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The Sublimation Cards Ultimate FAQs Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What are Sublimation Cards?

Figure 1. Sublimation Cards

Sublimation is the process by which a solid substance is made into a gas state without being transformed into a liquid state and then made back into a solid. A sublimation card is a card made using this process. The solid materials used to make this type of card undergo a sublimation process. This makes the sublimation card to be of high quality, durable and unique.

A lot of people are adopting this new technology in their businesses and even in schools.

1.2 What Materials Can Be Used To Make A Sublimation Card?

Some materials can give you a perfect sublimation card and others cannot be sublimated. The materials  below can be used to produce a sublimation card:

  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material
  • Glass
  • Aluminum metal
  • Fabrics
  • Paper
  • Polyester
  • Vinyl
  • metal

The above materials will give the best sublimation card. If you want impressive design cards use the above materials and you will not be frustrated.

1.3 Is Sublimated Card Cleanable?

The cleaning of a sublimated card depends on the material of the card. For aluminum, glass, PVC, metal you can clean your card. This is because your card will not be smudged when it comes into contact with any liquid. The paper sublimated card should not be cleaned using liquid because we know liquids damages paper.

You can only wipe them using a dry cloth. Also avoid cleaning agents that contain phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, and any similar compounds since they can corrode your sublimation card.

1.4 What Size Is A Sublimation Card?

Well, the sublimation card comes in different sizes depending on the material used and also the designed purpose of the card. The thickness of the card is also influenced by the material used to make the card. 

Metal sublimation card measures 86mm * 54mm with a thickness of 0.20 mm, aluminum sublimation card size is 85mm length and 54mm width with a thickness of 0.5mm 54 x 85mm. this just shows that sublimation cards can come in different sizes and thicknesses.

1.5 What Type Of Card Is Made Through Sublimation?

Sublimation can be applied in different fields. You can create a sublimation card that is either of the following: 

  • Metal sublimation business card
  • Sublimation gift card
  • Sublimation playing card
  • Sublimation membership cards, sublimation identification card
  • Sublimation key cards and sublimation debit and credit cards.

1.6 Why Should I Choose A Sublimation Card?

Figure 2. Why you should choose sublimation cards

When choosing a card choose a sublimation card and you will never regret it. A sublimation card offers a lot of benefits to the purchaser. Be it a metal sublimation card or glass sublimation card. There is a variety of raw materials to choose from. High-quality and durable materials for your sublimation card. Below are reasons why you will never go wrong by choosing a sublimation card. 

  • Resilience. Metal, aluminum, glass and other materials used to make sublimation cards are tough and do not get damaged easily. This will make your card have a long life span and you will be able to enjoy its services for a long time without making replacements. 
  • Highly affordable. Sublimation is not a complex process. Making a sublimation card will not cost you a lot. Also, there are many materials to choose from while making a sublimation card. This gives you an option to work with materials that are within your budget. 
  • Exclusive and pleasing. The sublimation card is very appealing and bold. The card is capable of standing out in the market and making a bold impression. This will have a positive impact on your business or company. 
  • Variety of color and material to choose from. A Sublimation card can be made from different colored materials like yellow, black, green, orange black, and blue. This is because there are so many materials that can be sublimated. 
  • The Sublimation card can be customized. Yes, you can be able to customize your sublimation card with a design, color, logo, and shape of your is possible to add symbols to your card. 
  • Permanent image. Images formed on sublimation card so not fade off or get scrubbed off easily, the image is permanent thus saving you on the cost of replacement.

1.7 What Equipment Is Required To Make A Sublimation Card?

When you are creating a sublimation card the following tools will be necessary.

  • Printer-most designers use the virtuoso printer to make sublimation cards. This is because the printer has high ink capacity, they also have high speed, and can print multiple cards, and the printer also uses self-cleaning technology to produce high-quality printouts. 
  • Sublimation paper – since we want a high-quality sublimation card it is advised to use specialized sublimation paper. Sublimation paper allows sublimation ink to sit on the paper with ought to make the ink dry also produces outstanding color saturation.
  • Sublimation card printing requires a special sublimation ink. The ink should have high viscosity. The ink is normally packaged as a blocked cartridge. The ink is capable of making permanent images on your card.
  • Heat presses- go for a high-quality heat press. We know sublimation ink uses heat and pressure to input images and other details on your card. The heat press is important in making sure you get the best sublimation card.

