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Foison Metal the Best Shop to Buy High-Quality Metal Weed Grinders

Foison Metal takes pride as the number one supplier of high-quality metal weed grinder bulk in China. Our skills in manufacturing high-quality metal grinders are proven with commitment and integrity, which sets us apart from other wholesaler companies.  

We believe in providing the highest level of customer service along with the most innovative and effective grinders at an affordable price. We have a team of trained and skilled professionals who are responsible for taking care of the product quality and shipments.

We can manufacture any design and specifications of your customers, you can make sure that you will find anything you are looking for here.

Things You Should Know About Us


Foison Metal is known for its capability to deliver weed grinder bulk in 7-10 days guaranteed to be faster than other companies


We make sure that our online process is easy to use making it convenient for you whichever part of the world you are in


Foison Metal team is reliable and consistent in delivering high-quality weed grinders


Metal weed grinder bulk from Foison Metal is durable, effective, and budget-friendly to support your business


We are a B2B wholesale company that guarantees each grinder delivered has a consistent quality

Expansive Selections

We offer a wide range of selections in customizing weed grinders including the type of materials, colors, and design


Foison Metal’s weed grinders are manufactured with premium quality materials that guarantee the longevity of the product

Friendly Support

Here at Foison Metal, our representatives are available 24/7 to assist you with your needs in regards to your orders

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal, Where You Can Purchase the Most Durable and Affordable Weed Grinder Bulk in China

Metal Weed Grinder Bulk

Weed grinder is manufactured with premium metals to ensure the longevity of the product

Wholesale Metal Grinders Bulk

You can purchase your high-quality metal weed grinders at a wholesale price

China Weed Grinder Bulk

Foison Metal distributes bulk weed grinders in China manufactured with premium materials

Custom Weed Grinder Bulk

We customize weed grinders depending on your preference and requirements

Know More About Us

Foison Metal is a business-to-business wholesale distributor of weed grinder bulk. Our metal grinders are the perfect tool for every smoking arsenal and a must-have item for every store.

Our experienced representatives will work with you throughout the process of designing your weed grinder bulk orders up to the shipment to make sure that you will get the demands of your customers.

Why Foison Metal Product is Trusted?


Our weed grinders are manufactured using high-quality materials that are made to last for decades


Foison Metal manufacture weed grinders to the exactness and accuracy of your desired appearance


Foison Metal’s team made sure that you will receive your weed grinders that serve their purpose


Here at Foison Metal, we partner with you to make original and effective designs for your customers

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Foison Metal Strives to Promote Quality Service Along with Premium Weed Grinder Bulk

Foison Metal’s vision is to manufacture metal weed grinders that makes cutting weed easy for a quick and smooth smoking experience. Our goal is to make our business unit functional to manufacture different types of weed grinder bulk to provide you with the convenience to choose from a wide range of selections for your customers worldwide.

Weed Grinder Bulk FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is a Weed Grinder Bulk?

Weed grinders are instruments that are used to grind weed into fine particles so that they can be easily rolled.

1.2 What Materials Are Used to Make the Weed Grinder Bulk?

Figure 1. Weed Grinder Bulk

Materials used to make the weed grinder(bulk) include;

  • titanium
  • aluminum
  • stainless steel.

1.3 What Is the Advantage of Using a Grinder to Grind Your Weed Bulk?

When you grind your weed using a grinder you get the flavor out of the weed. To reveal the flavor surface area needs to be increased and the work of the grinder is to increase the surface area so you can experience all the flavor.

1.4 How Do You Use the Weed Grinder Bulk?

  • Clean the grinder
  • Place the weed in the separate plates in the grinder
  • Place the plates together and then spin the grinder until you get the desired grind. While grinding you need to keep checking how much more you need to grind so that you can get your final grind.
  • Open your grinder carefully and pour out the already ground weed clear and dry the grinder before storage.

