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Foison Metal Maintains High-Quality Products and Service as its Utmost Priority

Foison Metal offers a full range of services to meet your demands and answer your inquiries. We are an exclusive business-to-business weed grinder wholesale company that produce perfect grinders.

Before shipping, our quality control staff verifies that each item is in perfect condition. We provide free graphic layouts and free samples with generic designs to test drive the quality of our weed grinder wholesale.

As well-trained and knowledgeable individuals, we can help you understand and decide which material and product design are needed for your weed grinder to be functional for the perfect smoking experience of your clients.

About Our Service

Custom Products

We accept custom bulk orders of weed grinder wholesale that help companies build their profile that is effective in the market

Complete Service

Our Company provides thorough service from designing of the product to shipping to ensure customer satisfaction

Consistent Quality

We ensure that every item that we manufacture and ship pass through a quality control system

Reasonable Rates

Materials that are used in production is highly durable assuring that products will last for decades

Wide Selections

We offer wide selections of materials, colors, designs, shapes, and sizes to customize a high-quality grinder

Quick Operation

We are a team of hard-working professionals that guarantees to ship items within 7-10 business days

24/7 Accessibility

Our company offers 24/7 customer support that guarantees to assist with client’s needs and demands

Original Designs

Our professional in-house graphic designers are available to create original designs for each client

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Foison Metal is a Weed Grinder Wholesale Company that Provides High-Quality Grinders for a Smooth Smoking Experience

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We are the leading distributor of functional weed grinders in China that last for decades

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Foison Metal is a manufacturing company known for producing durable and compact grinders

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Made in Shenzhen China, Foison Metal is a weed grinder wholesale company that prides itself on its accuracy in manufacturing 100% functional design. Our weed grinders are made with top-of-the-line materials including aluminum and stainless steel.

Foison Metal is famous for innovative technology that makes heavy-duty grinders in different shapes and sizes and ships in 7 business days. Our company pledged to continue producing the world’s finest weed grinders. 

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


Foison Metal's weed grinders are manufactured with world-class materials that are extremely durable


Our weed grinders are easy to maintain and clean for end-users


We make durable weed grinders that are handy which are good for everyday use


Designs made by Foison Metal's graphic designers are authentic for clients to effectively build their audience

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Foison Metal Stands Firm for the Future of High-Quality Weed Grinder Wholesale

Foison Metal’s vision is to build a worldwide reputation as the weed grinder wholesale industry leader by meeting the needs of each client. We aim to continue producing innovative products at a competitive price, providing world-class customer service with highly functional operations and logistics.

The Weed Grinder Wholesale FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is Weed Grinder Wholesale?

Weed Grinder Wholesale
Figure 1. Weed Grinder Wholesale

A weed grinder wholesale is an item that cannabis users use to grind and shred the cannabis plant into smaller pieces. The weed grinder wholesale makes the process of smoking marijuana easy. 

Instead of shredding the leaves and buds of marijuana with your hands, weed grinder wholesale will get the job done for you. First of all, it increases the surface area of the cannabis leaves, ensuring that the weed is better flavored. 

Additionally, weed grinder wholesale hastens the process of grinding. You cannot compare the speed of the weed grinder wholesale with that of bare hands. 

1.2 How do Weed Grinder Wholesale Work?

Shredding marijuana buds is made easy using these weed grinder wholesale. With it, it is easier and simpler to lack your bowl or get powdered marijuana to roll a joint. In addition to this, weed grinder wholesale provides you with a smoother and finer smoking experience. 

Weed grinder wholesale has extra items such as a handy kief catcher. This is the one that gathers all the crystals that get knocked off from your buds after grinding. Some people even choose to use the kief to increase THC content in blunts. 

The weed grinder wholesale works in a very simple way. All you have to do is load it with the buds and grind; you will have smooth marijuana within no time. 

1.3 How Do You Use Weed Grinder Wholesale?

Below is a step-by-step procedure if using a weed grinder wholesale. 

