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Discover Superior Tobacco Grinder Quality By Foison Metal

Foison Metal is an established company for providing high-quality tobacco grinder for wholesale. Our goal is to continually aim for unmatched service to meet your needs.

We continuously deliver precision-crafted grinding tobacco that meets the highest standards. Explore guaranteed functionality with authentic style with the help of Foison Metal’s team of professionals.

We use our expertise to bring innovations that enhances our production to better meet your requirements in producing durable and one of a kind metal grinders.

About Our Service


Ou team can adapt to any of your product requirements. Given the simplicity or complexity of your designs.


We consistently produce high-quality tobacco grinders that gain 5-star reviews from international and local clients.


Our mass production takes 15-20 days to finish. Depending on the quantity of orders and the complexity of the design required.


We believe that the best results come from collaborative approach. We ensure clear communication, updates, and feedbacks.


We allow you to fully customize your tobacco grinders with a specialized design, specific dimension, or unique finish.


Precision is guaranteed in every project we create. Our cutting-edge facilities enable us to handle projects of varying complexities.

Timely Delivery

Our commitment to timely delivery means that you can rely on us on meeting your deadlines without compromising the quality.


As a direct manufacturer, we offer the lowest price for wholesale tobacco grinder.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Produces Tobacco Grinder of All Shapes & Sizes Perfect for Wholesale

Grinders for Sale

Designed with user convenience in mind. Enjoy effortless operation with easy-to-use controls.

Herb Grinder

Built to withstand the rigors of daily use. This grinder is made of strong aluminum that ensure lasting durability.

Big Weed Grinder

Hassle free weed grinders that allows grinding in large amounts that achieves consistent results for countless grinding sessions.

Cool Weed Grinder

Instantly stands out with sleek design that doesn't compromise the quality. Available in variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

Know More About Us

Foison Metal takes great pride in providing high-quality tobacco grinder in bulk. Our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction sets us apart from our competitors. Over the years we have honed our skills, redefined our process, and embraced cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the curve.

We understand the importance of customization in grinding tobacco metal products that meets your exacting standards.

Why Foison Metal Product Is Trusted

Product Quality

Foison Metal produces a quality tobacco grinder that serves sturdiness that can withstand any environment.

Innovative Design

Our innovative approach in producing custom grinders helps you succeed in creating excellent products.


Crafted from high-quality materials that is engineered with precision, our metal grinders are built to last.


Our knowledge and expertise ensures grinding tobacco effortlessly and efficiently to produce consistent grind.

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Why You Should Trust Foison Metal, The World's Leading Manufacturer And Supplier Of Tobacco Grinder

Foison Metal is recognized for being an ecologically responsible workplace, therefore we are dedicated to ensuring a safe working environment and environmentally friendly production processes. This can be a stepping stone to spread awareness on using safe and environmental materials and processes.

Our company’s vision is to strive in our principles and ideas of being sustainable which can impact other brands and companies that partner with Foison Metal.

Frequently Asked Questions
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Metal Tobacco Grinders in Different Colors
Figure 1. Tobacco Grinder

1.1 What Is a Tobacco Grinder?

It is a small cylinder, usually made out of aluminum, plastic, and other materials designed to shred tobacco into fine, even strips.

1.2 What Is the Advantage of Using a Tobacco Grinder?

Chrome Metal Tobacco Grinders
Figure 2. Advantages of Using Tobacco Grinder

The advantage of using a tobacco grinder is that it speeds up and simplifies the process of separating dry herbs and making it much easier to conserve your herbs when they are finely ground.

1.3 How Do You Use the Tobacco Grinder?

A grinder usually consists of three parts, two halves of a tobacco grinder that each have sharp, interlocking teeth and a collection chamber below the grinder to catch the shredded tobacco. 

After the tobacco is shredded, it can then be used in hand-rolled cigarettes, which benefit from finely shredded tobacco, or in snuff. Separate the two halves of the grinder. Place a pinch of tobacco in the 12, 4, and 8 o’clock positions.

