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Foison Metal is the Worldwide Leading Manufacturer of Warning Signs

Our warning signs are made customized for a reason. This process enables our customers to create innovative health and safety signs that result in established impressions for potential clients.

We do not only excel in creating quality products, but we also offer professional service in creating your designs. Foison Metal is one of the leading manufacturers of metal works and safety products.

We create top-quality products from various metals that are unique and customized the way you want it. Provided our website which is made easy to navigate for our clients.

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Fast Response Rate

All of the orders created on our website are automated to be distributed to our teams. We instantly give an invoice after your order.

High-End Machine Printing

We utilize the newest and updated machines for creating your warning signs design. We strive to give you the best quality every time.

Fast-Paced Production

Once successfully confirmed the warning signs order, our production team will immediately proceed with mass-producing your order.


Our page is made accessible for people around the globe to have a smooth ordering process. Our team is open 24 hours to provide you assistance.

Recommended by Experts

We have a group of experts that thoroughly examine and go through your design. We ensure to curate customized warning signs requested by our clients.


You can either order to custom or provide us with your customized design of you warning signs.

Well Equipped

Our warning signs are equipped with the best metal material. This is meant to last long both for indoor and outdoor use.


Our pre-order comes with the exclusive benefits of free samples and quotes delivered directly to you.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Warning Signs Are Customized and Mass-Produced Acquiring Global Standards for General Warning Signs.

High Voltage Warning Sign

Usually seen on electric units. Best choice for technical units of the company.

Aluminum Warning Signs

Aluminum is lightweight. It is best used for warning signs in the company since it is highly flexible to be placed anywhere.

Warning Caution CCTV

This is one of the most sold warning signs. This gives the employee a warning of CCTV cameras installed in a room or hallways.

Triangle Warning Signs

Most warning signs come in a triangular shape and yellow-colored. The reason behind it is that it is easier to be recognized as a warning sign.


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Setting up warning signs is important in every establishment. Either provided for permanent and temporary use, Foison Metal got you covered. Our company offers different styles of warning signs that you can choose from.

We make sure that we are producing quality warning signs for your firm. With our easy access website and updated products, we are here to offer you the comfort of ordering your warning signs directly to your office without bothering on having them processed for too long. We made it convenient for you to order online, in line with our top customer assistance team.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Our products are made durable and easy to operate. We make sure that we comply with your standards in creating the order.


We compromise to give you professional support every time. From assistance to the design of your product, we got you.


We create customized warning signs for the convenience of your company. We want to give that purpose with a touch of your company’s uniqueness.


Our products are made from cruelty-free materials and even provide cruelty-free production.

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Foison Metal is one of the Leading Warning Signs Manufacturer in China

There is no can’t do on Foison Metal, we make sure that we always get you the best and accurate products delivered directly to your door. Our warning signs are made with specified standards coming from ISO.

We proceed with creating stress-free transactions every time with the goal of having our clients experience the most convenient way. Have your designs and orders made from Foison Metal! We always give the best prices.


The Warning Signs FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What are warning signs?

examples of warning signs
figure 1 warning signs images

Warning signs are safety signs that warn us of potential danger. They serve as deterrents to actions that can lead to injuries or fatalities.

Warning signs are usually yellow with a black borderline. Warning signs are usually used in installations that can lead to potential danger such as landmines, electrical installations, shafts, or mining areas. 

This guide will explore the various aspects of warning signs and if you are a wholesaler, guide you on the best manufacturer to supply you with warning signs. 

1.2 What is the difference between a warning sign and a caution sign?

There is a difference between a warning sign and a caution sign. A warning sign is usually installed where there is a hazard and warns you to be aware of the hazard. It also deters you to continue with any activity that you are doing in that particular area to avoid the hazard.

On the other hand, caution signs give us a heads up on a potential hazard. They communicate to us that we should take care to avoid the hazard.

Though there is a thin line between the two-safety signage, it is recommended to follow the warnings and cautions to the latter to avoid injuries or even fatalities. 

1.3 Are warning signs the same as traffic signs?

traffic warning sign
Figure 2 traffic warning sign

Warning signs are not the same as traffic signs. Traffic signs are installed along the road, footpath, or busy corridors. They serve as a guide to traffic and what drivers or pedestrians should adhere to. 

