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 Foison Metal Consistently Produce World-Class Weed Grinder Custom that Satisfy the Demands of Your Business

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If you want a stylish weed grinder, this product is perfect for you!

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A bigger than a usual weed grinder with a trendy style.

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A very classy weed grinder that is made for customers who like simple designs.


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The Weed Grinder Custom FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Figure 1. Weed Grinder Custom

1.1 What is a Weed Grinder Custom?

In the cannabis culture, there is a dire need for smokers to break down the buds into movable particles. There are different ways that can be employed to make cannabis particles fit to be smoked. 

Some people opt to break down these buds using their bare hands. Yes, this process is efficient but do you reckon the amount of time you have to put in to grind the product? It takes ages only to obtain a sizable amount. 

This is where the weed grinder custom comes in. This is a small mechanical tool that breaks down dried and cured marijuana into workable particles. The device breaks it down into small pieces to allow you to roll it into a blunt. You can also load the marijuana on your pipe or bong after grinding. 

This weed grinder custom breaks down marijuana so that it can be smiled easily. Compact weed with large particles is a deal-breaker for many smokers. 

These grinders have different parts. One of the stand out compartments is known as the kief catcher. This is a compartment on the weed grinder custom that collects all the kief after grinding. 

Kief is a sticky substance that takes the form of crystals. It is found in a cannabis plant, especially in the leaves and flowers. After grinding your weed using the weed grinder custom, the kief is collected separately in this kief catcher. 

1.2 How Does the Weed Grinder Custom Work?

As we have seen, the main purpose of a weed grinder custom is to shred cannabis into smaller particles. The main aim is to increase the surface area of the cannabis, making the smoke to be more fulfilling. 

One might wonder how this weed grinder custom works? Basically, the weed grinder custom utilizes a magnet and a set of teeth to grind the cannabis. 

All you have to do is load your buds in smaller form, and rotate it several times. Just that and you have your cannabis ready to smoke. 

1.3 Why is a Weed Grinder Custom Important?

Figure 2. Importance of Weed Grinder Custom

Every weed smoker knows the importance of having well-ground weed to smoke. To begin with, smoking such weed is easier and more comfortable compared to the stiff particles. For one, the draw of smoke is smoother and the smiling experience better. 

Additionally, when you have a weed grinder custom, you won’t have to buy foreground weed. Instead, you will have the luxury to choose top-quality buds, load them on your weed grinder custom, then smoke them. 

Avoiding foreground weed is also good for you. There are times when you find that foreground weed that has been dried for a long time. It might have lost its taste or even gone stale. Instead, with your weed grinder custom, all you have to do is look for top-quality weed yourself. 

Additionally, having a weed grinder custom makes you feel more confident in yourself. A wee grinder custom can be designed in such a way that it has incorporated your information on it. This way, you will own it more and even enjoy grinding cannabis with it. 

1.4 Are There Different Types of Weed Grinder Custom?

Yes, there are. In fact, they are subdivided into groups according to their designs in the number of compartments. For example, for the number of compartments, they can be further subdivided into:

  • Four Piece three chambers grinders

This is a weed grinder custom most popular among regular cannabis users. As the name suggests, the weed grinder custom has three chambers.

When using it, the first chamber is the one that collects the bud being ground in the grinder while the second one collects the powdered cannabis. The third compartment is the one known as the kief catcher. 

This grinder is somehow confusing. A first-timer might find it hard to use it at first. However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t manageable. The only thing I am reminded to do is to check the kief composition now and then. 

  • Two-piece single chamber grinder

If you are out there to save your money while smiling regularly, this is the perfect weed grinder custom for you. In addition to being straightforward, this weed grinder customer has a relatively easy time. All you have to do is load your grinder and you will be good to go. 

The only downside about this type of grinder is the fact that it lacks a kief catcher. The kief will be suspended on the walls of the device. 

Another common type of weed grinder custom is the electric grinder. This might be more expensive compared to its mechanical counterparts. However, it is convenient and easy to use; you do not even have to rotate. 

However, these grinders have a downside; the electricity. It means that you can not carry it around and use it at any place; you require a power source. Unless you have a battery-powered weed grinder custom, there will be some inconveniences here and there. 

