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Foison Metal Has In-House Designers Who Prepare Professionally-Cut Tag Metal Bars. Available In Assorted Designs, Colors, Shapes, And Sizes

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Foison Metal: A Trusted And Reliable Distributor Of Metal Tag Bars In China

Foison Metal ensures that our tag metal bars can withstand extreme situations and last for years by using premium quality raw materials.

There are lots of ideal things about this product, including the fact that it can be used in different applications. Our company is established to provide customer satisfaction and produce high-end metal items. 

Here at Foison Metal, we can prepare and deliver your ordered tag metal bars in good condition. We are proud to say that our company gained several awards from different establishments by producing durable and professionally-made products. 

About Our Service

Custom Orders

Here at Foison Metal, you can create custom designs for your tag metal bars.

Fast Transaction

You can place bulk orders of tag metal bars from Foison Metal in just 3 easy steps.


Our competitive professionals are doing their best to prepare assorted tag metal bars.

Innovative Equipment

Foison Metal houses high-grade machines to produce metal products in the fastest time possible.

Reputable Company

Foison Metal prepares professionally-designed tag metal bars to boost brand visibility in the market.


Rest assured that all tag metal bars you will order from us will last long because we only use solid metals, including aluminum and stainless steel.


What made Foison Metal popular is our affordable yet high-class metal products.

Fast Assistance

Our customers are our priority. Thus, we are one-call-away whenever you need our help.

High Quality Products

Foison Metal Can Produce Thousands Of Customizable And Unique Tag Metal Bars In One Day

Tag Bars

Discover top-grade tag bars only from the top-notch distributor in China.

Tag Handlebars

Our tag metals bars are well-built and can be purchased in wholesale prices.

Tag Metal Bars For Windows

Improve the appeal of your windows with our tag metal bars.

Tag Metal MTB

These tag metal bars are constructed using non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials.

Know More About Us

Many establishments consider Foison Metal the number one producer of appealing tag metal bars. Our products are designed and made by professionals, ensuring high aesthetic quality. 

In addition, we also allow our customers to choose their preferred colors, sizes, layouts, and materials for their tag bars. Our customer support is online all day long and will answer your queries within minutes.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Speedy Shipment

The standard couriers in your area will deliver your orders in less than 10 days.

Professional Touch

You can work with our professionals to develop good-looking designs for your tag metal bars.

Easy To Order

Our customer support is always online. So, you can expect smooth and fast order transactions.

Award Winning Materials

Our metal tag bars will serve you for several years with proper care.

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Foison Metal: Your Trusted Mass Producer Of Tag Metal Bars

Foison Metal has been serving clients for several years. Thus, our professional team knows and understands the requirements and requests of our clients. Our tag metal bars are available in a wide range of classic and trendy designs. When your shop needs high-grade tag metal bars, Foison Metal is the only company you should call!

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