the portrait and landscape design. Liable to the features, the client will choose when placing an order.

 The most preferred type is the landscape as it accommodates a lot of information.

1.6 Can The Steel Visiting Card Contain Variable Data?

Figure 2. Information contained on a Steel Visiting Card

Yes. The steel visiting cards have variable data on request by the client. It refers to where each card has its name or unique number. This is achieved by a laser machine. 

The client will need to send us an excel file comprising the information that should be on the card. For example, 002, 003, and 004. 

This variable data can also have a different font from the rest of the card.

1.7 Which Printing Method Is Applied On the Steel Visiting Card?

There are many printing techniques applied on the steel visiting cards. Mostly we use offset printing which is mostly used when producing bulk products.

 The steel plate is printed and transferred to the original piece. It is great for images and logos. 

We also have flexography where the background pattern of the steel visiting card is continuous.  It uses inks to transfer details to the card. In screen printing is the commonly used type of printing. 

Here, steel is used to move a logo to the card by using ink. It is friendly to bulk orders due to the nature of the costs involved.

1.8 What Are the Personalization Effects That Can Be Applied On the Steel Visiting Card?

Personalization is a great way to own your steel visiting card. The client will have unique features applied such as a photo, name, number, and variable data.

 In addition, it can also contain a signature strip, QR code, barcode, magnetic stripe, and smart chip. All this information is important as it can be tracked on who used the card and where.

1.9 Which Material Is Used to Make Steel Visiting Cards?

We use metals to make steel visiting cards. We use durable and quality metals to ensure the longevity of the cards.

 In this case, we major in using steel as the main metal for our visiting card.

1.10 Is The Material Used in Making Steel Visiting Cards Recyclable?

Our metals are recyclable and can be used to make other steel visiting cards after a long time when the client needs a change.

In cases of returns, the same steel is used to come up with a different design for another client. It is a crucial move to save on materials and conserve the environment.

1.11 Does The Steel Visiting Card Come with The Holders?

Yes. The steel visiting cards come with holders at no extra charge. The holders are used to keep them safe and to facilitate movement for the clients.

 The holders are of small size so that they can fit in a handbag or bag. They can also prevent scratches and dents to get to the card.

1.12 Why Should I Choose Your Company to Make the Steel Visiting Card?

We are a company that has been in this business of steel visiting cards for a long time. We have a crew of devoted experts and artwork designers ready to make your design a reality. 

We have a lifetime guarantee to our clients because we keep in touch to ensure they are getting maximum benefits.

 We also produce high-quality and durable products that are cost-effective and reliable.

 Our shipping time is less and we have various personalization features to make your steel visiting cards stand out.

1.13 What Is the Uniqueness of Using Steel in Making the Steel Visiting Card?

We make our steel visiting card from durable metal to ensure longevity and efficiency. The steel is lightweight to be easily carried around and not appear as a burden to the client.

 It is also durable since the typography and logos do not fade off with time. Additionally, it is cost-effective from production to delivery to ensure we lock out nobody.

 Moreover, they are resistant to scratches, chipping, and rust. The steel is recyclable in case a client wishes to make changes, they can use the previous to make new ones.

1.14 Do The Steel Visiting Cards Need Any Maintenance?

Generally, steel visiting cards need very minimal maintenance. To achieve its maximum ability, clean it using a mild wiper and sanitizer to remove any dirt that accumulates with time.

 Keep it inside the holder to avoid it from falling and breaking or even causing damages to the surrounding. Also, do not use harsh chemicals as they will corrode and fade over time.

1.15 What Are the Safety Regulations concerning Steel Visiting Cards?

There are safety procedures we need to take when handling the steel visiting cards. We use materials that are friendly to the skin and do not cause any allergic reactions in case of contact. 

Additionally, they do not have any sharp edges to minimize accidents and even toning the holders and other items. The cards cannot be expended as ordinances or for personal protection.

1.16 How Do I Wear Steel Visiting Cards?

There are different styles of wearing steel visiting cards. They can be worn on the neck in the form of necklaces. Make sure they are placed not close to the neck nor far, just the right height.

 They can also be attached to the belt for a sheriff look. Others prefer to keep it in their bags inside the holders.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Which Sizes Does Steel Visiting Card Come with?

Figure 3. Different sizes for Steel Visiting Card

The steel visiting cards come in different blocking Clients should choose an appropriate size that will fit their budget and appearance. They include the standard size which is 89 by 51mm.