Lastly, there are the card grinders. These are the ones with a slick but basic design. Yes, it might not be so popular, but this weed grinder custom is one of the easiest comes to use.

Most people who buy card weed grinder custom do so because of their convenience when it comes to space. It is literally a card; just throw it in your pocket. 

1.5 Does a Weed Grinder Custom Have a Maintenance Procedure?

Figure 3. Maintenance of Weed Grinder Custom

Yes, they do. Just like any other device, a weed grinder custom needs maintenance services now and then.

One of the basic routine maintenance practices is keeping an eye on the kief catcher. This compartment collects kief gradually and might fill up any time. 

You can use this kief while smoking or to bake cookies. This is because they have THC content too!

Another thing you have to do is cleaning your weed grinder regularly. It is not advisable to allow your grinder to go for a long time without cleaning it. After some time, gummy deposits will start developing in the teeth chamber. 

Below is a step-by-step procedure of cleaning a weed grinder custom.

  • Get salt and isopropyl alcohol to help you get rid of the sticky substances. People who have interacted with marijuana for a long time will tell you that this is what they use for brings and smoke pipes too. 
  • For the kief and other sorts of debris collected in your weed grinder custom’s screen, get a brush to brush it off. 

For further maintenance, you can also put your weed grinder custom in a fridge or freezer. It softens the toughened-up stains that might not come out easily. 

However, there are times when even after cleaning the weed grinder custom for ages, the substances still accumulate. When you reach this point, it would be better to just purchase another grinder. 

1.6 Who Can Buy Weed Grinder Custom?

The truth is people use the weed grinder custom for varied reasons. some people might just decide to buy just for the sake of it. Others buy grinders to grind herbs and spices. 

To begin with, you should be of legal age to buy a weed grinder custom for yourself. The specific age will depend on the country you are in as well as the week grinder custom company selling you the grinders. 

1.7 What am I Supposed to Look For In a Weed Grinder Custom?

Before you buy yourself a new weed grinder custom, there are some key characteristics that you should look for. Just like any other tool, these factors differentiate between the best and the rest. 

Below are some questions that you can ask yourself before purchasing a grinder. 

  • How many teeth does the weed grinder custom have?
  • How sharp are these teeth and what shape do they assume?
  • Is the company I am buying for a trusted supplier?
  • What about the reviews concerning the weed grinder custom?
  • How many chambers does the weed grinder custom have? 
  • Is the weed grinder custom durable?
  • What material is used to make the weed grinder custom 
  • Is the weed grinder custom sealed?

1.8 What is the Main Advantage of Buying Weed Grinder Custom?

Figure 4. Advantages of Weed Grinder Custom

We have seen that when you grind the cannabis, you will be trying to make it into finer grains that have optimum airflow while smiling. Have you ever stuffed marijuana in your bowl and tried to smoke it? It is next to impossible. 

For this reason, a weed grinder custom comes in handy for you. For one, it allows for higher and stronger cannabinoid performance giving a more diminished experience. 

Yes, one can argue with the fact that you can just get a pair of scissors and chip the buds into small pieces. One of the main downsides of this practice is that you will end up taking a lot of time before you can obtain clean marijuana. 

Additionally, people who fancy vaping as a form of marijuana intake can experience the benefits 9f having a weed grinder custom first hand. For one, the finely ground cannabis allows all the terpenes and chemicals such as the cannabinoids to be accessed fully during the vaporization process. 

1.9 How Do I Use a Weed Grinder Custom?

If you are just sure of how to use a grinder, that should not worry you. Basically, the weed grinder custom has a basic and classic design, making it more intuitive. The process of grinding your cannabis is straight forward too. 

To begin with, you will have to break these buds into considerable sizes that can fit in between the teeth of the weed grinder custom. From here, you will then have to replace the lid. From here, you will just have to rotate the grinder back and forth until you obtain a fine powder. 

Different people have different preferences. For example, some will generally prefer the finest of particles while others opt for the larger particles. The number of rotations you make will be based on your preference. 

Some weed grinder customs have a place where you can look through to see the extent to which the weed has been ground. Such grinders can come in handy, especially if you prefer finely ground weed. It minimizes the hassle of opening the grinder every now and then to confirm whether it has been ground to your preference. 

Additionally, if you are using the 3 piece grinder, the ground weed falls through and is collected by a catching chamber. 

