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Why Business Owners And Company Brands Believes In Foison Metal Products

Foison Metal has years of experience in providing high-end durability products around the globe. We assure you of the wide range of weed crusher that is customizable to fit your exclusive requirements. 

Our priority is to give top-quality service for great satisfaction to create confidence in their business and jump on today’s trend in the market.

We offer a wide range of raw materials and supplies to add to the finishing process and is designed by creative professionals to give you the products that you need. We have a specialized creative design team to give you 100% assurance on the designs and layouts.

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Foison Metal offer you several options of metal types with extra protective layers for your weed crusher.

Expert Recommendation

Foison Metal offers free statements and free plans and designs from our expert group to make inventive weed crusher.

Elite Service

Continuously focus on to give the best client base help we could give constantly when requesting weed crusher.

First Rate

Foison Metal is known for giving first rate items to you.


We are known for giving elite quality items to customers worldwide and having their brand perceived in the market.


Foison Metal can make your weed crusher capable of identifying your products and types of equipment.

Various Choices

You have your own choice of picking the style and size and finishing process.

Custom Fit

Foison Metal custom makes what you want for your weed crusher.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Custom Makes Metal Creative Weed Crusher To Match Your Satisfaction

Weed Crusher China

A gadget utilized for pounding weed that breaks Cannabis blossoms into more modest pieces for joints, dulls, and bowls.

Printable Weed Crusher

Simple printable weed smasher to coordinate with any of your styles, make it specially designed while as yet looking sumptuous and exquisite.

Metal Weed Crusher

A metal barrel shaped gadget with two parts that different and have sharp teeth or stakes adjusted so that when the two parts have turned, materials are destroyed inside.

Personable Weed Crusher

A charming weed crusher can be uniquely crafted to any of your tweaked plans, design, shape, and completed surfaces.

Know More About Us

As weed crushers have been growing and being utilized more around the world, Foison Metal extends its claim to fame in hand crafting the items in various styles and wrapping up.

Foison Metal offers a wide assortment of tones, shapes, and styles you can pick from.

Making the effort of devoting to meet ends with our client’s satisfaction with their request while making our service to them a top priority. 

We produce weed crushers that are made from sturdy materials that can withstand harsh environments.

Why Foison Metal Product Is Trusted

High-speed Process

Our production process is organized to make our metal weed crusher orders coordinated and productively straightforward.

Large Quantity Shipping

Huge amount of weed grinders can be produced to fit the needs of your business.

Team Effort

We are a team that works with one mindset and works together to make progress in creating premium weed grinders.


Foison Metal consistently prefer to pay attention to your solicitations and thoughts on adding an individual touch to their weed crusher.

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Foison Metal Is China's Leading Metal Manufacturer Of High-Quality Weed Crushers.

Foison Metal focuses on giving the customers ensured fulfillment at its best. We tweak weed crusher to the best while utilizing the best materials. Our vision is to always deliver world-class products at the convenience of our clients and listen to all their ideas and input in their products.

The Weed Crusher Ultimate FAQs Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Weed Crusher
Figure 1. Weed Crusher

1.1 What is a Weed Crusher?

A weed crusher is a tool used to break or crush cannabis or as it’s known to many as weed into small pieces for smoother-hitting bowls or to be wrapped in a rolling paper. 

At the bottom chamber of a weed crusher, there is a screen that gathers all the smooth crystals when knocked off during the crushing process. 

At the top of the screen, there is a crushing chamber with “teeth” like structures or blades that do the crushing. 

The lid of the weed crusher is attached to this part, and all-metal weed crushers have a magnet to help keep all the content being crushed in the crusher.

1.2 What is the Use of a Weed Crusher?

There are different ways you can break weed but using a weed crusher has been proven to be the easiest and best way to crush weed.

There are two main reasons why you should use a weed crusher; first, to get a solid and even burn in a joint, blunt, or bowl. 

The second reason is to evenly heat as many trichomes as possible and extract as much goodness from the weed plant material as possible.

1.3 Why Should You Use a Weed Crusher?

If you are having doubts about getting yourself a weed crusher, the following reasons will convince you.

  • Better consistency

When you use a weed crusher, it ensures your weed is crushed to an even consistency. This is very important as it ensures an even extraction of the compounds within the plant.

Giving you an upper hand in using different ways of taking the weed, whether traditionally like using pipes or bong or the most recent way, through a vaporizer.

  • Thick vapor

When using a vaporizer, your weed must be properly crushed. Vaporizers only work by heating the air around the weed or below it. 