1.5 In What Sizes Do the Weed Grinder Bulk Come In?

Figure 2. Size of Weed Grinder Bulk

The weed grinders come in sizes of 4 inches, 4 1/2inches, 5 inches 7 inches and the largest one is 9 inches

1.6 Is Weed Grinder Bulk Legal?

Weed grinder bulk is not legal in countries that weed is illegal but since the grinder can also be used to grind other things then it doesn’t have many restrictions.

1.7 Can You Use the Weed Grinder Bulk to Grind Anything Else?

 A weed grinder can be used to grind spices and tobacco. Also used to grind herbs used for medicinal purposes.

1.8 How Can You Repair the Weed Grinder Bulk If Faulty?

Weed Grinder bulk like other machines gets faulty and we help pinpoint the most faulty parts and how to repair them. The various parts include:

  • Can’t lock spindle to change grinding wheels

If you can’t lock the spindle to change the grinding wheels on your grinder, you should check the wrench, spring, cap, shoulder pin, button, and more. You can save yourself the cost of repairing and do it yourself by following the manual provided.

  • Bad vibration

A grinder with bad vibration is difficult to handle. Take a look at the parts we have suggested as being the most common parts associated with a bad vibration. Once you have found the parts, read our tips for how you can fix this yourself.

  • Excessive sparks from motor

Seeing sparks coming from the motor of your grinder is a concern, but fortunately, it is something you can fix. We have made the process of diagnosing your power tool as easy as possible with a repair guide aimed to help you narrow down the part in question. Start by inspecting the carbon brush, armature, holder, and springs.

  • Motor spins but the grinding wheel doesn’t

If the motor spins but the grinding wheel doesn’t on your grinder, chances are that one of these parts will need to be replaced: the gears, flange, spindle, and coupler.

  • Smoke from tool

Seeing smoke coming from your grinder is a sure sign that a repair is needed. Parts that bring about this are the carbon brushes, armature, field, power cord, and switch. Hence use our repair guide manual to fix yourself.

1.9 How Fine of a Ground Does the Weed Grinder Bulk Produce?

The texture and consistency of the weed grinder bulk matter when it comes to grinding weed. For it to be smoked efficiently, weed requires a particular fineness in its grind. if you grind it too much you may spoil the grind. overly grind weed will not burn well.

1.10 Are The Counterfeit Weed Grinder Bulk?

Figure 3. Original Weed Grinder Bulk

There is no counterfeit weed grinder bulk. We manufacture quality and we have quality control procedures which we use to create a durable product that no one can counterfeit.

1.11 Where Is the Weed Grinder Bulk Made?

Our weed grinder bulk is made in China. That is where all our products come from so if you get any showing that it has been manufactured somewhere else then it is not our product. 

1.12 How Do You Clean Your Weed Grinder Bulk?

After the purchase of your weed grinder(bulk) before your first use, you need to do a thorough cleaning. This is so as not to get any unrequired residue on your weed while grinding it.

You will need to be cleaning the grinder regularly to avoid mixing your fresh product with stale product.

1.13 What Are the Different Types of Weed Grinder Bulk?

There are different types of weed grinder bulk the grinders are;

  • A hand grinder; is a hand-operated device containing teeth on the plates which by rotating against each other, grinds the product. hand grinders are mostly made using aluminum, hard plastics. You can also find a wooden hand grinder.
  • Novelty grinders; some grinders are not made for the grinding job. they can be just for decorative purposes and they are made from poor materials.
  • Dry herb grinder; some grinders are specifically made to grind dry weed. the dry herb grinder is light duty and cannot be used as an all-purpose grinder.
  • Bud grinder; this type of grinder needs to be powerful enough as it is used to grind the marijuana buds. the buds contain oils and moisture and because of this, the grinder must be solid.
  • 4-Piece grinder; it has several parts for different grinding components. the four parts are alternating grinding plates with teeth, a screen that filters grind by the scale, and a separate compartment that catches kief.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 4. Design and Customization of Weed Grinder Bulk

2.1 What Kind of Packaging Does the Weed Grinder Bulk Come In?

Since we shipping in bulk our customers get to choose the type of packaging, they require their order to be delivered in. We also offer gift packaging for our clients if you want to gift someone our weed grinder(bulk).