  • Remove the top lid and load your buds in between the teeth of the weed grinder wholesale. You should at least try to break the bigger buds into smaller places. This will ensure faster and smoother grinding. 
  • Return the weed grinder wholesale lid firmly. Once you have done that, rotate the weed grinder about ten to fifteen times. There is no limit to the number of situations you can use. The point is to ensure that all the buds have been ground and fallen through the weed grinder wholesale holes. 
  • Remove the top of the lid and tap it on a solid surface. This will eliminate any stocky cannabis peace that might have been stuck in between the teeth. 
  • Unscrew your teethed chamber now. This will expose the basket layer that holds the freshly ground cannabis ready to be smoked. From here, it is up to you to choose your favorite way to smoke; you can roll it into a joint, load it to your pipe, or blunt. 
  • The kief collected at the bottom can be used for different purposes. As we have seen, you can add it to your bowl for higher potency, it saves it for later when baking weed cookies and such. 

1.4 Why Should I Buy Weed Grinder Wholesale Instead of Pre-Ground Weed?

One of the best things about owning weed grinder wholesale is the fact you will always be preparing your weed. Pre-ground weed might have dried up for a long time or even gone stale. This means that pre-ground weed might have lost a lot of quality and flavor. 

However, when you own a weed grinder wholesale, you will be sorting out the freshest of buds and grinding them for your use. This means that the quality of your final product will be top tier. 

1.5 What are the Different Types of Weed Grinder Wholesale?

Types of Weed Grinders
Figure 2. Types of Weed Grinders

There are tons of weed grinders wholesale out there in the market for you to purchase. However, all of them can be divided into four basic types. This includes;

  • Two-piece Single Chamber Grinder

This weed grinder wholesale is the ideal type for marijuana users who are smoking on a budget. It is basically designed such that both of its chambers have sharp teeth. Additionally, it is a very easy-to-use grinder; you just have to place the buds in a single chamber then close the two together. 

However, these weed grinder wholesale do not have a kief catcher. Most are the times when you will find the crystals suspended in your chambers’ sides. 

  • Four Piece Three Chambers Grinder

This weed grinder wholesale is most suitable for regular cannabis users. It has three chambers, each of them with a specific function. The first one is for the bud being ground, the second one is for the bud that has already been ground, and the last is for the kief. 

Using the three-chambered weed grinder wholesale is slightly complicated, but manageable. You first load your buds in the bud grinding chamber. However, you should regularly check your kief chamber to confirm whether enough kief has been collected to be used. 

  • Electric Grinder

Compared to the mechanical weed grinder wholesale, the electric grinder is far more expensive. However, the price is reasonable and with it, considering the high levels of convenience that it comes with. 

However, you have to consider the fact you will always need a power plug to use the electric grinder. Some of them are battery powered though. 

Another downside about electric grinders is the fact that they can easily diminish your cannabis. They are only suitable for large grinding practices in a short time. 

  • Card grinders

This is a type of wind grinder wholesale not so popular among weed smokers. In addition to being the least popular option, this weed grinder wholesale is cheap and easily stored since it doesn’t consume a lot of space.

1.6 How do you Clean Your Weed Grinder Wholesale?

There comes a time when you have used your weed grinder for a long time such that it gets too stocky with kief. This will become evident especially when you start noticing gummy substances in the threading of your teethed chambers. 

A dirty weed grinder wholesale is difficult to use. Below are the steps to follow whenever you want to clean it. 

  1. Use salt and isopropyl alcohol to rub the stocky grinder parts. Just as in bongs and pipes, these substances clean away all the dirty sticky substances instantly. 
  2. Take a small brush and use it to eliminate all the kief collected on the screen. 
  3. You can freeze your weed grinder wholesale before your cleaning exercise; it makes its way for you to clean up kief that might be extra stubborn to clean off. 

Sometimes these grinders get too stocky for use. They even make it hard to be cleaned. In such a scenario, it would be advisable just to replace it with a new weed grinder. 