1.9 Is The Use Of Sublimation Card Common?

Yes, many people across the world are adopting to using sublimation cards. This is because of how bold and affordable the card is. Sublimation card is changing the face of card industry by spicing the designs and the availability of different materials used to make the card.

1.10 What Is The Cost Of Sublimation Cards?

The price of our sublimation cards depends on the material of the cards. Plastic sublimation card rice is different from metal sublimation cards. The prices may vary but they are all affordable since the cost of production is low and the raw material required is readily available.

1.11 Is There A Technologically Advanced Sublimation Cards?

Yes, a sublimation cards can be equipped with modern technology such as chips. Technology improves effectiveness and purpose. We do have debit and credit sublimation card that have chips and QR codes that can be scanned

1.12 Where Can I Get a Sublimation Cards?

Sublimation cards can be obtained online or even in most graphic design stores both locally and international stores. There are a variety of designs to choose from. Take your time while choosing the design and type of card you need. You can search online for various designs and prices for sublimation cards.

1.14 How Long Does the Sublimation Cards Last?

The life of our sublimation card depends on the material. Sublimation cards can last for years without being damaged or the engravings wearing out.

1.15 Where are The Sublimation Cards Used?

Sublimation cards is used in the following different fields:

  • Graphic Products such as business cards, gift cards, etc.
  • Engineering 
  • Product Design
  • Food processing industries
  • Art and Design production.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Is there a customized sublimation card?

Yellow Custom Signs

It is possible to have a sublimation card customized using a certain design, color, material, logo, and signs. We all want to make people feel understood and to connect with them. A sublimation card can help you do that and much more through its uniqueness. 

2.2 Can I get different Color printing on a sublimation card?

A sublimation card is printed using sublimation ink which has multiple colors. This makes it possible to have different color printing on the card. You can have your card printed black, red, green, blue, red, yellow, and gold just but to name a few colors 

Color adds Color will also make your Anodized Aluminum Cards stand out from ordinary cards and give a positive impression about your business.

2.3 What can you print on a sublimation card?

One can print different things on a sublimation card. For a sublimation business card you can have your photo printed, business logo, name, address, social media handles, physical address, and phone number. For a playing card, you can have different symbols and numbers printed on the card. Each card can be printed to serve its purpose.

2.4 What one print on both sides of a sublimation card?

Cards are used as a medium for communication. One would want to give out as much information as possible. This is possible with a sublimation card since you can have your card printed on both sides. This will allow you to put more content on your card without making your card congested and unpresentable.

2.5 Can I use my artwork Design?

Yes, we do allow our clients to come with their artwork designs. We know that people ward their card to stand out from others. We also assist clients in coming up with unique designs at a friendly rate.

Worry not if you don’t have a ready design work. We allow clients to make changes to the art design by maybe adding an image or symbol.

2.6 How do I customize the sublimation card?

Figure 4. Customization of sublimation cards

Customization involves adding content that a client wants on their card. For sublimation card customization is done by printing the content on the card. The artwork you have presented is fed on a computer or the sublimation printer.

A spot of special ink is used to do the printing. The ink undergoes sublimation making it print the content you have given on the card.

When the printing is done the card undergoes a heat press process. The purpose of doing a heat press is to make the printing more permanent. 

Let the card cool down after heat press and your customized sublimation card will be ready for use. 

2.7 Does The Printing On Sublimated Card Fade Off?

When one uses high-quality sublimation ink during printing then the printings on the sublimation card do not fade off easily. This applies even to images. The quality of sublimation ink will determine the life span of the printed content on your sublimation card.

2.8 How Do You Make A Sublimation Card?

A sublimation card is made by passing a card on a sublimation dye that is passable through an inkjet printer. This makes it possible for sublimation inks to print on the card surface in a gaseous state.  Heat press provides heat and pressure that converts the ink from its solid state to a gas state.

The gas state of the ink can penetrate through the surface of the card. This makes it possible to have images and words to be permanently printed.

2.9 Are The Images On The Sublimation Cards Permanent?

We all want images put on the card not to fade or come off when washed. When card material undergoes sublimation the image formed is permanent and can’t be scrubbed or washed off easily.

2.10 What are the available shapes for the sublimation cards?

You can get a sublimation card that is rectangle-shaped with round finishes on the corner. The reason for having round corners is so that the edges are not sharp and cannot be easily damaged. You can have various shapes depending on your design. We are not limited to making sublimation card in a specific shape

2.11 How Long Does It Take To Make A Sublimation Card?

It takes us a maximum of one week to have your sublimation card ready. This period includes design work, sending proof for design work, making changes to the design, and printing. In cases where the client has their artwork design ready then production can take just a day.

