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Foison Metal Produces High Durability with the Finest Quality Metal Crafts

Foison Metal’s main concern is giving the best client care there is in the business. Our team can supply top-notch high-end custom-made metal crafts and supplies.

Allow us to assist you in creating visually appealing metal warning signs for dogs and other metal crafts. Foison Metal has been producing and manufacturing the highest durability while using the finest raw high-end materials in the market. 

Our products have been confidently made by our team with high expertise using materials that have been exclusively picked for warning signs dog. We made our ordering process easy for each person to use and promotes hassle-free and convenient transactions.

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Foison Metal has a reputation for creating top-notch warning signs dog for you and getting your brand out there in the market.

Phenomenal Reviews

Our finished products have good feedback and phenomenal views from our loyal clients who have multiple transactions from us.

Extensive Selection

We put forward a wide selection of different customization that you need for warning signs dog and other metal crafts.

Product Value

We value all products being made with consistency and we make sure to incorporate all your needs and requirements for your warning signs dog.

Production Process

Foison Metal takes care of your needs to help you save time and efficiently deliver to you your warning sign dog.

Accessible at Hand

Our customer support team is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help help and assist you with your orders.

Quality Materials

For your metal warning signs, Foison Metal uses the finest raw materials in manufacturing to keep costs down while still being environmentally sustainable.


We custom make what you want for your warning signs and other metal crafts. To have a one-of-a-kind product.

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Foison Metal Warning Signs Dog, Designed By The Undisputed Leading Factory In China 

Custom Made Warning Signs for Dogs

Great choice to show or display your creativity through your warning signs for your dogs and other pets.

Pure Metal Warning Signs for Dogs

A versatile option to have your warning signs custom made with multiple purposes and design.

Anodized Aluminum Warning Signs for Dogs

A perfect option if you prefer durable and lightweight also a cost-friendly warning sign for your warning signs.

Stainless Steel Warning Signs for Dogs

A great option for more longer-term warning signs can also be used for multiple purposes.


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Foison Metal produces the finest quality beyond expectation in products you need, delivered on time for wholesale orders. We always put the priority on serving our clients the best.

Foison Metal’s well-trained experts create finished product requirements efficiently while taking on multiple due times without a flaw. Our warning signs dog are for sure guaranteed with the highest high-quality service. 

That makes us the leading metal manufacturer and supplier in the market.

Why Foison Metal Product Is Trusted

High Quality

High-quality material options are provided by our company for customizing your metal warning signs.

Objective Purpose

Our products are brainstormed and conceptualized specifically for our client’s warning signs dogs.


We always work on improving and doing constant research regarding our warning signs dogs.

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We always prioritize the premium service to increase the growth of your brand.

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Foison Metal is the Number One Trusted Manufacturer for Warning Signs Dogs

Foison Metal, the entire production team, and the creative team apply any investment in new technologies to each good or service within our company’s expertise at all times. Our main priority at Foison Metal is to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction with their warning signs dog.

The Warning Signs Dog FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is a Warning Sign Dog?

Dog warning signs
Figure 1 Dog warning signs

Warning signs dog refers to signs which are used to inform potential assailants or passersby of the presence of dogs. They are essential because visual communication tends to be an important part of every safety program of facilities.

Dogs are a great form of security, but it is good to make individuals aware of their presence using warning signs dog.

1.2 What Are the Benefits of Warning Signs Dog?

warning signs dog give information of the hazards that are present and thus discourage any burglars or trespassers who think of breaking into your business.

The warning signs dog give an alert to individuals about the dangers that are waiting on the other side of the fence for them to take precautions.

They are available in several designs messaging and styles that can suit a variety of specifications.

warning signs dog also tend to cushion legal liabilities to a given extent in case of an accident. This is because they create awareness and even go ahead to communicate behavior or activities that must be done or encouraged.

1.3 Are There Any Risks Associated with Posting Warning Signs Dog?

Dog owners tend to post warning signs dog for several reasons such as giving warning to intruders and making visitors alert. Although warning signs dog act as a defense in a legal situation where a dog has bitten someone, they may also be used against you.