1.10 How Can I Use my Weed Grinder Custom to Achieve Maximum Yield of Kief?

As we have mentioned, kief is collected by the kief catcher. It can be used to enhance a high when smiling it even to bake weed cookies and edibles. This is because it has a high content of THC on its own. 

If you are a person who fancies collecting a lot of kief from your weed grinder custom, you know that it can involve quite a series of waiting games. It generally depends on how frequently you use your grinder too!

The best weed grinder custom to help you collect maximum kief is one with an in-built kief catcher. If your grinder does not have one, the method of the collection might not be for you. 

Below is the procedure you can follow to collect maximum kief. 

  • Start by clearing all the kief that has accumulated in the kief catcher. You can do so with the help of a scraping item. Remove any material that has already been grounded from the center chamber. 
  • Take a coin and place it in the center chamber. Ensure that the coin rests perfectly on the base of this chamber. 
  • After that, take your weed grinder custom and place it in a freezer. Let it rest there for 20-30 minutes. 
  • Remove your weed grinder custom and shake it vigorously. 

One might wonder, how does such a technique help you to get a higher yield if kief? This is because the cold temperature reduces the tenacity and clinging of the kief to the walls of your weed grinder. When you remove the grinder from the freezer and shake it, the coin will dislodge the kief from the walls. 

1.11 What Type of Weed Grinder Custom Will Work for Me?

Figure 5. Types of Weed Grinder Custom

There are different types of weed grinder customs, and they can get the job done for you. What you have to consider is the type of material used to make the weed grinders. 

  • Metal 

Weed grinder custom, made of metal is one of the most reliable grinders that you can find in the market. For one, it is highly durable and can serve you for quite a long time. Additionally, being metallic, the teeth will grind out your weed within a short time. 

One of the metals used is titanium. A titanium grinder has the sharpest teeth among grinders. No bud, no matter how tenacious it appears to be, can survive the sharpness of this grinder. The good thing about it is that even after using it for a long time, the grinder will remain viable and functional. 

Another metallic material used is aluminum. Compared to titanium grinders, aluminum grinders are cheaper. However, you have to put in a lot of scrutinieswhile buying this weak grinder custom. This is because aluminum is available in different grades, and choosing the higher grade is the best option. 

Additionally, keep in mind that poor-quality aluminum can leave little aluminum clippings in your weed. Therefore, ensure that you get the best of the best. 

On the plus side, aluminum weed grinders are easy to clean and maintain. They are perfect to carry around even when you are traveling. 

Lastly, there is a weed grinder customized for stainless steel. These are not quite as common but have the tendency to grind your weed perfectly and with longevity. The teeth in the weed grinder custom are sharp. 

  • Wood

Yes, there are some weed grinders made of wood. However, most people who opt for this type of weed grinder custom do so considering the style. This is because, compared to other grinders, wooden grinders are not very efficient. 

However, tons of talented woodworkers create weed grinder custom. They are ornately carved and have a firm grip on them. The rustic aesthetic says it all. 

  • Plastic

Weed grinder custom made of plastic is the most affordable option out there. However, the smoking community has deemed most of them as the least effective. 

One thing about plastic grinders is that they struggle with durability. Yes, they will grind weed for you perfectly in the first few days. However, later they will fail to keep up with the work and start becoming less effective. 

However, they also have some advantages. For example, a plastic weed grinder custom is the ideal option for you if you are just getting started with smoking weed and grinding cannabis. 

Additionally, contrary to the metal weed grinder custom, plastic weed grinders cannot rust. It does not matter how regularly you clean it; once you wash off the dirt, it will be as good as new. 

Lastly, they can still get you results, especially if you are grinding marijuana for your personal use. They might not be ideal for grinding a lot of marijuana, but they will still get the job done. 

  • Acrylic grinders

This type of weed grinder custom is fashioned from materials closely ‘related’ to plastic. However, these grinders are more affordable and are easy to clean. Just like their plastic counterparts, they do not require a lot of maintenance services.

1.12 Are Teeth Important in a Weed Grinder Custom?

Yes, they are. hey are the most vital part of a grinder; they are the literal grinders. The efficacy of a grinder will depend on the teeth fitted on it. 

There are different types of teeth. For example, you can find diamond-shaped teeth (the most preferred option), peg-style teeth, and even square-shaped teeth. 