2.12 How Long Does Artwork Design Take?

Designing artwork depends on the details of the art. The design can take up to 2days for complex designs but simple artwork can take even 30 minutes to be ready. Our in-house team is well skilled when it comes to art design and they will deliver the best design using the shortest time possible. 

2.13 Can Multiple Color Images Be Printed On A Sublimation Card?

Yes, it is possible to have the different-colored image printed on your sublimation card. The only thing to note is the type of printer used and colored cartridge. 

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 5. Order and Payment

3.1 How Do I Make An Order Of Sublimation Card?

Making order of sublimation cards is easy. There are two options when it comes to making your order. You can physically visit our shops and place your order.  Additionally, you can also make your order online. Online ordering is made at your comfort all you need is a smartphone and internet service.

3.3. How Do I Pay Online For A Sublimation Card?

Different payment platforms allow online payments. The most common online payment platforms include:

  • Venom 
  • PayPal
  • Master card

We allow cryptocurrency payment. You can consult us on which payment line to use and how it is done. 

3.3 How Much Is The Cost Of A Sublimation Card?

We offer different prices on sublimation cards. The price of the card is determined by the material used for production. A metal sublimation card will cost you more compared to a paper sublimation card. 

3.4. Is The Cost Of Designing Artwork Charged Separately?

Yes. Artwork is charged separately. This is because we have people who already have their artwork designed and it will be unfair for us to charge them for artwork that they already have. The price of artwork design is affordable. 

3.6 Can I Make Bulk Orders?

Yes, we do mass production of sublimation cards. You can order as many sublimation cards as you want. 

Call us for more inquiries.

3.7 Can I Get A Wholesale Price Purchase?

Figure 6. Wholesale Purchase for sublimation cards

Yes. We do have wholesale prices. Wholesale prices only apply for bulky purchases. Check our production catalog book to see if your order qualifies for wholesale price. 

3.8 Do You Allow Installments Buying?

We do allow paying in installments. We allow a 50% down payment on the spot so that production can begin. The other half of the payment is payable after production before the order is delivered to you. Keep in touch with us to know more about installment buying.

3.9 Do You Have A Reliable Online Ordering Platform?

Our online platforms are operational 24/7. Our app does not fail to make it possible to take orders any time you are free. Online ordering is only a click away and you can do it at your own comfortable time. This makes online shopping highly reliable, fast, and cheap.

We have a great customer service care center that is prepared to help you in case you experience any issues.

3.10 Why Use Online Ordering For Sublimation Card?

Making orders online is the best. This is because: 

  • Fast and efficient– making an order online requires only an internet connection and once you access our platform it is a matter of seconds before we receive your order.  
  • Cheap– online ordering saves you money that you could have spent visiting the shop to place your order or sending your order via postcard. And above all, it saves you time and we know that time is money. 

3.11 What Happens If I Make An Overpayment Or Underpayment Of The Sublimation Card?

When an overpayment on the order is done, the excess amount can be transferred to your shipping account. You are also able to add on to your order. If these two options won’t work for you the excess amount is deposited into your bank account. Be careful while making payments to avoid making an overpayment.

However, if underpayment for underpayment you will have to contact us and let us know when you intend to clear the outstanding balance. If the outstanding balance is a lot you will have to clear it before production of customized sublimation card. For plain sublimation card we can finish production and give you time to clear the balance before proceeding to shipment.

In the case of either of the above scenario, we request our clients to contact us so that we can guide them on what to do.

3.12 How Long Do I Wait For The Shipment To Begin?

Production takes 2 to 7 working days, this is because we need to send the design to the client for approval before we begin production. For bulky orders, it may take longer depending on the quantities of card needed. A client has the right to request proof of production and progress. Feel free to call us on the occasion you have any inquiries on production.

3.13 How Will I Know That The Sublimation Card Order Is Successful?

We review all the orders submitted to us. This is to ensure that there are no errors on the applications. Once we confirm that the orders are correct we notify the client of their orders have been received and we have started acting on them. 

Our communication is done on your order account or via email or SMS. Confirmation is done within 24 hours after the submission of your order. In case you fail to get an email from us kindly contact us so that we can be able to follow up on the problem and have it resolved.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 7. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Is There Safe Storage For Orders Anticipating Shipment?