Most businesses use this size for their cards. We also have mini-sized cards which are 85 by 35mm. They are small and ideal for companies with little information to display.

2.2 Which Shapes Are Available for Steel Visiting Card?

Generally, steel visiting cards appear in rectangular shapes just like most business cards. However, to be unique we can have a card with round corners and a square shape.

 We have templates on our order form where you can try to see which is the best fit for you.

2.3 What Is the Accepted Thickness for Steel Visiting Card?

The steel visiting cards can be produced in various thickness sizes as per the clients’ design. They vary from 0.3mm to 0.8mm.

 Also, we can make much thicker steel visiting cards when a client wishes. When placing your order, choose a size that will be valuable in your endeavors.

2.4 Which File Formats Are Accepted When Uploading Styles for Steel Visiting Card?

We believe in clear inclinations when it comes to the filing format for the steel visiting cards. Ensure that the color format is in CMYK mode. The resolution of the design should be more than 300 dpi. 

Also, we accept PDF, TIFF, and PSD file formats that do not get copied by a third party.

2.5 Do You Accept Customization of Steel Visiting Card?

We encourage our clients to customize their designs for steel visiting cards. The difference in costs is hardly noticeable.

 When placing an order, upload it in the accepted format for our artwork designers to manufacture. 

We allow a preview of designs before we proceed to production. Share your designs with us for a quality product.

2.6 Will My Designs for Steel Visiting Cards Be Confidential?

As a company, we are guided by the spirit of confidentiality and privacy of our clients’ elements. 

We are not in a position to share any details in regards to clients’ orders and information that is against our values.

However, with the permission of the client, we share the designs on our website with copyright policies. It is a way of marketing and promoting personalized designs for steel visiting cards.

2.7 Why Should I Customize My Design for a Steel Visiting Card?

Customizing your design for steel visiting cards has many benefits. It brings a feeling of possession to the client as he owns the idea behind it.

 It encourages the clients to work towards achieving their goals. Additionally, it is unique and adds aesthetic value to it.

2.8 What Are the Available Finishing Methods Applied On Steel Visiting Card?

There are plenty of finishing options available for steel visiting cards. It is a way of adding aesthetic value and crafting it sticks out among others.

 Having words inscribed on it is not enough hence the finishing ideas that our graphic designers sort. They include:

  • Varnish and spot UV: The steel visiting card has applied a coat of matte, silk, or gloss to offer shield and longevity. 

It is an ultraviolet coat used to improve some spaces on it to give a finer and sparkle feel.

  • Cut die: It is where the steel visiting card is cut into any shape.
  • Foil blocking: It is achieved by clamoring a painted foil on the steel visiting card using a hot dye. It is used to augment logos.
  • Fold: this type aims at creating a unique look by giving more space for information due to folding.
  • Embossing and debossing: It is a steel visiting card that achieves a 3D effect due to the heat clamoring.

 Debossing is where the heat is used to create depression and has 3D effects too.

Additionally, we have the mirror finish, brushed finish, prism, frosted, and contour steel finish.

2.9 Which Fonts Are Used On Steel Visiting Card?

Figure 4. Fonts used on a Steel Visiting Card

We have various ideas you should think about before choosing a font to use on steel visiting cards.

 Firstly, do not use two fonts that are alike because it will make it hard to differentiate the two. Do not use many fonts in one card to remove ambiguity.

 We use Arial, Helvetica, and Times new roman. If you have any other preference, choose it when placing your order for steel visiting cards.

2.10 What Are the Printing Locations for Steel Visiting Card?

At the moment we have two printing locations for steel visiting cards. We have one-sided and double-sided options. Remember to specify your preference during order placement.

 The double-sided ones have more space for writing information and cost more compared to a one-sided steel visiting card.

2.11 Do You Use Any Lamination On the Steel Visiting Card?

The steel visiting cards are laminated to offer more protection and lessen forgery to the card. It is not mandatory and is not charged.

 It can either be matte or glossy using 3D lamination.

2.12 Can You Mix More Than One Design for a Steel Visiting Card to Come Up with A Unique Product?

Yes. We can mix various designs to come up with a unique steel visiting card. During order placement, select the designs or even upload your preferred designs.

 After we have combined them, the client will have to preview before we make the final product.

2.13 Is Etching Done On Steel Visiting Card?

Yes. Etching is done on the steel visiting cards to bring out different desired looks. Due to the high properties of steel, we use acid to make cuts while covering the remaining places with wax. 