1.13 What Material is the Best for Weed Grinders?

It depends on the task you want to carry out with the grinder. In addition to large-size grinders, aluminum grinders are the best for large-scale marijuana grinding. 

1.14 Can A Wood Grinder Serve Me for a Long Time?

As we had mentioned, a wood grinder serves the aesthetic purposes more than the actual grinding purposes. This is because wood is not such a tough material compared to metal. However, the grinder can still serve you for many months, especially if you are not a regular smoker.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 6. Design and Customization of Weed Grinder Custom

2.1 What are the Main Features to Look Out For When Buying Your Weed Grinder Custom?

There are different preferences for different people. However, it is advisable to check out some of the basic features before buying weed grinder custom. This includes

  • The magnetic closures

This is an important aspect to look at when looking for the perfect herb grinder. Magnetic grinders come in handy especially for people who are looking forward to grinding a lot of cannabis, not necessarily to be smoked on a single sitting. 

The better the magnets, the tighter your weed will be held. This goes a long way in avoiding spillage while grinding. 

  • Ease of use

Our weed grinder customs are made in such a way that it is easy to use them whenever you are grinding your cannabis. For example, a weed grinder custom to be used in a medical facility needs to be handy and easy to use to grind enough weed for the patients within the shortest time possible. 

To add to that, our grinders have a specially textured grip to allow you to rotate with a minimum of fuss. The designs are ergonomic and to die for too.

  • Built-in window

As discussed earlier, the window comes in handy by allowing you to easily monitor the grinding process and see how you are progressing. It allows you to keep track of the amount of marijuana that has already been ground and moved into the chamber. 

Are you one of those people who peep into the folder every second to see whether you are done grinding? If yes, a weed grinder custom with a viewing window would be the remedy for you. 

2.2 Is a Card Weed Grinder Custom a Good Option?

Some weed consumers will go beyond the typical weed grinder custom and decide to go for the card grinder. Also known as a grinder card, this weed grinder custom is ultra-thin and can get you results too. You grind marijuana with it the same way you grate cheese with a cheese grater. 

This card is small, often having the same size as a credit card. This means that you can insert it in your pocket and travel with it anywhere without inconvenience. You will have it with you in a very inconspicuous manner. You can even put it in your wallet. 

Additionally, this weed grinder custom is designed in such a way that makes it easy to clean. The thin design does not accumulate a lot of dirt. 

2.3 Do You Have Weed Grinder Custom in Different Sizes?

Yes, we do. Regular grinder users know that the size of a grinder matters a lot. For one, the size will dictate how comfortable you are with your grinder when rotating. 

If you just want a grinder to use all by yourself, a small one will come in handy. However, if you want a weed grinder custom that supplies a lot of people with ground wind, then a bigger weed grinder will be better. 

People who require medical use of marijuana will fancy big grinders. This is because they need it in large amounts over time to counter ailments such as dyslexia, pain, arthritis, and many others. 

2.4 Why Should I Buy Weed Grinder Custom From You?

Figure 7. Why you should buy Weed Grinder Custom

There are tons of weed grinder custom companies out there that can help you grind weed and elevate your smoking experience.

One thing about our weed grinder services is the fact that we use top-quality materials to make these grinders. Therefore, you are assured that the material you will be receiving is of high quality and can benefit you. 

Additionally, our grinders are durable. You can use a grinder for quite a long time. Compared to other grinders, our grinders have unmatched longevity. 

2.5 Do You Offer Customization Services on Your Weed Grinder Custom?

Yes, we do. In fact, we welcome most of our customers to place their orders with us so that they can own the weed grinder custom more. The fact you can have something of your liking included in the weed grinder custom will further improve your experience. 

2.6 Why Should I Buy Your Weed Grinder Custom instead of Weed that has Already Been Ground?

To begin with, preground weed is not always pure weed. You are not sure how long it has been; it might even be stale. 

However, with the weed grinder custom, you will be grinding weed all by yourself. This allows you to grind weed that you know is good for you. You will choose the best buds and grind them to the texture of your liking. 

Additionally, you will have a better smoking experience. This is because you will have the luxury to choose to what extent you grind your wind. 