1.7 Do I Need a Weed Grinder Wholesale?

Weed grinder wholesale is ideal for people who smoke weed regularly. Therefore, it would not be of so much purpose if you do not. Yes, the grinder is something that you will have to carry around. However, its size allows you to use the minimum space possible. 

Don’t you want to pulverize your weed into fine suitable particles every time you smoke? If you do, then weed grinder wholesale is a necessity. 

One advantage of having weed grinder wholesale is the fact that the weed has excellent airflow. This means that you will be enjoying stress-free draws every time you take a bite from your weed. Nobody enjoys a densely packed blunt, it makes inhaling hard. 

Additionally, a good weed grinder wholesale can allow you access to more natural chemical components of your weed. You cannot compare the effect of weed ground by hand and that ground by a weed grinder wholesale. 

1.8 What Should I Do to Maintain My Weed Grinder Wholesale?

Maintaining weed grinders
Figure 3. Maintaining weed grinders

Good maintenance of weed grinder wholesale is imperative to it giving you a good service. Those who have used a dirty weed grinder wholesale will tell you how hard it is to use. Twisting and grinding also become hard. 

Old weed flowers that have accumulated in your weed grinder wholesale can have mold and bacteria. This can make your smoke a dubious one. Screens will also catch kief if you fail to maintain your grinder well. This will make it harder for you to obtain the fine suitable marijuana. 

Some of the maintenance items include

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Cotton swabs or toothpick 
  • Large glass container
  • Paintbrushes (you can use a toothbrush instead)

Whenever you want to clean your weed grinder wholesale, it is important to first disassemble every component. This will allow you to reach even the hardest of stains and dirt. 

After disassembling, you can then sterilize the components using isopropyl alcohol. You can also clean them using soap and water, especially for acrylic grinders. This is because sometimes such grinders become hazy and gradually begin to get damaged. 

The toothbrushes should be used only to clean the screen. This allows easier dislodging of stubborn particles. 

1.9 What Material of Weed Grinder Wholesale Should I Buy?

There are different types of materials used to make these grinders. Therefore, before you choose your favorite material, it is important to first consider the frequency you use as well as the overall preference in designs. 

Below are the different types of materials used. 

  • Metal

A metal weed grinder wholesale is one of the best grinders you can get in the market. One thing about them is that they have unrivaled teeth functionality. For example, you can find a metal grinder wholesale made of titanium. 

Other metals used include aluminum and stainless steel. These materials are known to make some of the most indomitable and easy-to-use grinders. They can last for a long time. 

  • Wood

Wood weed grinders wholesale are not so common. Most of them are usually handcrafted by craftsmen to give them sleek and ergonomic designs. Most are the times you will find such kinds of grinders with a single compartment. 

These grinders are not the most favorite to use, especially if you want one that can grind weed for you quickly. Therefore, it would be advisable to use the metal one.

However, if you are a person who fancies style over functionality, weed grinder wholesale made of wood should be your to-go-to choice. 

  • Acrylic and plastic

This type of weed grinder wholesale is cheap and easily available in the market. However, just like their wood counterparts, these weed grinders are not as effective as the metal ones. 

Another thing about them is that they only have one chamber. They are suitable for providing short-term grinding services. They easily break down when poorly maintained. 

However, they still have a plus side. They are convenient to carry around, and they are lightweight. 

1.10 What Should I Know About the Teeth in Weed Grinder Wholesale?

The teeth of wind grinder wholesale are very vital in how the grinder functions. They determine the effectiveness of your weed grinder wholesale. Basically, the more the teeth present in a weed grinder, the better the marijuana being ground. 

Additionally, another thing you should look out for in addition to the number of teeth is shape. One of the most common types of teeth is the diamond-shaped one. These are mostly preferred by people in the market due to their effectiveness in grinding cannabis. 

Some grinders have square-shaped teeth. They prefer a grinder that doesn’t shave off the metal from the grinder. 

1.11 Does a Weed Grinder Wholesale have Different Sizes?

The sizes of weed grinders vary. Yes, the grinder makes your k7fe easier whenever you want to smoke. However, it is also important to note that you will have to carry it around with you every time you want to smoke. 

