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Foison Metal offers a vast material selection in manufacturing warning signs road that ensures longevity. Our team guarantees all products made do not easily rust and can withstand harsh environments for many years.

No project is too big for us, guaranteed materials and manpower are available. We provide generic samples for you to test run the product and make sure that it will match your specific needs.

We vow to make you feel confident in every project that we do, quickly and reasonably. We assure to do our 100% in accommodating your warning signs business needs.

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Our products are guaranteed recyclable and reusable because of their aluminum properties

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We immediately cater to the needs of the clients to save time and also deliver products efficiently without taking too much time


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Foison Metal has a full selection of High-Quality Warning Signs Road for all of your requirements. Whether it is a stop sign, handicap sign, or custom traffic sign we have all of these for immediate delivery. All of our Warning Signs Road are available in reflective aluminum and of course, all traffic signs comply with certain standards.

Do not hesitate to call one of our professional sales representatives to order or seek assistance in designing a special, custom Warning Signs Road.

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Heat Resistant

It takes temperatures in excess of 1,220° Fahrenheit to melt aluminum.

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We offer the lowest price at the market without affecting the product quality.

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On average, aluminum weighs one-third less than steel.

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Choose from matte, glossy, or eco-friendly made from 100% post-consumer waste material.

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Foison Metal is the Number One Trusted Brand of Warning Signs Road

Foison Metal is the internet’s premier provider of Warning Signs Road. We serve a wide variety of customers including cities, counties, states, municipalities, parks, businesses of all sizes, property companies, hospitals, parking facilities, and many more. 

The Warning Signs Road FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What are warning signs road?

Warning sign road
Figure 1 Warning sign road

We can define warning signs road as images are drawn of boards, iron plates, or even the slate to be purposely placed on the roads. They consist of images, symbols, text, and colors that play a major role in providing instructions to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

All these drawings represent different instructions to the road users.

These signs allow the driver to take instant action once they spot a warning sign on roads. Some of these warning signs road reflect light to the headlights of the vehicle allowing the driver to have a clear vision of the sign.

In cases where the warning signs road does not have this feature, the color and shape play a vital role in directing the road users.

1.2 What is the significance of warning signs road?

Importance of warning signs
Figure 2 Importance of warning signs

Having warning signs on roads and using them appropriately is of more significance to road users. They include;

Providing adequate instructions to the drivers on how to safely use the road. They also provide warnings to the road users of possible hazards ahead.

Proper interpretation and understanding of warning signs reduce accidents on roads. Warning signs roadshow the presence, of hospitals, road constructions and therefore the drivers need to drive slowly.

1.3 How can I differentiate between a warning sign road from traffic warning signs?

The main factor that differentiates the warning sign road and the traffic warning sign is the color and the different shapes. Shape and color differ a lot among these two.

For warning signs road, the recommended colors are green and blue while for traffic warning signs the colors are red and white

Warning signs road shapes are rectangles, circles, and octagons while for traffic warning signs shapes are square, triangle and octagon.

1.4 Where can I commonly find warning signs road?

Warning signs road can be used in different areas on the road.

Some of these places include;

  • Are the intersections of roads
  • When two lanes are merging
  • They are also used near schools
  • Are also used at the crossroads
  • They are used at the gas fueling stations.

1.5 Are crosswalk lines applicable in a school sign?

Crosswalk for school children
Figure 3 Crosswalk for school children

It is the safest warning sign road for school children to use. While design these sign letters used are all in upper case to warn drivers from far proximity.

While approaching crosswalks, you should slow down and stop to allow children to cross the road. –

1.6 What materials do you use for warning signs road?

Warning signs roads are made up of, blank, background sheeting, and sign a copy. Each of these elements on the warning signs road determines the materials the manufacturers will use. These materials include;

  • Aluminum
  • Plywood
  • Steel
  • Thermoplastic paints
  • Zinc prevents rusting of warning signs road.

1.7 What are the available types of warning signs on road?

Warning signs road provide different instructions to the road users. Drivers on the roads must have a better understanding of each type.

