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Foison Metal is a company with more than ten years of experience in mass-producing wholesale cards. We uphold the highest standard in white metal business card quality with stunning designs and long-lasting durability. You will benefit from our:

Professional Design &
Premium Quality Services

With more than a decade of service, we are able to perfect different production process that makes up white metal business cards in bulk. We specialize in creating custom designs that are solely based on your creative ideas and product specifications. In creating custom white metal cards, we use different surface processes such as CNC milling, sandblasting, UV printing, laser engraving, and chemical etching to add more personality to the designs.

Featured Products

Foison Metal offers various white metal business card products we created that live up to client expectations.

White Metal Credit Card

A fully customizable credit card with your logo and design emphasized by white plating.

White Metal Business Card

Has a brilliant white finish with a satin-like texture. Perfect marketing material for business endorsement.

Custom White Metal Card

Ideal to put your creative design and ideas perfect for brand endorsement and event promotion.

White Metal Card Blank

Perfect for laser engraving designs and customized texts. Other colors may also be added through UV or screen printing for design enhancements.

Basic Production Processes

Below is the list of production processes that are used to create your customized metal cards

Design Improvement

Submit Your Design

To ensure that you are completely satisfied with the quality of your card, we offer the option to request an actual sample prior to production If you require design enhancements, our graphic artist can assist you.
Sample Approval

Sample Approval

An actual sample of metal cards will be submitted to you for quality checking. You can request a free generic sample or customized samples with your choice of platings and design.
Large-scale Production

Mass Production

Production starts when samples are approved. Lead time for mass production is 15-20 days, but may still change due to the production process your design requires.
Quality Assurance

Quality Control

Our team is dedicated to providing total customer satisfaction, which is why we take great care in inspecting each custom metal credit card to ensure that it meets our quality standards before it leaves our facility.


Each metal card comes with a free OPP bag as packaging to protect the surface from unwanted scratches. You can also choose to have customized packaging with your choice of material.


After production, all custom metal credit card orders are carefully packaged and shipped out to our customers. On average, it takes between 15 to 20 business days for your order to be delivered.

Surface Finish Options







Customized Products & Services

We achieve customer satisfaction by providing 100% customized service. White metal business cards are created with your choice of size, color, shape, style, and packaging to match your business branding. This is achieved with our specialized production process and quality control. 

You can send us your design or we can help you make your artwork by carrying out your ideas and we won’t stop until you are satisfied. Partnering with us will guarantee you original designs and durable metal business cards.

Surface Content On Different Production Process

CNC Milling
UV Printing
Laser Engraving
Chemical Etching
CNC Milling
UV Printing


Laser Engraving

Chemical Etching

Hight Light Product Details

CNC Milling

CNC Milling

The method of using a computerized cutting tool to precisely cut through printed metal cards, completely eliminates human error. It makes it possible to produce a variety of cut-through designs for challenging forms with accuracy and dependability.


UV Printing

Using a quick and efficient single-step process, the material is permanently created in full-color CMYK, white ink, and clear gloss. This demonstrates that after printing, metal cards can be put to use for a variety of tasks.

UV Printing


To give the surface that recognizable frosted appearance, abrasive particles are sprayed against the surface using a powder machine and sandblasting equipment.

Laser Engraving

By moving a powerful laser quickly, markings that are distinct, corrosion- and abrasion-resistant, are produced. Producing more complex and detailed designs is the best use for laser engraving.

Laser Engraving
Chemical Etching

Chemical Etching

A technique for precisely engraving unique artwork into metal cards’ surfaces. Chemical acid is used in the procedure to etch away pieces.

Foison Metal Creates Durable & Stylish White Metal Business Cards Made With Your Exact Requirements

Modern design at its finest can be found in the White Metal Business Cards from Foison Metal. White metal business cards are guaranteed to stand out with their brilliant, glossy white finish. Designs can be printed in different methods called UV printing and screen printing for vivid colors that last for 2-3 years.


Here are a few of our certifications, which attest to our dependability when producing metal cards with customized designs in bulk.








IATF 16949

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FAQs & Ultimate Guide

1. If I want a different white metal card shape, will there be an additional charge?

One of the considerations in our quotes will be the design of your card and the quantity. You are then free to use whatever size or shape you like.

2. Can I get samples of white business cards in various sizes?

Yes, we can create custom samples upon your request; however, there might be a fee for this service

3. I need a white metal business card with a colored picture on it. Can you assist me?

Yes! For full-colored images, we use UV printing and screen printing.

4. Before they are finished and shipped, will we receive a preview of my white metal cards?

Yes! We’ll send digital proofs that include pictures and videos of your white metal card orders before we ship them out.

5. Can we do individual names on metal white cards?

Yes. For custom variables, we use laser engraving. Just send us the spreadsheet of your variables to be printed on your cards.

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