Warning signs, on the other hand, can be installed anywhere as long as the area has a hazard that people should be warned against. You should note that warning signs can also be installed along the roadside to warn of imminent dangers that lurk along the road.

1.4Where are warning signs used?

There are thousands of areas where warning signs can be used. Warning signs are installed where there is a hazard that people should be warned about.

Hazards are found everywhere as long as there is an activity going on and the activity can result in potential dangers.

Some of the areas where warning signs are used include but not limited to:

  • Hazardous areas such as where there is a chemical spill.
  • They are also installed around any dangerous machinery to warn of the existing danger.
  • Installed along emergency routes in mining shafts.
  • You will find warning signs along gas pipelines.
  • In workshops especially garages. 
  • In many factory settings alongside hot machinery or where there is the potential of electric shocks.
  • Alongside high voltage electrical installation areas. 

1.5How do I distinguish a warning sign from other signs?

Warning signs
Figure 3 Warning signs

It is easy to distinguish a warning sign from other signs. Some of the common features of a warning sign to be aware of include:

  • Warning signs are mostly used to warn of life-threatening hazards.
  • They have a yellow background with icons drowned in black.
  • Most of the warning signs have a black border.
  • All texts in a warning sign are written in black font.
  • All the icons in a warning sign are within a black triangle. 
  • Warning signs are mostly diamond-shaped.
  • Warning signs are regulated by health and safety regulations. 

1.6 What are some of the examples of warning signs?

examples of warning signs
figure 4 examples of warning signs

There are many types of warning signs which include but not limited to:

  • Forklift zone warning sign
  • Maintain three points of contact warning signs.
  • Custom text warning
  • Warning sign- 240 volts
  • Acid warning sign
  • Arc flash and shock hazards warning sign
  • Asbestos warning sign
  • Battery charging station warning sign
  • Beware of back injury when lifting warning sign
  • Beware of crane warning sign

1.7 What does a warning sign look like?

Warning signs come in different shapes but have a distinct colors. Warning signs also come in various shapes that depend on the user’s preference. 

Warning signs are usually triangular with a yellow background. The triangle has a black borderline. The text and icons are usually in black and conspicuous.

1.8 What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Warning Sign?

Everything requires planning and research. There are some factors that you should consider when choosing a warning sign, one of them being the material you need. 

You do not expect a thin plastic sign to serve the purpose in a windy outdoor space for a long time, do you? Similarly, you do not have to use thick aluminum signs just to show the direction towards the washrooms. 

Remember, different materials are equipped to serve different environments. Selecting the wrong materials will have you replacing the warning sign now and then.

In addition to complying with the OSHA regulations, you also have to consider the approximate size needed to incorporate both the symbol and the text. This will ensure that you have enough room to mount your warning sign and communicate effectively.

1.9 Are fire signs warning signs?

fire warning sign
figure 5 fire warning sign

Yes, fire signs are warning signs. These are usually installed where there is a likelihood of fire breaking up.

Fire warnings warn you to not use items that can start fires such as cigarettes, matchsticks, or lighters. They are installed in places with a high possibility of gas leaks, fuel, gasoline, highly combustible chemicals, and such like areas. 

Ensure that where you install fire signs they can be seen and also understood. When designing your fire warning sign, ensure it is simple, clear, easy to read, and understood. 

1.10 What are the benefits of having warning signs in the workplace?

There are many benefits of having warning signs in the workplace. Some of these benefits include but not limited to:

  • Warning signs warn us of existing dangers and hazards.
  • They deter us from carrying out activities that can lead to injury or even death.
  • Warning signs give instructions on how to go about an activity.
  • They enable us to condone off potential hazards.
  • Warning signs offer visual communication and instructions about existing hazardous conditions.
  • Installing a safety hazard also goes hand in hand with the regulations put in place on communicating safety conditions.
  • Warning signs, in general, serve to protect employees working in a hazardous area and also serve to protect the public.

1.11 Where should I install warning signs?

Warning signs should be installed in areas with hazardous conditions that are likely to cause injuries or death. Some of the hazardous conditions include dangerous chemicals, electrical hazards, mining shafts, high voltage areas, heavy machinery areas of operation, hot areas, and other such hazards.  

1.12 How durable are your warning signs?

At Foison Metal, we ensure that we use the highest quality of materials in manufacturing warning signs. The signs also use high-quality paint that can withstand all weather and be seen from a fairly good distance.