Therefore, it is important to consider the size of the grinder. If you are just limited to smoking a small bowl or joint, a small grinder will get the job done for you. However, if you want a grinder for a larger group of smokers, then a bigger grinder will get the job done for you. 

A weed grinder has a size that ranges from approximately two inches to four inches. They are compactly made to ensure a firm grip for easier twisting. 

1.12 Does Weed Grinder Wholesale have Extra Features?

Features of Weed Grinder Wholesale
Figure 4. Features of Weed Grinder Wholesale

Weed grinder wholesale has a magnetic top that comes in handy in different situations. Some of these grinders have magnets in the lids as well as in the connecting pieces. This ensures that the buds do not fall out on a whim. 

The cannabis put in the chambers is sealed tightly allowing freshness and leverage whenever you have to rotate the grinder. 

Some grinders have a hand crank in there too. These grinders are mostly used for medical purposes, especially by traditional cannabis users. 

1.13 What are the Benefits of Weed Grinder Wholesale?

The benefits of using a weed grinder wholesale cut across all the ways you smoke your cannabis. This means that it doesn’t matter how you intend to smoke it; be it in a joint, a pipe, a blunt, or a bowl. 

Some of the benefits include.

  1. Better smoking and vaping experiences. When the particles of cannabis are evenly ground, they are more suited to vaporizing and smoking. The finer texture cannabis can be easily packed and has a larger surface area to allow for easier smoking. 
  2. The smell and flavor of ground marijuana are top-tier. Real smokers know that the scent of marijuana and its flavor matter. When you grind weed using these grinders, the scents are released more and better. 
  3. It saves your cannabis. Weed grinder wholesale captured every particle of your cannabis. This includes even the finest of pollen-like particles. This will save you money. 
  4. The weed will have more intense and stronger effects. This is mostly attributed to the fact that the surface area is boosted after grinding. This costs a kit more compounds to be burnt during smiling. The greater concentration will allow for more powerful natural effects.

1.14 What Should I Look for in a Weed Grinder Wholesale?

Before you buy a new grinder, it is important to pay attention to some of the factors that separate the best from the rest. Some of the things to look out for include

  • Tooth count
  • The brand you are buying from
  • The customer reviews of the type of weed grinder wholesale you want
  • The number of chambers 
  • The material used to make the weed grinder wholesale
  • The seal
  • The durability of your weed grinder wholesale

1.15 Does the Quality of the Screen of the Weed Grinder Wholesale Matter?

Yes, it does. You are advised to go for the weed grinder wholesale that has a top-quality screen. This allows you to obtain fresh herbs every time you grind them. The better your screen chamber is, the fresher and juicier the cannabis obtained. 

The best grinders in the market have high-quality screens. Look for weed grinder wholesale that does not break easily.

2.0 Design and Customization

Design and Customization of Weed Grinder Wholesale
Figure 5. Design and Customization of Weed Grinder Wholesale

2.1 What Features Does Your Weed Grinder Wholesale Have?

Our weed grinder wholesale has several features that allow you to obtain the smoothest marijuana. For example, our grinders have magnetic closures that are firm and solid allowing tight locking in marijuana. This will go a long way in reducing the spillage levels. 

Additionally, you can find easier-to-use hand grinders with built-in viewing windows. This way, you can easily keep track of your weed as you grind it, allowing you to know when to stop. 

This is a useful feature for people who find themselves impatiently opening the grinder every minute before you have fully ground the weed. Doesn’t that reduce the hassle by a mile?

2.2 How Good is Your Weed Grinder Wholesale?

Our grinders are top tier. You can even tell from our testimonials that the quality is unmatched. For one, these grinders allow for easier and better grinding, reducing the hassle associated with breaking the buds. 

Additionally, our grinders are easy to use. With their straightforward designs, you can learn to use them within a short period, even if you are a first-time learner. 

Another thing about our weed grinder wholesale is its durability. These grinders are made such that even a first-timer can easily maneuver through. The rotations are easy to turn and the compartments are easily connected. 

