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Foison Metal is the leading supplier of metal products in the market worldwide. Having over thousands of customers, our company ensures the best quality products. 

Foison Metal offers remarkable designs from professionals that you need in a very stress-free transaction! Smoking herbs can be easier when the weeds are as fine as dust from now on.

To avoid the struggles of looking for tools that will pulverize the herbs, we offer you high-end quality and easy to use Weed Grinder For Sale! Our products will surely satisfy your interest with tons of product styles and designs to choose from!

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Our Weed Grinder For Sale are made of the best materials that we ensure to be rust-free always.


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Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Original Designs

In our company, we always provide one of a kind designs made by our very own professional designers.

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We think about the environment while making and producing you products.

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We are always open for your concerns, requests or any sudden unwanted situations and we will solve it for you.

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To meet the bulk orders and deadlines, we have a system that is well-managed to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

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Our company always pledges to serve you with the best that we can. We always want you to have a hassle-free transaction. From making a Weed Grinder for Sale order to delivery, our team ensures that we will do it as quickly as we can to entertain your needs! Hurry and Contact us!

The Weed Grinder for Sale FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Figure 1. Weed Grinder for Sale

1.1 What is a weed grinder for sale?

Weed grinder for sale is a small cylindrical container that is mostly made out of steel, aluminum, or plastics materials. It is forged to shred weed and herbs into finer particles but this type of grinder is designed for commercial use. 

Many weed grinder for sale is manufactured specifically for export to be used commercially unlike the domestic weed grinder that is used locally. 

1.2 What materials are used to make the weed grinder for sale?

The materials mostly used to make weed grinder for sale include:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • plastic

1.3 What is the advantage of using a weed grinder for sale to grind your weed?

The advantage of using a weed grinder for sale is that it speeds up and simplifies the process of separating dried herbs, making them easier to consume and even for easier packaging while in their finest state.

1.4 How much does the weed grinder for sale cost?

The advantage of using a weed grinder for sale is that it speeds up and simplifies the process of separating dried herbs, making them easier to consume and even for easier packaging while in their finest state.

1.5 How much does the weed grinder for sale cost?

Weed grinder for sale are in the price range, but cheap weed grinder for sale typically cost less than $ 10 to $ 25, while excellent ones typically go up to $ 100 in the quality of materials used.

1.6 How do you use the weed grinder?

Figure 2. Using Weed Grinder for Sale

A three-piece weed grinder for sale typically consists of two halves of the weed grinder for sale with sharp interconnected teeth and a chamber under the grate to hold the grated weed.

Once the weed is shredded, it can be used in hand-rolled blunts that use finely ground weed. or can be used in snuff. You have to separate the two halves of the grid and add a pinch of weed at the 12 o’clock, 4 o’clock, and 8 o’clock positions.

Push between the grinder’s teeth: If the weed is placed in the middle, the weed grinder for sale will not close. Press the weed and firmly press the lid of the grinder in the lower half. Keep the grinder straight and turn the lid forward and backward. Keep on turning it back and forth until the weed becomes smooth.

Turn the lid to one side: This is to make sure all the weed is grated. tap the bottom of the weed grinder for sale against a hard surface. to be sure that all the weed has been collected at the chamber. Remove the cover and bottom half of the grinder from the collection cabin.

Ready to use the finely grated weed: Some grinders have another room under the collection chamber, separated from the collection chamber by a good sieve. The second collecting chamber is made in a purpose to collect finer residues of weed that are mostly used as snuffs.

1.7 In what sizes do the weed grinder for sale come in?

It is also significant to estimate the size of the grinder. What you choose depends on your usage habits. Find what best goes with your needs. There are a variety of sizes.

  • Mini grinders – small grinders are usually 40 – 50 mm in diameter. They are ideal for those looking for something smart. Due to their small size, these towers are great for travel. Ideal for grinders who want to grind small portions at a time.
  • Medium-sized grinder– gives you more space to pull the material ground and are 62 – 70 mm in diameter. The grinders are strong and smart. Unlike a small-sized grinder, It can process 2-3 grams at a given time.
  • The larger grinders– large grinders have a diameter of 75 mm, which can be 110 mm or bigger. If you want to attract great material, this is your attraction. But you can’t put them in your pocket. They are for heavy users who want to consume 3.5 – 7 grams at a period. They can handle more than half a gram of material at a time. The size of the grinder has weight, quality and is long- lasting.