Our signs are also made with the flexibility of being installed both indoors and outdoors. Some of the quality materials that we use include:

  • Metal, mostly aluminum
  • Polypropylene
  • Corflute
  • Self-adhesive warning signs.
  • Acrylic
  • Fabric
  • Vinyl
  • Wood

It is worth noting that we highly recommend that you choose the material you want your warning signs made from when you place your order.

1.13 Do you manufacture sticker warning signs?

Yes, we do manufacture sticker warning signs depending on your preferences. We have a wide range of product catalogs that you can choose from.

Our design team is flexible and can come up with designs according to your specifications. Our sticker warning signs can also be installed in any location that you want.

1.14 Should I consider any standardization issues when purchasing warning signs?

dead end warning sign
figure 7 dead end warning sign

Yes, warning signs have some standard regulations. Some of the standard regulations which we observe in warning signs include:

ANSI standard regulations relating to the content and design of warnings signs include:

  • ANSI Z53.1-1967
  • ANSI Z35.1-1968
  • ANSI Z35-2011 (R2017)

OSHA is the acronym for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This is a body that ensures that employees and the public at large exist in a safe and healthy environment through standards and training.

We also use OSHA standard regulations, and these entail several restrictions some of which include:

  • Wordings on any warning signs require it to be easy to read and straight to the point.
  • For elements of warning signs which are used against a yellow background, the color and lettering must be black.
  • Specifications of the use, designs, and application of the warning signs should be provided.

Some other standard regulations which are in place for warning signs include:

  • BS EN 60849
  • IEC 60849:1998
  • BS EN ISO 7010:2012
  • BS 5499-10:2014
  • BS ISO 3864-4:2011
  • BS ISO 3864-1:2011
  • BS 7863:2009
  • ISO 3864
  • ISO 7001
  • JIS Z 9098
  • JIS Z 9104
  • GB 2893-2008
  • GB 2894-2008

1.15 What do the different colors of warning signs symbolize?

warning sign color
figure 8 warning sign color

Warning signs have two distinct colors that are black and yellow. The colors of the warning signs are regulated by OSHA, ANSI, and other standardization bodies. 

Your warning sign text color and font should be in black and in bold. The wording should be clear, precise, and easy to read. 

All the icons and images on a warning sign should be inside a black triangle. They should be easy to interpret for the audience to take quick action. 

1.16 Do you have contaminated area warning signs?

Quarantine warning sign
figure 9 Quarantine warning sign

Yes, we have contaminated area warning signs. For more of our product catalog, visit our website.

1.17 What are the basic features of a warning sign?

Some of the basic features of a warning sign include a yellow background and a black triangular borderline. The text is in black with the icons inside the triangle also in black color. 

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Is There a Specific Shape for Warning Signs?

No, there are many shapes used to represent warning signs. However, the most commonly used shape is a diamond-shaped warning sign.

2.2 Does The Background Color of The Warning Sign Matter?

Yes, the background is very crucial in conveying a message or information regarding hazards. Through OSHA regulations, it is important for the background colors to always signify the same information every time.

The background color increases the visibility of the warning signs and can be recognizable at just a glance. For example, the red color is universally used to represent danger.

biological harzard sign
figure 10 biological harzard sign

2.3 Can You Send Me Design Templates of warning signs to Choose from?

Yes, we shall be glad if you request the design templates. After the selection, get back to us and we shall work on your preferred warning sign.

You can also check other warning signs we have and their design templates.

2.4 Do You Produce Customized Warning Signs?

customized warning sign
figure 11 customized warning sign

Yes, we do produce customized warning signs. In case you need more information, you can visit our website or you can contact us.

This means that even though there are hundreds of signs that can convey a message across different institutions and organizations, there are still some situations that need different approaches. 

For crucial warning signs, the exact message must be conveyed. That’s why we offer the options for customized signs that will communicate the exact information that you want to. This way, the people using the signs will grasp the message better and more accurately. 

You can choose a template from our extensive library of signs and have the message you want to be written on it at an affordable price.

2.5 How Long Does Customization Take?

Customization approximately takes 21 days excluding the weekends. However, you can call our customer care agents to enquire about the progress of your warning sign.

2.6 Is Customization Available for Every Customer?

warning sign
figure 12 warning sign

Yes, customization is available to everyone because, at Foison Metal, we are glad to serve everyone.

