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Foison Metal Is A Reputable Manufacturer Of High-Quality Sublimation Blanks Products

Foison Metal has a long history of giving unrivaled grades, reliable things all over. We guarantee a huge assurance of sublimation blanks products that can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. 

Our goal is to offer extraordinary help with an obvious level of satisfaction to confer trust in their association and benefit from current market designs. 

We cover an alternate extent of rough materials and equipment to add to the creation line and are custom-fitted by plan specialists to give you the things you require. 

We have a remarkably pre-arranged gathering to provide you with complete confidence in the plans.

About Our Service


We offer free proclamations and free arrangement plans from our master gathering to make innovative metal things.

Top Version

Foison Metal is known for giving inconceivable quality metal items to its customers.

World Class Service

Foison Metal is dependably based on giving the best customer service we could give consistently.

Fit To Perfection

Foison Metal extraordinarily creates what you need for your metal things, to have a stand-apart thing for your picture.


We offer you two or three choices of metal sorts with extra watched layers for your planned things.

Various Options

You are in charge of selecting the style and size, as well as completing the cycle.

Product Quality

Our sublimation blanks products are made using unrefined materials like aluminum, metal, and treated steel to help with utilization hindrance.


We offer a protective removable cover hiding to thwart the items from scratching while at the same time dealing with and shipping.

Our Featured Products

To Meet Your Needs And Required Specifications, Foison Metal Creates High Durability Sublimation Blanks Products

Sublimation Blanks Coaster

Split away from the conventional square shape and attempt these roundabout liners produced using a tough hardboard and covered for sublimation printing.

Sublimation Blanks Aluminum Sheets

Sublimation aluminum sheets are exceptionally made for nameplates, photograph plates, tags, traffic signs, and data boards, etc. Its surface treatment can further develop picture maintenance.

Sublimation Blanks Bag Tags

Bag tags are planned with a twofold-sided adaptable surface, so you can accomplish incredible permeability for sublimated pictures and moves. The fiber-built-up plastic gives enduring strength.

Sublimation Blanks Keychain

The key chain is constructed of sturdy Zinc Alloy and includes a metal body as well as a printable sublimation metal board.


Foison Metal is the principal supplier of sublimation blanks products with the best quality. Our association offers the best worth and organization in our industry, and we put earnestly in our ability to cooperate with clients. 

Foison Metal ensures that you have the best thing at the ideal expense, with the right arrangement, truly justifying your accomplishments, work, and effort.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Foison Metal has consistently liked to pay attention to our clients' solicitations and thoughts for putting an individual touch on their products.

Joint Effort

Accomplishing our work with one disposition and work together and progress our inclination together.

High-speed Process

Foison Metal's creation has an astoundingly unequivocal communication which makes it facilitated and capably direct.

Shipping In Massive Amounts

Foison Metal can give enormous quantities of requests that are tailored to your company's or workplace's requirements.

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Foison Metal Is The Most Prominent Manufacturer Of Sublimation Blanks Products In China

Foison Metal will help to give secured fulfillment to its clients. We alter the sublimation blanks products to the best, using obviously the best materials. Our desire has reliably been to pass on overall things at whatever point it may suit you while focusing on your thoughts in general and understanding your things.

The Sublimation Blanks Products Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Are Sublimation Bank Products?

Figure 1. Sublimation Blank Products

The sublimation blanks product are products that are capable of changing their state and are always available while coated in polymer. They are usually placed in very high temperatures for various reasons.

They are very unique products because they can change the state of nature.

1.2 Are the Sublimation Blanks Products Authenticated?

Yes, sublimation blanks products are legally allowed for use in different countries because they have less harm to human lives.

It has been put to test and proven safe for use without any negative effects on human life or the human environment.

1.3 In Production of Sublimation Blanks Products, What Are the Materials Used to Attain Finished Product?

Different materials are used in making the sublimation blanks products. 

They include:

  • Plastics
  • The ceramic tiles
  • The polycarbonates can also be used

1.4 Where Can I Find the Sublimation Blanks Products?

When a customer needs the sublimation blanks products, they can make physical visits to our warehouse. They can then purchase the required sublimation blanks products and the payments are done at the moment.

We also have an online website where the customer can place an order and after the payments. The products are delivered either by doorstep means or at the stations where we have the agents.