This will depend on the given situation and the applicable law. At times posting the warning signs dog may mean that you were aware it had an aggressive behavior, and you put others’ lives at risk.

1.4 Where Are Warning Signs Dog Most Applicable?

Property warning sign dog
Figure 2 Property warning sign dog

Some of the places where warning signs dog are applicable include:

  • Homes
  • Office areas
  • property
  • Learning institutions
  • Recreational parks

1.5 What Are the Characteristics of Warning Signs Dog?

Some of the characteristics that our warning signs dog possess include:

  • Premium quality: our warning signs dogs are made of premium quality as we use rust-free aluminum of high quality. The materials used are also very durable.
  • No fading: our warning signs dogs can withstand all extreme weather elements like the sun and rain. This characteristic ensures that warning signs dogs last for very long periods.
  • Easy installation: warning signs dogs are very easy to install as they have pre-drilled holes in all their four corners thus do not need extra preparations.
  • Perfect size: our dog warning signs are available in all your preferred sizes. We have dog warning signs big enough to accommodate messages which are bold and small enough to keep in line with your required décor.
  • Professional graphics: our dog warning signs are suitable for use in several setups like in homes or businesses. This is because they possess elegant designs which still give a strong message.

1.6 What Factors Should I Consider Before Mounting Warning Signs Dog?

Some of the factors which you should put in mind before mounting warning signs dog include:

  • The location of warning signs dog is best at 1.98 meters above the ground to catch the attention of a person. Therefore, warning signs dogs should be in such a way that when a person looks up, they get the attention of the safety sign from afar.
  • Because of warning signs, dogs tend to call attention to the presence of dogs that need to be placed at eye level.  This will make it easy for all people to see the instructions as they approach.
  • Warning signs dogs should not be placed higher than 0.5 meters to make sure that they remain visible in all situations.
  • It is important to take time and present the warning signs dog most compellingly as this will save your company a lot.
  • Determine the size of warning signs dogs which will give people maximum visibility to avoid liability claims. You should determine the viewing distance, associate the distance with warning signs dog width and count the characters and spaces to get the suitable size.
  • The warning signs dog should be made of colors that articulate its visibility for example orange, yellow or red.
  • Ascertain the cost of warning signs dog and the cost of installation and make sure it stays within your budget.
  • The material used to produce the warning signs dog should also be considered to establish the mounting method to use. The material will also determine where the warning sign dog should be mounted.
  • Warning signs dog should come with holes that are already pre-punched at their four corners. This will make the mounting process very easy and fast.

1.7 Are There Any Standard Regulations for Warning Signs Dog?

Yes, warning signs dogs have several standard regulations. some of the standard regulations which we observe in warning signs dog which include:

ANSI standard regulations relating to the content and design of warnings signs dog include:

  • ANSI Z53.1-1967
  • ANSI Z35.1-1968
  • ANSI Z35-2011 (R2017)

We also use OSHA standard regulations, and these entail several restrictions some of which include:

  • Wordings on any warning signs dogs require to be easy to read and straight to the point.
  • For elements of warning signs dogs which are used against a yellow background, the color and lettering must be black.
  • Specifications of the use, designs, and application of the warning signs dog should be provided.

Some other standard regulations which are in place for warning signs dog include:

  • BS EN 60849
  • IEC 60849:1998
  • BS EN ISO 7010:2012
  • BS 5499-10:2014
  • BS ISO 3864-4:2011
  • BS ISO 3864-1:2011
  • BS 7863:2009
  • ISO 3864
  • ISO 7001
  • JIS Z 9098
  • JIS Z 9104
  • GB 2893-2008
  • GB 2894-2008

1.8 What Are the Common Types of Warning Signs Dog?

Pet dog warning sign
Figure 3 Pet dog warning sign

We can produce many types of warning signs for dogs and all you need to do is give the specifications you require. Some of the common types of warning signs for a dog include:

  • Pet dog warning signs
  • Warning guard dog sign
  • Warning signs dog fence 
  • Beware of dog warning signs
  • Custom warning signs dog
  • Dangerous dog signs
  • Dog aluminum warning sign
  • Warning dog breed signs
  • Indoor or outdoor dog crossing warning signs
  • Dog on duty warning signs
  • Gate warning signs dog

1.9 What Is the Lifespan of Warning Signs Dog?

The lifespan of warning signs dog depends on several factors like:

  • The finishing of the warning signs dog
  • The materials which are used to make warning signs dog. materials that are of very high quality have a better boost and last for very long periods.
  • The climate of the area where the warning sign dog will be situated. Warning signs dogs that are installed in areas that are prone to a high sunlight intensity do not last for a very long period.
  • The angle at which the warning sign dog will be installed. When warning signs dogs are installed horizontally, they are in close contact with sunlight rays thus do not last for very long.
  • Colors of ink you require for warning signs dogs.

You should expect your warning signs dog to last for a period of about 5 to 10 years. We also have some other warning signs for dogs that can last even up to 15 years.

Some dimensional letters which we use will last the entire lifetime of the warning signs dog. Despite the color of warnings signs dogs fading after a long period of time, the letters tend to remain intact for a very long time.

It is important to ensure that you take good care of your waning sign dog to ensure it last for a long period. Also, ensure that your warning sign dog is mounted at a suitable location that does not expose it too much to environmental hazards.

1.10 How Effective Are Warning Signs Dog?

Warning signs dogs are clear and brief thus are easily understood by anyone. This makes them a very suitable method of informing individuals about a potential danger awaiting them.

The placement of warning signs for dogs is very important as it ensures it stays noticed and can grab the attention of all individuals passing by.

Warning signs dog possess symbols which are intelligible and able to ensure that it remains very important.

The size of texts which are on warning signs dog is very large and sufficient for easy reading for a faraway distance.

Warnings signs dog is made using attractive colors which ensures that they are visible to alert individuals of the presence of dogs.

1.11 How Do Warning Signs Dog Compare to Dog Warning Labels?

Warning signs dog
Figure 4 Warning signs dog

Warning signs dog is made from materials which are quite rigid like aluminum. This makes it easy to mount them on surfaces like walls, fences, doors, and posts. Warning signs dog are also durable and can long without need for change.

They tend to range in several sizes, and you can get very big sizes of warning signs dog which display comprehensive warning messages. Warnings signs dog is always mounted at a safe distance for viewing and need to be installed using either drills or holes that are pre-punched.

Dog warning labels on the other hand, always have a smaller size and are mostly made of materials like polyester, vinyl, or paper. These materials tend to be flexible.

Unlike warning signs dog, dog warning labels are applied very close to the potential hazard, and they stick well to surfaces.  Dog warning labels do not need any drilling as they have self-adhesive tape for mounting them onto surfaces.

1.12 What Are the General Rules for Use Of Warning Signs Dog?

The general rules which you should observe for warning signs dog include:

  • Ensure that you use warning signs dog when it is essential to pass across the relevant information which is specified.
  • Additional measures should be put in place to make sure that individuals see the warning signs of dogs. For example, you will need to enhance its brilliance.
  • In some scenarios, more than a single warning sign dog will be essential to echo the message. This will help reduce your liability as the alert will be very clear to all passersby.
  • The message that is conveyed on warning signs dog must be written in an active voice using the headline style of writing.
  • The texts of warning signs dog should have a left justification.
  • You should avoid prepositional phrases on warning signs dog.
  • Portions of texts on warning signs dog should be separated using line breaks.

1.13 How Should Warning Signs Dog Be Maintained?

All warning signs dogs must be maintained well to ensure that they can perform their intended functions. These maintenance procedures may range from the routine cleaning of the warning signs dog to testing to ascertain that they are serving their purpose.

1.14 What Other Safety Signs Do You Have Apart from Warning Signs Dog?

We have several safety signs which may be essential for a variety of functions. To know the other safety signs that we have and the available wide range of other products, you can visit our website.