2.7 How Can I Be Guaranteed I Will Get the Designs I Have Selected?

With Foison Metal, you are 100% guaranteed to get the exact designs you have selected because we never disappoint. For any queries concerning the received customized designs, kindly contact us.

2.8 Do You Have Exact Time for Making Customization Choices?

No, we do not have an exact time when it comes to making customization choices. Our online platform is open 24/7 and therefore you can make your customization choices anytime.

At Foison Metal, we are always ready to serve you at any given time.

2.9 What Designs Does Safety Warning Have?

There are so many designs on safety warnings but most warning signs are diamond-shaped with yellow background, black letters, or symbols.

2.10 Will I Be Updated on The Design and Customization Process?

Yes, we shall always keep you in the loop. We shall also make sure you are part and parcel of the continuous manufacturing process of your customized warning sign.

2.11 What If I Am Dissatisfied with The New Warning Sign After Customization?

At Foison Metal, you are free to engage us on the best design you need. We are always here to serve you. Call us or send us an email and we shall respond and make new arrangements on serving you.

2.12 How Soon Can I Receive My Customized Warning Sign?

You shall be notified when the shipment process has begun. Normally, it shall take the same duration as the original shipment. You can also check shipment status when your package is in transit.

2.13 Do you charge for design and customization?

warning sign
figure 13 warning sign

No, at Foison Metal, we do not charge for customization and design. However, we would prefer the same design dimensions when it comes to sizes. A larger size warning sign compared to the one ordered means more materials thus more expenses.

We request you to be prompt in sending us your costumed designs so that we can work within the lead time promised.

For questions and queries concerning customization and designs, you are free to contact our helpline.

2.14 Do you have a minimum customization order?

No, At Foison Metal we do not have a minimum customization order. You are encouraged to send us as many as possible designs. so that we can come up with a well-customized warning sign that will make you fully satisfied.

2.15 Do you allow the exchange of customized products?

No, we do not allow for an exchange of customized products. You can contact us for more information concerning the same via our website or by calling our customer care agents.

2.16 I’m I allowed making changes to already customized warning signs?

You shall be fully involved in all the stages of customization to avoid making changes again to an already finalized warning sign.

2.17 Do you have any terms and conditions that need to be applied during customization?

Yes, we have terms and conditions that must be applied to all customized goods. Visit our website and get to know all our terms and conditions.

2.18 Whom do I contact to check the progress of my warning signs?

You can visit our website or contact us via calling our customer care agents for any assistance.

2.19 What Text Sizes are Ideal for Safety Condition Signs?

Web design warning signs that are straightforward, useful, and easy to understand. A good sign should have texts that appear big, legible, and easy to read. 

Even though there is no standard size of the text to be used in the signs, they should at least define the warning and the consequences to be faced if people don’t heed this warning.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 How do I make an order?

making orders
figure 14 making orders

Our order process is quite straightforward. At Foison Metal, we have ensured that our order process is customer-friendly with a contact center that is available 24/7 for your utilization if you need further help in placing your order.

Our order process entails:

  • First, you should visit our website to review our product catalog.
  • Contact us either through email or our contact center.
  • You can place your order through our agents or call our factories directly to place an order.
  • You are also free to visit our factories in person to place your order and monitor the manufacturing process. 
  • We also offer room for your customization designs. Ensure that you liaise with our design team to share ideas with them on how to go about the design process.
  • On making your order it is important to also liaise with us on how the warning signs will be shipped to you.
  • Visit our website for further instructions on how to place your order. 

3.2 Do I need to have specific information before placing an order?

The more accurate the information submitted, the better. You will have to submit information so that the order can go through smoothly and you can receive your packages as you would have wished. 

This includes the banking details, personal information, and residence details.

3.3 What methods of payments do you suggest for customers?

Online Order Placement
Figure 15. Online Order Placement

At Foison Metal, we are flexible when it comes to your order processing and payments. You can either use the T/T, PayPal, and credit card transfers. You can also credit our accounts through direct bank transfer.

It is important that you contact us before making payments and also follow up with us for confirmation on receipt of payment.

3.4 Do you allow higher purchases when buying large quantities of safety warnings?

No, we do not allow for higher purchases on our product. Our payment is pretty simple.

You are just required to pay a percentage of the total amount for production to commence and the balance to pay later after we are done processing your order.

3.5 How can I get a proforma invoice?

We can either send the proforma invoice with your goods or through email.