If your weed is well crushed, you will be able to heat a larger surface area, allowing better extraction of components through the fumes.

To produce thick, consistent vapor you should ensure that your weed is well crushed, when heating you won’t need high temperature for the vapor to be emitted.

When you use a high temperature you will end up creating a lot of smoke instead of vapor.

  • Get the kief

When separating trichomes you will be able to get kief, this is the frosty hairs found on weed buds that produce a weed-rich concentrate. 

Whenever you use a weed crusher to crush your weed, you will be able to catch all that kief that you will probably lose in case you use other methods to crush your weed.

We highly recommend to all our customers to use the four peace weed crusher which has a kief catcher at the bottom chamber.

  • Bigger denser bowls

Crushing your weed will enable you to pack bigger, denser bowls. Even though you might end up using more weed to fill a bowl, you will get the best quality of puffs.

When your weed is well crushed, you will be able to increase the surface area of the weed in your bowl, making it a cleaner and more potent burn.

Crushing your weed produces the best hits on a bong or hit, making it a better experience.

1.4 Does the Size of a Weed Crusher Matter?

Weed crushers come in different sizes; bigger crushers are normally heavy and cannot be carried when going out. We suggest a small crusher that can be carried everywhere.

1.5 What Materials are Used When Making Weed Crushers?

Weed Crusher Materials
Figure 2. Weed Crusher Materials

The material of a weed crusher is very important as it will affect both the durability of the crusher and the quality of crushing the weed.

The different materials include:

  • Acrylic

This is the cheapest and easily available crusher material used by first-time weed crusher users. These types of crushers are not the best choice because of the following reasons.

  • The teeth will not last for a long time; will keep breaking thus reducing the crusher’s effectiveness. 
  • The acrylic particles will end up getting in your weed. Inhaling the burned acrylic particles will be a hazard to your health

An acrylic weed crusher should be avoided.

  • Wood

There are some weed crushers made from wood, these types of weed crushers may be good depending on the type of wood used to make them and the placement of the compartments.

Many wood weed crushers are carved out of a single piece of wood, making it a single compartment weed crusher. 

It gets the work done but not for those who prefer high-quality weed crushing. In case you go for a wood weed crusher, make sure that it is not coated in any other material so that all you get is a clean crushed weed with no harmful particles.

  • Metal

Metal is the best material to use when making a weed crusher, it is Strong and durable. Metal weed crushers provide a smooth and even grind giving you the perfect crush for many years.

 We advise our customers to get titanium weed crushers for they are the best, although this type of weed crusher is expensive.

 To lower the price of the pure titanium weed crusher we usually have aluminum teeth coated with titanium. They end up doing a good job and at the same time friendly to your pocket.

  • Plastic

This small container is also used to crush dried weed into small particles to make it easy to smoke or steam. 

Some of the plastic weed crushers with kief catcher use the teeth pegs to break up dried weed having three chambers:

  • Grinding chamber
  • Grinding pegs
  •  A lid that contains the finely crushed weed particles from getting out the weed crusher.

1.6 What are the Components of a Weed Crusher?

Weed crushers come in different types, the four-piece weed crusher is made up of four compartments:

  • The lid
  • The grinding bowl 
  • Collection chamber with screen 
  • A kief catcher   

All these parts come together to form three chambers. Making a weed crusher is the most simple tool to use when crushing your weed.

Some weed crushers have only two chambers, the grinding bowl and the collection chamber only but it still gets the work done.

A three-piece weed crusher has an extra compartment that catches fine weed particles that fall through holes that are near the teeth during the twisting and turning process.

A five-piece weed crusher has a kief screen that filters the fine kief into pure weed pollen that collects at the bottom compartment. A five-piece weed crusher will give you the purest weed.

1.7 What are the Different Types of Weed Crusher?

There are a variety of weed crushers you can choose from depending on your preference, this includes the following:

  • Electric weed crusher

You don’t need to apply any effort when using an electric weed crusher, every single spin in an electric weed crusher gives you a soft well-crushed powder ready to be rolled.

This type of weed crusher looks like a hand blender. Using an electric weed crusher is very simple all you need to do is:

  • Pack the weed buds in the grinding compartment
  • Attach the grinding compartment to the grinder
  • Close the lid tightly 
  • Press the grind button 

After a few seconds, you will have a smooth well-crushed weed, ready to be used.

  • Grater weed crusher

Even though it may prove to be impractical as when you rub the weed on the rough side to grate it, it spits the weed buds all over the surface, it does crush your weed.