 Press the tobacco down between the teeth of the tobacco grinder. The grinder will not close if tobacco is placed in the middle. Firmly press the lid of the grinder onto the bottom half, pressing into the tobacco. Hold the grinder upright and twist the lid back and forth. Continue twisting the lid, until it turns smoothly.

 Twist the lid completely around in one direction to ensure that all the tobacco is shredded. Tap the bottom of the grinder against a hard surface, to ensure all the tobacco is in the collection chamber. Remove the lid and the bottom half of the grinder from the collection chamber. 

The finely shredded tobacco is ready to be used. Some grinder has another chamber below the collection chamber, separated from the collection chamber by a fine sieve. The second chamber is designed to collect fine particles of tobacco that can be used as snuff.

1.4 What Sizes Do the Tobacco Grinder Come In?

Grinders come in various sizes that include 4-1/2-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch, 7 inches, and 9 inches.

1.5 How Fine of a Grind Does It Produce?

The tobacco grinder produces a fine smooth powder that can be rolled in rolling papers. You can also set the grinder to produce the grind of the tobacco or spices in whatever texture requires the grinder to produce.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 What Kind of Packaging Does It Come In?

Pink Metal Tobacco Grinder with Weed
Figure 5. Packaging of a Tobacco Grinder

Our grinders come in different packaging styles of our clients’ liking. When one is purchasing grinders from us there are various packaging styles that our clients can choose from.

We can also gift pack them for you if you want to send a gift to someone.

2.2 Can You Order an Unpainted Tobacco Grinder?

We provide our clients with what they see fit for them. Our stores and websites have various kinds of tobacco grinders, those that are painted in different colors and those with no color.

You can get an unpainted grinder. The aluminum tobacco grinder is the only one that can be ordered unpainted.

2.3 What Colors Do the Tobacco Grinders Come In?

They come in various radiant colors that the customer requires. Some of the colors are like;

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Silver
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Pink

And many more colors you would want.

2.4 How Durable Are Tobacco Grinders?

The time and period a tobacco grinder needs to last entirely depend on the material it was used. But most tobacco grinders last for a very long time because the metal materials used to make them are resistant to very harsh conditions and also how a client manages their product.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 What is the Form of Payment?

Once the client orders for the products, you can make your payments through PayPal, visa cards, MasterCard’s, or cash when you go to our store for local customers.

3.2 How Do You Order and Pay for The Tobacco Grinder?

To order the grinders, you can order through our website, you can also visit our factory and make the order physically.

3.3 How Will You Confirm Order and Payment?

Once you make your order and the required payments then you shall receive an email confirming your purchase of the tobacco grinders. Without the email confirmation, you will know that your order was not successful.

3.4 How Long Does It Take While Making an Order?

Small Weed Grinder in Stainless Steel Material
Figure 9. Tobacco Grinder ordering Process

It does not take any time, once you have signed in and created an account, it is a faster process to order at that very minute.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 What Shipping and Delivery Options Do You Have?

For local offers, we offer door-to-door delivery with an option to pay on delivery. For international orders, we have the option of air or ship mode of transit. Each mode has a different fee.

For international orders in countries with our stores, you will find your orders in stores next to you. For countries without our stores, we have a common warehouse where you shall select once you make your order and make the necessary payments.

4.2 How Secure is The Packaging While on Shipment?

The grinders are packed in secure packages that ensure that they are safe during transit. In addition to the secure packaging, every container we use during the shipping of your orders is insured to protect both our interests and yours as our esteemed client.

4.3 What Shipping Carriers Do You Use?

We use the common and trusted carriers around the world. A good example is DHL that we use mostly for our international orders. We also have other carriers depending on the region of our customers.

4.4 How Long is The Shipping Process?

Shipping for local orders is expected to take 2 to 3 working days, shipping international orders depending on the mode of freight used takes from one week to one month.

4.5 Can I Track the Progress of My Shipping?

Yes, you can track your shipment via our website using the order number you received once you purchased the grinders.

The tracking system we used is improved. It is activated once you make your order for a grinder. It is only available for international orders that are made by ship. you get an order number that you will use to track your order during shipping. 

4.6 Which Is the Best Delivery Option?

For local orders for a new client, the best option we suggest is a door delivery as they have an option for payment on delivery.