Additionally, interpretation of these signs is equally important for the drivers to take instant action. We classify these warning signs into;

  • Regulatory warning signs road
Regulatory warning signs road
Figure 4 Regulatory warning signs road

These warning signs road provide regulations on how drivers should behave on the roads. They also act as a reminder of the laws governing the usage of roads.

Road users should always obey these warning signs road. They come in different shapes and colors such as yellow and are diamond-shaped.

Some of these regulatory signs include speed limits and parking restriction zones.

  • Permanent warning signs road
Slipperly warning sign road
Figure 5 Slipperly warning sign road

Permanent warning signs road provides awareness to the drivers of possible danger ahead. This road hazard ranges from sharp curves, slippery roads, and speed bumps ahead.

  • Temporary warning signs road
Temporal closure of lane
Figure 6 Temporal closure of lane

These warning signs roads indicate temporal road hazards such as road construction, closure of lanes, or loss of hanging metals on roads. The driver should be careful while driving under these areas to prevent causing accidents.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 How are warning signs road made?

Steps followed in making warning sign road
Figure 7 Steps followed in making warning sign road

With the right set of materials, this process is simple yet compressed because it has procedural steps that lead to the production of a quality warning signs road.

These processes include:

  • Cutting the blank; usually comprises aluminum or steel which is cut with the help of a metal shear machine. Rounding of corners around these metal plates is achieved using round selecting mode with the help of a punch machine.
  • Drilling of holes to help in the mounting of warning signs road is done in this stage.
  • Checking the blanks: This process involves checking for contamination or defects on the blank. Several tests are done to evaluate the presence of contaminants such as grime, colors, particles, or the presence of wax.
  • Cellophane tape tests for the presence of particles through a snap pat method. While water breaks, test for the presence of oil or wax on the dry blank.
  • Degreasing the blanks: this process involves wiping blanks with mineral spirits to remove the presence of any fingerprints. Degreasing of blanks occurs by immersing them into vapors such as trichloroethylene and sometimes alkaline solutions are used instead of vapors.
  • Cutting retroreflective sheets: cutting of these retroreflective sheeting with a 0.125-inch specification is placed on top of each other and nailed to a hardboard sheet
  • White or black retroreflective sheets are punched by clicker presses to produce letters and symbols.
  • Applying sheet to the blank:
  • Adhesive lines around the back of the background sheet are removed in a continuous motion and placed on a dry blank surface. Squeezer roller applicator removes the presence of bubbles
  • Stuck between sheeting and blanks.
  • Heating is the final process where this sign is heated using a heat lamp vacuum operator before installing sign copy and border.

2.2 What factors should manufacturers consider before designing warning signs for roads?

Designing involves a procedural process to come up with warning signs for roads that best suit the road users. While designing warning signs road users are your major centerpiece. 

At Foison Metal, we ensure that we meet your needs when it comes to warning signs for roads. 

Normally there are factors to consider before designing this warning signs road. These include;

  • Identifying and establishing road users’ needs and requirements
  • Ability to develop alternate design versions to display the same information as the original design.
  • While designing warning signs road, ensure they are interactive to the road users. For instance, the retroreflective sheeting reflects light to the headlight thus increasing visibility.
  • Manufacturers should evaluate the design before releasing it to road users.

2.3 Are warning signs road customizable?

Customized warning sign road
Figure 8 Customized warning sign road

Warning signs road can be customized to meet customer requirements. If you need a customized warning sign road, you should communicate with us.

The additional information on these signs allows the user to send out specific information to drivers hence preventing possible dangers from the road users.

Normally, you will commonly find these customized warning signs road on private roads leading to private residentials. Some of the warning signs roads we can customize for you are, speed limits, directional signs, and slow down signs among others.

2.4 What information do I need to provide to get a customized warning sign road?

We require you to provide accurate and relevant information to enable us to customize your design. To achieve this, we require our customers to provide the following information:

  • The purpose of the customized warning signs road.
  • Actual dimensions you need for your design
  • Preferred colors to be used on the warning signs road
  • Shape for customized warning signs road
  • Texts or symbols to use on your design
  • Any additional information to be included on your customized signs road.

2.6 How long does it take to customize my preferred warning signs road?

The duration we require to customize a warning sign road depends on how soon our customers need it. We have a dedicated team that is ready to deliver under high pressure.