  • Wooden weed crusher

Wooden weed crushers are also effective when breaking down weed buds, even though they might not be as good as an electric weed crusher or a metallic weed crusher.

 It gets the work done by evenly crushing weed just like the other weed crushers in the market. Our wooden weed crusher only comes with two features which are a crusher and a lid. The crusher has pointed metal teeth that look exactly like nails. 

This type of weed crusher may be a little difficult to use when crushing thick buds of weed because of the nail-like teeth.

After using a wooden weed crusher it will become difficult to twist the lid as the sticky kief might build up because of the lack of the kief compartment.

  • Metal weed crusher

This is the most effective weed crusher in the market at the moment, when it comes to durability as well it’s at the top.

The weed crusher contains strong metallic teeth that can easily crush thick weed buds. It’s also very easy to clean the sticky kief which gives you an easier time when twist crushing your weed.

A metal weed crusher can have up to four compartments allowing a smoother crushing of your weed.

  • Stone weed crusher

Stone weed crushers were the fast weed crushers to be introduced in the market. They do a perfect job by crushing the weed between two stones giving you a smooth final product.

A stone weed crusher does not have a teeth-like structure; all you have are two hard surfaces. Their designs are highly sophisticated,

  • Crank weed crusher

This type of weed crusher is meant for people with health conditions like arthritis, all you need to do is place the weed in the crushing compartment and crank it 

  • Magnetic weed crusher

A magnetic weed crusher is made from different materials giving the weed crusher compartments the ability to stick together and at the same time allow proper crushing weed.

The magnetism of the compartment prevents spillage. You can be able to crush as much weed as you need and take it with you where you want to go without spilling.

1.8 How do you Clean your Weed Crusher?

Cleaning the Weed Crusher
Figure 3. Cleaning the Weed Crusher

Cleaning a weed crusher is not a difficult task; the following guidelines will help you clean your weed crusher properly.

  • Disassemble the weed crusher 

This is to be done carefully to avoid tampering with some parts most especially if your weed crusher has a crank.

  • Clean the weed crusher

Using some alcohol and a toothbrush, scrub the weed particles stuck in between the teeth and along the walls of the weed crusher.

In case your weed crusher has a kief catcher, use a toothbrush to carefully clean the screen.

  • Drying the weed crusher

When you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your weed crusher, use a piece of clean cloth to dry it thoroughly before assembling the parts back together.

Proper cleaning of your weed crusher will give it a high lifespan 

1.9 How do you Use a Weed Crusher?

The following processes will guide you on how to use a weed crusher properly and avoid accidents:

First, remove the lid of the weed crusher and you will be able to see the teeth-like structures. Second, place the weed in the crusher. Ensuring that the weed is well distributed on top of the teeth-like structures, do not overfill the weed crusher to avoid spillage.

Third, cover the grinder. Make sure that you do not apply force when covering the weed crusher to avoid damaging it.

Lock the crusher firmly and smoothly turn it in a cycler motion to crush the weed. You can turn it as many times as you want to depend on the texture or weed you need.

The maximum number of times that one needs to turn is ten times.

Fourth, remove the crushed weed from the crusher. If you are not satisfied with the texture of the weed you can repeat the third stage.

1.10 How Often Should You Clean Your Weed Crusher?

A weed crusher does not need to be cleaned as frequently as you might think. You can clean it once a week or even once a month depending on how frequently you use it.

1.11 How Long can you use a Weed Crusher?

A weed crusher can be used for a lifetime depending on the type of weed crusher. If you are using a metal weed crusher you may end up using it for more than ten years.

The durability of your weed crusher also depends on how careful you are when using it. If you do not stuff in a lot of bunds or drop it now and then, then your weed crusher will last.

1.12 What is the Quality of a Good Weed Crusher?

Quality Weed Crusher
Figure 4. Quality Weed Crusher

Providing a quality weed crusher is our topmost priority. The following are the most important qualities of a good weed crusher:

  • Size

A good quality weed crusher should be of a size that caters to your needs. Some people might prefer small pocket size weed crushers while others will go for the bigger size.

You can decide to have both of them so that when you are in a crowd you can use the larger one crushing the weed for all of you. The small one will only be for your personal needs.

  • Storage room

A good weed crusher will come with a storage compartment that can hold half of a gram or more of well-crushed weed to avoid crushing the weed over and over.

This will save you the trouble of walking with your weed crusher everywhere all you will need to carry is your storage compartment.