This means that cleaning the grinder is straightforward. All you have to do is disassemble, reach for the dirt, and then assemble back within a short time. 

2.3 How Long Will Your Weed Grinder Wholesale Serve Me?

Our weed grinder wholesale is made with some most durable materials. The metal used to make is perfectly produced to ensure that you have a long-lasting item. 

Additionally, we advise our customers to take care of their weed grinders well. This includes cleaning regularly and removing the kief once much of it has accumulated. The better you maintain your weed grinder, the longer it will serve you.

We recommend you clean your grinder after every ten to fifteen grinds. There is no specific time frame recommended to clean it. All you have to do is check when an unwanted amount of dirt has accumulated. 

2.4 What Size of Weed Grinder Wholesale do you have?

There are different sizes of grinders available for sale in our inventory. This means that the size you purchase for yourself will highly depend on the amount of weed you want to grind. 

For example, if you just want to buy a weed grinder for your personal use, a small weed grinder will come in handy. Additionally, if you want to grind weed for more than three people now and then, then you will have to get a bigger grinder for yourself. 

2.5 Can I Get Customized Weed Grinder Wholesale from You?

Customized Weed Grinder
Figure 6. Customized Weed Grinder

Yes, you can. There are tons of people who have received customized grinders in the past. We like to offer our clients the best possible customization services to satisfy their wants. 

Most of our customers request specific texts and images to be customized on weed grinder wholesale. For example, you can choose to have your grinders customized with the rest colors. This will make the grinders more appealing and attractive. 

2.6 What Is Used to Print Weed Grinder Wholesale?

Different companies use different methods to print and customize their weed grinder wholesale. The type of method to be used to prompt them will depend on several factors. 

For example, the type of material used to make the grinder matters a lot. The method used to customize a wooden grinder won’t be the same as used in metal grinders. 

Therefore, some of the methods employed to print and customize grinders include laser engraving and UV printing. 

2.7 Do You Have Mockup Designs for Weed Grinder Wholesale Before I Can Place an Order?

Yes, we do. Numerous mockups can help you make an informed decision on the type of grinder to buy.

Additionally, you should see to it that you have contacted us first for assistance in mock-ups. Our customer care desk is resting to assist you. 

2.8 Who are Your Most Frequent Customers for Weed Grinder Wholesale?

We have different types of customers worldwide. Some of the most common ones are those that require these grinders in bulk. Some of these people include dispensaries, resellers, artists, customizers, and even private organizations. 

We do not limit any organization or group from buying our products. Therefore, anyone is welcome to navigate through our products and place an order.

2.9 Why Should I Buy Customized Weed Grinder Wholesale?

Customization services are one of the best things that you can do to own an item more. This is because your grinder will have information or details that you wanted. 

Additionally, customized grinders are more attractive. You can choose your favorite colors and have them included in the final piece. 

2.10 Why Should I Buy Weed Grinder Wholesale from You?

High Quality Foison Weed Grinder
Figure 7. High Quality Foison Weed Grinder

Without a good grinder, you might as well take half of your weed and throw it away, then add the other half to your bowl and smoke it. This is because our grinders allow you to grind your weed to the last bud and smoke all of it. 

Additionally, the teeth blades on our grinders are top quality. They will smoothly grind your dry herb into smokable particles of the right size. 

Lastly, our customization options are top drawer! You will like the final piece.

2.11 What Text Size is Ideal for Weed Grinder Wholesale?

There is no specific text requirement for weed grinders. The only thing you have to pay attention to is the number of words that can fit in the face of the grinder. The best thing to do is contact us and share your customization ideas.

2.12 Do You Customize Pictures on Weed Grinder Wholesale?

Yes, we do. Contact us for more information on that.

2.13 Do You Offer Free Samples on Your Weed Grinder Wholesale?

Yes, we do. However, it would be advisable to contact us for further information about our sample policy.

2.14 How Can I Share My Designs with You

You can reach us through the contact information displayed on our website. Our services are fast and we will get back to you within no time.