There are basic engraving methods that are applied like laser engraving where the steel is vaporized using heat to form logos and typography on the card.

 It is done by a laser machine and it does not affect the price of the steel visiting card.

2.14 Can I Upload a Design with Full-Color Image or A Design with Different Colors for a Steel Visiting Card?

Yes. We allow full-color designs for steel visiting cards. Note this when placing your order for us to check.

 We are a diverse company with qualified artwork designers who can come with any visual image.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 How Do I Upload My Work of Art to Place an Order for a Steel Visiting Card?

Order placement on our platform for steel visiting cards is efficient and simple. Make sure the design is in acceptable file format to give our artwork designers an easy time.

 On the order form, fill the required fields with as many details as possible for a perfect design. There is a blank box for you to attach the file in cases of customization.

 Click on submit the form and we will get back with an invoice of the total costs before we proceed to the next stage. 

3.2 What Is the Average Price for a Steel Visiting Card?

Figure 5. Average price for Steel Visiting Card

Firstly, the general price of the steel visiting card is determined by various factors at hand. It will depend on the type of finish applied, the size, thickness, and style used. 

Also, the number of pieces and distance to be covered during delivery will make an impact.

3.3 Is It Possible to Place Orders for Many People in One Order for Steel Visiting Card?

Yes, it is possible. Here it is accepted for bulk orders and fees will not be shared. The person placing the order will be charged for all the pieces.

 Be careful to specify in your design the specifications of each person and what they want. You will also preview for them before we do the printing. For clarification talk to us.

3.4 Is It Possible to Preview My Design for a Steel Visiting Card Before Making a Payment?

It is our rule that the client has to preview the final design before we make the final steel visiting card.

 It allows our artwork designer to make any adjustments and changes if the client is not satisfied. 

Here is also where we can add any other extra details which may attract a little fee from the previous quote

3.5 What Is the Minimum Number of Steel Visiting Card I Can Order at Once?

For now, we accept orders from 200 pieces of steel visiting cards. The more the quantity the lesser the costs involved in making them.

 Depending on the agreement terms, we can have negotiation as they come up.

3.6 Are Partial Payment Plans Accepted for Steel Visiting Card?

At the moment we do not have a partial payment plan for steel visiting cards. We advise our clients to start a savings scheme that will enable them to have enough funds to purchase them. 

They can also take a loan for buying steel visiting cards and pay slowly.

3.7 What Are the Accepted Payment Methods for Steel Visiting Card?

As a company, we have different methods of payment for steel visiting cards that we accept to accommodate all our clients. They include:

  • MasterCard.
  • Credit card.
  • PayPal.

If you have any challenges or another form of payment, consult with our client support team for directions.

3.8 Do You Offer Any Discounts On Bulk Buyers for Steel Visiting Card?

Absolutely. We appreciate our bulk clients for trusting us in making their steel visiting cards. As a result, we offer them competitive prices and free deliveries for our local clients. 

They can be dispatched as a whole order or in bits according to the wish of the client.

3.9 Are There Any Samples for Steel Visiting Card That I Can See?

We have samples of our work on our website for clients to see before selecting a design for a steel visiting card. They are free of charge and we can also send soft copies to you if requested.

 Check them out for unending designs.

3.10 Do I Need to Have an Account Before Placing an Order for a Steel Visiting Card?

You don’t need an account with us for you to place your order for a steel visiting card. Anyone has permission to access our website without restrictions and proceed to order placement. 

The designs are free of charge just for you.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 6. Shipping and Delivery of Steel Visiting Card

4.1 How Long till I Receive My Order?

Generally, we take 5 working days to make the steel visiting cards and deliver them to our clients. 

This is the most reliable time although we can have a rush program for clients who are in dire need. We arrange this on request by our clients as per the agreement.

4.2 Who Is Responsible for Shipping Fees for Steel Visiting Card?

The client is expected to pay the delivery fees for steel visiting cards.  It will be calculated according to the distance to be traveled during delivery.

 For bulk orders in our locality, it will be done at no extra cost.

4.3 At Which Stage Is the Shipping Fee Paid for a Steel Visiting Card?

Normally, we expect shipping fees for steel visiting cards to be paid together with other payments.

 When filing the order form, it asks for the delivery area which will determine the delivery fee cumulatively.

 However, we have a different payment plan for our regular clients who have a memorandum of understanding with us. They are allowed to make payments during or after delivery.

 Let us know if we can have a different payment plan with you.