1.8 Is weed grinder for sale legal?

Figure 3. Legal Weed Grinder for Sale

Weed grinders are legal worldwide even in countries that prohibit the consumption of weed. This is because weed grinder for sale is not only used for grinding weed but for other purposes like:

  • Tobacco grinding
  • Spices grinding

1.9 Can you use the weed grinder for sale to grind anything else?

Apart from grinding weed. Weed grinder for sale is used in tobacco grinding, spices grinding, and also in herb grinding that is mostly used for medicinal purposes.

1.10 How can you repair the weed grinder for sale if faulty?

Weed grinder for sale, like other machines, have flaws, and we help identify most defective parts and how to repair them. The Different parts include: 

  • Failure to lock the grinding wheels’ spindle

If the spindle cannot be locked to change the grinding wheels at the grinder, check the wagon, spring, rifle, shoulder pin, tube, and so on. You can save repair costs and do the work yourself by following the guidelines provided.

  • State of vibration

It is difficult to process a weed grinder for sale with a bad vibration. Consider it one of the most common parts of a bad vibration. Once you find the details, go through our tips on how to repair and get going smoothly.

  • Smoking weed grinder for sale

Seeing smoke coming out of your grinder is a sign that you need repairs. The components causing this faultiness are carbon brushes, fittings, boxes, electrical wires, and keys. Therefore, repair yourself using our repair manual.

  • Abnormal sparks from the rotating mortar

It’s mind disturbing to see sparks from a grinder machine, but luckily, you can fix it. We came up with a way of diagnosing and repair of your weed grinder for sale without complex processes. helping to reduce the amount of money used to repair. Start by checking the carbon brush, fittings, handles, springs. And so on.

1.11 How fine of a grind does the weed grinder for sale produce?

The weed grinder for sale grinds weed plants into the finest particle that can ever exist. The finest particles of weed from the weed grinder for sale can be sniffed just like cocaine. Also, the weed grinder for sale is capable of grinding weed to the specific particle required.

1.12 Are there counterfeit weed grinder for sale?

Yes, there are so many counterfeit weed grinders for sale all over the globe. Our weed grinders for sale contain our logo engraved on the bottom of the grinder and a serial number incorporated with the QR code. You scan the QR code and it brings you all the information you require about the product. The counterfeit weed grinder will not have a correct QR code.

1.13 Where are you located?

We are majorly located all over the globe due to our offices being found everywhere because of the demand worldwide. But we have our headquarters located here in this country in the capital city.

1.14 What are the key features to look for while purchasing a weed grinder for sale?

Figure 4. Features of Weed Grinder for Sale
  • Quality of material used.

During the purchase of a weed grinder for sale, one is recommended to look for the materials used. Mostly we use the materials that we discussed earlier on which are aluminum, still, and acrylic. This is because the materials named are durable and of high quality.

  • Number of chambers

Get a weed grinder for sale that has more than three. This is because of the levels in the refinery to get a finer particle at the end.

  • The alignment and shape of the teeth

During the purchase of a weed grinder for sale, it is advised that you get one with diamond-shaped teeth. This is because of sharpness as a matter of concern that facilitates the proper grinding of weed. Also the spindle and wheel alignment matter a lot. When they are not in alignment you can be sure a miss in the teeth will appear. When there is a miss in the teeth, weed of finer quality cannot be achieved.

1.15 How do you clean your weed grinder for sale?

Step one is the disassembling of the parts in a weed grinder for sale. This includes the chambers the rotating gears and the teeth just to name a few

Step two consists of socking the parts of the weed grinder in alcohol. Alcohol is considered to be the best sterilizer for germs thus being the best reagent washing the grinder.

Step three is the literal washing of the parts of the grinder. Whereby using a small brush you scrub the parts clean.

Step four is where now water is involved in cleaning up the alcohol used. Take just a small amount of water and use a towel to make it wet that will be used to wipe off the alcohol.

1.16 What are the different types of weed grinder for sale?

The types of grinders that exist and we produce include:

  • The steel weed grinder is for sale.
  • The aluminum weed grinder is for sale.
  • The titanium weed grinder is for sale.
  • And the wood grinder that we rarely produce.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 5. Design and Customization of Weed Grinder for Sale

2.1 What kind of packaging does the weed grinder for sale come in?

Packaging entirely depends on the client’s specification and design. There are different types of packaging and they range from a variety of packages as from paper packaging to metal packaging.