2.2 Can You Get a Customized Weed Grinder Bulk?

Yes, you can get a customized grinder. Our clients are allowed to submit their customization ideas as they make their order of grinders. Different types of customizations have different prices. 

The prices for customization range from USD 10 to USD 15 depending on the type of customization, the labor required to make it, and the material used.

2.3 What Colors Do the Weed Grinder Bulk Come In?

The weed grinders come in any color the customer wants. you can also submit different colors or a mixture of colors that you want on your weed grinder bulk. Some of the colors include;

  • Red
  • Blue 
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Violet

2.4 How Durable Are the Weed Grinder Bulk?

The time and period a weed grinder needs to last depends on the material used to make the weed grinder bulk. The grinders are made to last for a very long time. Also, how the buyer maintains the weed grinder(bulk) will depend on how long the grinder will last.

2.5 Are There Limits While Customizing a Weed Grinder Bulk?

There is no limit to our customization. We welcome new ideas of customization and we take our client’s ideas seriously as they also help us in producing quality grinders that are up to our client’s satisfaction.

2.6 Do You Offer Branded Packing For Your Weed Grinder Bulk?

Yes. We offer branded packing to our customers. Branded packing meaning if a client has a business/ company and wants the logo, trademark of their business to appear on the packaging of the grinder. You have to apply for this while making an order and you shall incur extra charges for this service.

2.7 Do You Offer Sample Models Before You Produce the Real Weed Grinder Bulk as Ordered?

Figure 5. Samples of Weed Grinder Bulk

Sample models are offered to the client who wants a customized order of weed grinder bulk. The samples are sent to the client for approval before the start of manufacturing the grinders.

The client can make as many corrections as they want on the sample to meet their required standards and our quality control officers go through the designs with the client to advise them on the best option.

2.8 How Many Designs Does the Weed Grinder Bulk Come In?

Grinders come in very many designs since we choose the designs specifically and with purpose. We must choose categorically because of taste and preference. The preferences vary from one client to another client from different social classes.

2.9 Why Are Not All Designs the Same?

They are not the same because of the customization of various clients who want unique designs. The weed grinder bulk is not the same also because of the material used to make the grinder.

They are not the same since we also have a standard design for our grinders and we do not tend to divert so much from our designs.

2.10 Can You Order an Unpainted Weed Grinder Bulk?

We provide our clients with what they see fit for them. Our stores and websites have various kinds of grinders those that are painted in different colors and those with no color.

You can get an unpainted grinder. The aluminum grinder is the only one that can be ordered unpainted.

2.11 Are Your Designs Chosen Specifically Or Randomly In A Procedure To Making The Weed Grinder Bulk?

Our designs are chosen with specific precision of the procedure of utilization. Also, the standard procedure required by the governing bodies must be strictly followed and observed as far as design is concerned.

2.12 Do You Share Your Customized Ideas For Weed Grinder Bulk?

Figure 6. Customizing Weed Grinder Bulk

There will always be enough room for personalization, which has helped us move to the next level of modern security.

Weed grinder bulk is commonly used and you will need one or two ideas to achieve a perfect, flawless exchange spirit.

2.13 Can I Get Weed Grinder Bulk In All Sizes?

Yes, you can get weed grinder bulk of all sizes according to the customer’s request. We issue labels according to standard measurements and customer specifications.

2.14 Do You Have Different Design Categories Of Weed Grinder Bulk?

Different categories and designs of weed grinder bulk are used to achieve uniqueness in each product. A client may come up with his design and work together in seeing that the results are satisfying.

2.15 What Are Your Standard Sizes And Are There Size Limitations?

Usually, there are no standard sizes put in place to use. Sizes most of the time vary with the client specifications. Size cut across and vary from one product to the other.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 How Much Does the Weed Grinder Bulk Cost?

