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At Foison Metal we work only for your satisfaction. We offer the highest grade materials to manufacture your warning signs traffic from prototype to shipment, we make sure to serve you with our best.

Here at Foison Metal, we understand your needs which is why we give you the benefit of customizing your metal warning signs traffic from scratch to finish at an affordable price.  

We specialize in mass production of quality metal products at a fast pace to ensure the 7-10 days shipment that all of our customers love and makes us the number one supplier in China.

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Our products are made only with high-grade materials that guarantee to last for a long time

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Warning signs traffic are fast shipped in 7 days without losing the quality


We are a customer based company that guarantees to always meet your warning signs traffic requirements


We offer a wide selection of durable materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and many more

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Our products are 100% custom-made to order. We guarantee to only provide you with high-quality warning signs traffic that satisfy your needs


We always make sure to stay up to date and continuously innovate our technologies to keep up with the fast-paced market


We guarantee to provide premium metal warning signs traffic at a wholesale price


You have the privilege of having excellent benefits such as free quotations, free graphic layouts, and free samples to test-run our products

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Foison Metal Where Durable Warning Signs Traffic are Manufactured with High-Quality Material

Custom Traffic Sign

This sign let you indicate nearby traffic, speed limit change, or any customized texts to guide travelers with their journey

Reflective Aluminum Traffic Sign

This sign has a natural reflective function which allows it to be visible during daytime and nighttime

Traffic Control Sign

This sign helps with the flow of traffic. This includes stopping sign, detour sign, and many more

Roll Up Warning Sign

This portable warning sign helps avoid travelers to different road hazards


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Over the years, Foison Metal has gained the trust of several companies with our high-quality products and outstanding customer service like no other. 

We can design anything from the uncomplicated sign to the most complex one. All of the materials used for warning signs traffic are guaranteed to last for a long time to ensure the efficiency of the product. 

Working with us gives you the ease and free will in picking your metal warning sign’s material, color, size, and shape with no added fees.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


The design of our products are highly functional and could last for a long time


Materials used in production are perfect to form into different shapes and sizes


Foison Metal's warning signs traffic are guaranteed to be durable to withstand harsh environments


At Foison Metal, we deliver premium quality products at a low price

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Here at Foison Metal, we strive to be the number one supplier of the highest quality warning signs worldwide. This is why we commit to keep up with the new technologies to satisfy your needs and demands as you are our top priority. 

Warning Signs Traffic: FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is a warning sign for traffic?

Warning sign traffic
Figure 1 Warning sign traffic

Warning sign traffic is a sign that informs the drivers or road users of any possible hazards ahead and the possible action to initiate. These hazards include bump ahead, intersection, exit lane, speed limits, roundabouts among others.

With warning sign traffic, you can opt to use symbols or the actual writings on the sign. This factor enables the drivers and road users to interpret the information easily before taking an action.

Additionally, warning signs traffic has specific heights that allow visibility from far and proximity.

1.2 Of what importance are the warning signs traffic to road users?

Placement of traffic signs is of great importance in the following ways:

  • Mounting of appropriate warning sign traffic prevents sudden accidents. This means that the road users can interpret them collectively and actions to be taken.
  • Warning sign traffic helps in controlling traffic on the roads. They indicate which different lanes the drivers can use hence reducing unnecessary congestion.
  • As a beginner driver, warning sign traffic is important as they allow you to take quick actions once you spot them from afar or closer proximity.
  • Warning sign traffic will allow you to get to your required destination. This occurs mostly when you are unfamiliar with the location and there are no physical landmarks. Warning sign traffic makes it easier by providing proximity distance.
  • Warning sign traffic enhances the safety of the drivers. Imagine how roads with no warning sign traffic would be, drivers will not know when to stop or what speed limits to use.
  • They provide instructions to pedestrians and cyclists. Warning sign traffic allows them to know what actions to take, and how safe they are while using the roads.

1.3 Where can you find warning signs traffic?

Warning signs traffic normally informs and offers instructions to drivers to avoid areas that can be a danger to them. Warning sign traffic is most applicable in the following areas:

  • Railroad crossing
  • Animal crossing
  • Sharp curves
  • Intersection roads
  • School zones
  • No passing zones

1.4 How do we classify different warning signs traffic?

Here are some of the different types of warning sign traffic:

  • Regulatory warning sign traffic

Regulatory warning sign traffic provides information on the basic rules that govern the usage of roads and laws on traffic.