1.15 How Are Warning Signs Dog Mounted?

To secure your warning signs dog onto surfaces like walls, fences, or posts, there is an assortment of attachments that you can choose from. When selecting hardware materials for mounting warning signs dog, it is important to select those which are tamper-proof and manufactured from durable materials.

It is also important to select the mounting hardware that is resistant to rust for example those made from aluminum and stainless steel.

Some of the devices you can use for mounting your warning signs dog include:

  • Nuts: examples include:
Break-away nuts
Figure 5 Break-away nuts
  1. Break-away nuts
  2. Base-bolted signs support system
  3. Surface-mount nuts
  4. Wingnut or thumb nut
  5. Hexagonal nut
  6. Ring nuts
  • Bolts: examples of bolts include:
Tamperproof one way bolt set
Figure 6 Tamperproof one way bolt set
  1. Sign bolting system
  2. One-way bolts
  3. Tamper Proof one-way bolt set
  4. Corner bolt set with a jam
  5. Cup-headed or round-headed bolt
  6. Cylindrical or cheese-headed bolt
  • Screws: examples of screws include:
Round head screw for wood posts
Figure 7 Round head screw for wood posts
  1. round head screw for wood posts
  2. drywall screws
  3. self-tapping screws
  4. sheet metal screws
  5. decking screws
  6. chipboard screws
  7. masonry screws
  8. dowel screws
  9. vandal-resistant set screws
  • Fasteners: some examples of fasteners include:
Black UV resistsnt cable tie
Figure 8 Black UV resistsnt cable tie
  1. Long heavy-duty nylon ties
  2. Black UV resistant cable tie

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 What Is the Recommended Size for Warning Sign Dog?

The recommended size for warning signs dogs tends to depend on the distance at which it will be looked. Foison Metal’s warning signs dog collection possesses sizes ranging from 38.1 millimeters by 19.05 millimeters up to 914.4 millimeters by 1219.2 millimeters.

When selecting the size of the warning signs dog to use there are several factors you will need to consider like:

  • The location where the warning signs dog will be mounted.
  • How close individuals will be to the warning signs dog.
  • The amount of information that you will require to be put on the warning signs dog.
  • In case you are in doubt, you can use bigger warning signs dogs especially for warning signs dogs that are property related.
  • Whenever you have multiple messages that you require to put on warning signs, use larger-sized ones as they offer sufficient space. Such warning signs dogs can display the warning message in a very clear manner.

2.2 What Are the Color Options Used on Warning Sign Dog?

Yellow and black warning sign dog
Figure 9 Yellow and black warning sign dog

Our available colors for warning signs dog include:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black
  • White
  • Purple
  • Gray 

2.3 What Are the Available Shapes of Warning Signs Dog?

Rectangular warning signs dog
Figure 10 Rectangular warning signs dog

We offer warning signs dog in several shapes which may be customized according to the regulations that are in place.

Some of the shapes of warning signs dog which we provide include:

  • Triangular warning signs dog
  • Oval warning signs dog
  • Square warning signs dog
  • Octagon warning signs dog
  • Rectangular warning signs dog
  • Pennant shaped warning signs dog
  • Circle warning signs dog
  • Pentagon shaped warning signs dog

2.4 Which Type of Material Is Used for Designing A Warning Sign Dog?

Rigid PVC board warning signs dog
Figure 11 Rigid PVC board warning signs dog

We make dog warning signs using several different materials some of which include:

  • Vinyl: warning signs dog which is made from vinyl possesses a high gloss, is very flexible, and is suited for different types of mounting surfaces.
  • Rigid PVC Board: it can be easily drilled into, has a glossy appearance and is mostly white. Rigid PVC boards tend to be light in weight and have a high strength to impact.
  • Aluminum: warning signs dogs that are made from aluminum have a gloss and a strong coating and are suitable for all weather conditions. Aluminum warning signs dogs possess resistance to ultraviolet rays, and this ensures that they have a very long lifespan.
  • Corrugated plastic: warning signs made of corrugated plastic have high luminance properties which enhances their performance.
  • Acrylic: this material has a glossy finish which makes sure their lifespan is elongated.
  • Polycarbonate: warning signs dog which is made from polycarbonate materials are retardant to flames and the printing on their subsurface protects them from vandalism and damage.  Such warning signs dog tend to possess extreme resistance to impact.