2.15 Can I Have a Weed Grinder with a Specific Color from You?

Yes. We offer grinders in different colors for you to choose from. Your preference is highly catered for here.

3.0 Order and Payment

Order and Payment
Figure 8. Order and Payment

3.1 What are the Requirements before Placing an Order for Weed Grinder Wholesale?

When placing an order with us, we do not require a lot of your information. All you have to do is submit your name, a dress, and other personal details to make it easier for our delivery personnel.

3.2 Is your Packaging for Weed Grinder Wholesale Reliable?

Yes, it is. In fact, the cases that we receive concerning faulty packaging are minimal. We understand that our customers want quality, from the product to the packaging. Our personnel ensures that every weed grinder is packaged correctly to reduce damages.

3.3 What is the Maximum and Minimum Number of Weed Grinder Wholesale Can I Buy from You?

Our company has a policy where we maintain 100 pieces MOQ. Everything will depend on your budget as well as the quality of grinders. The better the grinder, the higher the price.

3.4 What is the Average Cost of Your Weed Grinder Wholesale?

The prices will vary according to several factors. One of these is the size of the weed grinder that you are purchasing. The bigger your grinder is, the higher the price. This is because nigger grinders can grind more weed. 

Additionally, the material used to make the grinder will also play part in dictating the price. You do not expect a metal grinder to cost you the same as a wooden one. 

Lastly, the number of weed grinder wholesalers you buy will also dictate the price. Therefore, to be on the safe side, check our website for further price information. 

3.5 Do I Pay for my Designs?

No, you do not. We welcome our customers to be part and parcel of our production process. Therefore, at the end of it all, we want more people to feel free and share their ideas, and that’s why we don’t charge for designs.

3.6 Do You Have Multiple Payment Methods?

Yes, we do. We realized that our customers come from different walks of life and different parts of the world. For this reason, we accept multiple payment methods. Please confirm with us to ensure that the mode of payment you have has been included in our payment methods. 

We allow payments through cash, bank, and even cards. Additionally, mobile payment methods such as Alipay and WeChat Pay are also welcomed.

3.7 What is the Lead Time for Weed Grinder Wholesale?

Weed Grinder Lead Time
Figure 9. Weed Grinder Lead Time

We do not have a specific lead time. However, you should read easy knowing that we do all we can to produce and deliver the grinders in time.

3.8 Do I Have to Be in Your Factory for an Order to go through?

No, you do not. The need to be physically present has been eliminated by our website. Everything we have in our inventory is present on the website for everyone to see. All you have to do is click, browse through, add the grinders to your cart, and confirm the payment.

3.9 How Reliable is Your Website?

One thing about our website is that it is open for use 24/7. This means that you can place your orders at your convenience, whenever you want. 

Additionally, the website is easy to use and straightforward. This means that everyone can easily interact with it and place their order.

3.10 Do You Require Specific Information to Process an Order?

Yes, we do. You are advised to submit the most accurate information so that your offer can be processed and delivered accurately. This also eliminates any problems that might arise along the way.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery
Figure 10. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How Long Does It Take for You to Deliver Weed Grinder Wholesale?

It depends on several factors. As we all know, traveling and delivery are affected by things such as weather. For example, the time to deliver grinders during the summer won’t be the same as that taken during winter. 

Additionally, the type of additional services requested will also determine the time taken for delivery. Do you require our customization services? How many grinders do you want to be customized? We have to put in ample time during preparation to ensure the best possible results.

However, all our orders are shipped between 7 and 10 working days.

4.2 Are You Able to Deliver Large Quantities of Weed Grinder Wholesale?

Yes, we are. We have been in business for long enough to know our way through deliveries. Our testimonials prove how efficient we can be on deliveries.

4.3 Do You Have Any Delivery Restrictions on Weed Grinder Wholesale?

We have tried as much as possible to cover as many regions as possible. This is because we have customers from different walks of life. 

However, you have to confirm with our customer care desk before placing an order. This will put you on the safe side. You never know!