Our company policy states, customers should give us ample time to deliver a quality product but under special consideration, we will prioritize your design

To learn more about our timeframes, reach out to us today.

2.7 What are the specifications for materials used in designing warning signs on road?

To achieve the quality of warning signs road materials used should have the following specifications:

  • They should be durable
  • Should be rust-free. zinc coat enhances these feature
  • Less susceptible materials to weather conditions
  • Affordable materials.

2.8 What is the duration of designing a normal warning sign road?

Different factors will determine the duration of designing warning signs on road. They include:

  • Quantity of your warning sign traffic order.
  • How soon you will place the order
  • Down payment is vital before starting the designing
  • Availability of materials for making warning signs road.
  • On normal working days, our team takes 14 to 20 days to design a quality and up to standard warning signs road.
  • On rare occasions when the clients need the warning signs roads quickly, we require 5 to 7 days to complete the design for our customer.

2.9 What preferences of colors do you use on warning signs road?

Colors play an important role as they offer instructions to the road users just as symbols do. The drivers will be able to see different colors and instantly interpret what is a required action to take.

Normally, we use the following colors on warning signs road;

  • White color: provides regulations to the road users.
  • Yellow color: provides a general warning to the road users.
  • Blue color: issues guidance to motorists, they identify hospitals and parking slots for disable persons.
  • Green color; This color normally offers direction to the drivers. These directions can be, distance left to arrive at a certain location when merging to a lane among others.
  • Brown color; this color indicates the presence of recreation parks

2.10 What do different warning signs road shapes symbolize?

meaning of different warning signs shapes
Figure 9 meaning of different warning signs shapes

Every shape on the warning signs road is symbolic and conveys different instructions to the road users. The following are some of the shapes we use on different warning signs road:

  • Circle
  • Square
  • Vertical and horizontal Rectangle
  • Crossbuck; mostly used in places with railways.
  • Pentagon
  • Trapezoid

2.11 What maintenance procedures do you recommend for warning signs road?

Maintenance measure for warning sign road
Figure 10 Maintenance measure for warning sign road

Maintaining warning signs traffic is important to keep all road users aware of the conditions of the roads. Relevant road authorities are responsible that these signs are intact and perform the intended purpose.

Some of the maintenance done on warning signs road include;

  • Proper mounting to enhance rigidity. This prevents the warning sign road from falling as a result of strong winds
  • Replacements of faulty/defective warning signs road
  • Repainting the signs when the paint peels off as a result of sun radiations or water
  • On the road surface, repaint the colors to separate the lanes.
  • Constant monitoring of warning signs road that is retroreflective to ensure they are functioning.

2.12 How is the mounting of warning signs road done?

Mounting of warning signs road will be determined by different factors such as

  • Location of the possible hazard
  • Height of warning signs road
  • Longitudinal distance from the road
  • Lateral distance from the road edges
  • The vertical distance from the ground.
  • The first in mounting a warning signs road is;
  • Attach the warning sign road on a signpost using heavy brackets that have pre-drilled holes.
  • Secure the holes with vandal bolts and nuts and ensure that the warning sign road has been signed to increase longevity.
  • After determining the equidistance from the road, dig a hole and place the mounted signpost and secure it with ballasts to ensure they stand for long.

2.13 Of what size should a warning sign road be?

The different sizes of warning signs road are determined by;

  • Intended road users
  • Location is going to be mounted 
  • The vertical distance from the road.

The standard sign as per the MUTCD standards is 12inch height for warning sign road containing 6-inch letters and 8-inch height for warning signs with 4-inch letters.

2.14 Painting on the road surface is among warning signs road, what do these indicators mean?

Road surface marking
Figure 11 Road surface marking

Painting of road surface is also known as road surface marking with intention of conveying information to drivers and pedestrians. Ensuring uniformity of this marking is important to prevent confusion among road users.

This road surface marking has a different meaning that includes showing pedestrians crossing while continuous paints show dual carriage therefore no overtaking. Yellow lines indicate where the traffic is going.