The materials which we use are eco-friendly and made considering the latest technological methods. 

2.5 Are There Customized Warning Signs Dog?

Yes. We also offer warning signs dog which is customized to suit your needs and are flexible to use materials that you prefer.

All the templates that we use at Foison Metal for warning signs dog can be customized fully and this allows for personalization of the design. In case you are not able to see the warning dog safety sign that you desire, you may contact us and we will design it at no added costs.

2.6 Which Are the Available Formats Used In Defining A Warning Signs Dog?

 Warning signs dog may be submitted via email although we prefer to use files that are in the format of PSD. This is because this file format makes the process of production faster.

We also accept warning signs dog file formats in the form of PDF, PNG, or JPG files. However, it is important to make sure that such file formats for warning signs do possess a high resolution for clear display.

2.7 Are There Any Double-Sided Warning Signs Dog?

double sided warning sign dog
Figure 12 double sided warning sign dog

Yes. We possess warning signs dog which is double-sided to enhance visibility by individuals.

2.8 What Is the LifeSpan of The Text Message Portrayed On The Warning Sign Dog?

The duration of the text that is on safety signs depends on how it was inserted onto it and the colors used. Warning signs dog which has texts etched onto their surface last for the lifetime of the signs.

Surface finishing options of warning signs dog also determine how long the texts will last. Colors which are used on the warning signs dog must also be durable to ensure that they make texts last the lifetime of the signs.

2.9 How Do I Ascertain the Quality Of Warning Signs Dog?

We always strive to deliver warning signs dog of very high quality as we use excellent construction methods and high-quality materials. 

You can ascertain the quality of your waning sings dog by looking at the following elements:

  • The warning signs dog should possess a very clear display in such a way that they are visible to all passersby, intruders, and visitors.
  • The information that is on the warning signs dog requires to be clear and should be understood easily.
  • Images that are put on the warning signs dog must meet the regulatory standards which are in place.
  • Our warning signs materials are very durable and rust-resistant. Warning signs dog also have finishing options which are accommodative to ultraviolet rays and thus last for very long periods.
  • The texts on our warning signs dog are brief and straight to the point and written in an easily understandable font.

2.10 Are Warning Signs Dog Durable?

Aluminum warning sign dog
Figure 13 Aluminum warning sign dog

Our warning signs dogs are very durable because they are made of high-quality materials which elongate their lifetime. Most of the materials which we use for our warning signs dog are also friendly to the environment and this promotes sustainability.

In case you require your warning signs dog to be made from custom-made materials, you can contact us to obtain assistance.

2.11 Are you able to create for me a template for warning signs dog?

Yes, our design team can custom make for you a template you need for your warning signs dog. In case you have any inquiries, our able designers can assist you in areas requiring help.

You may also give additional details of the elements that you require to be added to your warning signs dog template.

3.0 Order and Payment

Order and payment
Figure 14 Order and payment

3.1 How Do I Place an Order for Warning Signs Dog?

To place an order for warning signs dog, you need to first get in contact with us. You will then be required to confirm the completed design of the warning signs dog that you require.

You will then have to confirm information that you have provided of the warning sign’s dog-like size, material, and other details. Once this is done, you will negotiate with us once for the warning signs dog.

Then, we will require you to inspect the warning signs dog and give us an affirmation that they conform to your design. As soon as you are comfortable with the design of your warning signs dog, we will commence producing them.

Once we have completed producing your warning signs dog, they will be shipped using the means of transport which was agreed upon.