  • Multiple layers

Having multiple layers on your weed crusher is an added advantage. You should make sure that it has at least four layers to get the best-crushed weed.

You should make sure that your weed crusher should be able to store your weed, gather kief, and filter out the most potent from the rest.

  • Sharp blades

Do not just look at the outside appearance of the weed crusher, you have to make sure that the blades are sharp to the touch or even courted with diamond.

Blunt rods in the weed crusher will make your work harder just to crush a small amount of weed and will not last for long. The sharp blades will make work easy and last for years.

  • Magnets

Having a weed crusher that is magnetic as well is an added advantage.  Someone who has ever dropped a weed crusher and lost the entire crushed weed can approve this.

Having a magnetic weed crusher will save you the headache, the layers will be held together and even during crushing the tiny crushed weed will not fall out.

  • Strong metal

When we take a look at the kind of crushing a weed crusher does it is evident that it is prone to breaking over time. Whether the blade or a bent compartment.

When you are going for a weed crusher always go for steel as it is strong and more durable. Avoid aluminum as it might look nice but the blades will bend and deform under pressure.

  • Design

Make sure that you buy a weed crusher that matches your personality. Even though it might not add value to the function, you will be comfortable using it.

  • Few nooks and crannies

All weed crushers need cleaning, you should get one that will be easy to clean and reach every bit of it easily and quickly.

 Ensure you avoid crevices, nooks, and crannies that are not necessary for the weed crusher to work properly. This will also help in maximum crushed weed output.

2.0 Design and Customization

Weed Crusher Customization
Figure 5. Weed Crusher Customization

2.1 Can you Design a Weed Crusher?

Yes, it is possible to design your weed crusher, you can come up with all the ideas and communicate to us how you would like your weed crusher to look.

You can also use our website and customize your weed crusher depending on your preference.

2.2 What size is a Designed weed crusher?

A designed weed crusher comes in all sizes depending on the customers’ preference. The maximum diameter of a weed crusher should be at least six centimeters so that it can be potable.

2.3 What Shapes can be used for a Weed Crusher?

All weed crushers are found in one shape and that is a circle as the top chamber needs to rotate for the blades to crush the weed.

If the weed crusher was to be in a square or rectangular shape it would be difficult to crush the weed effectively.

2.4 What Colors Can be Used for Weed Crusher?

Our weed crusher comes in a variety of colors depending on the customers’ requests. Some of the colors include:

  • Black
  • Blue 
  • Green 
  • Yellow
  • Gray
  • Red

We can also do combinations of different colors if our customer would like that.

2.5 Can you Put Any Writing on a Weed Crusher?

Custom Weed Crusher
Figure 6. Custom Weed Crusher

Yes, we can write whatever you want to be written on your weed crusher. If it’s a name, inspirational words, initials, and any other wording you might have in mind.

2.6 What Else does Customized Weed Crusher come with?

To offer the best for our customers our weed crushers come with a cleaning brush and a soft piece of cloth.

This will come in handy when cleaning the weed crusher, the brush is made in a way that it can get to areas that a normal brush cannot.

2.7 Can You Design an Electronic Weed Crusher?

It will be very difficult to design an electronic weed crusher from scratch but it is very possible to design the cover of an electronic weed crusher.

We can be able to write anything or change the color to suit your requirements, the shape can also be manipulated as the weed crusher is electronic.

2.8 What Materials are used for a Designed Weed Crusher?

There are three materials that we used when making a designed weed grinder, this materials area;

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Acrylic

2.9 How Long Can a Designed Weed Crusher Last?

A designed weed crusher that is made from metal and the blade is diamond courted is meant to last you a lifetime if you are careful while handling it.

A crusher made from either wood or acrylic will take you for at least two years if you do not use it frequently. But if you are a daily user then it can only last for a few months.

We advise you to get yourself a weed crusher made from metal even though you will spend more.

2.10 Can you Design Weed Crushers in Bulk?

Bulk Weed Crushers
Figure 7. Bulk Weed Crushers

Yes, it is possible to produce your weed crusher in bulk. There is no limit to any production in case you need fifty or one hundred weed crushers then we will provide them.

Ether if they are of the same design or different varieties we have your back.

2.11 Is There a Limit When Designing a Weed Crusher?

No, there is no limit when it comes to the design and customization of your weed crusher. The only limit is your imagination. 

Anything you come up with for your weed crusher we will be able to deliver the only thing that remains the same is the shape of the weed crusher.

2.12 Can a Weed Crusher be used to Crush other Medical Herbs?

Yes, a weed crusher can be used to crush other medical herbs so long as they can fit in the weed crusher.