2.15 Different lighting used on traffic warning signs road have different significance, what are these signs?

Different colors on warning sign road
Figure 12 Different colors on warning sign road

These colors convey different information to the drivers. For instance;

  • Red light instructs the drivers to slow down and stop. This mostly applies when pedestrians are crossing the road
  • Yellow lights indicate moderately clear roads and the driver can drive ahead
  • Greenlight indicates it’s safe for the driver since the road is clear.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 What is the process of making warning signs road order?

Ordering process
Figure 13 Ordering process

Making an order to the manufacturers for warning signs road is a sequence of procedures that the customer must follow. At Foison Metal, we ensure that we provide you with the information required to prevent making wrong orders.

You can place your warning signs road order by;

  • Contact us: We provide a platform where our customers can reach out to us. At this stage, the customer will enquire if we design warning signs road.

You can also reach out to us via calls using the toll number given on the website.

  • Confirmation of the customer design: the customer will present a well-designed warning sign road that will need our approval. This means we must clarify to our customers if the design is achievable.
  • We recommend customers try and design their samples which fastens the approval process. But, in some cases where the customer does not have a sample, we present our sample design and help them choose one.
  • Verification of customer details: customer details should be accurate. these details include name, address location, type of goods ordered, amount of money paid if any. This will prevent the production of wrong orders and misleading address locations.
  • Negotiation of the final price of warning signs road; At Foison Metal, we encourage negotiation of the final price on immediate orders. The basis of these negotiations is the number of warning signs road a customer orders. For a higher-order, we always give the customers fair prices.
  • Inspection of the sample: At every stage of the process our customer is well updated, this allows the customer to request any adjustments where needed.
  • Production process: customer warning signs road will be manufactured using all the information that the customer issued, all the adjustments made during sample production.
  • Additionally, we will put all the MUTCD laws into consideration while manufacturing these warning signs road.
  • Shipping; this involves shipping the warning signs road shipment to the customer location. To provide safety while shipping, we have high-quality packaging options to ensure these goods are always intact.

3.2 How do I pay for my warning signs road order?

We have a different mode of payments except for the payment of warning signs road. For orders outside our proximity locations, we accept:

  • Bank transfers
  • PayPal
  • TNT

3.3 Do I need to make payments on order or delivery of warning signs road?

We are flexible and make room for you to decide when to make the payments though we have a down payment policy. For our team to start production, we encourage you to make a down payment. 

With order payment, it has privileges such as allowing customers to negotiate for a final price. Payment on delivery requires the customer to pay the full set amount when the courier delivers the goods.

3.4 Can I order one piece of warning sign road? If it's not the case what is the minimum number you provide?

Indicates the minimum order quantity
Figure 14 Indicates the minimum order quantity

We normally have a minimum order of warning signs road that a customer can request. We manufacture in large quantities of products of up to 100 pieces of warning signs road.

Note, if our customer needs just one warning sign road it will be costly because we must incur all the services provided during manufacturing. If you need one item, you are ready to spend more in terms of costs.

3.5 How can I track my order to check the status of warning signs road shipment?

After successful order placement, we issue an order number together with a tracking number of your warning signs road. This tracking number allows you to view every progress of manufacturing and can plan.

The benefit of this privilege to our customers is to build up trust between the customer and the company. This means they will come back for more products and get referrals from these customers.

3.6 Do you provide warning signs road on a credit basis?

Normally we request a down payment while the customer makes an order. The customer can pay the full amount requested for the product immediately or make full payment during delivery of warning signs road.

3.7 What is the cost of warning signs road?

Warning signs road vary in costs due to the distinct purposes they achieve. While determining the costs of these warning signs road we consider the following factors:

  • The number of warning signs road a customer order
  • Size of the warning signs road
  • Type of warning sign road
  • Place of installation
  • Type of materials used in production, assembling process.
  • All these factors majorly affect the cost of warning signs road.
  • For instance, small sizes of regulatory warning signs road range from $25 to $35 per square feet
  • The large size of regulatory warning signs road ranges from $30 to $ 40 per square foot. These large sizes are mounted on extruded frames.

3.8 What information should I include in my order form?

Accuracy of information provided by the customer while making an order is of great importance to the company. The customer should include the following information on warning signs road order:

  • Customer name
  • Address location
  • Type of goods ordered
  • Quantity of warning signs road order
  • Packaging options for warning signs road
  • Size and colors for warning signs road
  • Preferred material options for warning signs road.