1.5 What Are the Functions of the Sublimation Blanks Products?

The sublimation blanks products are used for the following reasons:

  • They can be used to make cutleries such as mugs and plates
  • The frames where wall images are mounted can also be manufactured by the sublimation planks products.
  • They can also be used to manufacture building materials such as tiles.

1.6 Can I Find the Sublimation Blanks Products When I am in Other Countries?

The sublimation blanks products are found both locally and internationally and we have both deliveries done. You can order through our online website to place your order for international orders.

We have shipping agents who will help the customers in the deliveries in different countries to provide the better services to the clients. 

We also advise the customers to send the special designs of their taste so that we can manufacture them. 

1.7 Are There Specific Colors Required in Making the Sublimation Blanks Products?

Figure 2. Different Colours for Sublimation Blank Products

Normally, the colors we use for designing the sublimation blank products are the indigenous colors that come with material. Most of the sublimation blanks products are made of many colors in specification with the client’s wants and desires. 

Therefore, we have no specific colors required in making the sublimation blanks products.  

1.8 Do You Allow Customers to Come and See the Sublimation Blanks Products Before They Can Buy?

Yes, we allow the customers to visit our company so that they can select physically the products they need to purchase.

They can purchase them instantly or just make inquiries so that they can purchase later. This is to provide a good environment to enable the customers to feel welcome.

1.9 What Do You Do to Maintain Your Buyers of the Sublimation Blanks Products?

On our website, we have the comment section where we allow the customer to give their comments about the sublimation blanks products.

We handle our customers professionally with etiquette and respect to enhance a good platform for the customer to feel comfortable.

We provide good services, offers and discounts to our customers as a means of motivation to our customers.

1.10 Are There Constant Colors Required in the Manufacture of the Sublimation Blanks Products?

There are no constant colors in manufacturing the sublimation blanks products. Most of the sublimation blanks products are produced in different colors which could be gradient or solid.

We always try to manufacture the sublimation blanks products in any color to meet each customer’s taste and requirements.        

The customer can also inform us of the color they would wish their sublimation blanks products to be in so that we can start manufacturing. We do this to promote our customers to place special orders if the available products do not match their tastes.

1.11 Does Your Products Have the Products Information on them?

Yes, we always use the packaging items to give information on the sublimation blanks products. We also have some pieces of paper where most of the details of the products are printed.

Some of the information contained are:

  • Date of manufacture of the products
  • Branding company 
  • The date of expiry
  • The materials used in the manufacture

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 3. Design and Customization

2.1 What are the Components of the Sublimation Blanks Products?

The sublimation banks products are made of items such as:

  • The reinforced plastics
  • The ceramic tiles are also essential in the manufacture of the sublimation blank products 
  • The polymers such as polyester

2.2 Do the Sublimation Blanks Products Have a Regular Shape?

The sublimation blanks products come in different shapes and are always irregular in shape. The shape is not important in the manufacture of the sublimation blanks products because it does not interfere with the functionality of the products.

In case of any special shape then we recommend the customer to inform us early enough so that their wish can be granted.

Our emails are always open for communication and our customer care service I also open for any communication.

2.3 What Are the Different Types of the Sublimation Blanks Products?

There are various sublimation blanks products and these include:

  • The polythene bags 
  • The plastic bottles 
  • The plastic buckets and baskets
  • The chopping boards
  • Mobile phone covers 
  • Baby’s playing kits and toys
  • The first aid kits

2.4 How Is Color Significant to the Design of the Sublimation Blanks Products?

The color of the sublimation blanks products is ideally to beautify the products. It is a way of enhancing the appearance of the supplication blanks products.

Some people would prefer gradient colors while others would prefer a solid color. Some of these solid colors can be the common colors known such as green, yellow, pink, white, black to mention but a few.

You can also use transparent colors which always portray some unique appearance.

2.5 Does the Sublimation Blanks Products Have Diagrams or Printed Properties on them?

Depending on the sublimation blanks products the customer requires there are various designs. Some of them have paintings on them, others are also designed using various printings.

We usually design the sublimation blanks products using diagrams and writing on them to enable them to look beautiful and appeal to the customers.

They have different colors which are also attractive and can be used by all customers because of the difference in taste and preference.