The herbs on the other hand should not contain sticks or anything hard that will tamper with the weed crusher’s blades.

2.13 Are Samples of Weed Crushers Made Before the Actual Product Is Made?

Yes, we normally make a sample model of a requested design of a weed crusher once our customer has approved then we will go ahead and produce the actual weed crusher.

This is vital to the customization and design of a weed crusher as it gives us a physical idea of the final product before we start the process.

2.14 Can you apply Attachments on a Weed Crusher?

Weed Crusher Attachments
Figure 8. Weed Crusher Attachments

Yes, it is possible to apply attachment points on a designed weed crusher, we can add a hook that you can attach your keys to or you can also attach it to your trousers.

We can also add a storage compartment at the bottom so that you can store your weed avoiding the need to crush more weed once you have left the house.

2.15 Do You Charge for the Designing of Weed Crusher?

Yes, we do charge our customers for the design as it takes a lot of time and expertise to put your idea on the weed crusher.

Our workers take their time to ensure that they beat the deadline and at the same time come up with the best final product.

2.16 How Long Does it Take to Produce a Designed Weed Crusher?

Designing a weed crusher is a process itself; it requires time and expertise so we can deliver an order for a designed weed crusher after 7 to 10 days from the day you ordered.

In case the order is in bulk then we would take more time, like ten days because of the mass production.

3.0 Order and Payment

Order and Payment
Figure 9. Order and Payment

3.1 How Much Does a Weed Crusher Cost?

A weed crusher is not that expensive if you can buy weed then possibly you can afford a weed crusher.

You can opt to go for a wood or a plastic weed crusher if you want to save your money and you are not a heavy weed user, but the weed crusher will wear off with time.

For those who use weed more often, we would advise you to go for a metal weed crusher, though it is more expensive compared to wood and plastic weed crusher it is a life investment.

For the actual prices visit our website or our stores.

3.2 Which is the Best Way to Place an Order for a Weed Crusher?

The best way to order your weed crusher is to visit our shop and pay cash as you take your weed crusher. You can also use other payment methods in our store.

For overseas customers, you can order from our website and make the necessary payments and your weed crusher will be delivered to you.

3.3 Is it Safe to Use Online Payment Methods?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use our online payment platforms when conducting your money transfer to our company because our channels are secured and your details are confidential.

3.4 What Payment Methods Do You Use?

We accept all payment methods depending on your geographical location. For those overseas you are allowed to use the following methods:

  • PayPal
  •  Letters of Credit
  •  Documentary Collections 
  • Open Account
  •  Consignment
  • Any other bank transfer method

For those within the county, it is highly advised to use cash as the main payment method but you can also use:

  • Mobile money transfer
  • Bunk money transfer

3.5 What Official Documents do you Need to Make an Order for a weed crusher?

When making an order no official document is needed all that you will be asked is,

  • Your full names as in your identity card
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Your delivery address
  • Tour date of birth

When you are paying for your weed crusher using cash you will be required to produce an identification card and you will need to sign some document showing that you are not underage.

3.6 Is There a Maximum or Minimum Number of Weed Crushers That Can be Ordered?

Weed Crusher maximum orders
Figure 10. Weed Crusher maximum orders

No, there is no maximum number of weed crushers that you can order, your demands are our priority so long as you can pay, we will deliver.

We have a minimum number of weed crushers for those ordering as distributors and that is at least 100 weed crushers.

3.7 How do I Place an Order for a Weed Crusher?

Placing an order for a weed crusher from our online website is very simple. All you need to do is:

  • Fill in all the required information as you are directed
  • Select the type of weed crusher you are interested in
  • Confirm your selection
  • Select your pick up point
  • Proceed to payment and do the required payments
  • Then finally log out

 Once you are done with the payment of your weed crusher, you will be able to see that your order is active so you have to wait for a few days.

3.8 Can you get Samples before making a Weed Crusher Order?

The only way for you to see the samples is to visit our shop, we have all the types of weed crushers on display.

If you are buying our weed crusher from overseas then you can visit our website, we have clear photos of different types of weed crushers you can choose from.

3.9 Why Should I Order My Weed Crusher Online?

Ordering Weed Crusher Online
Figure 11. Ordering Weed Crusher Online

Other than buying your weed crusher using cash from our shops, placing your order online is easy both for you and us.

Ordering your weed crusher online will save you a lot of time and you will be able to get the exact weed crusher that you ordered at the comfort of your seat.