3.9 What is the order processing period for warning signs roads?

We have a timeframe for processing and approving an order. Normally, this time frame allows us to evaluate all the information customers provide.

The customer waits for 3 to 4 days before receiving an approval notification for the warning sign road.

We recommend our customers to contact us for queries on the order processing period

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How does the shipping and delivery process occur?

product delivery process
Figure 16 product delivery process

Shipping involves all the activities taking place after the complete manufacturing process. The company loads the warning signs road for shipment.

After a successful production of warning signs road, we package these products according to the specifications of the customer on the order form. This ensures the safety of goods.

The company approaches a transportation agency that will act as shipping agents. The successful agreement allows the company to ship warning signs road to their warehouse. Inspection and verification of goods are done to ensure the information on paperwork corresponds to physical inspection.

The shipping agents load the warning signs for road shipment onto the preferable mode of transportation. The papers containing the customer’s location are issued to the shippers thus the need to provide an accurate location.

Upon the arrival of the shipment at the destination port, carriers pick up the shipment and clear it with the custom clearance authorities and deliver the warning signs road to the buyer/customer.

4.2 Am I liable for the shipping fee or is it the company's responsibility?

You must liaise with us on issues of shipping before making your warning signs for road shipping. During the payments, the buyer and seller will agree on the total costs whether it’s inclusive of shipping charges?

Depending on your contract with us, we will be responsible for the shipping charges due to the total agreed fee when you place an order with us.

Note, a seller is only responsible for the shipping fee but no delivery fee. The buyer pays for the delivery fee to carriers under a signed agreement.

4.3 How do you ensure the safety of my shipment during shipping?

Safety of warning signs road shipment is not only about damages on goods but also losing the shipment during the shipping process. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to ensure customers’ products are safe and in safe hands.

We ensure this safety measure by;

Issuing a tracking number to our customers. This allows tracking of the shipment at every stage of the shipping. The customer will also be able to see all the stopovers and the shippers made and can send queries to us.

We have established a partnership with some of the greatest shipping agents thus building a high trust level. Hence, we can assure you of the safety of the warning signs road.

We have high-quality packaging options for warning signs road. For instance, we have rigid -packaging boxes that prevent breakage of warning signs road. No matter the harsh conditions the products will remain intact.

We guarantee payment from the shipping agency due to the agreement documents signed. The customer should be less worried about the costs incurred on defective warning signs road.

We also allow the customer to report back upon arrival and inspection of goods, to ensure all goods received are in the right condition.

4.4 Do you offer free shipping of warning signs roads?

Free shipping of warning signs road depends on the following factors:

  • Location of the buyer
  • quantity of goods bought by the buyer.
  • Frequency in which the buyer orders for warning signs road
  • Considering these factors, we do offer free delivery to buyers who exceed our order threshold. This means if the buyer purchases more warning signs road and they are in closer proximity, we will deliver at the doorstep.
  • The other condition is if we have a frequent buyer for warning signs road and they are in closer proximity. We will offer free delivery at the doorstep.
  • Note, the key point here is the company must learn to balance the finances before making this decision.

4.6 How long do I have to wait to get my warning signs road shipment?

We always advise our partnered shipping agents to fasten up the shipping of warning signs road to meet the deadlines of our customers.

Normally, shipping will take 7 to 10 days including the loading and unloading time. It’s our responsibility to ensure customer shipment is not delayed unless under special circumstances.

In case of delayed shipment, you can contact the shipping agency using the contact we sent to you via mail.

4.7 Who is liable for damages of warning signs road shipment during shipping?

When we approach a shipping agency, we normally sign an agreement that regulates the handling of the warning signs road. These agreements state that the shipping agency will be liable for any damages on warning signs road.

In case the buyer receives defective warning signs road, contact the seller who will claim payment charges from the shipping agents on your behalf.

4.8 Is it safe to involve third parties during the delivery of warning signs road?

If you have a carrier of your choice, you can link them to us and instead of approaching our shipping agency, we will use your third-party agent.