The safety of your orders is our priority. We use the safest storage houses and stores that we keep your order before being dispatched for shipment. We value our clients and we always want to provide them with the best services. 

4.2 Do The Shipping Costs Include Custom Payment?

For international shipments, the amount charged is also inclusive of the customs duty charged at the clearance office. The rates will be different for different countries and also the currency used

4.3 How Much Do You Charge For The Shipment Of The Sublimation Card?

We have different shipping rates and options. The rates are dependent on the following:

  • The quantity of your order. For bulk orders, the less expensive it will be compared to shipping one piece of a few pieces. 
  • Destination of your order for local orders, shipment cost will be low compared to international shipments. For deliveries near our warehouse or shops is normally free.

We do give discounts to those who use our shipment. Follow us to know when we are giving discounts.

4.4 Do You Notify The Client If The Shipment Has Started?

After we are done with the manufacturing of the sublimation card we do send our clients a notification on their account or email an attachment showing completion. The notification also informs our clients that their goods are ready for shipment. 

There is an indication of the date and time when the shipping process will commence and what to expect. Always check your email for our notification about the progress.

4.5 Can I Use An Agent For My Shipment?

Yes. You are at liberty to use an agent to do shipment on your behalf. You can explore the different shipping options that are there. Use a shipment agency that is more convenient and affordable for you. 

4.6 How Long Does The Shipment Take To Arrive?

We do ensure that our clients get their orders as soon as possible. For local orders shipment usually takes 1 to 2 days. For international deliveries, it normally takes 21 days to 30 working days. International orders tend to take longer because of logistics and clearance with the various authorities.

4.7 Can I Track My Order During Shipment?

Figure 8. Tracking sublimation cards

All orders on a shipment are tractable. We normally send our clients links that they can follow to see shipping progress. We guarantee the safety of your order while in transit and also use the shortest and efficient route.

4.8 How Will I Know That My Shipment Is Complete?

Once the shipment is complete you will be alerted on your phone. The delivery process will start from here. We have partnered with delivering agents. You can pick your parcel from them. You can also pay extra and have your parcel delivered to your doorstep. Call us in case you have more questions and we will be ready to assist you.

4.9 Do You Offer Different Combinations Of Shipping Methods?

A combination of shipping methods is done to ensure that the order reaches the client as soon as possible. Using different methods is normally used to strengthen brand loyalty between the company and shipping agents: tend to build our brand loyalty. 

  • 2- day ground shipping

  • On spot delivery

  • Speed up shipping.

The method used will be the best for your parcel. Your physical location influences the method used. All methods are affordable and convenient.

4.10 How Can I Improve My Shipping Experience?

The shipping process involves storage, packaging, choosing the right carrier, picking, and shipping. You can decide to use our in-house shipping team to ensure that the process goes smoothly and efficiently. You can also consult logistic companies that cover the whole process. 

Using logistic companies is best since they have experience and they can be cheaper since they will be shipping different parcels at once. 

4.11 Do You Offer Freight Shipping?

Yes, we work closely with freight shipping companies when we are doing bulk order shipping. Their services are available locally and in other parts of the world. We use air, water, and road for shipment

4.12 How Do I Change Delivery Information?

Changing delivery information is easy. Log in to your order account then go to delivery details and change the details. Always confirm the details you have provided to prevent having your order delivered to the wrong address.

4.13 How Much Will I Pay For The Delivery Of The Sublimation Card?

Deliveries within the factory are free. Other deliveries will be charged depending on the heaviness of the parcel and time covered from our factory or shop to the client location. 

Our delivery charges are very affordable and also deliveries are made throughout the week. Except for public holidays. We do ensure we use less expensive but safe means of delivery so that our clients can minimize shipment and delivery costs.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 9. Return and Replacement

5.1 What Is Your Return Policy For The Sublimation Cards?

Our return policy for delivered sublimation cards is accommodative and clear. We have a team that deals with returns. Contact our team to know more like:

  • What qualifies your order for return? 
  • The period within which returns are acceptable.

5.2 What Is Your Return Process When I Want A Replacement?

Replacement occurs when the order delivered does not match the description. The other reason will be if the order delivered is damaged. The process to follow in case of such occurrences is calling informing us about it. When you get your order and find that it has an issue, contact us straight away.

You can also send us an email and attach a photo showing the damaged part or error, we will then advise you on what to do. We shall send the replacement using the same shipment process used to deliver the order the first time.

If you opt to change the method of shipment you will cater for the excess charges that will be incurred.