3.2 Can I Get a Free Quote and A Sample Of Warning Signs Dog?

Yes, you can get a free quote of warning signs dog by sending us an email and specifying how you would like them to appear. Once this is done, we will send a quote to enable you to analyze it before making a concrete decision.

3.3 How Long Does It Take to Process the Received Warning Signs Dog Order?

The time taken to process warning signs order tends to vary depending on the customization features that you want. Sample deliveries of warning signs dogs are fulfilled within 5-7 working days.

For orders that you require in bulk, we will fulfill them in about 5-8 working days. The shipping time for our warning signs dog is about 7-10 working days.

However, it is important to note that these timelines are not fixed, and you can contact us in case you have special fulfillment needs.

3.4 Is There A Minimum Number Of Orders For Warning Signs Dog?

Yes, we have a minimum order requirement for warning signs dog depending on factors like the material that you prefer. We tend to set our minimum order quantity for warning signs at 100 units.

How Are Payment Methods Affected?

You may pay for your warning signs dog using either a credit card, T/T, or PayPal. In case you encounter problems when paying for warning signs dog or cannot find a suitable payment method, you can reach out for help.

3.5 How Do I Track My Warning Sign Dog Order?

You can track your warning signs dog order by using our order tracking number that we email to you once the order is dispatched. In case you do not receive the order tracking number, you may reach out to our customer service agents for assistance.

3.6 How Do You Determine If a Warning Sign Dog Order Has Been Successfully Placed?

When your warning signs dog order has been placed successfully, you will receive a notification in the email. This notification will also possess the tracking number which will enable you to check the status of your warning signs dog order.

In case you are not sure if your warning signs dog order was successful, contact our customer support to obtain assistance.

3.7 How Much Does a Warning Sign Dog Cost?

The price of warning signs dog varies depending on several factors some of which include:

  • The materials which are used to make the warning signs dog.
  • The design of warning signs dog.
  • The size of warning signs dog.
  • The thickness of warning signs dog
  • Surface finishing options are used on the surface of warning signs dog.

Once you have established the features that you would like to incorporate on your warning signs dog, Foison Metal will send you a quotation. This will enable you to establish the costs that you will incur for your warning signs dog.

Before purchasing your warning signs dog order, it is essential to conduct market research and establish affordable costs. You can also make use of a sourcing agent when buying your warning signs dog.

3.8 Do Warning Signs Dog Customized Orders Require Down Payments?

Yes. you will require to make a down payment of the total amount of customized warning signs dog orders. Customized warning signs dog orders require the expertise of a technician and thus need to be paid for in due course.

3.9 Do You Accept Cash on Delivery Payments for Warning Signs Dog?

No, we prefer making payments mostly using online payment methods like T/T, credit card, AND PayPal.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Fast delivery
Figure 15 Fast delivery

4.1 How Long Does the Shipping Process of Warning Signs Dog Take?

Our shipping process takes about 4-5 working days. However, if you require faster delivery, we can produce the quantities that you require in time to meet your demands. 

You will have to contact our customer support agents to obtain assistance in case you require it after shipping services.

4.2 What Information Should I Provide During the Shipping Process of Warning Signs Dog?

You require to provide the following information during the shipping process of warning signs dog:

  • The type of warning signs dog package
  • Your full names
  • Physical address
  • Order number
  • Point of origin
  • Point of destination
  • The contents of the warning signs dog package
  • The weight of the warning signs dog package
  • The dimensions of the warning signs dog package

4.3 Is There Any Delivery Fee Charged?

Yes, we charge a delivery fee for warning signs dog depending on the destination to which they are going.  You can also organize with carriers to ship your warning signs dog to your preferred destination.

Some of the carriers which we use in shipping warning signs dog include FedEx, TNT, UPS, and DHL. It is also important to note that international shipping of warning signs dogs will be subject to import laws and tax regulations.

4.4 Do You Ship Warning Signs Dog Internationally?

International shipping
Figure 16 International shipping

We are always very glad to accept orders from customers located all over the world. However, it is important to note that international deliveries call for additional freight charges, charges for import, and even local taxes.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have in mind all these factors when placing an international order. This is because you will have to incur such charges.