We usually give several choices to our clients to get the design and liking of his package.

2.2 Can you get a customized weed grinder for sale?

Customization of weed grinders is our norm today. We prefer a client to have a customized weed grinder for the sake of uniqueness and style. The taste and preference of a client in our products matters a lot that is why we make sure that all our clients are satisfied.

2.3 What colors does the weed grinder for sale used during production?

The weed grinder for sale is always produced in almost any color. but the commonly used colors include:

  • Black.
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Silver
  • Blue

If you check well you will notice that the colors used are mostly stylish colors known as the colors of beauty in the world of fashion.

2.4 How durable is the weed grinder for sale?

Durability as discussed earlier entirely depends on the material used to make it. but we as usual use high-quality materials that can last for a lifetime without damage. Mostly aluminum and steel are the common materials used that have high corrosion resistance and are very durable.

2.5 Are there any limitations to customizing the weed grinder for sale?

There are of course limits to the customization amount we share with our clients and the outside world. For us to remain competitive with our competitors, limitations must be put in place. To remain afloat in the market certain customization of our brand and quality must be confidential.

2.6 Are your design styles chosen randomly or is there a process of getting to a design?

Figure 6. Designing Weed Grinder for Sale

Most of our designs are chosen specifically and with purpose. It is important we chose categorically because of the taste and preference. This taste and preference vary from client to client from different social classes and denominations.

2.7 Are there sample models produced before arriving at the final product?

Now, this is the most important part of the entire production. Sample prototypes must be produced first for the sake of correction. Here is where we know if the design suits taste and preference and specification. This helps us know where there has been a mistake.

2.8 How crucial is the role of customization and design as far as weed grinder for sale is concerned?

It is very important when design and customization are put into consideration during the production of weed grinder for sale. This is because most clients prefer uniqueness and this can only be achieved by customization and sharing of ideas which is a fundamental component.

2.9 What are the benefits of customizing and designing weed grinders for sale?

The significance of customization of weed grinder for sale is to achieve a more unique and customer satisfaction product. We encourage clients to share their designs and other ideas to come out with a perfect blend.

2.10 What size of weed grinder for sale is appropriate?

The size of weed grinder for sale may vary depending on the targeted audience. Mostly we prefer grinders to be of medium sizes so that efficiency and ease to carry anywhere is achieved.

2.11 How easily can people differentiate a weed grinder for sale from another normal weed grinder?

Since the weed grinder for sale is distinctive one can easily differentiate them from other grinders that target other audiences. 

Our weed grinder for sale has distinctive features for example use of quality material like stainless steel, distinct color presentation associated with style, and also appealing nature that rich people get attracted to.

2.12 How do you determine the design to be used for safety signs for kids?

Figure 7. Unique Weed Grinder for Sale

Design can be determined by the following factors:

  • The color to be used.
  • The material to be used
  • The amount of work it is supposed to handle.

Again clients also determine the specific design to be produced.

2.13 Are there any proper guidelines that are to be followed for weed grinder for sale?

We mostly follow the rules that have been made by the board and national regulatory system and include:

  • The materials used
  • Target audience
  • The size of the material used
  • Specific colors to be used 

The font also comes into consideration

2.14 I need help with designing a weed grinder for sale. Who can I call?

You can reach out to the sales department via phone call or you may email us to get assistance. We are always willing to assist in the design process of the weed grinder for sale that you require.

2.15 In case I want a different shape of the weed grinder for sale, can I get it?

As discussed earlier we encourage customization and design as much as what we produce is concerned. You can get your desired shape as per your specifications.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 8. Order and Payment

3.1 How much does the weed grinder for sale cost?

Weed grinder for sale are in the price range, but cheap weed grinder for sale typically cost less than $ 10 to $ 25, while excellent ones typically go up to $ 100 in the quality of materials used.

3.2 How do you order and pay for the weed grinder for sale?

This is a very simple procedure that does not require complex technical know-how. In the Order and Payment tab on our website and follow the instructions provided. 

Once you place an order, you will receive an email asking for confirmation. It will then wait for your order to be processed and successful, with a confirmation email to your mail.