It is important to follow these rules as they provide an insight into the traffic rules hence saving you from constant encounters with the traffic authorities.

Regulatory warning signs traffic has different shapes and colors to allow clear visibility.

The following are some of the common regulatory sign traffic:

show the yield sign
Figure 2 show the yield sign

This sign requires the driver to slow down and stop to allow the vehicles on the cross path to pass, then you can proceed ahead.

stop sign
Figure 3 stop sign

This sign requires the drivers to stop abruptly on crosswalks, intersections, or limit lines. This is normally used in cases where traffic lights are absent.

Do Not Enter
Figure 4 Do Not Enter

These signs instruct the drivers to avoid driving forward or past this sign because they will cause chaos to the oncoming vehicles. We mostly use this sign on one-way lanes.

show speed limits
Figure 5 show speed limits

The speed regulation is important because it reduces accidents occurring on our roads. This sign indicates the speed limits the driver should drive at on that specific lane.

No Turning Sign
Figure 6 No Turning Sign

This sign gives clear instructions to the driver to avoid turning in the direction of the arrow. Also, the U-turn signs warn the drivers against taking U-turns.

  • 2.Warning signs

Warning signs provide warning information of the conditions of the roads and possible dangers on the roads.

Normally, diamond-shaped warning signs are preferable to other shapes. It is essential to choose the right color as it enhances visibility and easy interpretation. Warning signs should be yellow on the background and black color for the symbols or the text.

Here are some of the warning signs:

Signal Sign Ahead
Figure 7 Signal Sign Ahead

This sign contains lighting that reflects different colors. Each of the signal lights portrays specific instructions to the drivers.

The red light requires the driver to stop and allow passage of the vehicles on the different cross paths, then proceed after.

The yellow lights signal moderate movements as the road is not yet clear.

The green color signals clear roads therefore the driver can safely drive ahead.

Speed Advisory Limits
Figure 8 Speed Advisory Limits

This sign is applicable on curvy roads. It gives instructions on the speed limits to use to make a safe turn.

Figure 9 Intersection Sign

This sign indicates the presence of another road that is crossing yours. You should be cautious of vehicles coming from that road to prevent a hit-over.


This sign instructs the pedestrians on which lane and side of the road to use to prevent crossing the roads at any point.

It also instructs the drivers to slow and stop in case a pedestrian is using the road.

  • Guide signs

Guide signs give information on the specific distance and directions of locations. It also provides information on the condition of roads and highways.

Below are some of the common guide signs:

Interstate Highway Exit sign
Figure 11 Interstate Highway Exit sign

These signs normally contain numbers or names of the main roads. they allow the driver to which high they will connect to.

Destination Distance Sign
Figure 12Destination Distance Sign

They give specific mileage left before getting to the specific destination, the exit of another intersection.

1.5 What determines the placement of warning signs traffic?

The following factors determine the placement of the warning sign traffic:

  • Location
  • The height above the road
  • Cross-section determine the lateral placement
  • Road condition. for instance, curvy roads

1.6 What materials do you prefer while manufacturing warning sign traffic?

We use a variety of materials to manufacture warning signs traffic. They include:

  • Aluminum
  • Plywood
  • Steel
  • Zinc coat
  • Plastic

We can further classify these materials into;

  • Reflective warning sign traffic materials
reflective warning sign traffic
Figure 13 reflective warning sign traffic

They use LEDs to light up the warning signs traffic to increase visibility by the road users.

This type is applicable mostly during the nights

  • Non-reflective warning sign traffic materials
non-reflective warning sign traffic
Figure 14 non-reflective warning sign traffic

They do not contain the LEDs hence there is no light reflection.

1.7 Are there any benefits of using specific materials on warning signs traffic?

Using specific materials on warning sign traffic has several benefits. They include:

The zinc coating reduces the chances of rusting when you expose them to water or moisture.

The use of rigid plastics enhances the rigidity of the warning sign traffic

Steel on the other hand is more economical hence saving on costs.

They also guarantee the durability of warning sign traffic.

1.8 What are the best practices to observe while using warning signs traffic?

showing best practices
Figure 15 showing best practices

It is important to always be careful while using the road. Observing the best practices while using the warning sign traffic not only recuses damage but also saves lives.