The weed grinders cost;

  • 4 inches@ USD 20
  • 1/2 inches @USD 23
  • inches@ USD 25
  • 7 inches@ USD 30
  • 9 inches@ USD 40
Figure 7. Order and Payment

3.2 How Do You Order and Pay For The Weed Grinder Bulk?

To make an order of the weed grinder bulk you can walk into our stores or order online via our website.

You make your payments either using your credit cards, cash, PayPal, visa cards, or T&T. 

What Form of Payment Do You Use as The Payment Method?

We receive our payments using;

  • PayPal
  •  Visa cards and master cards
  •  T&T

3.3 Is There Any Limit to What A Client Can Order?

There is a limit to what you can order. We only deal in wholesale orders hence you can’t order less than 100 pieces of our weed grinders.

100 pieces are equivalent to one box of weed grinders. One box is the minimum while there is no maximum number to what you can order.

3.4 What After-Sale Services Do You Offer After Ordering of The Weed Grinder Bulk?

Since we only allow bulk orders, we don’t offer after-sale services. once you’ve made your order of weed grinders we pack and ship to you to our designated warehouses where you pick the order yourself.

3.5 Which Is the Most Convenient and Quick Way To Pay For Your Order Of Weed Grinder Bulk?

Figure 8. Convenient way to pay for Weed Grinder Bulk

The most convenient way to make an order is to walk into our stores and make your order. the quickest and hassle-free method is using our website where you can order and pay for your grinder at the comfort of your home either by using your phone or computer to make the order wherever you are.

3.6 Are There Any Terms and Conditions While Ordering for The Weed Grinder Bulk?

The conditions for ordering weed grinders are;

  •  You cannot order less than one cartoon of weed grinders
  • For customized orders you shall provide the necessary details for your customization you must show us your tax payment records since the orders are in bulk.
  • You provide your contact details; email, telegram, or telephone contacts.

3.7 Do You Require Any Documents While Making and Paying for The Order of The Weed Grinder Bulk?

We require you to provide your tax compliance documents your identification number.

These are the only documents you require while making an order of weed grinders.

3.8 Do You Have Customer Care Service?

We do have customer service, the contacts for our customer care agents are on our email, which is also found on the website.

We also have our agents in different countries where our customers can reach them physically for any queries.

3.10 How Will You Confirm That the Order and Payment Are Done Successfully?

Once you have made your order and paid for it, we will send you an email confirming that the order is successful.

The email will consist of an order number that you will use to track your shipment once it is in transit.

3.11 Are There Any Extra Costs Incurred While Making An Order For The Weed Grinder Bulk?

Figure 9. No hidden costs on Weed Grinder Bulk

Extra costs are only applied on customized weed grinder bulk orders.

For customized orders, there is an extra charge of USD 10 to USD 20 depending on the quality of the customization done.

Extra costs may also apply if you want to cancel or change your customized order

3.12 How Long Does It Take to Make an Order of Weed Grinder Bulk?

When you make your order by walking in our stores the process of making and paying for an order will take a max of 5mins.

If you make the order on our website, depending on the traffic on our website it will take you a maximum of 10 minutes to complete it. That includes making your order and paying and the confirmation to be done successfully.

3.13 Can You Cancel an Order of Weed Grinder Bulk?

Yes, you can cancel your order, only if you made the order in error. or when making your order on our website and there’s a lot of traffic so your order hangs before you complete then you can cancel.

You can also cancel your order before receiving your payment confirmation. You cannot cancel your order once it is in transit or for customized orders when you have completed looking at your samples and your order has started being processed.

3.14 Do You Have to Be Eighteen to Be Able to Make an Order of Weed Grinder Bulk?

Yes. for you to make an order of weed grinder bulk you must show that you are 18years and above. This will be confirmed when you give your payment details as you will be required to give identification to ensure you are 18 years.

If you go to our stores you will have to produce physical identification that you are 18 years and above.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 What Are the Shipping And Delivery Options You Offer?