The smell and flavor of freshly ground marijuana are also a great advantage for you. Firstly, more surface area of the cannabis will be exposed, releasing more flavor. 

2.7 How Good is Your Customization Service for a Weed Grinder Custom?

We have been customizing these grinders for quite a long time now. To be in the business for such a long time, you must have a street a thing or two about the trade. 

First of all, we use top-quality material to customize these grinders. This means that once you buy a customized grinder, you won’t have to worry about it fading or needing a replacement. 

However, for your grinder to stay in good shape, regular maintenance services are advisable. Always clean your grinder after using it several times. This means that dirt and kief won’t accumulate. Rust will also not accumulate. 

2.8 Do You Have Weed Grinder Custom in Different Sizes?

Yes. We understand that people use these grinders for varied reasons. This calls for grinders in different sizes. Therefore, we understand that you might want to grind weed in different amounts. 

Therefore, we avail weed grinder custom in different sizes. While browsing through our inventory, it will be relatively hard not to find a grinder that suits your preferences. Therefore, whether you want a big grinder or a small one, we are here for you. 

2.9 How Do You Customize Weed Grinder Custom?

We basically employ two main methods of printing, or, use of the laser to engrave text and ultraviolet printing.

2.10 What Determines How You Customize a Weed Grinder Custom?

The main thing to look out for is the material used to make your weed grinder. This basically means that the method that can be employed while customizing a wood weed grinder custom is not the same as the one used to engrave a custom text on a metallic weed grinder custom. 

2.11 Can I Get a Weed Grinder Custom in Different Colors?

Figure 8. Different Colours for Weed Grinder Custom

Yes, you can. When you log in to our website, you will realize that we have a wide range of these grinders. These include the types, sizes, and colors. 

This means that if you fancy a weed grinder of a specific color, chances are you can get it from us.

2.12 What Other Materials Can Be Used to Make Weed Grinder Custom?

In addition to aluminum, steel, and titanium, other metallic materials have been used to make these grinders. This includes: 

  • Zinc
  • Ceramic
  • Weed grinder custom with a matte coat

2.13 Is There A Limit to What Can be Included in the Customization Text?

In terms of content, it is up to you to submit the information that you deem suitable for yourself. We do not have control over your preference. Therefore, we will customize whatever you want on your weed grinder custom. 

However, in terms of length, there is a limit to the information that can be included. As we all know, the space available for customization does not have such a vast free space. It is just a face where a few words can be written on. 

2.14 What Would You Recommend, a Plastic Weed Grinder Custom or A Metallic Weed Grinder Custom?

This will mostly be limited to your preference. Everyone has their taste. However, when it comes to functionality, metal grinders are the best. In addition to longevity, the teeth are sharp and strong to grind cannabis fully.

2.15 Does the Number of Teeth Matter on a Weed Grinder Custom?

Yes, it does. In fact, it is important to note that the more the teeth, the more efficient the grinder. 

2.16 Does Your Weed Grinder Custom save on Weed?

Yes, it does. Each and every particle of your cannabis will be accounted for when using this grinder. The weed is enclosed tightly when grinding; no spillages whatsoever. 

2.17 Are these Weed Grinders Durable?

Yes, they are. Even though the longevity largely depends on your maintenance, the grinders will serve you for a long time. 

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 9. Order and Payment

3.1 Are You Only Limited to One Payments Method?

No, we are not. Our diverse company allows for multiple lament methods. These include credit cards, we get Pay, Cash, and even Alipay. 

3.2 Are Your Grinders Cheap?

Our products are very affordable. In fact, we offer the most pocket-friendly prices among suppliers. By ordering from us, you will be getting the best of deals. 

3.3 When Do I Pay for my Weed Grinder Custom?

Once you place your order, you will be requested to submit your payment details. From here, your order will be processed. 

3.4 When Do I Place an Order?

Our website is open 24 hours every day of the week. 

3.5 Is the Process of Order Placing Complicated?

No, it isn’t. Our website is user-friendly. 

3.6 How Much Does the Weed Grinder Custom Cost?

Figure 10. Cost of Weed Grinder Custom

The prices depend on different factors such as type and material. 

3.7 Do you Offer Discounts in Weed Grinder Custom?

It would be best to contact our customer care desk. They will explain the discount in detail. 