3.10 How Will I Know That My Order Was Successful?

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a text message or an email informing you that your order was successful.

From our website, you will be able to see an active order under the running order section or page. This will be active until when you will receive your weed crusher.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery
Figure 12. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Where do you Ship Your weed Crusher to?

We are not limited by distance wherever you are geographically located we will deliver, both overseas and within the border.

You can either use our shipping services or any other of your preference.

4.2 How Long Does it Take to Ship a Weed Crusher?

Shipping of a weed crusher within the country takes a maximum of four working days when it comes to overseas shipment it takes up to 7 to 10days.

4.3 How Much is it to Ship a Weed Crusher?

The prices of shipping a weed crusher vary depending on the customers’ geographical location and the number of weed crushers being shipped.

The higher the number of weed crushers the more you will have to pay for shipping.

4.4 How do you Package Your Weed Crusher?

We have to make sure that the weed crusher is safe during shipping, this is done by use of the following packaging materials.

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Plastic Carrier bags 
  • Bubble wraps
  • Kraft Paper Rolls

We use all the above to make sure that your weed crusher is not scratched or gets dust during shipping. Proper packaging also helps when it comes to counting the weed crushers.

4.5 What is the Main Procedure of Shipping a Weed Crusher?

Shipping Procedure
Figure 13. Shipping Procedure

Shipping a weed crusher within the county is very simple. All we do is package the weed crusher and after the payment is confirmed and ship it to the required address.

When it comes to overseas shipment then the process is not that simple that’s why it takes longer for your weed crusher to get to you.

You can find all the information on our website on how to ship goods outside the country and overseas.

4.6 Is it Possible to Change the Delivery Address?

Yes, it is possible to change your delivery address for your weed crusher but this can only be done after canceling the previous order and starting one more.

To avoid this you should be very careful while filling in your details.

4.7 Do you use Different Shipping Companies to Ship Your Weed crusher?

Yes, we only use trusted shipping companies that are well known in the world. We also allow our customers to use their preferable shipping companies.

In case something happens when you are using a shipping company that is not among the ones we recommend then we will not be liable.

4.8 Can I be Able to Track my Weed Crusher Order?

Tracking Weed Crusher
Figure 14. Tracking Weed Crusher

On our website page, once you have signed into your account, you can click on the order status menu. You will be able to see your order is in transit and when it will arrive.

Alternatively, you can simply call our helpline and give us the cargo number and we will be able to confirm it for you.

4.9 At What Time do you Make Deliveries?

We make deliveries at all times so long as your order has arrived, we will be able to ship it as soon as possible. 

When your order is placed at night we will be able to do the shipping early in the morning, if it is made in the morning then your weed crusher will be shipped within one hour.

4.10 Is my Weed Crusher Secured During Shipping?

Yes, your weed crusher is in safe hands during shipping. Our drivers are well trained and are rest assured to receive it in one piece.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Return and Replacement Policy
Figure 15. Return and Replacement Policy

5.1 What should I do if my Weed Crusher is damaged?

You are supposed to notify us as soon as possible to get it replaced. 

5.2 Is There a Replacement Policy?

Yes, there is a replacement policy in case your weed crusher gets lost during transit. In case the weed crusher that you ordered is not in stock then you will get a full refund.

5.3 How long does Replacement and Return take?

The replacement of your weed crusher takes only 2 to 3 hours once you have notified us through our website but a return will take a couple of days as we process your money back.

5.4 Who should you Notify If your Weed Crusher is Damaged?

You are supposed to inform us immediately via email and provide pictures of the damaged weed crusher then send it back to us for a replacement.

5.5 Can you Track Your Replacement Weed Crusher?

Yes, you can do this by either using the tracking number or using our website

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellation and Refund
Figure 16. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Do you Offer Refunds?

Yes, refunds are only given when the weed crusher is damaged or missing a part.

6.2 How Much Money Can I be refunded?

Yes, you can qualify for a refund but the amount to be refunded will depend on the policy of cancelation.

6.3 How Long Does it Take for Cancellation and Refund to be Valid?

Once you have canceled your order it takes at least 5 to 6 working days for you to receive your refund.

6.4 What Will Happen If My Cancellation Does Not Go Through?

In this case, your weed crusher will be shipped and once you receive it you can email us and find a way forward.

6.5 How Can You Cancel Your Weed Crusher Order?

You can cancel your order by writing an email to us or visiting our website, select the order you would like to cancel and click on the cancel bar.

Send us a free inquiry request