2.6 What Should I Consider When Selecting the Sublimation Blanks Products to Use?

Figure 4. Considerations for Sublimation Blank Products

Before the customer selects the sublimation blanks products, they should put the following factors into consideration:

  • The Price of the sublimation blanks products
  • The size of the sublimation blanks products
  • The shipping fee of the sublimation blanks products
  • The amount of sublimation blanks products required
  • The quality of the sublimation blanks products
  • The durability of the sublimation blanks products
  • The materials that make up the sublimation blanks products to decide what to use for

2.7 How Are Sublimation Blanks Products Made?

There are various processes involved and among them is the coating of the hard products. This is achieved by exposure to high temperatures which makes them melt.

The products can then be melted in various shapes.

2.8 Who Should I Contact When I Need a Special Design of the Sublimation Blanks Products?

You can reach out to the sales department by making a call via our hotline number and you can also send us an email. In the email, attach the picture of the special sublimation blanks products you would wish to be manufactured. You can also state the description along. 

We enjoy serving our customers to satisfaction and your special request will be highly appreciated by our company.

2.9 How Can I Differentiate the Normal Sublimation Blanks Products and the Sublimation Blanks Products?

It is very easy to differentiate the unique sublimation blanks products and the normal ones because of the traits they have. In some situations, both of them have the same physical features and it is not easy to get the distinctive features. 

The unique sublimation blanks products are manufactured using additional products that appear to have some unique features.

2.10 What Is the Durability of the Sublimation Blanks Products?

We have very good quality sublimation blanks products and the durability largely depends on how the customers use the products.

Most of our sublimation blanks products last for a very long time because the materials used to make them are resistant to harsh conditions. Some have extreme resistance even in the worst conditions of corrosion. 

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 5. Order and Payment

3.1 What Form of Payment Can I Use for the Payment of Simulation Blanks Products?

After placement of an order, the customer has to complete the order by paying for the products.

The means for payment are:

  • Through PayPal
  • By master cards and visa cards 
  • Through cash

3.2 What Is the Maximum Number of Simulation Blanks Products a Customer Can Order?

We do not have limits on the number of orders a customer can place. We encourage bulk ordering which is effective economically and saves the cost by purchasing multiple. 

The more purchases a customer places the more they receive discounts and the more they save and the cheaper the shipment fee.

3.3 Does Your Company Have After-Sale Services After Placing an Order of the Simulation Blanks Products?

Yes, our company always tries to provide the services to customers even after the delivery to clients.

The after-sale services offered are:

  • We provide fixing services to our customers. 
  • Our company provides door to door delivery.
  • We consider customer reviews very important.
  • We also inform our customers of the new stock and provide them with the news of the current products.

3.4 Through Which Means Can You Advise a New Customer to Use for the Convenient Means of Placement and Payment of Sublimation Blanks Products?

On our website, we have provided all the means of paying for the Placement of the orders and payment methods accepted. 

We have direct means of placement of the orders on our stores one on one and the payments are done in cash.

This direct method of order placement is slightly tiresome and takes a lot of time going from different departments. 

Apart from this method, the new customer can go to our website and create an account they use to place the order. They can then follow the procedure stated to place an order. We provide shipment and delivery services and the customer will only have to pay for the shipment costs.

3.5 What are the Rules regarding the Ordering of the Sublimation Blanks Products?

Figure 6. Rules for ordering Sublimation Blank Products

We have the terms and conditions that guide the customers of the Dos and don’ts.

They state that:

  • In case of damage of sublimation blanks products in customer’s custody then clients are held accountable
  • Cases of theft when the products are within the reach of the customers then the company will have no blame.
  • Cases of fraud when a different party was included will not get the blame to the company.

3.6 Which Are the Documentation Needed During Payment of the Simulation Blanks Products?

We do not require any document for this process but the customer will have to provide us with details such as: 

  • Providing the personal information of the customer.
  • Provide the address where the sublimation blanks products will be delivered.
  • Agreeing to the terms and conditions that are in place

3.7 Who Should I Contact When I Want to Make Inquiries on the Placement of an Order?

We offer customer care services to our clients which operate twenty-four hours. Our customer care services are never disappointing and you can always trust communicating with them.

The customer is also allowed to send us an email through the details on our website. 

3.8 Which Is the Age that One Is Allowed to Place their Orders of Sublimation Blanks Products?

Most of our consistent customers are always of the required age.