3.8 Am I Supposed to Pay Extra for My Designs?

No, you are not. It is absolutely free and you just pay for your weed grinder custom. 

3.9 Is Cash Accepted as a Mode of Payment?

Yes, it is. In fact, we also offer other payment services in addition to cash. 

3.10 Am I Supposed to Pay for Shipping?

Yes. However, the rates vary according to size and number.

3.11 Will I Be Notified After My Payment Has Been Accepted?

Yes. A notification with the details of your payment will be sent to you.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 11. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Can I Trust You to Deliver Many Weed Grinder Custom?

Yes. We have a trustable personnel that will ensure your package has reached you safely. 

4.2 How Good is Weed Grinder Custom Packaging?

We package our weed grinders very satisfactorily. As such, all the grinders will reach you in due time and in one piece. 

4.3 How Long Does it Take for a Package to Reach Me?

There are different factors in play here. For example, if your order requires a lot of customization, you will have to bear with us and wait for the customization services to be completed. 

Additionally, the conditions during the delivery will also matter. For example, the time that will be taken during delivery in autumn or spring won’t be the same as during winter. 

4.4 Are There Places that You Don't Deliver These Grinders?

We have a variety of customers coming from different parts of the world. Therefore, we have tried as much as possible to cover much ground and deliver in different places. 

However, it is important to first contact us for further advice. We will explain whether or not we deliver in your area. 

4.5 What Documents Do I Need Before Collecting My Delivery?

Figure 12. Documents for Shipping Weed Grinder Custom

There is no specific document to be presented. All we have to do is confirm that you are indeed the one who placed the order. Therefore, an identification card would come in handy.

4.6 Will I Pay Extra to the Delivery Agency?

No. Once you place your order, that’s it. 

4.6 What Happens if the Package Gets Damaged During Transit?

These cases are not so common since we have a well-structured delivery system. We take care of the packages. However, if this happens, we will take full blame for the delivery damage. 

4.7 Anything Else Needed Before Delivery?

No. Just anything to prove the weed grinder custom is yours. 

4.8 Will I Be Notified When my Delivery Arrives?

Yes, you will. Our communicating system is well established. We will notify you once the package arrives. 

4.9 How Sure Am I That the Delivery Will Be Correct?

Trust us and we will not disappoint you. All our previous customers have got their deliveries, you will too!

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 13. Return and Replacement

5.1 Do You Offer a Return Policy on Weed Grinder Custom?

Yes, we do. However, this is limited to some cases. For example, if we unintentionally delivered the wrong delivery or we packed defective grinders.

5.2 How Long Does it Take For a Return?

It depends on different factors. However, we will try as much as possible to minimize the time. 

5.3 What Can I do When I Receive the Wrong Package?

Please contact us as soon as this occurs. We will rectify the mistake promptly. 

5.4 How Will I Know that My Return has Arrived?

Figure 14. Weed Grinder Custom Return Notification

As stated earlier, we get to maintain a steady stream of communication. Therefore, we will keep notifying you as the process progresses. 

5.5 Is It Possible for Me to Return Grinders if they Don't Suit My Expectations?

Yes, it is. All you have to do is contact us and we will advise you on the necessary steps to take.

5.6 Is Your Policy on Returns Harsh?

No, it is not. We understand that mistakes can occur at any time. Therefore, we recommend that you always contact us with the complaint. We are dedicated to helping you, and we will try as much as possible to do so. 

5.7 Can I Get Replacements on Defective Grinders?

Yes, you can. communicate with us as soon as you notice this. 

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 15. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Do You Offer Cancellation Services?

Yes, we do. However, it is a step-by-step process but our customer care will handle that for you. 

6.2 Are there Refunds after Canceling an Order?

Yes, there is. After your order has been successfully canceled, your money will be returned in full.

6.3 Is it Possible to Order Again after Cancellation?

Yes, it is. You can place your order right after the previous one is canceled. 

6.4 How Will I Know that the Weed Grinder Custom Order has been Cancelled?

We will notify you once your order has been canceled. Additionally, we will refund you your money in full so that you can have a chance to place another order with us. 

6.5 What is the Order Cancellation Process?

Once you have realized that you want to cancel the order, you can notify us. From here, we will initiate the process of order cancellation. 

After the cancellation has been deemed successful, we will notify you so that you can place a fresh order. 

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