4.4 Which Shipping Companies Do You Use for Steel Visiting Card?

There are several shipping companies that we use to deliver the steel visiting cards to our clients. We choose one that is reliable and cheaper and is closer to the client.

They include DHL, UPS, FedEx, and Shippo.

4.5 How Is the Steel Visiting Card Packaged for Delivery?

The steel visiting cards are packaged in an individual wrap cover to avoid rubbing against each other.

 Each of them is packed separately to ensure longevity and secure storage for some time before issuing them to people. 

4.6 Do You Have Specific Days for Conducting Delivery for Steel Visiting Cards?

No. There are no specific days for carrying out deliveries for steel visiting cards in our company. 

They are dispatched to clients within the agreed delivery time frame that is 5 working days or less. We also have rush deliveries that are done within 24 hours after order placement. 

They are quite costly compared to the normal deliveries. Remember to make your choice when making an order for your steel visiting cards.

4.7 Do I Need to Pick Steel Visiting Cards in Person?

It is recommended that the client is present during the delivery of steel visiting cards. The main reason is that they are aware of what they ordered and can tell if there is any challenge. 

A replacement or refund claim can be lodged immediately for follow-up by our professionals. However, we also accept picking on behalf of others because of different reasons.

4.8 What If Am Not Available During Delivery of Steel Visiting Card, Can Someone Else Pick On My Behalf?

We accept representation during the delivery of steel visiting cards because there are definite occurrences that we have no jurisdiction against.

  It could be unavailability due to emergencies, work, vacation, or even illness. When sending a representative, ensure that they have your identification card, payment receipt, and order number.

4.9 What If I Receive a Damaged Steel Visiting Card?

It will be quite unfortunate if the steel visiting cards have any damages and we apologize. In this case, return them to the company and apply for a replacement as stated in our agreement.

  We will ascertain the cause of the damage to avoid future glitches. Note that the client will not incur any extra charges during the replacement of damaged steel visiting cards.

4.10 Am I Allowed to Open the Steel Visiting Card On Delivery?

We allow and encourage our clients to open their steel visiting cards on delivery before signing the delivery note. Check for any marks, scratches, or dents.

 You should also confirm that we delivered what you ordered. Recede to fill the replacement claim form if there are any anomalies with the product.

4.11 What Happens If I Receive a Wrong Order for Steel Visiting Cards?

As the receiver, do not sign the delivery note since you have received different steel visiting cards from what you ordered. 

In such a scenario, we expect that you fill the replacement form for us to ship the correct product. 

We will make sure to make your replacement a priority to cover up for the lost time. The client will not be liable for any costs related to the replacement procedure for steel visiting cards.

4.11 Is There Any Tracking Service for Steel Visiting Card?

We have a tracking device that enables our clients to see which stage their steel visiting card has reached. To use it, you will be required to key in the order number anytime at no extra cost.

4.12 Any Shipping Restrictions for Steel Visiting Cards?

Currently, we do not have any limitations in terms of shipping the steel visiting cards. We use couriers that traverse all the parts of the universe.

 However, for far regions, it will take a longer time to make the delivery due to various clearance schedules at our borders.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 7. Return and Replacement of Steel Visiting Card

5.1 Who Qualifies for A Replacement of Steel Visiting Card?

Certain conditions make a client qualify for a replacement of steel visiting cards. 

To begin with, anyone who receives a different package from what they ordered qualifies for a replacement at no cost.

 Also, those who wish to make changes or want a new steel visiting card will get a replacement at a fee.

 We have clients who receive ravaged products and also qualify to get replacements free of charge.

5.2 How Do I Apply for A Replacement of Steel Visiting Card?

A replacement for a steel visiting card is always done within 72 hours after delivery. As a client, you will need to open our replacement claim form that is on our homepage.

 Key in the important details, read the terms of operation as stated on our contract, and submit for approval. We will send a message to the client with the status of your replacement.

5.3 Who Is Charged for Replacement Procedure for Steel Visiting Card?

Firstly, we will look into the steel visiting card to find out the cause of the replacement. If the damage was due to our fault, we will be obliged to take full responsibility.

 If the damage occurred due to poor handling during transportation, then the shipping company will be billed directly. 

If we packaged a different steel visiting card from your order, we will be liable for the charges.

 Lastly, if the client wants a replacement due to a change of design, they will be charged all the total costs incurred.

5.4 What Do I Do If I Experience Any Challenges?

We have a crew of experts who strive all the time to confirm that all the client’s worries are resolved. We can be found on a call or email anytime. 