Meanwhile, we do not limit anyone to place the orders of the sublimation blanks products as long as they meet the requirements. 

When Giving out personal details we always inquire about the age of the customer and we always ensure they are adults and mostly 18 years and above.

We always ensure the buyer is of the required age.

3.9 When Do You Offer Discounts of the Sublimation Blanks Products to the Customers?

Our company normally offers discounts to our esteemed clients for purchasing the sublimation blanks products in bulk. 

This is always a way to motivate our clients and it has greatly promoted good relations between our company and the buyers. 

We also have free “takeaway” offers during purchases made on specific holidays and during the celebrations of the company anniversaries.

We also sell off our products at a throwaway price when we are clearing the sublimation blanks products.

We also have “black Fridays”. These are specific days in a week when we give offers to our customers.

3.10 Does the Customer Gets Confirmation if the Order of the Sublimation Blanks Products Has Not Been Successful?

When the customer is through with the placement process of an order and completes the payment of the goods ordered, you will receive a confirmation email. The email always confirms that the progress has gone through.

We also send an email that confirms that the placement process has not gone through because of that reasons. We will alert the customer that the placement process of the order has failed.

If the payment process is not successful, then we also alert the customer of the incomplete transactions.

3.11 Are there Additional Costs for the Payment of the Sublimation Blanks Products Other than the Buying Price?

The customer does not have to pay additional money for ordering sublimation blanks products. This is because our account numbers are free of charge during payment. 

The customer only has to pay for the shipping fee which is paid together with the buying price.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 7. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Who Should I Contact in Case there are Some Shipment Issues?

Our customer care service desk is always on duty throughout and you can always reach them at any given time for assistance. They will be glad to provide the services required.

Also, you can contact our agents who are based in various areas for issues at the pick-up stations and they will help with the issue instantly.

The information about how to contact us is on our website.

4.2 What Do I Need to Do When My Shipment Has Taken Longer than Expected?

We can assure you that the shipments on most occasions will take the time indicated for deliveries of the sublimation blanks products. We always ensure that the deliveries are done in time and immediately they are delivered then we notify the customers.

Otherwise, in case of any inconveniences, we will alert you early enough of the delays and the reason for the delay. Although such cases of delay are very rare and do not occur often.

4.3 How Do You Charge the Shipment Fee of the Sublimation Blanks Products?

For the shipment of the sublimation blanks products, we always charge the cost and this is always different based on different factors.

Some of these factors are:

  • Distance of Delivery of the sublimation blanks products
  • Amount of the Sublimation Blanks Products
  • The means used for transportation of the sublimation blanks products

4.4 Is it Easy to know when My Shipment of Sublimation Blanks Products?

Yes, the customer can easily tell when the orders they had placed have been delivered at the various pick-up stations. 

  • Normally, we send notification messages to alert the customers when their order of sublimation blanks products has been dispatched. This is usually through emails, messages or a letter addressed to the sellers. 
  • We always follow up with the customer care desk to let you know that your products are ready to be picked. 
  • It is also easier for the customer to track the shipment through the follow-up link on the website if the order was done online.

4.5 What Is the Solution When I Place an Order of the Wrong Sublimation Blanks Product?

Figure 8. Wrong order for Sublimation Blank Products

In such a case, we consider taking back the product but the customer will have to pay for shipping costs for the products back to the warehouse. We have procedures followed and the client will have to contact us and follow the exact process. 

The refunds will be issued if the whole process has gone through and the whole process will take about 7 working days. Therefore, the products should be returned in the quantity it was packaged when the customer received it. 

Once our company receives the product, we can then ship the sublimation blanks products the customer orders again or refund the customer.

4.6 Is the Customer Entitled to Replacement If the Sublimation Blanks Products Received Are Not the Expected Order?

Our company has a replacement and return policy and we always ensure we follow the rules in the policy. A client has the right of replacement if they receive products that they did not order.

We ensure we do the necessary and in this case, we require the customer to reach us or follow the steps in processing the replacement.

4.7 When I Place an Order of the Sublimation Blanks Products, can they Be Shipped any Day?

Our company works throughout and So it is okay for the customer to make the orders at any time during the weekdays. Although during the weekends we hardly do the deliveries unless it is on special occasions. 

Therefore, we advise our customers to place their orders at a convenient time if the orders are urgent to avoid any kind of such delays.