Ensure you adhere to rules on the level crossing always slow down and stop whenever the red-light signals

In case of car breakdown always place the hazard sign at the back of the car to signal other drivers to distance themselves.

1.9 What are the basic uses of warning signs traffic?

The main significant use of warning sign traffic is to provide safety warnings to the drivers and also allow ease flow of traffic on the roads which might be sometimes chaotic. This will normally be unachievable especially in areas with a high population of people owning vehicles.

1.10 Are there effects of missing warning sign traffic?

Lack of warning sign traffic has an immense effect on road users. some of these effects include;

  • Frequent accidents as a result of careless driving.
  • Traffic congestion, drivers might lack proper knowledge of which lane to use and which not to use. Traffic congestion can also be a result of a long queue of vehicles and low-speed limits by the drivers.
  • It will also lead to vandalized/damaged vehicles. This is a result of overspeeding on curved roads. the driver does not have a clear view of the road ahead. Therefore, providing a warning sign to indicate the speed limits at the intersection is important.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 What are the basic elements of warning sign traffic design?

These elements make the basic structure of the warning sign traffic. They include:

  • Shape it is advisable to follow the regulations from the relevant traffic authorities on the different shapes to use on the roads.
  • Color: current policies allow only the use of fluorescent yellow color for the warning sign traffic. In some cases, there is a special consideration of signs such as pedestrians, school speed limits, and bicycle crossing.
  • Size: you can use large warning signs traffic for clear legibility and to emphasize more. These signs only apply on roads with sharp curves.
  • Legend: this raises the question of what to use to indicate the warning sign traffic. Can we use symbols or word content on the sign?
  • Road users will sometimes find it hard to interpret the different warning sign traffic. Hence, the need to use messages for easy interpretation and understanding.
  • Retroreflective sheeting policy: this policy determines which construction materials to use on warning sign traffic. The DG3 Prismatic sheeting is the most commonly used for warning sign traffic.
  • Sign lighting: this allows the drivers to determine the proximity of warning sign traffic and the ultimate actions to undertake.

2.2 What are the design considerations for warning signs traffic?

While designing warning sign traffic you should consider the following factors:

  1. Understandability of the warning sign traffic by the road user.
  2. Glance legibility: these factors allow you to determine how fast can road users interpret the sign within a short period
  3. The reaction time: It determines how quickly the road user identifies the meaning of the warning sign traffic.
  4. You should also consider how fast the road users read the warning sign traffic and remember them.

Putting all these factors together it is important to design quality warning sign traffic that will not be stressful to the road user.

2.3 What are the possible ways of installing warning sign traffic?

You can use the following ways while installing warning sign traffic;

  • Mn/Dot Maintenance forces
  • Installation can also be done under a contract
  • You can also use other maintenance permits to install warning sign traffic.
  • Public utility companies and construction contractors can also help in this process.

2.4 What are the available size options for warning signs traffic?

Normally warning sign traffic should be large enough to allow visibility by the road users from different road proximities.

We determine the sizes of warning signs traffic using these factors such as mounting overhead and post-mounting.

2.5 What is the durability period of warning sign traffic?

At Foison Metal, we normally use excellent materials to manufacture these warning sign traffic to meet the customer requirements. we do not manufacture substantial products, as a result, increases the durability of the warning sign traffic.

Warning sign traffic has a long durability period even when the environmental factors are harsh. We consider the factors to determine the durability of warning sign traffic;

  • Exposing them to strong winds. warning signs traffic is made in a way they can withstand strong winds with no damage results.
  • Exposing them to the sun to determine if they can fade off
  • Ensure the warning sign traffic is water-resistant.

2.6 What do different colors and shapes mean for warning signs traffic?

Colors and shapes of Warning sign traffic.
Figure 16 Colors and shapes of Warning sign traffic.

Different colors and shapes have different meanings on the warning sign traffic. Let us look at what some of them mean.

Regulatory signs

The speed at limit sign is usually a square, white background, and the letters are in black.

Yield sign, do not enter signs, stop is normally in a triangle, octagon, or square, the background color is red and letters are white.

The U-turn arrow sign is usually a square with red and black colors for the symbols.

Warning signs

These signs are diamond-shaped with the background color being yellow and black texts.

Guide signs are usually square or rectangular shapes with green or brown backgrounds and white texts.