3.6 What is the payment process involved in paying for safety warnings?

Our payment is pretty straightforward. You are required to deposit before the start of processing of your order and the balance is cleared after the order has been processed.

It is worth noting that you are required to arrange for shipment as you make the final payment or when you place your order. We are ready to support you in the shipment process of your order.

3.7 What happens if there is an overpayment?

We will promptly refund your overpayment back.

3.8 Do I get any documents after making payments?

Yes, you will get an official receipt generated electronically on receipt of your payment. You can contact us for any other documentation that you may require as proof of receiving your payment.

3.9 What currency do you use in listing your prices?

Our products are listed using the dollar. It is prudent to convert the prices to your local currency to get the exact price range of our products.

3.10 How will I know my order and payment have been received?

You will receive an official notification from us detailing the receipt of your order.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Do You Have a Preferred Freight for Shipment?

No, we do not have a specific freight forwarding company in doing our shipments. However, if you wish your shipment to use a preferred freight kindly contact us, we make it possible.

At any point you feel insecure about the various freight we are using; you are encouraged to give as an alternative. At Foison metal, we are more concerned with the security of your product.

4.2 What Happens During Shipping of Safety Warnings?

At Foison metal, we shall send you a notification after shipment has begun. You are enabled to be able to monitor the status of your shipment throughout the transit process.

Note that from now to delivery it is the forwarder’s responsibility.

4.3 How Can I Monitor My Shipment?

You are enabled to be able to view the status of your shipment by our ordering channel. From the start of the ordering process, manufacturing process, and transit process up to delivery.

If you are having a problem with viewing your status on the channel, please contact our customer care for assistance.

4.4 Should I Be Worried About The Safety Of My Shipment While On Transit?

No, you should not worry about the safety of your shipment. We have complete trust in all the freight forwarding companies. We can always share with you the freight contacts and they will keep you updated through the journey. 

4.5 Do You Handle Lost or Damaged Products While on Transit?

At Foison Metals we would like to assure you of the safety of your shipment. However, you are encouraged to recheck the contract on insurance between you and your freight in case such a thing arises.

It is the responsibility of the courier to deliver your shipment safely but in cases where you have a contract with us, we shall determine obligation and assign liability on goods lost and damaged.

4.6 What Information Should I Have Before Collecting My Shipment?

You are required to have an original payment receipt. We also need a signature from the person picking the shipment.

The person collecting should be an adult and should be accompanied by an identity card or government-issued photo identification.

4.7 Do You Charge Shipping Fees?

No, we do not charge shipping fees for safety warning signs ordered. But in case of cancellation of safety warnings during delivery and there is a need for them to be returned to us, some charges will apply.

We also charge a small fee of about 15% of all returns.

4.8 Do You Have Limitations on Where to Ship Safety Warnings?

No, at Foison Metals, we do not have limitations on where to ship our products. We do worldwide delivery because you come first.

We shall specify collection points in areas where accessibility is not guaranteed and all efforts shall be made for you to get your safety warnings.

4.9 How Long Does Shipping Take?

We try as much as possible to be prompt in getting the product on time.  Therefore, our shipment takes 4 to 5 days to reach the delivery address.

In case of any changes involving goods on transit, we shall always call or send you an email. Feel free to contact us too.

4.10 Will I Be Notified If My Shipment Has Arrived?

Yes, a notification is sent once the package has arrived and it is ready for picking. You can also check the status of your package online.

4.11 What Happens If More Quantities Are Delivered as Compared to What I Had Ordered?

You are encouraged to contact us via our email or through our website for assistance. We deeply appreciate your assistance in getting excess quantities back to us.

4.12 What Happens to Safety Warnings Damaged on Arrival?

You are required to immediately contact us after assessing the conditions of the delivered safety warnings. You can take some pictures and send them to us so that we can determine the cause of the damage.

We shall advise you of the procedures to be followed. But normally, the same method used to deliver the safety warning shall be used to return it.

Thereafter, there shall be communication on when to expect a replacement.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 What Procedures Are Followed During Replacements?

At Foison Metal, you are encouraged to contact us if you need replacement to take place. Replacement only takes place on damaged, missing or lost, defective or incorrect safety warning replacement.

You are required to inspect all the products received by checking the defects and quantities for the replacement procedures to be put in place.

We shall replace the safety warning and expect the replaced product within the same duration as the original order.