3.3 What form of payment do you use as the payment method?

After a client makes an order of goods he can make the payment through PayPal, master cards, visa cards or T&T

3.4 Is there any limit to what a client can order?

There are no limits to the orders placed. We encourage bulk ordering which is effective economically. This is because the larger the number of orders the more the discount and the cheaper the transit charges.

3.5 What after-sale services do you offer after ordering the weed grinder for sale?

The after-sale services offer are fixing services. There is the door-to-door delivery. We also do follow-ups for customer reviews.

3.6 Which way can you advise a new client is a convenient way to order and pay for the weed grinder for sale?

Figure 9. Convenient payment for Weed Grinder for Sale

Apart from our website as a means of order and payment, there is a direct method of order and payment. But this direct method is cumbersome and energy-wasting. Apart from this to there is no other method involved or recommended for a client to use

3.7 What are the terms and conditions for ordering the weed grinder for sale?

The terms and conditions are that:

  • A client must give full information details before making any order.
  • A client must have played the agreed amount before any delivery is made.
  • In case of damage of goods or theft in the custody of the client, we will not be held liable.
  • In case of fraud by a third party while transacting we will not be held accountable.

3.8 Any documentation required while paying for the weed grinder for sale?

There are no documents required during placing for an order but there are conditions required which are: 

  • Providing your details and address of delivery
  • Agreeing to the terms and conditions
  • Confirmation of order and payment made.

3.9 Do you offer any customer care services?

We offer customer care services to our clients. Either through our website which runs on a 24 hr time frame. Also, our able agents on the ground give the very best of customer care services.

3.10 What is the age limit allowed for one to be able to make an order of weed grinder for sale?

The age limit mostly goes with the country’s state laws and rules that govern age. Our frequent clients are adults and we adhere to strict rules that one must provide personal detail that includes addresses and email addresses. 

With this information at our disposal, we are certain that the person providing the information is of age. There is also a user agreement that the client making an order is an adult.

3.11 Are there any discounts offered when one purchases the weed grinder for sale?

Figure 10. Discounted Weed Grinder for Sale

There are always discounts to any client purchasing in bulk. Positive motivation to clients has helped us remain in business over a very long time. 

There is also free give always accorded to purchases made on specific days like holidays. Also, we get offers that come on every first Friday of the month which we call the black Friday.

3.12 Can you get confirmation if the order and payment are done successfully?

Once you place an order and complete your payment of the goods ordered, you will receive a confirmation email. This email only comes if you made a correct order and the order is successful. 

The second email comes for confirmation that your payment for the goods has been a success. The third email you will receive is for confirmation of disbursement of your goods ordered.

3.13 Do you incur extra costs while paying for the weed grinder for sale?

There is no extra cost incurred while paying for the goods ordered. This is because our pay bill numbers are free of charge during payment.

3.14 What is the duration of making an order of weed grinder for sale?

The duration taken for one to make a successful order and payment is barely 30 minutes. With good working internet, one must be through in 20 minutes. 

Unless you are going personally to our offices to make the order and payment. that will take you slightly longer depending on the area of residency in nearness to our offices.

3.15 How do you cancel an order made in error while purchasing the weed grinder for sale?

Cancellation of an order takes only three easy steps:

  1. Check if your order is already in transit
  2. If not go to the company’s website and enter your account where you placed an order and cancel if it’s already in transit write an email and attach your order number and transaction code and
  3. Confirm your claim.

The claim will be processed and the feedback sent to your email.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 11. Shipping and Delivery of Weed Grinder for Sale

4.1 What shipping and delivery options do you offer your customers?

We have various options of shipping and delivery for our customers both local and international. For our local clients, we do door-to-door deliveries and also pay upon delivery. For our international clients, we have the air and ship mode of transit and the modes have it is different fees.

We also have our stores around for our international clients.  If they are not there, we have our warehouses where you can select and have your orders and payments done there. which will also be your pick-up points.

4.2 How do you ensure the weed grinders for sale are secure during shipping?

We ensure that the weed grinders for sale are secure by packaging them in secure packages while in transit.

We also have ensured that the weed grinders for sale are insured that way we get to protect both the clients and our interests.

4.3 What is the packaging method you use while shipping the weed grinders for sale?

We package our clients’ products in secure packages. They are then put in containers that are made in the shape of our clients’ products for safe landing during transit.