5.3 Do You Offer A Timeline For Making Returns?

Our clients are advised to inform us about any issue with the order delivered immediately. When we confirm the order should be returned the client should start the shipping process immediately. If the client is close to the factory we can pick the order or they can bring it to us. 

5.4 Who Is Liable For The Return Cost Of The Sublimation Cards?

If the return was made because of the manufacturer’s error then the liability cost will be ours. We shall cater for the return costs and expenses. If the fault was caused by the client they pay for the return costs. We do advise our clients to recheck the information they give us while placing their orders to avoid errors that can cost them more money to correct.

5.5 Do You Have A Limit For The Replacement Of The Sublimation Cards?

No, all damaged orders will be fully replaced As long as there is proof that the damages happened by accident and during transit. And also if the damage is irreparable and requires replacement

5.6 Is Sublimation Card Warranty Protected?

Yes, the sublimation card comes with warranty protection. Check out the period within which the warranty will be valid. We manufacture high-quality sublimation cards that will serve you for a very long time without getting worn out.

5.7 How Will I Know That My Return Is Successful?

Upon receiving your return we shall notify you that the returned orders are with us and we are working on the replacement. We shall notify you when the replacement is ready for shipment.

5.8 Can I Monitor The Replacement Process?

Yes, by logging on to our website and going to your customer account you can be able to monitor the replacement process. Call our devoted customer service crew to assist.

5.9 What Will Happen If I Don't Get Notified Of A Successful Return?

If you receive no notification about having us receive your return parcel then call us immediately so that we can do a follow-up. Failed returns are very minimal and also we ensure that we deliver safely what the client had ordered so you don’t have to worry about a failed return.

5.10 What Should I Do If My Sublimation Card Is Damaged Upon Arrival?

If you realize your parcel is tampered with upon delivery, contact us immediately. Our team will enquire about the intensity of the damages and provide probable solutions. 

In case you are, experiencing delays and need to place another order, kindly reach out to our support staff for assistance.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 10. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Is It Possible To Cancel An Order?

Yes, you can always withdraw your order of sublimation card. We have a period within which you can make your cancellation.

You will not be able to cancel the order of the sublimation card after production. The cause of this is we only customize what the client wants. Money paid for production is non-refundable.

If cancellation happens before production, your order will automatically be canceled. The only way is to choose a cash refund or make a new order. If you are having issues while placing new orders call us so that we can assist you.

If the shipping process is underway you will not be able to terminate your order. This is because by this time the parcel will have left our storeroom and is in transportation. When this occurs you will not be compensated. For providing wrong details for shipment you will be charged.

Consult our customer service center before filling in your shipping and delivery details.

6.2 On What Terms Will Refund Take Place?

A refund will occur if you have already made payment and production has not started. Where production is halfway complete, the refund given will be the amount that remains after calculating the total costs of production on the pieces already produced.

The other reason for you to be refunded is making an overpayment. We will either ask you to add your order or send back the amount you have paid in excess.

Contact us immediately when you realize you have made an overpayment.

6.3 How Do I Get My Refund For The Sublimation Cards?

We shall debit the account you used to pay for your order. You can also provide us with alternative bank details.

6.4 Will I Be Notified Of A Successful Cancellation Of The Order?

Yes, you shall receive a successful cancellation process alert on your mobile phone. In case you are experiencing delays, kindly call us. We shall be able to assist you.

6.5 Can Get A Full Refund After The Cancellation Of My Order?

Full refunds will only happen under specific conditions. The conditions are:

  • In case of overpayment, we shall refund the overpayment fully.
  • If production has not yet started you will receive a full refund on the money paid. 
  • Refunds on returned orders will only be issued if we can meet the client’s demand.

You are welcome to make more inquiries about refunds visit our social media page for assistance and clarity.

6.6 Can I Make Another Order After Getting The Refund?

Yes, you are in the position to place frequent orders as you are able. All you need to do is to make sure the previous refund process was successful.

If you experience any kind of glitch while making your order, kindly reach out to our support staff and you will be assisted accordingly.

6.7 Is The Cancellation Of The Sublimation Cards Immediate?

Yes, As long as you have a working internet, the invalidation process will only take a few seconds of your time. In case you experience any challenges while making a cancellation kindly contact us for assistance.

6.8 Can I Make Another Order After Cancellation?

Yes, you can make another order. After successful completion of cancellation, go back to the ordering platform and place another order.

Send us a free inquiry request