For International orders, we suggest the option by air as it is fast and reduces the risk of damages to the goods in transit. Through ship, it is considered safe as the orders are insured but it will take longer for the delivery, though the delivery timeline is adhered to (24hrs to one month)

4.7 Can You Change the Delivery Address?

Metal Tobacco Grinders in Black and Silver
Figure 12. Change of Delivery Address

Yes, you can change your delivery address but it means you need to first cancel your previous order so you can order and ensure you enter the change of the delivery address.

As for international orders, we have countries that have stores hence you can collect your orders from there. And in countries we do have our stores, we have designated warehouses that act as our designated drop and pick-up points.

5.0 Return and Replacement

5.1 What Are the Guidelines for Replacement and Returns?

In case of a replacement, you can put the tobacco grinder in the shipment box it came in and place your replacement order via our website using the order number you used to purchase the tobacco grinder.

In case of a return order, you place the grinder in the box it was delivered in and place the return claim on our website.

Return and replacement orders for local customers can come directly to our stores, international orders can go to the point of delivery and return the tobacco grinder for replacement or return.

5.2 How Long Does the Replacement Process Take?

When you apply for a replacement on our website, it takes only a few minutes for the replacement to be done.

From the time of successfully placing the order to you receiving your item, it will take 15 working days. Hence, we advise our clients to do their replacements on time for faster processes.

5.3 How Do You Initiate the Replacement Process?

We have our procedures outlined. The procedures are as follow:

  • Go to our website and select the return option.
  • Select your reason for return/replacement and confirm.
  • Then take the tobacco grinder to our stores or registered distributors.

5.4 Can I Request a Replacement If the Quality Didn't Pass My Standards?

Mini Weed Grinder
Figure 14. Request for Tobacco Grinder Replacement

Since in our company we value our customers, we ensure that our quality is as the client desires. In case the client is not happy, you can contact our customer care for the return of replacement.

5.5 What Is Your Return Policy?

We have several policies that we have listed below. The item will be replaced only if:

  • If the tobacco grinder is confirmed to have been lost during transit or shipping.
  • If there is a lack of stock in the specific or similar product in an appropriate condition as requested.
  • If the tobacco grinder is delivered damaged then you are eligible for a return.

5.6 Do You Get a Refund When You Return a Tobacco Grinder?

Yes, a refund will be given but if the following conditions apply:

  • If it happens that the tobacco grinder is damaged.
  • If it happens that it is as ordered.

5.7 What Happens If the Replacement Claim Fails to Go Through?

When your replacement orders fail to go through, we have our customer care services. One can contact our customer care staff and find out why the replacement failed to go through. Our customer care contacts are found on our websites.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

6.1 How Do You Cancel an Order?

Canceling an order is very simple when you are buying your tobacco grinder from our online shop. To cancel your transaction:

  • Log into our website and log onto your account that you made the order for the tobacco grinder.
  • Go to the menu and press the ‘cancel request’
  • After your request for cancellation, you will receive an email to confirm your canceling order.

6.2 What Reasons Can Make You Cancel An Order?

The following are the reasons why an order may be canceled:

  • You can cancel your order any time you want provided the order is not in transit or shipping.
  • You can also cancel your order if the order of the tobacco grinder was made wrongly.
  • You can also cancel your order if the expected delivery date has changed and the new date isn’t good for you.
  • If the product is being delivered at a different address.
  • We can cancel the order if you take too long to provide details or if your payment methods have a problem then we can cancel the order and you receive an email confirming the same.

6.3 Can You Cancel an Order When They Are in Transit?

One cannot cancel an order of tobacco grinder when they are in transit because that will bring about inconveniences. We advise our clients to cancel before the tobacco grinder is in transit to avoid problems.

Opened Tobacco Grinder with Weed
Figure 16. How to request a refund for Tobacco Grinder

One can claim a refund if the tobacco grinder is damaged or at times if the tobacco grinder is not to your liking.

When you claim a refund, you will incur the cost of shipping the tobacco grinder back so as your refund to process or we can deduct the return fee from your purchase amount and remit the balance to your account.

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