4.4 Which carriers do you use during the shipping of weed grinders for sale?

We use the most commonly used and trusted carriers worldwide. We have an example of DHL that we use for our international orders. We also have other methods depending on the region of our customers. For our local clients, we use vans and tracks.

4.5 How long does the shipping of weed grinders for sale take?

Figure 12. Shipping Period

The Time taken for shipping weed grinders for sale depends on the region our clients are located. For our local customers, it takes 2 to 3 working days, while shipping for international customers takes from one week to one month depending on the mode of transit.

4.6 Can you change the delivery address?

Yes, one can change the address but the first one needs to cancel the previous order and order again. this time ensuring they put the correct address where the weed grinders for sale will be delivered.

For international customers, we have our stores near you where you can pick your order. We also have our warehouses that you can have as your pickup points.

4.7 Which is the recommended delivery option for the shipping of the weed grinders for sale?

For a new client who is a local one, we advise on a door delivery as they have the option to pay on delivery.

For our international customers, we advise on the use of air mode of transit because it is faster and secure. We also advise ship mode for those who like it but it takes a long compared to the air mode of transit.

4.8 What delivery options do you have for the weed grinders for sale?

We have various delivery options that we can use to ensure our clients get their weed grinders. We have the air and ship mode of delivery.

4.9 After delivery how long can you stay without picking your order?

We like to give our customers up to 3 days to pick their weed grinders in which after the 3 days, a refund shall be made to the account that made the order.

4.10 can I track the shipment of my order?

Figure 13. Tracking Weed Grinder for Sale

We have made sure our clients can track their products through our website using the order number you used to purchase your weed grinders. 

Our systems are improved hence once you have ordered your weed grinder for sale the tracking device on your products is activated. By this, you can track your weed grinders while on transit.

4.11 How do you handle defective delivery of weed grinder for sale?

As a company, we ensure our customers’ products are secured. and in case there is a defective weed grinder for sale we offer our customer another weed grinder for sale and also incur the cost of the shipment.

When a product is defective you can order a replacement and once you get your weed grinder you can stay with the defective ones.

4.12 What are your operating hours?

We know that not all shipments arrive at the same time hence we are open 24/7 to ensure we work with our clients at any time.

4.13 In what intervals can a client keep track of their order of weed grinders for sale during transit?

Once you order the weed grinders you can keep track of your products. One can keep track of their products at any time using their order numbers while their goods are in transit.

4.14 In case of delay in delivery, what remedies have you put in place?

We have our customer care contacts on our website. They are available for our clients to use to get to us to check with us if there are troubles with their weed grinder for sale.

4.15 What are the time frames for shipping and delivery?

We have time frames at intervals depending on which regions our customers are in. For our local orders, it is within 3 working days, while our international orders are within 30 working days.

4.16 If you can’t track your order during transit, how can you assist a customer?

We have ensured our systems work in favor of our clients but in case one cannot track their weed grinder for sale you can contact our customer services.  their contacts are on our website and from there one can be assisted and his issue is resolved.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 14. Cancellation and Return Policy

5.1 What is your return policy?

We have policies that you can find on our website, and they are listed below.

One can return products if;

  • If the weed grinders for sale are confirmed to be lost during transit or shipping.
  • If there is a lack of stock in the specific or similar products in an appropriate condition as requested.
  • If the weed grinders for sale are delivered damaged.

5.2 How long does the replacement process take?

Once your order is for your replacement, it only takes a few minutes for the process to be successful. From the time one places the order of the replacement to the time of delivery it takes 15 working days.

5.3 How can one start the replacement process?

We have procedures that are listed below and also can be found on our websites.

The procedures are;

  • Go to our website and select the return option
  • Select your reason for return /replacement and confirm
  • Then take the weed grinders to our stores near you or our registered distributors.

5.4 What challenges do you face during the process of return and replacement of weed grinders for sale?

We only have one common challenge that is when our clients cancel their orders at the last minute due to the delay in the delivery of their weed grinder for sale.

But we have ensured that we have our stores and warehouses stocked with products for replacement.

5.5 Do you get the same weed grinder for sale you had previously ordered when you asked for a replacement?

Yes, we ensure our clients get what they asked for. In any case, they want the weed grinder for sale to come in any other way they are free to give us their ideas.

If there are changes to be made, we advise our customers to be patient because it will take time to get their weed grinder for sale as they want.