Our freight options include; air and water for international orders local orders we use our trucks or airplanes.

Since we only deal in bulk orders of weed grinders, we will ship your weed grinder bulk using our partner couriers. 

4.2 How Secure Are the Weed Grinder Bulk During Shipping?

We have a huge client list hence to ensure they are well treated and satisfied we ensure your orders during transit are safe.

The shipment is also insured to ensure that in case anything happens to the shipment while in transit our customers can be well and promptly compensated.

4.3 How Are the Weed Grinder Bulk Packaged During Shipping?

The grinders are packed in containers that are sealed by us and shall not be unsealed until they are delivered to the customer.

4.4 Which Carriers Do You Use For Shipping Of The Weed Grinder Bulk?

The carriers we use include: 

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • UPS

We offer our customers an option to choose their preferred carriers if they don’t like the ones we offer, but in case their choice of carrier does not have or fees is not in tandem with ours the customer shall incur an extra charge to ensure they pay for the carrier.

4.5 How Long Does the Shipping of The Weed Grinder Bulk Take?

Figure 11. Shipping time for Weed Grinder Bulk

Shipping takes a different duration depending on the route. Here are some of the durations the shipment is expected to take in different routes;

  • EUROPE a max of 2weeks from the time of making an order
  • ASIA route 4 weeks from time of making an order
  • AFRICA 6 weeks from the time the order was made.
  • AMERICAS 5 weeks from the time order was made.

4.6 How Long Do You Have After Delivery For You To Pick Your Order Of Weed Grinder Bulk?

We advise our customers to pick their orders of weed grinder bulk as soon as they are delivered. But in case of unavoidable circumstances, we allow a max of 1 month for one to pick their order at our delivery points. 

At the lapse of one month, the order of weed grinder bulk is considered canceled.  The amount paid by the customer is back to their account minus the shipping fee.

4.7 Can You Track the Shipment of Your Order Of Weed Grinder Bulk?

Yes, you can track your shipment through the order number you were given after making payment. Though you won’t be tracking your order specifically you will be tracking the container in which your weed grinder was placed.

On our website, we also give you an update of the shipment every 50kilometres until the shipment is delivered. In case of any delays, you shall be informed where the delay is and what’s causing the delay.

4.8 What Remedies Do You Have To Ensure Shipping And Delivery Is Done On Time?

Before we embark on the shipping of your orders, we always ensure we have checked everything from weather, transit route, and the best carrier to deliver your weed grinders.

We check all this to ensure that we have the highest possible chance of ensuring that your orders are delivered on time. In case of any delay, you are informed via your email.  You can also check on our website using the order number you were given when paying for the weed grinder.

4.9 Can You Change the Delivery Address?

You can change your delivery address at no extra cost only when you apply for the change in address while the weed grinder is still in transit.

Once they have arrived at their destination and you want to change the address then you will incur extra charges, to ensure your order is shipped to the new destination.

4.10 Which Is the Best Delivery Option That You Can Advise Your Client To Use?

All our delivery options are well-vetted and are all reliable.

In case a client has a different delivery option then they are free to bring it up but they will have to foot any extra charges that may be incurred by this change in delivery option.

4.11 What Recourse Does A Client Have If The Shipment Is Delivered Defective?

Figure 12. Return of Defective Weed Grinder Bulk

If a shipment is delivered defective, the client is to contact our customer care using the contact details provided as soon as they notice that the order is effective.

Applying to our website directly may take time hence we advise that you contact customer care.  You can also walk into one of our stores with the defective weed grinder bulk and the necessary documents that you used to pay with the order.

4.12 What Are Your Working Hours?

Our workings hours are from 8 am to 8 pm every day of the week, except on different public holidays in the different states that we are hosted in.

4.13 How Frequent Can a Client Keep Track of Their Order of Weed Grinder Bulk During Transit?

Client can keep track of their shipment as often as they can. Provided you have the order number you can track your shipment anytime.