4.4 How Will I Know that My Delivery Has Arrived?

We try to maintain steady communication with our clients after their delivery package has left our factory. Therefore, you will be notified by our personnel as soon as they arrive at the designated place. This way, you can collect our delivery as soon as it arrives.

4.5 Do I Need Any Documents to Receive my Weed Grinder Wholesale Package?

Shipping Documents for Weed Grinder Wholesale
Figure 11. Shipping Documents for Weed Grinder Wholesale

You have to produce documentation to confirm that you are the one who placed the order. You can use an identification card or payment receipts. 

4.6 What if My Delivery Fails to be Delivered?

This is a rare occurrence as we ensure that our deliveries have reached their destination. However, if something like that happens, it is advisable to contact us as soon as possible.

4.7 What is the Minimum Shopping Order for You?

Weed grinder wholesale packages can be delivered to you in at least 100 pieces. Just contact us and we will advise you accordingly.

4.8 Will I Pay the Delivery Personnel for My Weed Grinder Wholesale?

No, you do not have to. The payment done through the website caters to all the costs.

4.9 What Else Do I Need to Collect My Weed Grinder Wholesale Package?

You just have to show documentation to confirm it’s you. Nothing else is needed.

4.10 Can My Delivery Get Damaged During Transit?

Accidents can happen at any time. This means that the odds of not the goods getting damaged is not zero. However, we take good care of the packages.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Return and Replacement
Figure 12. Return and Replacement

5.1 Do You Have a Return Policy?

Yes, we do.

5.2 What Does the Return Policy Entail?

The return policy is available for anyone whose grinders got damaged during transit. If the grinders aren’t in one piece by the time they get delivered to you, please contact us as soon as possible. This will allow us to initiate the replacements promptly.

5.3 What Do I Do if I Receive Weed Grinders Wholesale with Specifications I Did not ask for?

This is rare. Our personnel has to counter-check every order before leaving the factory. However, if this happens, contact us within the shortest time possible. We will be more than willing to help you out.

5.4 Is it possible for me to Track the Returns Back to You?

Yes, it is. As we have mentioned earlier, we try as much as possible to maintain a steady communication channel between us and our customers. Therefore, since your weed grinders have been taken back as a return, you can trace them

5.5 Will I Have to Pay for Replacements?

Free Replacement
Figure 13. Free Replacement

It is important to note that we are only responsible for returns and replacements that are our fault. For example, if we delivered defective grinders. 

However, if the problems are a result of mishandling, we won’t be able to replace the grinders for you. However, you can still place a new order for weed grinder wholesale.

5.6 Can I Return my Grinders for Redesigning if the Design I receive Fails to Reach my Expectations?

Yes, you can return your grinders for redesigning. Sometimes confusions occur and you end up placing the wrong order for these grinders. You can return them to us and we can redesign them for you according to your preference. 

Therefore, once you receive these grinders, please contact us with the designs that you would want the final grinders to have.

5.7 Will I Receive Information Once My Weed Grinder Wholesale has Been Replaced?

Yes, you will. Our customer care is effective such that you can easily ask about the progress of the returns. 

5.8 What If I Get Fewer Weed Grinders in My Package?

This is another rare occurrence. Through the years, we have amassed ample competence to ensure that our deliveries are accurate. However, do not hesitate to contact us if your delivery has such a problem.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation and Refund
Figure 14. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Do You Have a Functional Cancellation Policy?

Yes, we do. Contact us in case you require it.

6.2 Do You a Cashback Policy on Returns

Yes, we do. Once your cancellation is successful, you will be notified and your money refunded.

6.3 Do You Offer Cashbacks In Full for Returns?

Yes, we do. Once your cancellation is successful, all your money will be returned to you.

6.4 Can I Place Another Order after A Cancellation?

Yes, you can. Once your cancellation is successful, you can place another order at that same moment. 

6.5 Will I Be Notified after an Order is Cancelled?

Yes. You will receive a notification notifying you that your order has been cancelled successfully. This allows you to place another order as soon as you would like to.

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