4.5 What Is the Available Packaging Option of Warning Signs Dog Before Shipping?

Some of the available packaging options for warning signs dog before shipping include:

  • Warning signs dogs are covered using plastic bags to eliminate the possibility of obtaining dents and scratches during transportation.
  • The warning signs dog is packed in cartons in groups of about 100 units for easier shipping from one point to another.
  • The normal packaging methods may also be replaced with customized methods like customized paper bags, cartons, or boxes that are colored.

4.6 Can I Involve Third Parties During the Shipping Process of Dog Warning Signs?

Yes, you can use third parties when shipping warning signs dog as they have the following benefits:

  • They offer you advice on how to go about your warning signs dog order and the shipping challenges you are likely to encounter.
  • They have a lot of knowledge on the shipping process of warning signs dog, the costs of transportation, and practices by banks.
  • Third parties can book freight space for you in the mode of transport you will be using for your warning signs dog.
  • They will help you in preparing the necessary documentation which is needed for shipping your warning signs dog order. 

Some examples of third parties you can use in the shipping process of your warning signs dog include Carriers, shipping agents, insurance brokers, and freight forwarders.

4.7 Is It Secure to Ship Dog Warning Signs Via a Third Party?

Yes. Shipping warning signs dog using third parties is secure as we advise you on the best and most efficient ones to use.

In case you need help finding a third party to assist you in shipping warning signs dog, you can reach out to our customer service agents.

4.8 Is There an Insurance Policy Offered for Dog Warning Signs?

Yes, warning signs dogs have insurance policies according to the agreement that is in place. Insurance of your warning signs dogs is very important because it gives you a sense of security that your cargo is safe during movement. 

Insurance also tends to spread the risk of damage of your warning signs dog between the parties which are involved. It is important to inquire about our insurance policies when making an order for your warning signs dog.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 What Is Your Replacement Policy for Warning Signs Dog?

Figure 17. Replacement and returns
Figure 17. Replacement and returns

In case the dog warning signs that you ordered are the ones that were delivered, it will be difficult to send it back for a replacement. For dog warning signs that are damaged during transit, you will receive a refund depending on the insurance in place.

Dog warning signs which are to be replaced should not be opened, used and should be in the original packaging.

5.2 Who Is Charged for The Return Process of Warning Signs Dog?

The customer will pay for returns of dog warning signs.

5.3 What Should I Do If the Warning Signs Dog Received Are Damaged?

You should not receive dog warning signs that were damaged during transit but give them back to the carrier.

5.4 Do You Notify When a Replacement of The Warning Sign Dog Is Successful?

Yes, we will notify you whenever a dog warning sign replacement is successful.

5.5 How Do I Track the Status of Warning Signs Dog Replacement?

You will need to key in the correct tracking number which was provided in the email to track the replacement status of your dog warning signs.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

Refund and cancellation policy
Figure 18 Refund and cancellation policy

6.1 What Is the Period for Non-Consequential Cancellation of A Warning Signs Dog Order?

Non-consequential cancellation of dog warning signs orders should be made at least 48 hours before commencing production of the order.

6.2 How Long Does a Refund of Warning Signs Dog Take to Be Processed?

Refunds are issued within about 21 days. For further information and clarification on our refund policies, contact our customer support agents

6.3 What Is the Procedure Followed While Requesting a Refund?

You may use our refund tool to request and check the status of your refund because it is very fast and easy to use.

6.4 Can I Cancel My Warning Signs Dog Order?

Yes. you can cancel your dog warning signs order by requesting the cancellation from our customer service.

We will fulfill the refund for your warning signs dog depending on the agreement which was in place.

6.5 How Do You Determine the Successful Cancellation of Warning Signs Dog Order?

You will know that your dog sign order was successful when the payment is not successful, and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

In case you encounter problems with the successful cancellation of your warning signs dog order, our customer service agents will assist you.

Send us a free inquiry request