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Foison Metal is the Trusted & Top Manufacturer of Vintage Pin Badges

Foison Metal mass produces premium quality metal products that are conceptualized with your business in mind. Our skilled workforce performs strict quality tests in ensuring the outcome of your orders. 

Our Vintage Pin Badges are designed perfectly to boost your business’ brand. Each can be customized to highlight your brand and attract more clients. Add these products to your product line and see how your sales will grow instantly.

As the top metal manufacturer, our products are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Everything is business friendly, from the price, design, and production time. Inquire now and receive free samples!

About Our Service

Long Lasting

Foison Metal thoroughly researched which base materials would be the best to use for our products in order to make them last longer.


Our Vintage Pin Badges are user friendly and handy that your business clients will surely love.


You are spoiled with choice in terms of designs, color, and materials in order to provide you the correct Vintage Pin Badges for your business.

Professional Support

Our skilled workers will be making sure that all products you received will be of premium world-class quality.


We offer new ideas and/or solutions that go well with your personalized Vintage Pin Badges.

100% Satisfaction

We guarantee that our products will meet or exceed your expectations and produce the outcomes you desire.


Foison Metal promises secure handling, free and on-time delivery, the best bulk deal pricing, and the best material quality.

Top Of The Best

Before being shipped, our Vintage Pin Badges are completely tested and validated to international standards.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Manufactures and Supplies Top Vintage Pin Badges

Rare Pin Badges

Impress your clients with rare pieces and grow profit instantly!

Retro Badges

Grow your business sales by adding these retro designs to your product line!

Vintage Retro Pins

Classic designs are options that will never go wrong especially in your business!

Colorful Badges

Customize and highlight your brand with your chosen design and colors with these colorful products!


Foison Advanced PIN BADGES Manufacturing technology

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When it comes to metal local manufacturers, Foison Metal is the most well-known name on the market. This is related to the reasons that we only use high-quality materials that will be valued and remembered by your customers.


We create a wide range of Vintage Pin Badges that will exceed even your clients’ expectations as a luxury seller. We make sure that your transactions are always handled quickly and with confidence!

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Easy to Contact

If you have any questions or issues, we can always be reached through a variety of outlets, both offline and online!

Meets Timetables

For the benefit of our clients' business, our crew is dedicated to completing orders on time.

Tested and Proven

Before delivering our products to your organization, we test them to ensure that our customers are satisfied.


To alleviate your concerns, we have strategies and goals in place for the process of creating your items.

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Foison Metal Manufactures The Best Premium Vintage Pin Badges

We are always committed to our profession and we have room to expand and discover with all that our clients require. Foison Metal offers the greatest people that can handle all of your transactions confidentially and ensure that all of your items contribute to the growth of your company!

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