We will respond to the request and begin the replacement process so that the customer can get the products in time.

4.8 Do You Have Partners for Shipping the Sublimation Blanks Products?

Yes, we have partners who usually help in the shipment of the sublimation blanks products.

For international orders, we always partner with other transportation agents who transport the products to other countries. This is usually our strategy for the products to reach our customers who are not within the same geographical locality.

4.9 What Are the Security Measures Taken to Ensure that the Sublimation Blanks Products Arrive Safely?

Before any shipping process, we always ensure we provide appropriate documentation of the products in the correct addresses to avoid losing them.

The bulk products that are being shipped are always accompanied by a security escort team to avoid any raid cases.

Also, our clients always sign the forms of confirmation that they have received their sublimation blanks products. 

4.10 Can I Involve a Third Party for the Pick Up after I Have Received the Delivery Message?

Yes, we allow our customers to involve third parties to assist them in picking the Sublimation blanks products. The third-party involved should have the requirements that are needed to pick the items.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 9. Return and Replacement

5.1 What Should I Do When I Receive More Sublimation Blanks Products of the Orders I Placed?

We believe in trust for our customers and should always be keen because such scenarios can happen by mistake. Whenever a customer comes across more products as compared to the ones the customer ordered, we will highly appreciate it if the customer contacts us.

You can send an email to us or contact our customer care so that the sublimation blanks products can be returned to the store.

The shipment fee back to the warehouse will be catered for by the company.

5.2 What Should I Do to Defective Sublimation Blanks Products?

We advise our customers that should they find out that some of the products they had ordered are defective, they should begin processing a refund process.

They should let the company know through the contact helpline number or send an email. In the email let us know the assistance you need and this should be done immediately or within 48 hours. 

You can also have images of the defective sublimation blank products so that we are certain that the customer received the products in that state.

We can then initiate the replacement of the sublimation blanks products.

5.3 What Should I Do When I Receive the Sublimation Blanks that are Not the Same as the one I Ordered?

It is advisable that when a customer receives the sublimation blanks product that is not the same as the one they ordered then they should inform the company. The shipment fee of the products will be catered by the company.

The customer should then begin to initiate the return process so that the products received can be taken back to the warehouse.

At the same time, the customer should inform us whether they would like to be given a replacement of the products or they need a refund.

5.4 What Are the Charges for Returning Damaged Sublimation Blanks Products?

When a customer buys a product with us, there are no charges incurred for returning sublimation blanks products that are damaged.

It is not costly returning the defective item to our stores although the buyer has to incur the shipment fee.

5.5 What Is the Process of Tracking a Customer’s Replacement Status of the Sublimation Blanks Products?

Figure 10. Tracking of Sublimation Blank Products

Among other services we offer, tracking the status of the shipment of interest customer made order is one basic service available. After the customer has placed an order, immediately we send messages with links useful during tracking of the sublimation blanks products. 

Our team issued our tracking link to enable our esteemed customers. This is to allow the customers to be able to know where their orders are so that they can decide when to pick them. It also gives the customer an easy time. 

With the tracking number, the customers can easily monitor the shipment status of their products.

5.6 In Case I have Placed the Wrong Order of Sublimation Blanks Products, What Should I Do?

It is important for the customers to properly check the details before availing them of submission. Each detail is always considered very important and the customer is not required to give wrong information for that matter.

The customer should be accountable for the expenses received for processing the sublimation blanks products.

In case of wrong order, return the Sublimation Blanks Products so that we can produce the right Sublimation Blanks Products for you.

5.7 What Can Happen When I Am Not Pleased with The Quality of the Sublimation Blanks Products Received?

We highly value our customers and our services to them are professional and we ensure we sell their high-quality products. Should there be any need for change, we will aggressively like to crack our customers’ complaints to satisfaction.

You can then return the Sublimation Blanks Products to our warehouse for replacement with another desired lapel pin.

5.8 How Do I Return Defective Sublimation Blanks Products?

For the return of defective Sublimation Blanks Products, you can follow the procedure on our website. This procedure involves:

  • First, the customer should select the option which is leading to cancellation.
  • Select your reason for return, in this case, show us the damaged sublimation blanks products.
  • You can then take the lapel pins for the weddings to our store or warehouse or organize how they will reach us.