2.7 Can any text be used on warning signs traffic?

We recommend only text that is readable and easy to interpret by road users. Warning signs traffic should be capitalized every text rather than using the upper case which can be stressful to read and interpret with a short period

2.8 Do you provide copyright protection to all warning sign traffic designs?

For every design we produce, the details are always in the public domain. It is advisable to copyright every design detail. Copyrighting warning sign traffic prevents identity of them by other companies.

To find more copyright information, you can contact us.

2.9 Do you offer any mounting services on warning signs traffic?

Normally the buyer has two options when it comes to the mounting of warning sign traffic; These options are:

  • We can link you up with a contractor then you can sign a contract agreement.
  • We can mount the warning sign traffic with the assistance of our well-trained employees who have enough knowledge of the mounting procedures.

For assistance, you can reach out to us through our contact.

2.10 How durable are the different types of warning signs traffic?

Customer satisfaction is our main priority while producing this warning sign traffic. Therefore, we can guarantee you that our products are of high quality and are more durable.

We design these warning sign traffic with high-quality materials hence providing longevity period.

2.11 Do you provide customizable designs of warning signs traffic?

We do provide a customizable design of warning sign traffic. We require you to provide all the information to include on the warning sign traffic. Some of this information includes;

  • The size you require
  • The shape of the customizable warning sign traffic
  • The choice of colors you want
  • Any additional details you want to be included on the warning sign traffic You can include the lights options you want.

2.12 Are warning signs traffic always double-sided?

Single-sided warning sign traffic.
Figure 17 Single-sided warning sign traffic.

No. Warning signs are not double-sided because roads are for one-way use and different lanes. This means that a driver driving on the right lane cannot access warning signs traffic on the left lane. since it’s meant for the driver who is using the right lane.

Therefore, each lane should have single-sided warning sign traffic to give instructions to drivers on that specific lane.

2.13 What do different shapes in warning signs traffic mean?

Different shapes convey different information for road users. here are some of the shapes with different meanings;

  • Octagon instructs the driver to stop
  • Diamond shapes indicate possible danger/hazards ahead.
  • Round shape warning sign traffic indicates a possible railroad ahead
  • Pentagon shapes warn of a school ahead
  • Vertical rectangles inform the drivers of regulatory warnings.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 Which mode of payment do you accept?

Here are some payment methods we accept from our buyers. They include;

  • Telegraphic transfer
  • International cheques
  • PayPal
  • TransferWise
  • Cash payments

Note, in some cases the company will require you to pay a fee for them to begin the production process.

3.2 Do you offer payment on order or payment on delivery?

We offer both types of payments. Order payment allows the company to charge the client a small fee to guarantee the production process. 

This fee also gives the manufacturers surety of client complete purchase of warning sign traffic after production.

Payment on delivery allows the clients to pay for warning sign traffic after the arrival at the specific address. The clients inspect the condition of the warning sign traffic, after confirming the lack of damages the clients pay for the warning sign traffic immediately.

3.3 What is the minimum order of warning signs traffic?

We normally sample all clients’ orders to get information on the different types they want. If we sample the same warning sign traffic, we will start the production.

Mass production of warning sign traffic is cost-saving unlike producing one warning sign traffic. For instance, for led lighting warning sign traffic the minimum order you can make is 100 pieces

In cases where the clients order many pieces of warning sign traffic, we offer discounts to these clients. 

For information on the criteria of discount offers, you can contact us. 

3.4 Is it possible to track my order?

After successfully placing an order by the clients we send back a form with the order number and a tracking number. The tracking number allows you to constantly check the progress of the production of warning sign traffic.

We also provide a platform where our clients can call us and enquire about the progress of the order.

Allowing the clients to track their order builds up trust with the company. As a result, they are more likely to order more warning sign traffic.

3.5 How do I confirm successful order placement?

Providing accurate information speeds up the ordering process. After we confirm the client’s details, send back a pop-up message of a successful order.

The clients can also check with us via calling to confirm a successful order.

3.6 How much does a warning sign traffic sign cost?

Happy customer feedback is our policy hence we always put the interest of our customers ahead in terms of quality, costs, and services. We consider the following factors to determine the cost of warning signs traffic;

  • Size
  • Materials used
  • Cost of production
  • Any additional information. This mostly applies to customizable warning sign traffic.
  • Installation fee
  • The location where the warning sign traffic will be installed
  • The quantity of warning sign traffic

With these factors, it is possible to determine the cost of warning sign traffic. For instance, guide signs cost between $5 to $50 per square foot.