When you have the challenge to be resolved, let us know immediately.

5.5 In Case of Any Damages, Will The Whole Package Be Replaced or Just a Few?

In such cases, we will have to recall the whole batch of the delivered steel visiting cards to pursue if there is any further damage.

 We will replace the whole batch at no extra cost to ensure our customers are satisfied to the core.

5.6 How Long Does It Take Before a Replacement Is Successful?

We usually take 5 days to deliver the replaced steel visiting cards. If you do not get them within this time, we will contact you if we experience any difficulties with your order. 

You can track the progress of the replacement on our website using the order number indicated on the order form.

5.7 What Are the Conditions for A Replacement to Take Place?

For a replacement of steel visiting cards to take place, we will require the client to have some documents to prove ownership.

 Ensure that you have the identification card, payment receipt, the delivered products have been returned, and the order number.

5.8 Do You Offer Any Warranty On Steel Visiting Card?

Unfortunately, we do not have any warranty issued on our steel visiting cards.

 We ensure that we produce high-quality and durable goods that are long-lasting and give value for money to our clients.

 However, once you purchase with us you become a lifetime client to us. You will be entitled to free consultations and better prices and offers.

5.9 Are Refunds Accepted for Steel Visiting Cards?

Yes. We accept returns for steel visiting cards because we respect the decisions of our clients. We have positions that are beyond us to comprehend.

 Probably dealing with a difficult time, grieving, financial situation, or any other issue. Note that customized orders will not be accepted back no matter the situation at hand.

5.10 When Are Returns for Steel Visiting Card Accepted?

We accept returns for clients who received wrong packages for steel visiting cards and are not willing to undergo the replacement process.

 When a client is not able to collect them and their kin too. This case varies on an individual basis and we can negotiate depending on our agreement before.

5.11 How Many Times Do I Qualify for Replacement of Steel Visiting Cards?

We have no cap on the number of times a client is entitled to the replacement of steel visiting cards. As long as the cases are genuine, we will conduct the replacements when they come up.

 When you receive your package, check them thoroughly for defects, dents, or scratches.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 8. Cancellation and Refund of Steel Visiting Card

6.1 How Do I Cancel an Order for a Steel Visiting Card?

The cancelation of steel visiting cards is done by clients on our website. You will be required to open the homepage and search for the order placement form.

 Scroll down, read the details about the cancelation of the order before accepting. Click submit for approval and we will respond to your email.

6.2 Who Qualifies for A Refund for a Steel Visiting Card?

A refund for steel visiting cards is done to clients who received a damaged product and are not willing to apply for a replacement.

 It is also given to clients who cancel their orders before the actual printing takes place. There is a certain percentage given back to the client as stated in our agreement.

6.3 Do You Have Any Refund Policy for Steel Visiting Card?

 We have come up with a refund policy for steel visiting cards to guide us when making certain decisions.

 For orders that are canceled before production, we will deduct 10% of the total cost and deposit the balance to your account.

 For orders that are canceled on delivery, we do not offer any refund unless we delivered the wrong package.

 For damaged products and the client is not willing to have a replacement, 40% will be deducted too. 

6.4 What Particulars Are Needed for A Successful Refund of Steel Visiting Card to Take Place?

For a refund to take place, there are various things we will need for verification. Ensure that you attach your identification card, payment receipt, the delivered item, and bank details

We might call you to ask a few questions before approval is done.

6.5 What Is the Average Time for A Refund to Take Place?

Normally, we take 21 working days to complete the refund process for the steel visiting cards. It has to undergo analysis in various departments and to make sure it is the right claim. 

The tracking service can be used to determine the stage of the refund by the client.

6.6 Can Steel Visiting Cards On Transit Be Canceled?

Unfortunately, the goods on transit cannot be canceled. The client can wait and cancel on delivery due to personal reasons.

 Note that customized orders will not be accepted back in case of a cancelation.

6.7 How Will I Know If the Cancelation of Steel Visiting Card Is Successful?

When a cancelation is successful, you will receive a message from us. Our team of professionals will reply in less than 12 hours.

 Our emergency line is available too.

6.8 Am I Allowed to Place an Order After Canceling a Previous One?

Yes. We do not have a cap on the number of times a client should place an order. Let us make your steel visiting cards at affordable rates.

6.9 Is The Company Insured?

Yes. It is an obligation to have your company ensured to reduce negative costs. We are cushioned against refunds, replacements, returns, and unknown orders for steel visiting cards.

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