The buyer needs to have established a relationship with these third parties to prevent cases of fraud. Using a third party is safest and it fastens the shipping and delivery process. This is because the third parties are aware of all navigations and processes to follow to ship and deliver goods to the buyer.

4.9 What are the safest courier services you use while shipping?

Show different courier services
Figure 17 Show different courier services

Safety of our customer’s warning signs road shipment is our priority. Our company has sorted and partnered with the well-known carriers in the world for shipping services.

Some of these carriers include;

  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • Ecom Express
  • UPS among others.

4.10 What happens if my shipments are lost during shipping?

Contact us if you made a booking with us for shipment of warning signs road will be able to help you locate the shipment.

In case you use a different carrier like third parties contacts them to seek assistance.

4.11 Is it possible to change my delivery address after a successful order submission?

The buyer cannot change the address location during delivery since it will contradict the information on the order form. This might lead to loss of warning signs road along the way due to misleading information.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 How do I return warning signs for road shipment?

return and replacement process
Figure 18 return and replacement process

Returning warning signs road involves a sequence of processes. These processes include;

  • Contact us and request a return warning signs road.
  • We will issue a return form, where the buyer fills in all the necessary details.
  • For shipping, the seller will advise you on the best option to safely return warning signs road.
  • Upon the arrival of the returned warning signs road, the seller will validate this shipment and confirm success.
  • It’s up to us to determine if replacement of warning signs road is possible. If not, a refund will be done back to the buyer.

5.2 How do I package the shipment to ensure safety during returning?

We normally advise packaging options to our customers when they need to return goods.

Contact us for this sort of information.

5.3 Under what conditions can I return my warning signs road?

You can return warning signs road under the following conditions:

  • If the warning signs road shipment is defective.
  • If there are excess warning signs road pieces are placed either by mistake.
  • If I receive warning signs road I did not order for.

5.4 Can I get a replacement for the warning signs road order?

Normally, a replacement occurs when the buyer makes a wrong entry of the goods they need. For instance, the buyer will wrongly enter an order for permanent warning signs road instead of regulatory warning signs road.

The buyer has no other option but to request for replacement of this shipment.

5.5 What is the duration within which warning signs should be returned?

Our return policy clearly states the acceptable period for returnable goods is 28 days. This duration gives the buyer time to evaluate the warning signs road and seek clarification from family and friends for they purchase the items on your behalf.

If this period expires without the buyer initiating a return process, we do not further accept the shipment.

5.6 Do you charge for the replacement of warning signs road?

Our company is liable for these charges in case our unordered warning signs road.

In the case of wrong order, the buyer is liable for these charges due to the provision of misleading information.

5.7 How long does it take to ship back a replacement?

We recommend all our buyers immediately inspect the warning signs of road shipment upon arrival. This allows you to determine if it’s the original warning signs road shipment you order.

If the buyer finds out the shipment is not what they requested, they should contact us immediately for further directions.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

6.1 What cancellation policy do you provide?

Refund and Cancellation
Figure 19 Refund and Cancellation

If the buyer requests to cancel the order before we begin designing and manufacturing of warning signs road, we accept this request. We initiate and approve this cancellation request and refunding of the amount is done.

This process must happen within 1 day any extension is not acceptable.

6.2 Does cancellation of warning signs road order guarantee refund?

If the buyer cancels the order for warning signs road within the given timeframe, we guarantee a full refund of all the expenses spent by the buyer.

6.3 What duration do I have to wait to get a refund?

Depending on the mode of payment the buyer uses to pay for warning signs road, it determines how long the processing of the refund takes.

If there are no underlying conditions, processing of a refund takes 5 to 7 working days and the buyer will access the refund.

6.4 How do you communicate to the buyer for a successful cancellation of order?

Our approval for successful cancellation depends on the specific time duration we provide on our platform. If the buyer adheres to this timeframe, we will approve the cancellation and send a notification back to the buyer.

Usually, this notification is sent via mail.

6.5 How long do credit cards refunds take?

If you use a credit card to make payments for warning signs road, a refund will be done to the credit card. You do not receive this payment directly from us because credit card refunds tend to take a shorter processing period than direct refunds.

The timeframe for refunds via credit cards is between 2 to 4 working days.

Send us a free inquiry request