3.7 What is the timeframe of the order processing process?

Different warning sign traffic has a timeline for production. Some will require longer periods and some require a shorter period to process.

Normally when the client places the order early, we can deliver within 5 working days. This means the client should place an order between 3 to 4 days before we start the production process.

In cases of shorter notice of the warning sign traffic order, the client can reach out to us, we strive to deliver to the client within the period they request. Short notice tends to be a little bit expensive because the company will prioritize your warning signs traffic order first.

For more queries on the delivery period, you can reach out to our team, we are more than glad to offer answers and solutions to the clients.

3.8 Is online payment secure?

online payment method
figure 19 online payment method

Online payment is the most secure form to pay for warning sign traffic. Here are the reasons why online payment is more secure:

Contain SSL Protocol which enhances encryption of the information making it inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

Online payment falls under the PCI compliance policy. This PCI compliance provides regulations and protects the clients from identity theft.

Online payment has a strong user interface that allows the clients to log in using passwords that are not accessible to other individuals.

In some cases, the online payment contains tokenization that reduces clients’ vulnerability and provides authentication of the client without affecting the security status.

We always recommend our customers to adopt this mode of payment as it is fast, safe, and more reliable.

Additionally, with this online payment, you can fast track the transactions hence reducing thefts.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Who is responsible for shipping warning sign traffic?

At Foison Metal, we can help you with the shipping warning sign traffic. The company can approach a transporting agency that ships on their behalf.

The transporting agent will receive an invoice of the warning sign traffic shipment to inspect if the information is accurate. We then pay the shipping agency upon arrival of warning sign traffic at the destination port.

Note, shipping agents will be accountable for any damages or missing goods during shipping.  The company deals with the shipping directly for these extra costs.

4.2 How does shipping of warning sign traffic occur?

shipping process
figure 20 shipping process

The shipping process is normally smooth. Procedures are guiding the process of shipping. 

These procedures include:

  • The first step requires the customer to place an order. After the confirmation of the order, the manufacturer will begin production of the warning sign traffic.
  • The company approaches the transportation agency/Courier or shipping services
  • The carrier accepts the warning sign traffic shipment and loads it for shipment.

During the shipping process, the couriers ensure the safety of warning sign traffic to prevent damages. The final step is always offloading the warning sign traffic shipment at the destination port.

4.3 How soon can I receive my warning signs traffic shipment?

Ideally, we determine this period with the different address locations the customer gives. That is, if the customer location is closer, we can take 3 to 5 working days to ship and deliver.

In case, the customer location is far we require 8 to 14 working days to deliver warning signs traffic to the customer.

4.4 What are the available packaging options before shipping?

Packaging is a vital element to prevent damages or breakages of goods during shipping and delivery.

We provide the best packaging services to ensure the safety of warning sign traffic. Normally, we use customized packaging to package the warning sign traffic for the customers.

Other forms include:

  • Paperboard packaging boxes
  • Rigid boxes
  • Plastic sealed bags

4.5 Can I involve third parties while shipping warning signs traffic?

Involving third parties reduces the direct encounters the buyer and seller have. While shipping for warning sign traffic third parties will help speed up the process because they have enough knowledge.

Third parties can help negotiate for the shipping fees which the seller includes in the invoice of the warning sign traffic.

They also speed up the clearance process of the warning sign traffic for discharge and delivery.

4.6 How much does the shipping process of warning sign traffic cost?

shipping fee
figure 21 shipping fee

No matter the customer’s address location, we always try to give them the best of our services. As a result, we charge affordable charges while shipping warning sign traffic to our customers.

We also allow room for negotiations with the customers and agree on a fair amount.

For more information on the shipping charges, please contact us

4.7 What factors do you consider while charging for delivery fees?

Here are the common factors we consider before charging for delivery charges:

  • The size of the warning sign shipment
  • The address location of the buyer.
  • Any other costs you incur before delivery warning sign traffic to the buyer.

4.8 What are some of the shipping carriers used to ship warning signs traffic?

shipping carriers
Figure 22 shipping carriers

Below are some of the shipping agents we use to ship the warning sign traffic to customers:

  • FedEx
  • TNT
  • DHL
  • UPS 
  • Enfopac

4.9 How do you ensure the safety of the warning sign traffic during shipping?

We ensure the safety of warning sign traffic in the following ways:

  • Attaching a tracking device on the warning sign traffic shipment
  • Proper packaging of warning sign traffic to prevent breakage and damages
  • We ensure the courier agency is well known to us to prevent theft
  • We also sign terms and conditions with the courier. This means in case of damaged goods the courier agency will be liable.