5.6 If the quality of the weed grinders for sale is not as ordered, can you get them replaced?

Figure 15. Replacing Poor Quality Weed Grinder for Sale

At Foison Metal, we value our clients and as well as our prestige therefore if the weed grinders are not as ordered one is allowed to get a replacement.

5.7 What is your replacement policy?

The items will be replaced if;

  • The weed grinder for sale is damaged.
  • The customer asked for a replacement.

5.8 If you receive a defective weed grinder for sale, can you request a replacement or return of the product?

Yes, you can order a replacement if the weed grinders for sale are defective.

5.9 If you are an international customer, how can you return the weed grinder for sale?

We advise our clients to do the following;

  • Go to our website and select the return option.
  • Select your reason for return and confirm.
  • Then take the weed grinder for sale to our stores or any of our registered distributors.

5.10 What time limits do you have for you to initiate a replacement and refund claim?

We have time limits that we advise our clients to adhere to. We allow replacement and return orders within 21 working days from the delivery date. After21 working days, the request cannot go through.

5.11 Are you refunded when you return your ordered weed grinder for sale?

Yes, one is refunded but on the following conditions;

  • If the weed grinders for sale are damaged.
  • If the customer orders for a refund.

5.12 How will you go about it if the replacement claim fails to go through?

We have our customer care staffs that are available for you in case your replacement order does not go through. Their contacts are on our website page.

5.13 What happens if the returned weed grinder for sale does not reach your warehouse?

If the products don’t reach our warehouse, we shall incur the cost of the return lost only if you prove to have made a successful return claim.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 16. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 What is the process of canceling an order of weed grinder for sale?

The process is very simple;

  • Log into our website and log onto your account that you made the order for the weed grinder.
  • Go to the menu and press the ‘cancel request’

After your cancellation request, you will get an email confirming your successful cancellation.

6.2 Which reasons are permissible for you to cancel an order of weed grinders for sale?

The reasons are stated below;

  • You can cancel if the weed grinder for sale is being delivered to the wrong address.
  • One can cancel at any time they want to be provided they are not in transit.
  • One can also cancel if the delivery dates have been altered and the dates are not good with you.
  • You can also cancel if there are troubles in order.

6.3 Can you cancel an order once in transit?

As discussed earlier. You can cancel an order in transit provided it’s 48 hours in transit any hour past 48 hours of transit then the canceled claim is not applicable. But keep in mind the customer will be charged for the fee accrued during transit

For local orders. you cannot cancel orders once in transit. If you cancel a local order while in transit, then you will pay half of the freight fees.

6.4 What duration will the cancellation process take and the refund to be made?

Once your cancellation is confirmed your refund will take at least 48hrs to reflect on your account. If the 48 hours elapsed without reflecting on your account you can contact our customer care through the contacts provided on the company’s website. The refund will exclude 50 percent of the shipment fee for international orders.

6.5 How can you claim a refund?

Figure 17. Claiming Weed Grinder for Sale Refund

One can claim a refund if the weed grinder for sale is damaged or they are not to the liking of our customers. You will also incur charges during the claiming of the refund.

6.6 Under what circumstances can a client get a refund from the purchase order of the weed grinders for sale?

A client gets a refund if the products are damaged or if they claim a refund and are qualified to do so.

6.7 Are there charges incurred when you claim a refund?

Once you make a cancellation and claim your refund back there are no charges incurred. However, the situation in which the cancellation was made varies a lot. If you canceled while goods were in transit.

You are only eligible for an 80% refund of your money. But if you made a cancelation a while goods are on transit and in the process get lost two things are involved:

  • The client will have to wait for the full process of investigation to be complete before any refund is done.
  • As to the time and period it will take for the refund to be made is not clear.

6.8 How long does a successful claim take to reflect on customers’ accounts?

It takes at least 5 working days and one shall receive an email to prove that.

6.9 Can you cancel an order of weed grinder for sale before they are dispatched for delivery?

Yes, you can cancel your order before the product is put in transit. Failure to successful cancellation of the order may incur charges.

6.10 Challenges faced during a cancellation and refunds process?

For the cancellation of an order to be successful, you need to adhere to the timelines. You also need to ensure your details to be entailed on your dog tags for men are correct and if you want them plain you also need to be specific and clear in your order.

You also need to know that the refund is not sent directly to your bank account but it’s remitted in the portal you opened while making your purchase. From the portal then you can transact it back to your account.

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