5.9 What Challenges Can Occur During Replacement and Return Process of the Sublimation Blanks Products?

Our major fears are when our customers tend to think that it takes longer for the replacement and refund process. We have opted for another alternative to solve this problem by making sure we have more Sublimation Blanks Products in our stores.

5.10 What are Some of the Penalties of Failing to Comply with the Policy Regarding the Return and Replacement of Sublimation Blanks Products?

When returning an order, you have to observe the policy to incorporate better cohesion between customer and seller to avoid penalties. Failure to do this could lead to:

  • Replacement of the Sublimation Blanks Products may not be successful.
  • The customer may not receive the replacement at the exact time could there be any delays.

5.11 What are Guidelines for Replacement and Return of Sublimation Blanks Products?

For replacement and return, the guidelines that should be considered are:

  • Place a replacement order through our website or the available email on the website using the order number used during purchase.
  • Place the Sublimation Blanks Products back in the packaging item used and keep it safe to prevent further damages.
  • When the orders were done from our shops directly from the warehouse, they can be returned directly to our stores.

5.12 What Is the Recommended Procedure for Canceling Sublimation Blanks Products?

To make work easier for both the company and the customer, we recommend the customer inform our team early. If the Lapel Pins of Weddings no longer interest them, it is crucial to inform us. 

This allows us to enable the customer to cancel the order of Sublimation Blanks Products before the limited time expires.

This will help stop the process of production which is costly and the payment of shipping courier.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 11. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 What Are the Steps of Cancelling the Order of Sublimation Blanks Products?

The customer should use the policy and the steps as stated on the website. The steps are:

  • It is easier to log into our website using your smartphone.
  • The customer can log in to the account they created in the first stage.
  • Proceed to the menu whereby we have various options and select the ‘cancel request’

When the customer is done with the process, we always send the customer an email confirming that your cancellation is successful.

6.2 Which Are the Valid Reasons that Can Enable a Customer to Send a Cancellation Request?

For a customer to Cancel the Sublimation blanks products, they should have a reason behind the decision.

Some of these reasons may include:

  • If the sublimation blanks products are being delivered to the address that is not what you placed.
  • If the sublimation blanks products have not been dispatched to the place of delivery.
  • You can as well cancel the sublimation blanks products in any case the date of the delivery has changed and the new date is not convenient for you.
  • An order of sublimation blanks products can also be canceled due to technical issues that could occur.
  • You can also cancel the sublimation blanks products if you realize the products you ordered are not the intended ones.

6.3 Under What Circumstances Can’t I Cancel the Sublimation Blanks Products?

There are various limitations when a customer is not able to cancel the sublimation blanks products. Some of these reasons are:

  • Canceling a local order when the shipment is in the process can add extra costs to the customer and the customer is likely to be charged half the original price. 
  • The customer is not guaranteed the opportune time to cancel the sublimation blanks products if the products have already been issued out to the customer.

6.4 What Happens If the Refund Has Been Banked in a Different Account?

Once the cancellation is confirmed then the money will be deposited in the account number the customer issued. In case a mistake occurs and the company deposits the money in the wrong account then the company will still have to refund the customer.

In situations whereby the customer gave out another account and an error occurred and it happens they gave out the wrong account number then they will suffer the loss.

6.5 Can a Customer Claim for the Refund of the Sublimation Blanks Products?

Yes, it is our customer’s right to be granted the wish they legally deserve.

A customer can claim a refund if the sublimation blanks products are damaged or if they are not fulfilling the customer’s taste and preference.

The customer is likely to be charged the processing fee which is of low cost for the process of reclaiming to go through.

6.6 Is it Possible to Give a Different Account for Depositing a Refund of the Sublimation Blanks Products?

We normally advise our customers to provide a constant account number so that no merging issues of another account can occur.

Meanwhile, it is also allowed that you provide us with the account you would like us to deposit for you the refund.

In case the account number you have offered is incorrect, the customer will have to suffer the loss. When a mistake occurs on our side then the customer shall still be refunded the amount and the company will suffer the losses.

6.7 What Is the Period Taken for the Fund to Be Deposited in the Customer’s Account?

For the whole process to go through, it takes a few days. During this period, a customer should be patient because once they follow the correct steps the process will go through. 

The customer should only have the requirements in processing the refund and after the process is successful they receive their full refund.

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