4.10 Who is responsible for the delivery charges?

Carriers have the obligation of delivering warning sign goods to the buyer. Normally the buyer signs a contract with the carrier to accomplish the delivery process at a fee.

4.11 Do you offer delivery to every customer destination?

We appreciate all customers from different parts of the nation and nationwide. Our partnership with carriers allows delivery of warning sign traffic to every customer regardless of the location.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 What is the available return policy for warning signs traffic?

return policy
figure 23 return policy

Our return policy only applies to defective warning sign traffic. Any other conditions are given special evaluation before approval.

First, confirm the number of damaged warning sign traffic and contact us within 2 working days. Thereafter, we will give you a procedure to fill out our return policy documents then you can ship back the warning sign traffic.

We are liable for the shipping charges while the customer is returning the damaged warning sign traffic.

5.2 What is the possible solution if I receive damaged warning signs traffic?

After inspection and the customers find damages on warning sign traffic, you can reach out to us on our customer feedback platform

We have a complaint interface that allows our customs to present complaints of the damages, loss or breakages

5.3 How do I return the unordered warning traffic sign?

In this scenario, you should first confirm that the warning sign traffic sign is not what you ordered. This involves counter-checking for the details you provide on the order.

In case this is not what you ordered please reach out to us we will be able to direct you on how to return this warning sign traffic.

5.4 Who pays for shipping returns charges?

At Foison Metal, we compensate for the return charges under the following cases:

  • If warning sign traffics have been damaged or faulty 
  • If we park excess warning sign traffic and the customer wants to return them to the company.
  • But in case of the wrong presentation of information which leads to the production of goods not ordered the buyer pays for the charges.

5.5 What is the timeframe of returning the warning signs traffic products?

We offer a period of 10 to 14 working days for the customer to return all the warning sign traffic they do not want.

This period allows the customer to evaluate all the warning sign traffic, to confirm if they can achieve the intended purpose, if not they can return them to the company. 

5.6 Is it possible to track customer replacement status?

We normally issue tracking numbers immediately after the customer orders for warning sign traffic. We associate tracking numbers with a customer number to give customers ease of tracking.

With this tracking number, you can easily monitor the replacement status of your warning sign traffic.

5.7 I have placed the wrong order, what should I do?

We always recommend the customers review the details they provide to us before submitting them. We use every single detail provided to us and one wrong step will lead to the production of the wrong warning sign traffic.

We always hold the customer liable for this scenario and all the expenses incurred while re-processing warning sign traffic will be on the customer.

In case of wrong order, return this warning sign traffic so that we can produce the right warning sign traffic for you.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

cancellation and returns process
figure 24 cancellation and returns process

6.1 Is there a definite period for the cancellation process for warning sign traffic?

There is no definite period for cancellation of warning sign traffic. Mostly, it is done after the customer makes an order.

The major reason for cancellation is the customer is no longer interested in that order. This is a big blow to the company since the warning sign traffic order is processed and it is the process of shipping.

6.2 What is the recommended procedure for canceling warning sign orders?

For the benefit of both the company and the customer, we recommend the customer to inform us early, if the warning sign traffic no longer interests them. This allows us to allow the customer to cancel the order.

This will help stop the process of production which is costly and the payment of shipping courier.

6.3 Do you offer refunds on canceled orders?

We do offer refunds for canceled good under the following criteria:

  • If the warning sign traffic order is canceled when shipping has not taken place.
  • Dissatisfaction with warning sign traffic
  • If the warning sign traffic is not available
  • If the description used does not correspond with warning sign traffic information

6.4 How can I request refunds in case of dissatisfaction with warning signs traffic?

This mostly occurs when the company does not meet customer’s needs. You can write to us to request a refund stating your reasons ‘’dissatisfaction ‘’

6.5 How do I confirm for successful refund request?

Normally if we receive a refund request from our customers, we will try to communicate back as soon as possible. We evaluate all the possibilities before communicating back to our customers. When we approve your refund request, we normally communicate back by sending a mail.

Send us a free inquiry request