4.14 What Happens In Case Of A Delay In Delivery?

In case of a delay, you shall receive an email telling you the reasons for the delay and if there is any change in the delivery time.

4.15 What Are the Time Frames for Processing and Delivery?

  • Africa 6 weeks
  • Americas (north and south) 7 weeks
  • Asia 5 weeks
  • Europe 3 weeks

4.16 What Happens If You Can’t Track Your Weed Grinder Bulk Order?

If you can’t track your order, contact our customer care and you should provide them with the order number and you will be able to get the assistance you need.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 13. Return and Replacement of Weed Grinder Bulk

5.1 How Long Does the Replacement of Weed Grinders Process Take?

Once you apply for the replacement, it does not take long. It takes 15 working days and you will get an email to confirm the process is successful.

5.2 Are There Guidelines to The Replacement Process?

Yes, there are guidelines that you will find on our website. The guidelines are:

  • Go to our website and select the return option.
  • Select your reason for replacement and confirm.
  • Then take the weed grinder bulk to our store or any of our registered distributors near you.

5.3 When Will You Receive a Replacement Delivery of Weed Grinder Bulk After Making a Request?

Once you have raised the replacement request of weed grinder bulk our customer service will investigate and initiate a replacement process. 

You will receive an email advising you of the estimated delivery date. Based on customer location delivery span varies.

5.4 What Are the Guidelines for Replacement and Returns of The Weed Grinder Bulk?

When you have done the replacement, you return the weed grinders in the boxes they came in. Then confirm you have done your replacement through our website with the order you used to purchase the weed grinder bulk.

In case of a return order, you place the grinders back to their package boxes, then place your return claim through our website.

Replacement and returns orders for our local clients can come directly to our stores. While our international clients can go to their point of delivery and return the weed grinders for your replacement and return order.

5.5 Can One Return Defective Weed Grinder Bulk?

Yes, we have time limits that you agree on in the terms and conditions section. You are allowed to claim your replacement and return within that time frame from the delivery date. The time frame is always 21 days from the delivery date.

We have procedures to assist you:

  • Package your return items in the packaging boxes they came in and ensure they are secure to avoid further damage.
  • Then go to our website and place the order of replacement or return of the weed grinders.
  • And finally, take the package to our nearest store near you or where you picked your deliveries for your replacements and return.

5.6 Can You Request for A Replacement of The Weed Grinder Bulk?

You will be eligible to get a replacement of weed grinder bulk if;

  • The weed grinder has been received in its original condition
  • The weed grinder is received product packaging along with supporting documentation.
  • A replacement request is made within 48 hours of receipt of the delivery of the order of weed grinders.
  • Our examination of the weed grinder shows a defect that qualifies the device for replacement.

5.7 What Is Your Return Policy?

Figure 14. Return Policy for Weed Grinder Bulk

There are various policies on our website concerning the returns policies. The items will be returned if:

  • If there is a lack of stock in the specific or similar product in an appropriate condition as requested.
  • If the weed grinders are confirmed to have been lost during shipping.
  • You have to ensure that you notify us via our customer services that you want to return the weed grinder 48 hours after receiving the shipment.
  • You have to return the weed grinders with the transaction receipt you used to pay for the weed grinder bulk.

5.8 Does One Get a Refund When They Return the Weed Grinder Bulk?

We offer refunds but on certain conditions:

  • If the weed grinder were damaged during shipping.
  • If the weed grinders were of the unexpected quality as ordered by the customer.

5.9 What Happens If the Replacement of The Grinder Does Not Go Through?

We have improved our systems in a way that no such inconveniences occur but in case it happens, we have our customer care services on our website. You can contact them and get assistance.

5.6 How Does One Get to Return the Weed Grinder Bulk When They Ordered from Overseas?

Figure 15. Return of Weed Grinder Bulk

On our website, some procedures are outlined to assist in that. The procedures outlined are:

  • Go to our website and select the return option.
  • Select your reasons for the return and confirm
  • Then one can take the weed grinders to our registered distributors or where you picked your deliveries.