5.2 What Are Your Replacement Policies?

Our replacement policies have it that:

  • We shall only do replacements on safety warnings that are defective when they are placed under normal working conditions.
  • Safety warnings shall also be replaced only when they are within the warranty period.
  • There shall be no charges for any known defects on safety warnings.
  • Please, contact our customer care agents for any detailed information you might need concerning replacements of safety warnings.

5.3 How Long Does Replacement Take?

At Foison Metal, replacement takes 21 days excluding weekends. We always keep our customers close and therefore we shall keep you in the loop on the progress we are making.

5.4 Do You Offer Warranties?

Yes, we do offer great warranties when it comes to safety warnings. We duly comply with the warranties we offer therefore do not hesitate to reach out when you need any kind of fixing.

 We have great confidence in our products since we use durable quality materials that are going to serve you for longer periods.

5.5 What Happens During the Return Process?

At Foison Metal, we provide a smooth return process. But first, we only accept returns on safety warnings that are unused, damaged, and with their untampered original package.

We follow the same ordering process for returns. Go to our ordering channel and check on the recent orders.

Select the order and choose a return. Select the specific order you want to be returned to us.

Choose your choice of return method. Note that some return fees will be charged for restocking purposes.

5.6 How Long Does Replacement Take?

Replacement takes approximately 21 days excluding weekends. You are however encouraged to contact us to check on the status of your product.

If you need your safety warning earlier than the normal delivery dates scheduled. Note that some fees will be charged to make that happen.

5 .7 Do You Give Full Refunds for The Returns?

No, we do not offer a full refund for returns. Some percentage will be used to cater for restocking purposes. 

You can call our customer care agents to know the exact rates for your product purchase.

5.8 What Happens to Returns with Damaged Package?

We do not accept returns with damaged or tampered packages. All returns should come with their original packaging.

5.9 Who Handles the Return Costs?

All the return costs are handled by our clients. However, if there are discounts involved, you can contact us we come up with a moderate shipment fee.

5.10 What Policies Do You Have for Defective Safety Warning?

At Foison Metal, you are encouraged to contact us in case of any defective products and we shall advise you on the way forward.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

6.1 How Do I Cancel an Order?

At Foison Metal, we offer you a smooth procedure when you need to cancel warning signs.

Make sure you contact us first through our website or call our customer care agent. We recommend you make communication before 24hours elapses.

Early communication enables us to stop the order before the shipment process begins. If the shipment process has begun you shall be responsible for freight charges.

We also charge for a canceled order that has already arrived at the delivery address.

We request you to also reevaluate your shipment information before placing an order. We can charge you more for shipments made to the wrong destination as a result of the wrong delivery address.

6.2 How Will I Be Notified of Cancellation?

Yes, you are going to be notified of your cancellation immediately when we receive your cancellation request. In case there is a delay you are free to contact us and we shall be able to offer assistance.

You can also verify if cancellation is successful via our ordering platform.

6.3 What Is the Refund Process for Warnings Signs?

A refund process happens when you request to be given back your money because of several reasons. The following are some of the reasons for getting a refund.

  • Refunds take place when a customer returns a product such as Warning signs.
  • Refunds may take place when a prepaid order is canceled.
  • It may also take place when there is an overpayment and you pay the extra back.
  • It may also take place when there is an underpayment which means the amount you paid is not enough. Therefore, the only option is that you add the balance to get the product or be refunded the amount you paid.

6.4 Where Will My Refund Send to?

 At Foison Metal, we shall make the refund through the same method you used while paying for the order. For example, if you used Paypal, we shall do the refund through your PayPal account.

6.5 Can I Make Another Order After Cancellation?

You can make another order but we encourage you to wait for the cancellation process to be successful so that you can make another order. At Foison Metal, we are always glad to serve you and in the event, you have any problems placing another order, please contact us.

6.6 How Do I Know Cancellation Was Successful?

You shall be notified through your email or through the contacts you provided while making an order. In case you do not receive a notification, you are free to call our customer care agents for assistance.

6.7 Do I Get Full Refunds After Cancellation?

Getting a refund largely depends on the stages at which your order has reached ether in the manufacturing, shipment, and delivery process you can get a full refund if any of the processes has not commenced. In cases where the above processes have started some fees shall be applied.

You can always call our customer care agents for more detailed information about Refunds.

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