5.7 What Happens If One’s Replacement Or Return Does Not Reach Your Warehouse?

In case our client’s weed grinders don’t reach our warehouse then we will incur the cost of the lost return.

You must also show documentation that you successfully placed your replacement and return claim.

5.8 Can One Request a Replacement If the Quality of The Weed Grinder Bulk Received Is Not as Ordered?

As a company, we have our clients’ interests at hand and we value our clients. Hence if the quality of the weed grinders is not what our client sees fit, our customer care staff are there to listen to you. Also, you can order a replacement.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best services and products. Hence our quality control team always ensures that your order of weed grinder is the best quality.  Sticking to your desires fully hence you will have minimal quality issues on the weed grinder.

5.9 Are There Challenges Faced During Return And Replacements Of The Weed Grinder Bulk?

There are no challenges faced since we as a company have improved our systems to prevent any inconveniences that come along with any challenges to come. And also, to be on the safe side we have ensured our stores and warehouses have stock for replacement.

5.10 When One Replaces the Weed Grinder Bulk, Do They Get the Exact Grinders They Had Previously Ordered For?

Yes, one gets the same weed grinders they ordered for before. We also advise our clients if they have any ideas that they want to be designed on their weed grinders they can contact our customer care, that way everyone is satisfied.

If you want to replace it with a new design from the previous order you have to incur extra charges.  The duration of delivery will also change as we have to ensure that we provide you with the best quality weed grinder.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 16. Refund and Cancellation Policy

6.1 What Reasons Is One Required to Have To Cancel An Order?

There are several reasons that we allow clients to request cancellation of products:

  • One can cancel an order if the weed grinders are being delivered to a different address.
  • One can cancel an order if the order of the weed grinder if the order was made wrongly.

6.2 Can You Cancel Your Order While In Transit?

You can’t cancel an order while in transit since you are always given duration of 24hours to ensure your order is the way you want it.

If it’s an emergency that you must cancel the order then you will have to be content with the remittance 75% remittance of your purchasing amount.

6.3 How Can You Claim A Refund?

  • When applying for a refund claim on your order of weed grinder, you go to our website, state the reason as to why you want a refund.
  • Your reasons must be in line with our refund policy 
  • If you have adhered to the policy then you can confirm your claim and wait for a confirmation email to be sent.
  • For walk-in customers, you can claim your refund from our designated stores and ensure you avail of the required documents. The documents include your purchasing order receipt and order number and a claim form stating the reasons for your claim of refund.
  • For walk-in customers, the claim will be processed in a period not more than 24hrs after successful placement of the claim.

6.4 Do You Incur Other Charges When You Claim for A Refund?

Figure 17. Refund Charges

You will incur additional charges only if you cancel and claim for a refund while your order of weed grinder is in transit.

6.5 What Duration Does It Take For A Successful Claim Of Refund?

For walk-in customers, a successful claim will take a minimum of 24hours and a maximum of 72 hours for the claim to be successfully refunded.

Online buyers the claim takes a maximum of 48hours for the claim to be successfully remitted back to you.

6.6 What Are the Modes of Refund Available After Cancelation?

Except for cash payment transactions, refunds are made to the payment mode or account that was originally used to make the transaction.

The refund shall be made in US dollars as that is our preferred choice of currency.

6.7 Can you cancel an order online before delivery?

No, you can’t once the order of weed grinder is in transit you can’t cancel the order.

If the order is not yet in transit then you can go to our website, check the status of your order, and cancel it. 

This is both for walk-in customers and international orders.

6.8 How Can I Cancel a Walk-in Order of Weed Grinder?

You can cancel your walk-in order by going to the exact store of weed grinder that you used to make the purchase and enquire more on how you can cancel the order.

6.9 Can A Cancelation and Refund Claim Be Denied?

Your cancelation and refund claim can be denied if;

The order is already in transit then automatically your claim will be denied.

If you took more than 48hours after making the order before you initiate the cancelation.

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